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West Virginia State Archives Manuscript Collections
Carrie Carte Collection

The collection listed on the following pages reflects a lifetime of genealogical research by Carrie Carte. Primary families of the collection are the Taylor and Cromwell families, which Miss Carte compiled into The Forebearers and Descendants of William Taylor and Mahala Cromwell, and the Carte and Jarrett families. There are many other surnames represented in the collection, either in the first 14 boxes of major families (those large enough individual folders of their own) and the miscellaneous families which follow them (those with one or several sheets on a family, or several surnames on one page). Miscellaneous files complete the collection listing.

Box 01: Major Families: Adkins - Carte

01: Adkins Family, A-H
02: Adkins Family, I-W
03: Allen/Kelly family, A-I
04: Allen/Kelly Family, J-Y
05: Atkinson Family
06: Barkalow Family & Aumacks, Aumocks
07: Barret(t) Family
08: Beamer/Beemer/Breamer Family
09: Beard Family
10: Bee Family
11: Bird/Byrd Family, A-J
12: Bird/Byrd Family, K-W
13: Bird/Byrd Family, Miscellaneous
14: Bishop/Bischoff Family
15: Bishop/Bischoff census
16: Bogg(e)s(s) Family
17: Booth/Boothe Family
18: Brown Family
19: Brown, James Frame
20: Burdett(e) Family
21: Burgess & Allied Families
22: Campbell Family, A-C
23: Campbell Family, D-L
24: Campbell Family, M-W
25: Canterbury Family
26: Carpenter Family
27. Cart Bible Records
28: Cart/Carte Revolutionary Soldiers Index
29: Cart/Carte Cavaliers & Pioneers, Vol I, III
30: Cart/Carte/Karg Index to Mormon Records, America & Central European
31: Cartee/Cart/Carte Birhts, Deaths, Marriages & Burials
32: Cart Miscellaneous
33: Cart Family looseleaf book & pictures
34: Cart marriage bonds, Monroe Co.
35: Cart early Penn. land records
36: Cart deeds Breckinridge Co, KY
37: Cart/others Orphans Court records, Pennsylvania
38: Carte, Carrie Catherine
39: Carte, Carrie & Huguenot Society
40: Carte, Frank H.

Box 02: Major Families: Carte

01: Cart, Jean-Jacques & Jacqueline
02: Cart, John & Susannah
03: Cart, Joshua
04: Carte, Miss Pauline Milam
05: Cart, Samuel
06: Cart, W.
07: Cart, William Revolutionary War Pension Records
08: Carte, William & Betsy Jones
09: Carte, A-B
10: Carte, C-D
11: Carte, E-I
12: Carte, J
13: Carte, K-l
14: Carte, Mc-M
15: Carte, N-P
16: Carte, R-S
17: Carte, T-V
18: Carte, W-Z
19: Cart Marriages - Clay, Fayette, Greenbrier, Kanawha

Box 03: Major Families: Carte - Cromwell

01: Carte, Crawford C. - military/pension records, Civil War
02: Carte, Jacob - military/pension records, Civil War
03: Carte, John - military record, Confederate
04: Carte, Margaret (wife of C.C. Carte) - death certificate, burial record, pension record
05: Carte, Richard - Civil War records
06: Carte, William C. - Civil War records
07: Carte & allied families - 1900-19 WV census schedules
08: Carte & allied families - 1810-70 Kanawha Co. census
09: Carte military records
10: Carte reunions
11: Carte names & addresses
12: Carte & allied families 1880-1900 Kanawha Co. census
13: Carte & allied families 1900-10 WV census schedules
14: Cart, William pension record - Revolutionary War
15: Cavender Family
16: Chandler, Bernice - letters
17: Chandler, A-H
18: Chandler, I-Z
19: Cobb Family
20: Coon/Coone/Couns/Koon/Kuhn Family - A-I
21: Coon/Coone/Couns/Koon/Kuhn Family - J-Z
22: Copenhaver Family
23: Coram, Moses - will, ca 1957
24: Cromwell Family - misc.
25: Cromwell Family - A-Z
26: Cromwell Family - estate settlements, census, plaintiff & defendant lists, deeds
27: Cromwell Family - Russell Co, VA order books

Box 04: Major Families: Cromwell - Grose

01: Cromwell Family - misc.
02: Cromwell Family - A-J
03: Cromwell Family - K-Z
04: The Daugherty Influence about poltergeists
05: Daugherty Family
06: Davis Family
07: Dorsey Family
08: Drake Family
09: Farri Family
10: Gandee Family
11: Geary Family
12: Gibson, Thomas & William - Russell County, VA wills
13: Gibson Family
14: Given Family - A-K
15: Given Family - L-Z
16: Given Family - A Little History
17: The Givens and Their Kin
18: Goad Family histories
19: Goad Family - A-I
20: Goad Family - J-Z
21: Graeff/Graff Family
22: Graham Family
23: Gregory Family
24: Griffith Family - A-I
25: Griffith Family - J-Z
26: Grose Family

Box 05: Major Families: Hamric - Holtzappell/Holtzapfel

01: Hamric/Lauden/Hamrick Family
02: Hankinson Family (New Jersey)
03: Hanna/Hoke/Rodgers/Rogers Family
04: Harper Family histories
05: Harper Family Bible records & misc.
06: Harper Family - A-E
07: Harper Family - F-J
08: Harper Family - K-O
09: Harper Family - P-Z
10: Hatcher - These Things I Remember
11: Hill Family - A-E
12: Hill Family - F-L
13: Hill Family - M-Z
14: Hinchman Family
15: Hindman, James - Revolutionary War pension application
16: Hindman Family - misc.
17: Hindman Family
18: Hindman/Lockhart/Bird/Davis/Young/Dorsey/Ely/Chapman/Campbell/Lemon/Dewitt Families
19: Hoey/Hovey Families
20: Hoke/Huyck/Hook/Hooke/Huick Families
21: Hoke/Huyck misc.
22: Holtzappell/Holtzapfel Families

Box 06: Major Families: Hughes - Jarrett

01: Hughes Family
02: Hunt Family
03: Hurley, John H.
04: Jackson Family - A-I
05: Jackson Family - J-Z
06: James Family
07: Jarrett Family - A-D
08: Jarrett Family - E-J
09: Jarrett Family - K-Z
10: Jarrett Family- misc.
11: Jarrett Family - misc.
12: Jarrett Family - misc.
13: Jarretts of Pennsylvania
14: Jarrett, James
15: Jarrett Family notebook 2: pp. 1-217
16: Jarrett Family notebook 2: pp. 218-379

