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West Virginia Society of National Society of US Daughters of 1812

Box 1 Records of State Presidents

Mrs. S. D. Brady, 1926
Mrs. A. M. Sowers, 1927-1929
Mrs. Robert C. Sweet, 1934-1937
Mrs. Cyrus Hall, 1937-1940
Mrs. A. Bruce Eagle, 1940-1943
Mrs. James Frederick Holswade, 1943-1946
Miss Anne Lloyd Baylor, 1946-1949
Mrs. John H. Collins, 1951-1954
Mrs. George H. Coffman, 1955-1958
Mrs. Thorne V. Smith, 1958-1961
Miss Virginia F. Kuhn, 1964-1966

Box 2: Assorted records

Misc. WV Society programs, yearbooks, lineage books
Misc. National Society programs
Various historical and biographical sketches, WV
Various historical and biographical sketches, non-WV
National Society financial records, 1942, 1952-1956
Various receipts and financial records, 1937-1943
State Treasurer’s reports, 1933-1937, 1955
Student Loan Program
Constitution, WV State Society, 1942, 1951
Report, State Officers, 1969-1972
Membership register, 1st WV chapter, 1934-1936
Minutes, 1st WV chapter, 1933-1934
Minutes, 1917-1930
Proceedings, 16th and 17th Annual State Council, 1933-1934
Minutes, 18th Annual State Council, 1935
Minutes, 29th – 31st Annual State Councils, 1946-1948
Minutes, 32nd Annual State Council, 1949
Minutes, 33rd Annual State Council, 1950
Minutes, 34th Annual State Council, 1951
Minutes, 35th Annual State Council, 1952
Minutes, 36th Annual State Council, 1953
Minutes, 37th Annual State Council, 1954
Minutes, 44th Annual State Council, 1961
Minutes, 45th Annual State Council, 1962
Minutes, 46th Annual State Council, 1963
Minutes, State Board 1934-1936
Minutes, State Board 1937
Rosters, other states
Rosters, other states

Loose volumes:

3 sets, Company Rolls, Soldiers in War of 1812, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania
1 volume, Virginia companies

Manuscript Collections

West Virginia Archives and History