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Barton Family Collection
(from Estate of Pat Droullard Barton)

Box 1

Birth Certificate, Robert Jameson Barton
Certificate, Robert Jameson Barton, Honorary Baby Membership, Woman's Society of Christian Service, The Methodist Church, April 20, 1948
Publication, USS Siboney, Wanderings, 1950
Publication, USS Siboney, Wanderings, 1950
History of USS Siboney (CVE-112)
Correspondence, Bill (William) Barton to Jamie (Robert Jameson) Barton, 1950-1951
Proclamation, Mardi Gras, 1966
Diploma, Robert Jameson Barton, Associate of Arts, University of Florida, March 1968
Correspondence, Jamie Barton, November 19, 1968
Correspondence (6), condolences to William and Pat Barton on the death of their son, Robert Jameson Barton
Telegram, Jamie Barton to Becki Barton, June 15, 1970
Correspondence, Robert Jameson Barton to Betsy McGinley, July 19, 1971
Graduation Announcement, Southwest Miami High School, 1965, Robert Jameson Barton
Card, Congratulations from Parents to Robert Jameson Barton, May 22, 1966
Certificate of Subcourse Completion, Army Extension Course, Map and Aerial Photograph Reading 1, January 26, 1970
Certificate, Robert Jameson Barton, The Gator Guard Company (Army ROTC), University of Florida
Certificate, Honorable Discharge from the United States Army, Robert Jameson Barton, March 20, 1970
Program, Army and Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps Commissioning Ceremony, University of Florida, March 21, 1970
Graduation Announcement, University of Florida, 1970, ROTC Commissioning Ceremony, Robert Jameson Barton
Program, Pinning Ceremony, University of Florida College of Nursing, March 21, 1970
Program, University of Florida Commencement Convocation, March 21, 1970
Certificate of Training, Robert Jameson Barton, US Army Primary Helicopter School, November 5, 1970
Program, Graduation Ceremony, US Army Primary Helicopter School, Fort Wolters, November 5, 1970
Disposition Form, Request for Overseas Assignment, Robert Jameson Barton, January 29, 1971
Program, Graduation Exercises, United States Army Aviation School, Fort Rucker, Alabama, March 23, 1971
Certificate, Robert Jameson Barton, US Army Aviation School, Officer Rotary Wing Aviator Course, March 23, 1971
Yearbook, The Braggadier, ROTC Summer Camp, Fort Bragg, 1969
Sky Divers Log, 1966-1968
Sky Divers Log, 1969-1970
Sky Divers Log, 1970
Sky Divers Log, 1971
Pilot Log Book, Robert Jameson Barton, 1968-1971
Certificate of Honor, 2nd Lieutenant Robert Jameson Barton, National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution
Certificate, Honorable Service, in grateful memory of First Lieutenant Robert Jameson Barton, October 18, 1971
Funeral Book, Robert Jameson Barton, October 30, 1971, Miami, Florida
Certificate of Baptism, William A. Barton Jr., Elizabeth Memorial [Methodist] Church, n.d.
School Certificates and Awards, 1959-1964
Grade Reports, Robert Jameson Barton, Fernbank Elementary School, Dade County Schools, University of Florida
Program, United States Navy, 29th Seabees, 1942-1988
Program, Stonewall Jackson High School, 25th Class Reunion, 1943-1968
Program, Stonewall Jackson High School, 45th Class Reunion, June 11, 1988
Program/Photo/Flyer/Buttons, Stonewall Jackson High School, 50th Reunion, May 21-23, 1993
Yearbook, Southwest Miami High School, 1965
Yearbook, University of Florida, 1970
Cassette Tapes (2), Slide Show


Diploma, William A. Barton, Junior High School, Kanawha County Public Schools, May 29, 1936
Diploma, William A. Barton, Jr., Charleston High School, May 31, 1939
Certificate, Robert Jameson Barton, ROTC Distinguished Military Graduate, March 21, 1970
Certificate, Robert Jameson Barton, appointment as Reserve Commissioned Officer, March 21, 1970
Photograph, US Army Armor School (includes Robert Jameson Barton)
Photograph, US Army Primary Helicopter Center, Fort Wolters, 4th Officer Student Company, 1971
Diploma, Robert Jameson Barton, United States Army Armor School, June 30, 1970
Diploma, Robert Jameson Barton, Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, March 21, 1970
Family Genealogy Trees
Photographs (5), Jamie Barton on parachute jump, Deland, Florida, December 2, 1967
Certificate, Robert Jameson Barton, Bronze Star Medal, December 7, 1971
Certificate, Robert Jameson Barton, Purple Heart, December 7, 1971
Certificate, Robert Jameson Barton, Air Medal, June 13, 1971

Photographs (Ph2018-007)

Photographs, William A. Barton, Jr. (from album, includes family)
Photographs, Bill and Pat Barton, 1988
Photographs, William A. Barton, USS Siboney
Photograph, W. A. Barton Store, Bridge Road, Charleston
Photographs (3), Helicopter
Photographs (5), Jamie Barton, parachuting
Photograph, University of Florida, ROTC Summer Camp, Fort Bragg, 1969
Photograph, Jamie Barton on parachute jump
Photograph, Unidentified children at YMCA
Photograph, Grade 1, Fernbank Elementary School, 1953-1954
Photograph, Rebecca Dawn (Becki) Barton
Photograph, Becki Barton
Photograph, boy and girl reading paper (maybe Becki and Jamie?)
Photograph, Robert Jameson Barton
Photograph, Margaret Elizabeth Barton McGhee
Photograph, Kathryn Erskine Droullard
Photograph, Pat Droullard and Clarence McGhee
Photograph, Robert Hurd Jameson
Photograph, Margaret Barton McGhee and Robert Jameson Barton
Photographs (5), Robert Jameson Barton in uniform
Slides (713), family, Jamie Barton in Florida, training, Vietnam

Transferred to Yearbook Collection

Yearbook, Charleston High School, 1939
Yearbook, Stonewall Jackson High School, 1943

Transferred to the Library
�The torch is passed�,� Charleston Gazette, The Associated Press Story of the Death of a President

Transferred from West Virginia Archives and History to the State Museum
Ice Tongs and Ice Pick from W. A. Barton Store

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