Box 07: Major Families: Jarrett - Jones

01: Jarrett Family - misc.
02: Jarrett Family - A-D
03: Jarrett Family - E-I
04: Jarrett Family - J-N
05: Jarrett Family - O-Y
06: Johnson Family
07: Jones Family - misc.
08: Jones Family - A-C
09: Jones Family - D-G
10: Jones Family - H-J
11: Jones Family - K-P
12: Jones Family - R-Z

Box 08: Major Families: Karg - Luick/Luke/Luik

01: Karg Family
02: Kincaid, Newman Early & Rebecca Hill Kincaid family
03: Kincaid Family - A-J
04: Kincaid Family - K-Z
05: Kutz Family
06: Lake/Leak/Leake/Leque/Leek/Leick/Leack family
07: Lake family history - CT, NY, NJ, WV
08: Lake family histories
09: Lake Family - A-H
10: Lake Family - I-M
11: Lake Family - N-Z
12: Legg Family
13: Legg, Sarah Ann trial transcript
14: Linvilles Past & Linvilles Present
15: Lockart/Lockeart/Lockatt/Lockard misc.
16: Lockart/Lockhart/Lockard Family - A-I
17: Lockart/Lockhart/Lockard Family - J-M
18: Lockart/Lockhart/Lockard Family - N-W
19: Looney Family
20: Luick/Luke/Luik Family

Box 09: Major Families: McCheney - Nickle/etc.

01: McCheney Family
02: McDade Family
03: McDowell Family
04: McFarlane Family
05: Malcolm/Malcomb/Malcom Family
06: Marks Family
07: Martin Family - A-I
08: Martin Family - J-W
09: Matheny Family
10: Meadows Family - A-W
11: Meadows Family - misc.
12: Melton Family
13: Milam Family
14: Miller Family - A-G
15: Miller Family - H-L
16: Miller Family - M-Z
17: Mitchell Family
18: Moles Family
19: Moore Family
20: Morris Family - A-I
21: Morris Family - J-Z
22: Morse Family
23: Mutter/Motah/Moder Family
24: Naylor Family
25: Nickle/Nickolas/Nichols/Nickles/Nickell Family

Box 10: Major Families: Osborn/etc. - Robinson

01: Osborn/Osborne/Osburn/Osburne Family - A-H
02: Osborn/Osborne/Osburn/Osburne Family - I-Z
03: Parker Family
04: Patrick Family - A-I
05: Patrick Family - K-W
06: Patterson Family
07: Paul Family
08: Pauley Family - A-L
09: Pauley Family - M-Z
10: Paxton Family - A-H
11: Paxton Family - I-W
12: Pendleton Family Bible records
13: Porter Family - A-W
14: Porter Family (Indiana & WV)
15: Price Family - A-D
16: Price Family - E-L
17: Price Family - M-R
18: Price Family - S-Z
19: Some Puckets and Their Kin
20: Robertson Family
21: Robinson Family

Box 11: Major Families: Samples - Sword

01: Samples Family - misc.
02: Samples Family - A-H
03: Samples Family - I-W
04: Settle Family
05: Shephard, James, War of 1812
06: Shepherd Family - A-W
07: Slack Family
08: Smith/Smythe Family
09: Snider/Snyder Family - A-G
10: Snider/Snyder Family - H-W
11: Steins of York Co., PA
12: Stillwell Family
13: Strumper Family
14: Stutler Family
15: Summers Family
16: Swaar Family - A-J
17: Swaar Family - K-W
18: Swaar Family - misc.
19: Swaar/Smarr/Schweyer/Schwier/Smurr/Swear/Sweer/Sweir(s)/Sweyer/Swayer Family - misc. 20: Sword Family - A-J
21: Sword Family - K-O
22: Sword Family - P-Z
23: Sword Family - legal documents

Box 12: Major Families: Talbert - Taylor

01: Talbert/Talbott Family
02: Tawney Family - A-I
03: Tawney Family - J-Z
04: Taylor, Allen Francis-Abe Lincoln letters
05: Taylor, Chrisman - estate record
06: Taylor, Elihu - guardian of John's children
07: Taylor, Harry - estate
08: Taylor, Issac - estate
09: Taylor, John C. - guardian records of children
10: Taylor, Lilburn & Samuel - court records
11: Taylor, Michael - guardian
12: Taylor, Polly - settlement
13: Taylor, Sallie J. - guardian
14: Taylor, William - will, trust deed
15: Revolutionary pensioners records, IN
16: Births, Fayette Co.
17: Index to marriage licenses, Russell Co., VA
18: Index to wills & fiduciaries, Russell Co., VA
19: Index to deeds, Russell Co., VA
20: Misc.
21: Misc.
22: Bible records
23: Genealogies
24: Misc.
25: Census, TN, 1830-60
26: Family group sheets, A-E
27: Zachary Taylor's family connections - A-J
28: Zachary Taylor's family connections - K-S
29: Zachary Taylor's family connections - T-Y

Box 13: Major Families: Taylor

01: Zachary Taylor - pp. 1-164
02: Zachary Taylor - pp. 165-249
03: Misc.
04: Taylor family computer printout
05: No relation
06: Taylor, A-C
07: Taylor, D-E
08: Taylor, F-H
09: Taylor, I-Joel
10: Taylor, John-Justine
11: Taylor, K-L
12: Taylor, M-Mc
13: Taylor, N-Q
14: Taylor, R
15: Taylor, S
16: Taylor, S
17: Taylor, T-V

Box 14: Major Families: Taylor - Young

01: Taylor, W-Z
02: Taylor Quarterly
03: Vance/Wentz/Wantz/Wintz Family - A-G
04: Vance/Wentz/Wantz/Wintz Family - H-N
05: Vance/Wentz/Wantz/Wintz Family - O-Z
06: Vickers Family
07: Vincent Family - A-W
08: Vincent Family - misc.
09: Walker Family
10: Wantz/Vance/Wentz Family - misc.
11: Wantz/Vance/Wentz Family - misc.
12: Wayt - Diary of Young Will Wayt
13: White Family
14: Young Family - A-G
15: Young Family - H-Mc
16: Young Family - N-Y
17: Young Family - Kanawha County tax assessment books

