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Callie Barnett Collection

Newspaper Articles
Obituary, Callie Barnett, 1871-1980


  • Callie Barnett to William Tweel and Family, December 1979
  • Callie Barnett to Bill Tweel, February 14, 1979
  • Callie Barnett to Bill Tweel, October 29, 1977
  • Clarence Brown to William Tweel, January 28, 1981

    Photographs (Ph2007-064)
    Grandpa Barnett with grandsons Karl and Roy (M.D.)
    Callie Barnett in graduation dress, Granville High School, Granville, Ohio, 1893
    Minnie Terry and Callie Jackson (Barnett), Sweet 16
    Unidentified family
    Callie with unidentified at high school graduation, 1893
    Newspaper photograph, Callie Barnett, "Looking Back"

    Manuscript Collections

    West Virginia Archives and History