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Christmas card, 1915

Advertisement for The Reymann Brewing Company, Wheeling, n.d.

Form letter from Geo. B. Caldwell, late adjt. 12th West Va. Infantry and Bvt. Col. U. S. Vols., 1867, informing that all commissioned officers in the service between May 1, 1864 and March 3, 1865 are entitled to additional pay.

W. H. Nesbitt to Herbert Hoover, 6 February 1957, recommending new hearing aid.

Herbert Hoover to W. H. Nesbitt, 8 February 1957, noting his "helpful suggestion."

W. H. Nesbitt to J. Edgar Hoover, 10 November 1941, seeking information on German propaganda and "un-American influences."

John Edgar Hoover to W. H. Nesbitt, 14 November 1941, advising him that the requested information was confidential.

Lt. M. B. Helms to Mrs. Lucy J. Anderson, 13 September 1864. Helms was in the 1st West Virginia Volunteer Infantry, and is writing while a prisoner of war at Marine Hospital in Charleston, South Carolina.

Deed, A. E. Roberts and Wife to W. J. Nesbitt, Wheeling, 14 May 1863.

J. A. Watkins to W. H. Nesbitt, Wheeling Corrugating Company, 18 February 1928, regarding "Lindy the 'Lone Eagle'" flight of old mail route to Chicago.

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