Box 15: Miscellaneous families, A-H

A1: Abbott, Acre(s), Addison, Adis, Adison, Adkinson, Adwell- Aiken-Aichele, Akers, Albert, Albrich-Albright, Alderson-Alexander, Alford, Allbright-Alfred, Aller, Alls-Aul, Alltop, Ally-Altz-Alvey, Alpay, Altman
A2: Amack/Amak, Amburgey-Amos, Anders, Anderson, Andrea-Andreisse-Andres, Angle-Angel, Ann-Ansel, Ansley, Anthony, Arbuckle, Archa, Areansin, Argabrite, Armistead, Armitage, Armstead,
A3: Armstrong, Arner, Arnett, Arnold-Arthem, Arthur(s), Asbury, Ascue, Ash, Ashberry, Ashbury, Ashby, Ashcraft, Ashley, Ashworth, Atkeson, Atkins, Aultz, Austin, Ayers
B1: Babcock-Back, Badkens-Backus-Baer, Bagley, Bagby-Baice, Bail(e)(s), Bailey(s), Baird, Baisden, Baker, Balenburger, Balinger, Bal(l)entine, Ball, Ballard-Ballare, Ballengee, Ballenger B2: Bane, Banning, Barbour-Barbank, Barefield-Barbee-Bare, Bare-Barr, Barger, Barker, Barkler-Barklow-Barklo-Barkalow, Barneshsuse-Barnehause, Barnes, Barnett(e) B3: Barnhart, Barnhouse, Barrett, Barrickman, Barrow, Barry, Bars, Bartholomew, Bartlett, Bartin, Bartram, Bartollini- Bashaw-Basham, Bataille-Batchelor, Bauman, Baumgartner-Barungton
B4: Baxter, Bayer, Baylor, Bays, Baysinger, Beach, Beagle, Beardsley, Beatty-Beauchamp-Beaumont, Beaver, Beazley, Beck, Beckett, Beecher, Beeler, Begley
B5: Beigler, Belcher, Bell, Beltz, Benedict-Benewicz-Bender, Benner, Bennet(t)(e), Benz, Berdite, Berlitz, Bern(s)(t)-Barns, Berry, Bertchier, Bess, Best, Betz-Bessalo, Beyer, Bias-Bice, Bibby
B6: Biehl-B(e)ier, Biggs, Billups, Birdnow-Birkmann, Bisciville, Bixler, Black, Blackburn, Blackenberry, Blackshear, Blackshire, Blackwell, Blaine, Blair, Blake, Blakely, Bland, Blankenship
B7: Blecher, Bleu, Blanndisher-Blent-Blew-Blizzart, Board, Bockhammer, Bodem-Boden, Boeson-Boestter-Boersthen, Boisey, Bonham, Boogard, Booher, Booker, Boone, Borklor, Bortz, Boschiam, Bosley
B8: Bossert, Bostic-Bostick, Boswell-Botkin(s), Boughman, Boulware, Bouham-Bourman-Bousman, Bovie, Bowe, Bowen, Bowers, Bowersox, Bowlin, Bowling, Bowman, Bowyer, Boyd-Boyer
B9: Braddock, Bradford, Bradley, Bradshaw, Bragg, Brake, Braley-Branch, Branham-Brannon-Branson, Brassier, Bratton, Brawley, Breeden, Breeding, Bremer, Brenner, Bridewell, Bridges, Bright-Brinegar-Brubegarm
B10: Brisentine/Brisendine/Brizendine-Brandenstein-Britts- Britton-Broadwine, Broadwell, Brocker, Brockett-Brockmeyer, Brohards, Broderson-Brogan-Brokins-Brooker, Brookman, Brookover, Brooks, Broosinger
B11: Brothers, Broughton, Browder, Browning, Bruington, Brunner, Bryan, Bryant, Bryner, Buchanan, Bucher, Buck, Buckby, Buckland, Buckle, Bucklene-Bucklew, Buckner, Buckwistfull, Bucon, Budd
B12: Buffington, Bullard, Bum, Bumgartner, Bundy, Burbank, Burchett, Burchfield, Burford, Burgmann, Burk(e), Burnam, Burnet(t)-Burns, Burnside, Burtt
B13: Busey, Bush, Bushby, Buster, Butcher, Butler, Butt, Butterworth-Buzzard, Buys, Byers, Byrd/Bird, Byrnes
C1: Cadle, Cadwallader/Cadwalder, Caffrey, Cain, Caldwell, Calhoun, Callaghan, Calley, Calvert, Calvin, Cambel, Camp, Candle, Cane, Canfield, Cannis-Cannon, Cantley
C2: Cantrell, Capeheart, Caplinger, Caraway-Carder, Cardex, Carnes, Carney, Carnifex, Carper, Carr, Carroll, Carter, Cary, Casa, Casdorph, Casebolt, Casey, Castle, Cashman, Cassell-Cassidy
C3: Casto, Catlett, Cato, Caudill-Cauley, Cavinee, Chamblin, Champ, Channels, Chaplin, Chapman, Chappell, Charles, Charlton, Chastain, Chenewith, Chester, Chev(e)ront, Chew, Chewning
C4: Childers, Childress-Childs, Chilton, Chinn, Chrisman, Christian, Christmann, Christopher, Christy, Church, Claegen, Claesse/Claesson/Claeason, Clair-Clark, Clarkson
C5: Claaz/Klaazen/Klaaz/Classy-Croezen/Claasen-Clatterbough- Clatterbuck, Clauser, Claussen, Clay-Claypool-Claypole-Clayton, Claycomb, Cleavinger/Cleavenger-Clements
C6: Clegg, Clems, Clendenin, Clersch-Cline, Cleveland, Clifford, Clifton, Clower, Cloy, Clyne, Coalton, Cochran- Coffman-Coffee-Cogan-Cockelin-Cogar, Cohernour-Coke, Colbert
C7: Cole, Coleman, Coles, Collier, Collins, Collison, Colwell, Comber, Combs, Comer-Compton-Conaion, Comuzie, Conant, Conley, Conlon-Condon, Conner, Conrad, Conway, Cook(e)
C8: Coonrad-Cunraed, Coonts/Coontz, Cooper(s), Copen-Corder- Cormic-Corksey, Corbin, Cornelius-Cornell, Corothers, Corpe, Cort-Corwin, Cosier, Coten, Cottle
C9: Cotton, Cottrell-Cox-Counts, Couplin, Courtney, Covenhaven-Couvenhaven-Covenhoven-Covenhaver, Covey, Cowan, Cox, Cozon, Crabtree, Craddock, Craig, Crawder-Cramer, Crawford
C10: Creech, Creek, Creekman, Crest, Crew(s), C(h)rislip-Criner, Crisman-Criss, Crist, Crites. Crocket(t)-Crosier-Cross-Cruz-Crouch-Crow, Crowder-Cruz-Cumbau, Crutchfield, Culp, Cummings, Cunningham, Curry, Curtis-Custer, Custir, Cutlip, Cutright, Cyrus
D1: Daggett, Daily, Dainnen, Dallam-Dallsworth-Dalton, Damron, Dangerfield, Daniel, Danner/Daner/Denner, Dansy, Darby, Darlington, Darneal, Darnell-Dart, Daubenspeck-Davaughn
