Joseph Snider

In May 1999, the West Virginia State Archives was delighted to accept a donation of nine Civil War-era letters written by Colonel Joseph Snider, commander of the 7th West Virginia Infantry and 4th West Virginia Cavalry, to his daughter Mary Edith. The letters were a gift from Ken and Connie Easley of Tallahassee, Florida, and had been kept for years by Snider's great-granddaughter, Amelia Lockard Moul.

The West Virginia State Archives welcomes the donation of historical documents and photographs. Donated documents will not only be preserved for future generations, but will also allows researchers access to materials of which they might otherwise be unaware. Such items are also available for use by authors, documentary film makers and in exhibits at the State Museum. For more information regarding the donation of private collections, contact Joe Geiger, director of Archives and History.


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