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Beaulah and Hubert Stark Collection
Ms85-16 and acc

Box 1:

Meteorology notes
Mountain State Air Service
Civil Air Patrol
Board of Aeronautics
Hand-held paper instruments
Publications dealing with aviation
WW1 illustrations including aircraft

Box 2:

Log Books – Hubert Stark (7) 1929-45
Log Books – Beaulah Stark (3) 1932-41
Aircraft Log Book for Howard DGA, 1940-46
Account Book, Mountain State Air Line, 1936-37
Cloud Country Book One: “Wings of Youth” by Jimmy Mattern
Aviation: Present Facilities and Future Requirements in West Virginia, 1951
West Virginia Laws and Regulations Governing Aeronautics, 1948
Practical Air Navigation, US Dept. of Commerce, Coast & Geodetic Survey, 1939
Quiet Birdman binder
Airplane Maintenance Inspection & Flight Record, Stinson Reliant, 1935-38 (2 volumes)
International Atlas of Clouds and of States of the Sky, Paris: Office National Meteorologique, 1932

Box 3: Scrapbook Contents

Photograph Box (Ph85-16)

C. R. Morgan, Gov. Holt, Hubert Stark beside plane, 1939.
Hubert Stark beside Howard DGA State Plane.
Charleston Squadron, C.A. P. n.d. Photo by J. Winfield.
State OX5 Club Officers with National President. Charleston Gazette photograph, 1958.
Loup Creek Fire, Fayette Co. WV. 1938. Harry Taylor, photograph.
Hubert Stark in Plane. n.d.
Stark and three other men. n.d.
99’ers in Parkersburg. April 18, 1945.
Betty Austin.
Beulah Stark. n.d.
Hubert Stark standing beside plane wreckage. n.d.
Hubert Stark and others viewing plane wreckage on riverbank.
Unidentified body being placed in ambulance
Hubert Stark beside state plane. n.d.
Plane wreckage.
Interior view of State plane. n.d.
Hubert Stark, Jack Dempsey, and Fred Alley. One unidentified person. n.d.
Rear Adm. P.N.L. Bellinger piloting early seaplane.
U.S. Navy photograph. n.d.
Wilbur brothers plane at Kitty Hawk, N.C.
Catapult-Curtis Pusher type seaplane.
Wright Glider Flight, Kill Devil Hill, N.C.
Beulah Stark and Hubert Stark with members of the 99’ers Club. n.d.
WV Wing C.A.P. at Huntington, WV. June 28, 1942.

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