D2: Dawson, Day-Deaton-Deal, Dean, Deehl, Deem, de Gruyter, De Haan-Delding, Deming, Dempsey-Demry, Denby-Denman, Dener, Dennis, Dennison, DePue/DePew, Derhouse D3: Derrick-Deskin-Detrick-DeVaney, Devaughn, Deverick, Devinney, Dew- Dewain, DeWitt, Dickerson-Dickinson-Dickson, Dickey, Diddle-Diehe, Dill, Dillon, Dillion, Diltz, Disbennett
D4: Dix, Dixon, Doan, Dobbins, Dobiski, Dodd, Dodrill, Dodson, Doland, Dolen-Dolin-Doling-Doleson, Donnally, Donohoe, Donohue, Dooley, Doran-Dorman-Dornick, Dotson, Doty
D5: Doucette, Douglas, Dover, Doverick, Dowden, Dowell-Dosell, Dowling, Drewry, Droddy, Dryer, Drinnin-Droddy, Drummond, Duckmoor, Dudding, Duff-Duffield-Duffy, Duke, Duling
D6: Dunbar-Dundas, Dunk, Dunkel, Dunlap, Dunsmore, Durst, Duskey, Dye, Dyer
E1: Eads/Edes, Eagan, Eagle, Early, Easter, Eastwood, Eaton, Echols, Eddy, Edens, Edgar/Edger, Edgington, Edwards, Eelson, Egerton, Eicholz/Eichols, Eisenhart, Elder, Elkins, Elliott, Ellis, Ellison, Elmore
E2: Elswick, Ely, Emig, Emmons, England, Engle-Engelmann-Enicks-Enright, Ennis, Enoch, Ensminger, Erlison, Erskine, Ervin, Esking, Esque, Estep-Estill-Etter, Etienne, Eubanks, Evans, Ever, Everitt, Ewing
F1: Faber, Fabri, Facemyer(s)/Facemire, Fackler/Feckler, Fahey, Fain, Farley, Farmer, Fazio, Feather, Fedde, Fefe, Feller-Fellows, Feltenbarger, Fenix-Fenton, Ferguson, Ferrell, Fessenden
F2: Fey-Feyin, Fielding, Field(s), Figgins, Fink, Firestone, Fisher, Fister, Fitzwater(s), Fizer, Flagg, Fleegen, Fleming, Fleshman/Fleischman, Fletcher, Flick, Flint, Florence-Fogasthy- Fogarty
F3: Fogleman(n), Fogleman, Forbes(s), Foreman, Forgison, Fornadley-Foss-Forsetti, Forsythe, Foster, Fought/Fout, Fowler, Frail-Frame, Franklin, Frazen-Frazer
F4: French-Fricker-Friend-Frederick, Frick, Friess, Fry(e), Fugate, Fulkeson, Full, Fuller, Fullerton, Fulks, Funk(s),
G1: Gabbert, Gadd, Gaddy-Gage, Galloway, Gant, G(u)ard, Gardman, Garlick, Garner, Garnett, Garred, Garretson, Garrett, Garson, Garst, Garten/Gartin, Gastomeau-Gastineau, Gates, Gatewood
G2: Gatton, Gausoin, Gay, Gaylor, Gearhart, Gehr, Geist, Genet, George, Gepson, Gettys, Gibbens, Gibbs, Giersch, Gilbert- Gilespie, Gill, Gillenwater, Gillespie, Gilliland, Gilmer, Gilmore
G3: Givenstopinson, Glasoe-Glass, Glover, Goebel, Goff-Golden-Gonia-Golder, Goldtrip, Gooch, Good-Goodall-Gordon-Gorman, Goodwin, Gore, Gose, Goss, Goubel-Gowen-Goulding G4: Grace, Grafton, Grant, Graver, Graves, Gray, Greathouse, Green(e), Griggs, Grindle, Grinstead, Grissett, Grizzle, Groetach-Groff-Grogan, Grosnickel, Gross, Groves
G5: Grubb-Guesman-Guge-Gunlie, Gruenthler, Guthrie-Gunter-Guy, Gwinn
H1: Haberstich/Haberstick/Hoberstich, Hacker-Hackett, Hadden, Hagamen, Hager, Hagerman, Haggbloom, Hagun-Hagley-Hagy, Hahn- Haldridge, Haines, Hale, Hall, Hallaway, Hallenbeck
H2: Haller, Hallstein, Halstead, Hamilton, Hamm, Hammack/Hammock, Hammaker, Hammer, Hammond, Hampton, Handley, Handy, Hankins, Hankinson, Hanley, Hanna, Hannagan, Hannah
H3: Hannigan, Hansbarger-Hansen, Hansford, Han(d)shaw-Hansel, Hanson, Happney-Haptonstall, Harden-Harding, Hargus, Hardman-Hardy-Hargrove-Hargus-Hargis, Harias-Harles(s)
H4: Harkrider-Harling-Harlow, Harman/Harmen/Harmon, Harney, Harold, Harrah, Harrell, Harris, Harrison, Harshfield, Hart, Hartin, Hartley, Hartwell, Harvey, Haslet, Hastings, Hatfield
H5: Hathaway, Havenstien, Haverty, Hawk, Hawkins, Hayes, Haynes, Hays, Hazelette, Headlee, Healey, Heart, Heath, Heavelon, Hechrichin, Heidelberg/Heidelbert, Heideman, Heidley, Heidreth
H6: Hein, Heinrichin, Heinsohn, Henderson, Heldreth/Hildreth, Hellen, Hellings, Helms, Helper, Helton, Heltzel, Helyard, Hemmings, Hendershot, Henderson, Henderton, Hendnall, Hendrick- Hendrickson
H7: Hendri(c)ks, Henley-Heningaard, Hennings, Hensley, Henthorn, Heppenheimer/Happenheimer/Heppelheimre/Hebbenheimer/ Eppenh(e)imer/Hebenheimer, Henry-Hensley, Herb, Herbert-Herreyford
H8: Herndon, Herriot, Hershery, Hersman, Herwie, Hess, Heston, Hickle, Hicklin, Hickman(n), Hicks, Hidete, Hiernburg, Higgin(s), Higginbotham/Higgenbotham, High, Hildreth
H9: Hilkert, Hillard, Hineman, Hines, Hinkle-Hinson, Hintz, Hiser, Hively, Hix, Hobbart, Hock/Hoch, Hockman, Hodges, Hoewey, Hoff, Hoffencker, Hof(f)man, Hog(e)
H10: Hogle-Hoghil, Hogshead, Holcomb, Holder, Holland, Holliday/Hollyday, Hollin(s)-Holly, Hollwey, Holmes, Holobek, Holstein/Holstine, Holt(s), Holtclaw, Holtzinger, Honaker, Hondehaven
H11: Honeyman, Hooker, Hoover, Hopkins, Hoppenheimer-Hopper, Hopson, Hopton, Hoptonstall, Horton, Houheton, House, Houston, How, Howard, Howell, Howeller, Howery, Howey/Howie, Hoxie
H12: Hubbard, Huber, Huddleston, Hudkins, Hudnall, Hudson, Huff, Huffman-Hughart, Hulbert-Hull, Hulicks, Humphrey(s)/ Humphries, Hundley, Hunter, Hurlbert- Hurlt-Hyde, Hurt, Hutson-Hussong, Huttons, Hyer, Hynes, Hypes-Hyte

