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C. Donald Hatfield Collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: C. Donald Hatfield Collection
Span Dates: 1949-2003
Bulk Dates: 1959-2000
ID No: Ms2020-049
Creator: C. Donald Hatfield
Extent: 4 boxes and oversized materials
Language: English
Repository: West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV
Abstract: This collection largely consists of papers related to the writing and newspaper career of C. Donald Hatfield, long-time newspaper editor, publisher, and executive.

Administrative Information

Provenance: C. Donald Hatfield
Transfers: see below
Preferred Citation: [item, collection number], C. Donald Hatfield Collection, West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, West Virginia
Processor: Chuck Ocheltree
Biographical Note:
C. Donald Hatfield worked for nearly fifty years, beginning as a sports reporter for the Huntington Advertiser and concluded his career as a regional vice president for Gannett. He served on the Associated Press Managing Editors Board of Directors, was a member of the American Press Institute, and published short stories, articles, and three books.

Contents List:
Box 1

Vinson High School Diploma, Charles Donald Hatfield, May 21, 1953
Senior Class Memory Book, 1953
Ticket, 21st Annual North-South Football Game, August 14, 1954
Ticket, Cleveland Browns vs. Washington Redskins, November 7, 1954
Citations and Awards, Don Hatfield
Speech, Nominating Don Hatfield, Treasurer of AMPE, 1980s
APME, New Technology Committee, "10 Years of New Technology," 1981
APME Minority News Committee, "about Minorities," 1982
APME Photo and Graphics Committee, "Images," 1983
APME Newsroom Management Committee, "Today's Thoughts About Tomorrows Newsrooms," 1985
Notes on Writing, 1984
Hatfield Family Ancestry
Wilson Family Ancestry
Guestbook, undated
Correspondence, 1982
Correspondence, 1983
Correspondence, 1984
Correspondence, 1985
Correspondence, 1986
Correspondence, Agreement, Outline for "Don Hatfield Cleans Out His Attic," Jalamap Publications, 1985
First Families of Huntington, undated
El Viento, Vol. IV, Number 1, Spring 1971
"Today's Newspaper: Fairer-and Duller? Or, Whatever Happened to the Hellfire Publishers of Yesteryear?" Don Hatfield, May 21, 1990
"Trousered Apes, A Man and His Book: A Literary Remembrance," Don Hatfield, May 16, 1994
"The Hatfields and McCoys: A Personal Story," Don Hatfield, January 19, 1998
"Beginnings: Literary and Otherwise," Don Hatfield, November 17, 2003
C. Donald Hatfield, Performance Appraisal, 1982
Articles, 1972
Articles, 1973
Articles, 1974
Articles, 1975
Articles, 1976
Articles, 1977
Articles, 1978
Articles, 1979
Articles, 1980
Articles, 1982
Articles, 1984
Articles, 1985
Articles, 1986
Articles, Sunday Columns, 1981
Articles, Sunday Columns, 1982
Articles, Sunday Columns, 1983
Articles, Sports, 1959-1960
Articles, Offbeat and Editorials, Poems, Miscellaneous Stories, undated
Articles, First Sunday, Don Hatfield, undated
Articles, Theater Reviews, Don Hatfield, undated
Articles, Book Reviews, Don Hatfield, undated
Tucson Citizen, Editor's Notebook, No. 1-20, November 1986-June 1988
Tucson Citizen, Editor's Notebook, No. 21-40, July 1988-January 1990
Tucson Citizen, Editor's Notebook, No. 41-69, February 1990-March/April/May 1993
Tucson Citizen, Editorials, 1987
Tucson Citizen, Editorials, 1988
Tucson Citizen, Editorials, 1989
Tucson Citizen, Editorials, 1990
Tucson Citizen, Editorials, 1991

Box 2

Tucson Citizen, Editorials, 1992
Tucson Citizen, Editorials, 1993
Tucson Citizen, Editorials, 1994
Tucson Citizen, Editorials, 1995
Tucson Citizen, Editorials, 1996
Tucson Citizen, Editorials, 1997
Tucson Citizen, Editorials, 1998
Tucson Citizen, Editorials, 1999
Tucson Citizen, Editorials, 2000
Novel Notes, "The Hippies of Huckleberry Hill," Don Hatfield
Novel Notes, Don Hatfield
Short Stories, Ideas and Notes, Don Hatfield
Play Scripts, Don Hatfield
Manuscript, "Saturday Night in Savage County," Don Hatfield, 1/2
Manuscript, "Saturday Night in Savage County," Don Hatfield, 2/2
Manuscript, "A Little on the Uptight Side," Don Hatfield
Short Stories, Don Hatfield, 1/5
Short Stories, Don Hatfield, 2/5
Short Stories, Don Hatfield, 3/5

Box 3

Short Stories, Don Hatfield, 4/5
Short Stories, Don Hatfield, 5/5

Box 4

APME Red Book, 1971
APME Red Book, 1972
APME Red Book, 1973
APME Red Book, 1974
APME Red Book, 1975
APME Red Book, 1976
APME Red Book, 1977
APME Red Book, 1978
APME Red Book, 1979
APME Red Book, 1980
APME Red Book, 1981
APME Red Book, 1983
APME Red Book, 1984
APME Red Book, 1985
APME Red Book, 1986
APME Red Book, 1987
APME Red Book, 1988
APME Red Book, 1989
APME Red Book Index, 1948-1975
Scrapbook, various sports in the Vinson area, 1948-1951
Scrapbook, Vinson Jr. and Senior High sports, 1950-1952
Scrapbook, Vinson High School Sports, early career of C. Donald Hatfield

Oversized Materials (Processing Drawer 045)

Community Service Award, League of United Latin American Citizens, Don Hatfield, August 27, 1997
Booklet, "Field of Dreams," Marshall University, September 6, 1991
The Herald-Advertiser "Sunday," November 22, 1970
The Herald-Dispatch, Announcing Don Hatfield's move to Tucson Citizen, September 23, 1986
The Herald-Dispatch, "Stop the press! Hatfield retiring," February 6, 2000
Tucson Citizen, Announcing Don Hatfield's move to Tucson Citizen, September 22, 1986
Tucson Citizen, Announcing Don Hatfield's move to Tucson Citizen, September 23, 1986
Tucson Citizen, University of Arizona's NCAA Championship, April 1, 1997
Tucson Citizen, Special Edition, University of Arizona's NCAA Championship, April 1, 1997
Tucson Citizen, University of Arizona Victory Parade, April 2, 1997
Tucson Citizen, Special Commemorative Issue, "Champions," April 3, 1997

Transferred to Library Collection (Sc2005-003)

Newspaperman, a memoir, Don Hatfield, 2018
Songs From the Night Blooming Garden, Sandra Soto Hatfield, 2016
A Pocket of Cinders, Stories by Don Hatfield, 2011
Don Hatfield Cleans Out His Attic, 1985
West Virginia Baseball, A History, 1865-2000, William E, Akin, 2006

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