Box 16: Miscellaneous Families, I - Z

I01: Imel-Ingerham-Ingraham-Inscoe, Ingles, Ingram, Inman-Insminger-Irilli-Irons-Irwin
J01: Jack, Jacobs, Jacquet, Jager-Jaques, Jameson/Jamison, Janazen, Jans(e), Janssen/Jansson/Jansen, Jarrel(l), Jarvis, Jeffery, Jenkins, Jennings, Jensen/Jansen, Jerrell, Jessee-Jessup
J02: Jett, Jividen, John, Jopling, Joris, Jordan/Jordon, Jotter, Judlin-Jungblut, Justice
K01: Kadle, Kanmer, Karstin, Kaufman, Kauffmann, Kaywood, Kearn(s), Keaton-Kee, Keech, Keeling, Keen, Keene-Keens, Keeney, Keffer, Keith-Keitzer-Kietzer, Keller, Kempf, Kendall
K02: Kendrick, Kennedy, Kerby, Kerns, Kerr, Kerrison, Kesler, Kessell-Kessinger, Ketron, Keveak-Keen-Keys, Keyser, Kidd, Kielingm-Kies-Kiester, Kiger, Kilbach-Kilpatrick, Kilsey, Kinchloe
K03: Kinder, King-Keene, Kinnan, Kinsey, Kinsley/Kinseley, Kirby, Kirk-Kirker, Kirkhart, Kirkpatrick, Kiser-Kitty-Kizer, Klaessen, Klaase, Klein, Kline, Klingeman, Knapp-Knicely, Knight
K04: Knoertzer, Knollin-Knouse, Knotts-Knight-Knetwell, Knyper, Koch-Kochin-Koelbel, Kolb, Koontz-Kosakoski-Kreger-Kroeger-Kroegen, Korstin, Krebs, Kunckel-Kunkle-Kunkel, Kuntz, Kuykendall, Kyer-Kyle
L01: Lacy, Ladd, LaForce-LaFarick-LaGrange, Lamb, Lambert- Lamberson, Lamon, Landers-Landreth-Landseadle, Landrum, Lane, Langestrat, Lanham, Lantz-Laon, LaParl, Larch-Lark, Larew, Largent L02: Laskey, Lauden, Laudrep, Laurentz/Laurintz, Law-Laws, Lawrence, Lawson, Layne, Leachman, Leadman, Lear, Leavit, Lebban, Leddy, Lee, Leedsom, Lefler, Legrange, Leib, LeMaster(s)-Lemon, Lemmon
L03: Lendroph-Lenerts, Leonard-Lester-Levan-Levy, Lew-Leweday, Lewedag, Lewis, Lichiello, Light, Likins, Lilly, Lincoln, Ling-Litel, Linga-Linder, Linhart-Lincolnloger-Linn, Lips, Little, Littlepage
L04: Litton, Lively, Lockridge-Loan, Lockwood, Lodewyck/Lodoyks, Loftis, Lohr, Long-Longerberger, Longinacer/Longanacer, Longstreet-Longwell, Loomis, Lorenzen, Lott, Love, Lovell, Lowenstein/Liewenstein/Lovenstein
L05: Lovett-Lockhart-Lovitt, Lowe, Lowery, Lucas, Ludwig, Luka, Lukas, Lukens, Lundell, Lunsford, Lupco, Lykins, Lynch, Lynn/Linn, Lyons/Lyone, Lyster
Mc01: McAfee, McAllister, McAvoy, McBride, McCaleb, McCall, McCane, McCallister-McCarthy-McCauley, McCawley, McChesney-McClain, McClanahan, McClelland, McClung
Mc02: McClure, McCombs, McConihay, McCormick, McCoy, McCrary, McCroskey, McCullogh, McCune, McCutcheon, McDaniel-McDavitt, McDonald, McDonell-McDougall, McElhen(n)ey
Mc03: McElhollen, McFee, McGaffee, McGeorge, McGlothin-McGraff, McGraw, McGuffey, McGuire, McIntire-McIntosh-McIntyre, McKee, McKenzie, McKown
Mc04: McLain, McLaughlin-McLean-McMillan, McLeod, McMahon, McMann, McMullem, McNew, McNutt, McQuire, McReynolds, McVaney-McVey-McYoung
M01: Mabe, Mace-Macey, Maddin, Maddy, Madison-Mackey, Maffett, Maggert, Mahan, Mahaney, Maholland, Mahoney, Malchoir, Malone, Maloney, Malvin, Manger, Mangus, Mann, Mannon
M02: Manser-Manuel, Marcum-Marie, Marcy, Markle, Marlow, Marple, Marshall-Marchel, Martins, Marxen, Mase, Mason, Massey/Massie, Masten, Master, Mather
M03: Mathes/Methes, Maticsm, Mat(t)hew(s), Mattingly-Mattison, Mattox, Maul, Maxine, Maxwell, May(s)-Mayter, Mayenchein, Maynard, Mayfield, Mazyck, Meace, Meade, Meador
M04: Meanley-Mean(s), Medley, Medociam-Meeker, Meister, Menaugh-Mennhorn, Mercer, Merkle/Merkel, Merrill, Merritt, Mertz, Mesh, Meyer(s), Michard-Michel, Midden
M05: Middleton, Midkiff, Miffler, Milburn-Miley, Milhoan, Mills, Milstead, Minnick, Minor, Minshall, Mitchard, Mizes, Moffatt/ Moffett, Mollohan, Monday, Monk, Monroe-Montgomery
M06: Morehead, Morgan, Morrison, Morton, Mosby, Moser, Moses- Mosley, Moss, Motley, Moyers, Mourne-Mullen(s), Muller-Munday-Mundy, Mullerin, Mullins, Murphy, Murray, Musick, Musselman, Myers
N01: Nagele/Negele, Nance, Nash, Neal, Nebarger, Neel-Neeley, Nelson, Neshyba, Nester, Nevins, Newberry, Newby, Newcomb, Newcomer, Newhart, Newhouse, Newland, Nicely, Nicholas, Nida N02: Niemilc-Niday, Niler, Nixon, Noble, Noe, Noel, Norman, Norris, Norton, Nottingham-Novek, Noyes, Nusser, Nutter
O01: Ocheltree, Odell, Oettinger, Ogden, Ogle-Older-Oliver, Olinger, Olsen/Olson, O'Meara/O'Mera, O'Neil, Oney, Ort-Orb, Osgood, Ostrander-Ostrand, Ott, Owens, Oxier-Oxshier-Oxer
P01: Pace-Page, Pack, Pagton, Paige-Painter, Paiste, Palmer-Pangborn-Panner, Parish-Parker, Parks, Parmley, Parnel, Parnell, Parr, Parris, Parrott, Parsons, Paskins
P02: Pasheluk, Paskins, Patton/Patten, Payne-Payton, Pearce, Peck, Peery, Pence-Pendell, Pendleton-Pennell-Pennington, Penrod-Percy-Perkins, Pepple, Perdue, Perrine, Perry, Persomger
P03: Peters, Peterson, Petit(t)-Pettry, Petty, Peyton, Pfoster, Phelps, Phillips, Phipps-Pickens, Pickle, Pieczura-Pierson, Pike-Pinion-Pinkston, Pine, Pittsenbarger/Pittsenberger
P04: Plenn, Plott, Plumley-Plunkett-Poage, Pobst, Poffenbarger, Poling-Polson-Polan-Pollock-Polseie-Polson- Pomeroy, Popovitch-Pore, Postelwait, Posten, Potter
P05: Potts, Powell, Power, Powers, Poyner, Prather, Pratt, Pres(s)inger, Preston, Prickett, Pridemore, Priestley, Prithier- Pritt, Procious, Proctor, Propps, Pruett, Pugh-Pyle
Q01: Qualls-Quimby-Quinlain, Quick-Quickil, Quinn
R01: Raber, Rader, Raines, Rainey, Ramey, Ramsey, Randolph, Ranger, Rankin, Ransom, Rasnick-Rasnake, Rausche-Rauseler-Ratliff, Rauscher, Rausch-Racher, Rawlson, Ray
R02: Real, Rector, Redenour-Redon, Redwine-Redyard, Reece, Reed/Reid, Reedy, Rees, Reeser-Reicher-Reesover, Reger-Regel, Reifsenyder, Reinehart, Reitzell, Renick
R03: Renn(p)ferd, Rensing, Renzel, Resecrants, Reveal, Reynolds, Rhodes, Rice-Richards, Richardson-Riddle-Ricketts-Ridgrin, Riches, Rickman, Rider
R04: Ridgway-Riffe, Riffle-Riggleman, Riggs, Rightes, Riley, Rischel/Rishel, Ritchie, Ritter, Roach, Roadgap, Robbins, Roberts, Robinett, Robins R05: Rock-Rockambough, Rodgers, Roeder, Rogers, Rohrer-Rohn, Rollins-Roman, Ronk, Rooke, Rooys, Rosarin-Rose, Rosecrantz, Roser-Roesser-Ruscher, Rosnick, Ross, Rost, Rotan, Rowe, Rowh
R06: Rowland-Rowsey, Roy, Rubsaman-Ruby, Rucker, Rudd, Rudisill/Rudicill, Rudielle, Rudy, Ruehlmann-Rugel-Rule, Runnion, Rup(p)ert, Ruscher, Rush, Russell, Rust, Rutter, Ryan, Rylands, Rynierssen
S01: Sacco-Safeat-Salter-Salome, Salisbury, Sammons, Sampson-Sams, Samsel-Samuels, Sandage, Sanders, Sands, Sarver, Saunders-Saxton, Savage, Sayer(s), Scales, Scarboro, Scharadin, Scheweyers
S02: Schmidt-Smith-Schmitz-Schmidtpeter, Schneider, Scholl, Schoolcraft-Schmidt-Schoonover-Schuck, Schrader, Schuck, Schul(t)z, Scott, Scowden-Sea, Seabolt-Seagroves-Seaman, Sears, Seaver-Seibert, Sebring, Seckman
S03: Secrese, See, Seelig, Seftel, Seighthaler-Selby/Selbe, Seleck, Sell-Sellers-Selmon, Selvey, Senpack, Sergent, Sevell, Sevy, Sex-Sexton, Seybold, Seymour, Shabdue, Shafer/Shaffer, Shamblin, Shanahan, Shanklin
S04: Shannon, Sharp-Shaver, Shaw, Shawver-Shawoir-Shaver, Shearer-Sheedy, Shell, Shelly, Shel(l)man, Shelton, Sherman-Sher, Shin, Shingler, Shinn, Shipley, Shirey, Shirkey, Shively, Shivey, Shoemaker/Schumacher
S05: Shore(s), Shooter, Shoggs-Shouldis-Showen-Showver, Shoup, Showman, Shreve, Shrewsbury, Shride, Shultz, Shumate, Shumay, Shumway, Sibok-Siers, Siegfried, Sifritt, Sigmon, Silman, Simmons/Simons, Simon
S06: Simonton, Simpson-Sims, Sine, Singleton-Sinnett, Sires, Sirk-Sisk, Sisson, Sittler, Skaggs, Skelton, Skidmore, Skiles, Slattery-Slater, Slaughter/Schlaughter, Sleeth/Sleath, Slefe, Sloan, Smallridge, Small-Smiley-Smathers
S07: Smoots, Smy, Snead/Sneed, Snelson, Sneyd, Snodgrass, Snow-Snydenstricker, Sofer, Soffering, Sommerville, Songer-Sor, Sorrell, Souls, Southard, Sovine, Sowers, Sparks-Sparr-Spears-Spar, Speith
S08: Spencer-Sperling-Spangler-Sparks-Sparr-Spurgen, Spicer, Spiker, Spinks, Springer, Sprunt, Spurlock, Sporleder-Spotlarin, Spradling, Sprigg, Spriggs, Spring, Springer, Sprowl, Squires, Sroufe, Staats
S09: Stallard, Stalnaker, Stanchfield, Stanley, Stanton, Starcher, Stark(e), Starley, Stecker, Steed-Steel, Steele, Steerman, Steinmets, Stephens, Stephenson, Stepp/Stip/Stap/ Steppes, Stevenson
S10: Steward, Stewart, Stine, Stinson, Stipp-Stock-Stockton, Stockwell-Stoey, Stoffel, Stoltz, Stolzenbach, Stone, Storms, Storey, Stout, Stover, Street, Strickland-Stricklen, Strother-Strous-Strouther-Stroud
S11: Strumpen-Darrie-Stuart, Stryker, Stuard, Stubbs-Stuck, Stultz, Stump, Sturgeon, Sturgill, Stynnerts, Sullivan, Sulphin, Sumter, Sunds, Stuphen, Surface, Sutchen, Sutfin, Sutherland
S12: Sutliff, Sutpchen, Suttle, Sutton, Swaney, Sweat, Swift-Swan, Swiger, Swindler, Swope, Sydenstricker
T01: Throne, Turner
U01: Ubanks-Uebelacker, Underdunk, Underwood, Unlucky, Ussery
V01: Valentine, VanCamp, Van Cliff, Van Corlear, Vancourt, Vandal(s), Van Der Belt, Vandergriff-Vanderham-Vanderpool, Vandine, Van Dyke, Van Gundy, Vanhook, Van Hoosen, Van Horne, Van Meter, Van Ostrand, Van Patten, Van Sicklen, Van Stavern, Van Voorhees
V02: Varney, Vass, Vaughn, Vealey, Veghte, Venable, Vermillion, Vess, Vessel, Via-Viado, Vincell, Viney, Vineyard, Vinson, Vinton, Visio, Vollmer, Voorhees, Vought
W01: Wade-Waddell, Waggoner, Wainers, Walden, Waldo, Wall-Wallen, Walls, Walrath-Wallace-Wallis-Walstead, Walters, Walton, Waltzel, Wantz, Warbutton, Ward, Warren, Warth, Waters, Watham, Watkins, Watson, Watters-Watts, Waugh, Waybright, Ways, Wayts
W02: Weaget, Weasner, Webb, Webber, Webster, Weedman, Weeks, Weese, Weigel, Welsch/Welch, Welcher, Welhilm/Wilheim, Wells, Wesh, West, Westfall, Weston, Wettick, Wetzell, Whalen-Whanger, Wheaton, Wheeler/Wheelor, Whetsel, Whitecotton
W03: Whited, Whitley, Whitney, Whitt, Whittaker-Whittington, Wiatt, Wickline, Wiggins, Wightt, Wigner, Wilcher-Wilcox, Wild, Wildman, Wilkins, Willard, Willemsen-Williams-Willemee-Williamsen-Willemse, Willis, Wilson, Wilt-Wittse, Winans, Wine
W04: Wingfield, Wink, Winnegar, Winston, Winter, Wintermuch, Wintermuth, Wise, Wiseman, Wisor, Withrow, Wolfe/Wolf/Woolf, Wolfskehl, Wood, Woodrum, Woods, Woodward-Woodside, Woody, Woodyard, Woofter, Wooten, Workman, Worley
W05: Worthman, Wright, Wroten, Wulfbjel, Wuster, Wyant, Wyatt-Wymer, Wyde, Wyett, Wysong, Wysor
Y01: Yakubuk-Yates, Youse
Z01: Zanck, Zickefoose, Zimmerman, Zinn

Box 17: Miscellaneous

01. Milton/Taylor Lineage
02. Records of Salem Lutheran Church, Dover, PA - includes Lovenstein, Sprenckel, Lang, Weinant, Michel, Dorr, Mitschele, Wilhelm, Mitchele, Wentz, Gross, Walter, Hass, Stauch, Seifert, Gunder, Frey, Myer, Kochenauer, Stober, Wagner, Ruppert, Yoat, Yost, Hermann, Durr, Quickle, Stiner, Huber, Ruber, Shaefer, Goodwin, Hering Reissinger, Cressel, Siffert, Draub
03. Heath/Lake Deed index/Marriage/Estate/Births/Deaths
04. Braxton County deaths & marriages
05. Cart/Beamer etc. birth, death, marriage records, estate sales, burial records, wills Monroe County
06. Baptism - marriage indices and records various counties and states
07. Van Slyke/Van Syckel/Van Vliet/Van Fleet/Van Wagonen/Van Winkle/Van Veghten/Van Veghte/Van Zandt/Wyckoff - From Holland to America When
08. Early Germans of New Jersey Hartram/Heath/Heaton/Hedges/ Hendershot
09. Early Germans of New Jersey La Grange/Lake/Lance
10. Tax lists WV/OH/NJ/PA/VA Cart/Heath/Jones/Lake etc.
11. Index to New Jersey Wills 1689-1890 testators
12. Heirs of Jane McDowell/Michael Erskine/Christopher Hoke Monroe County
13. History of Warrick, Spences and Perry Counties, Indiana - Tate
14. Sword-Taylor
15. Settle/Truman
16. Mitchell/Whaley family group record
17. Lake/Leek/Leake/Luke/Locke/Snyder New York - deeds, estate index, probate, wills, census
18. Hercebrodt/Hugebrodt
19. Hatcher/Pershing/Richmond/Williams genealogy
20. Cromwell/Hill
21. Boggs/Lemasters
22. Dorsey/Howard/Jacob/Cromwell descent
23. Virginia rent rolls - Jackson/Jarratt/Lilburn/Lockhart
24. Kanawha County land book - Sample/Porter/Young/Pickle/ Burrell
25. Vance/Harrison/Taylor/Osborne/Branton/Taliaferro
26. Robertson/Goad/Pierson
27. Centennial History of Kutztown - Kutz, Siegfried, Levan, Wink, Shaffer, Sharadin, Bieber, Baltzer, Fister, Kemp, Deusher, Zimmerman, Dietrich, Grim, Peterson
28. Tyler’s Quarterly Magazine 1734-1776 Madison/Tyler
29. History of Marion County - Carrothers/Cart/Cherrie/Clark
30. Chenoweth/Taylor/Cromwell/Summers/Taliaferro/Pendleton
31. York County, PA - Anthony/Bartow/Loxley/Lucken/Luken/ Lynn/Marshall/McCulloch/Roach/Mason
32. McCown/Munday/Handley/Lewis/Hensley/Early/Leadman/Bowyer/ Thornton/Huffman
33. Taylor
34. Pennsylvania biographical - Schwoyer/Swoyer
35. Braxton County deeds
36. Greenbrier County deeds and land grants - Coon, Cart, Jarrett, Taylor
37. Noland vs. Margaret Cromwell, 1797 abstract from records of Augusta County
38. Middlesex County New Jersey deeds
39. Town records of Hopewell, Mercer, New Jersey - Howey, Hovey, Lake
40. Bishop’s History of Roane County - Ogden, O’Hara, Osborne, Parris, Perkins, Paxton, Taylor
41. Miscellaneous notes
42. Roots Diggers Report
43. Where and how to find things for research
44. Virginia Magazine Vol. XXVIII year ending 1920 - Gibson-Taylor
45. Printed programs - music and dramatic
46. US sources for finding places of origin in Germany
47. Kanawha Players programs 1924/25 and 1934/35
48. Mason Music School programs
49. Monroe County school records
50. Master list people working Roane County families
51. DAR records
52. Research in the Draper manuscripts
53. Corrections and additions not in the book for The Forebearers and Descendants of William Taylor and Mahala Cromwell
54. Roane County clipping file
55. Marshall College commencement - 1921, 1926
56. History of Monroe County by Oren F. Morten
57. Family group sheets
58. Pedigree charts
59. Family charts
60. Miscellaneous military records
61. Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army during War of the Revolution
62. Revolutionary War Records of New Jersey
63. Heads of Families Greenbrier County 1783-1786
64. Naturalization of Foreign Protestants in the American and West Indian Colonies (Pennsylvania)
65. Outline of lecture on passenger arrival records
66. Chronicles of Scotch Irish Settlement by Chalkley
67. Immigrants and ships records
68. Index to Pennsylvania German Pioneers/Immigrants and Maryland Immigrants
69. Miscellaneous index
70. Commencement Elkview High School 1957 May 24
71. Contributions for the Genealogies of the first settlers of the Ancient County of Albany 1630 to 1800
72. Flags over West Virginia
73. English of Dutch Christian names
74. Ark-La-Tex Genealogical Association, Inc. The Genie 1987
75. The Second Boat Nov. 1987
76. Tucker County Old People
77. Dickens Birthday book of West Virginia people

Box 18: Miscellaneous

01. The Iron Mountain Review Spring 1983 - Sherwood Anderson issue
02. Marriages of some Virginia residents 1607-1800
03. Greenbrier County index to marriages A surnames
04. Marriages in Baltimore Sun 1851-1860 - Cozine - Crosby
05. Marriages etc. KY, OH, VA/WV, IN - Baker/Crawford/Hall/ Sovine/Stewart-Stuart/Taylor/Wade/Warren
06. New Jersey Colonial Documents marriage licenses
07. Cromwell and Taylor marriages in VA
08. Clay County marriages
09. Monroe County marriages bonds and marriages
10. Miscellaneous marriages
11. Marriages by John Alderson, Jr.
12. Mayflower Descendants and their marriages
13. Marriages of Richmond County
14. Wills and marriages Fincastle County N-Thompson
15. Marriages Berkeley County Gregory, Griffith, James, Taylor
16. Marriages Kanawha, Wirt, Nicholas
17. Valuations of land in Virginia and marriages - Bird, James, Taylor, Roy, Jarrett
18. Warren County New Jersey cemeteries, marriages
19. Cemetery markers - photos of stones
20. Cemetery records
21. Cemetery records West Virginia
22. Cemetery records New Jersey
23. Partial listing cemetery records New York
24. Rennselear County New York burials - Miller/Snyder
25. Index of Church Registers - Lutheran/Reformed/Friends/ Quakers
26. Burials Monroe County - Brown/Daughtery/Cart/Beamer/ Erskine/Dunsmore
27. Death records Cart/Taylor
28. Deaths, Fayette County
29. Index to deaths Roane County
30. Miscellaneous deaths
31. Abstracts of wills Fairfax County - King, Osborn/Osborne, Taylor
32. Kanawha County Court Records wills 1750-1931
33. Wills and administrators accounts Accomack County 1796-1798, Taylors and others
34. Calendar of wills New Jersey Colonial Documents 1771-1780
35. Calendar of wills New Jersey Colonial Documents 1801-1805 Heath, Lake, etc.
36. Rebecka Creek’s will, Greenbrier County
37. Will records Indices to wills
38. Index to Wills in Maryland Jarrett, etc.
39. Maryland Calendar of Wills 1635-1685
40. Family history - Metcalfe, Metcalves, Morris, Nessly, Nester, Nutter, Robb, Ruffner, Schoolcraft, Shepherd, Skidmore, Snuffer, Stalnaker, Strider, Tabler, Tallman, Washington, Webb, Wilson, Yoak
41. Family history - Allen, Arbuckle, Boggs, Clendenin, Bowman, Carter, Core-Tabler, Currey, Daniel, DeBolt, Hart, Hall, Hatfield, Hoge, Hopkins, Humphreys, Hutchinson, Ice, Lee, Lemon, Linger, Lowman, Marks
42. Births Boone County
43. Births Kanawha County
44. Register of St. Philips Church, Charleston, SC
45. Members of Two Mile Grove Baptist Church of Christ, Kanawha County
46. Bible records Morris, Massey
47. Bible records Given, Samples
48. From Records and Old Bibles belonging to Samuel Lilburn and Mary E. Hindman Taylor
49. Personal letters - Cart/Taylor and allied lines
50. Personal letters - Cart/Taylor and allied lines
51. Personal correspondence
52. Crumwell/Cromwell, Taylor, Lockhart, Carter, Smith, Martin
53. Clippings
54. Clippings from West Virginia Hillbilly
55. Obituaries - Cart, Baughman, Gibson, Hall, Hosey, White, Gibson, Young, Dunn, Hamric, Boggs
56. Virginia County Record lists - Russell, Tazewell, Washington counties
58. Barbados Records - wills and administrators Vol. 1 1639-1680
59. Clendenin High School basketball team 1915
60. Pioneers of Tazewell County - Taylor, Lockard, Young, Boothe, Lockhart, Harper, Vincent, Thompson
61. Honaker, McClung, Swansdale
62. Greenbrier County court records
63. Monroe County general index to conveyances, Carte-Jones
64. Monroe County court records
65. Shenandoah County court records
66. Kanawha County circuit court - Vincent vs. Hammock and Newhouse
67. Indices and deeds, Fayette, Greenbrier, Monroe counties
68. Miscellaneous records Greenbrier, Kanawha, Braxton counties
69. Russell County index to court records re: Taylor

Box 19: Miscellaneous Records

01. Correspondence with Thelma Cantrell
02. Miscellaneous census indexes
03. Cart, Coonts/Koontz, Gadd, Jarrett, James
04. Kanawha County deaths
05. Heath, Lake, Veghte, Voorhees
06. Miscellaneous census schedules
07. Census schedules Taylor, Cromwell
08. Census schedules Russell County 1810-1900
09. Census schedules Greenbrier 1910
10. Census schedules Kanawha 1810
11. Census schedules Roane 1860-1900
12. Detective Harry Pierce - expert on nicknames
13. Braxton Democrat 1908 Nov.
14. Octogenarians of Webster County
15. Guide maps to development of SC parishes, districts and counties
16. Receipts gas well royalty
17. Maps
18. Braxton County Circuit Court records
19. Names and addresses
20. Miscellaneous information
21. Correspondence and information on Taylor-Cromwell book
22. Cemeteries

Manuscript Collections

West Virginia Archives and History