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Leslie D. Carpenter Collection

Descriptive Summary

Title: Leslie D. Carpenter Collection
Span Dates: 1740-2006
Bulk Dates: 1862-2000
ID No: Ms2020-081
Creator: Leslie D. Carpenter
Extent: 8 boxes, 5 boxes of photographs, oversized, maps, and museum items
Language: English
Repository: West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV
Abstract: This collection includes original documents relating to primarily the Harrison County area, Nathan Goff and The Waldo Hotel materials, John W. Davis letters, Harry Powers photographs, and miscellaneous.

Administrative Information

Donor: The collection was transferred to the State Archives by his mother, Betty Lou Zirkle Carpenter.
Transfers: Museum items
Preferred Citation: [item, collection number], Leslie D. Carpenter Collection, West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV.
Processor: Archives Staff
Biographical Note: Leslie David (Les) Carpenter was the son of Betty Lou Zirkle Carpenter and David Carl Carpenter. He was a graduate of Washington Irving High School in Clarksburg and received an accounting degree from Fairmont State College and an MBA from West Virginia University. He worked at West Virginia University and served as the chief business officer for the Division of Student Life until his retirement. Carpenter also enjoyed genealogy and was an avid collector of antiques, glassware, and historic documents.

Contents List:

Box 1

1:1 Booklet, The Republican High Protective Tariff, Democratic National Committee, 1924
1:2 Booklet, The Greenbrier, America's Informal Business Capital
1:3 Booklet, City At Work-A Report: Community Progress, Clarksburg, 1957-1959
1:4 Booklet, Historical Album of West Virginia, by Richard Bowe
1:5 Booklet, West Virginia by Rail and Trail, 1927
1:6 Booklet, History of Clarksburg Public Library, by Lawrence R. Lynch, 1946
1:7 Booklet, Grave Creek Mound, Greatest Monument of America's Ancient People, printed by "Prison Press," Moundsville
1:8 Booklet, Aunt Sammy's Radio Recipes Revisited, from Congressman George W. Johnson, 4th Congressional District of West Virginia, 1931
1:9 Booklet, Shinnston High School Class of 1946...Looking Back, by James Meredith Currey, 1988
1:10 Booklet, Class of 1932, Washington Irving High School, Clarksburg
1:11 Booklet, The Beginning: Philippi, 1861, by Ruth Dayton Woods (signed)
1:12 Booklet, Camp Terra Alta, June 28-August 3, 1923
1:13 Booklet, Jake Taylor's Book of Original Compositions
1:14 Booklet, Little John and Cherokee Sue, Song Book and Family Picture Album, includes West Virginia I Hear You Calling, by Felcia Davisson of Wilsonburg
1:15 Booklet, A West Virginia Vacation, West Virginia Department of Agriculture, circa 1933
1:16 Booklet, Watters Smith Memorial State Park, by Frank Hill
1:17 Booklet, The National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Green Bank, 1964
1:18 Booklet, Information About Syphilis, West Virginia State Department of Health
1:19 Book, Charter and Ordinances, City of Clarksburg, 1898
1:20 Book, Code of Ordinances of the City of Clarksburg, West Virginia, 1927
1:21 Book, Memorial Services, West Virginia Congressman Lynn S. Hornor, 1934
1:22 Book, Jackson Lodge No. 35, A. F. & A. M., Good Hope, October 11, 1867-June 15, 1939
1:23 Book, The Tuesday Club, Our First 100 Years, 1888-1988
1:24 Book, Proceedings in Statuary Hall, Statue of Governor Francis Harrison Pierpont, April 30, 1910
1:25 Booklet, History of the Ritchie Mines, by Robert Lawrence Cokeley
1:26 Booklet, An Adventure in Faith, The History of the First Baptist Church, Shinnston, 1885-1966
1:27 Booklet, Directory of Harrison County Schools, Clarksburg, 1964-1965
1:28 Booklet, Directory of Harrison County Schools, Clarksburg, 1965-1966
1:29 Booklet, General Scheme of West Virginia, United States Post Office Department, Railway mail Service, March 1946
1:30 Booklet, St. Paul's Methodist Church, Clarksburg, 1850-1963, by Mrs. H. M. Wade
1:31 Booklet, Bridgeport Methodist Church, 1962
1:32 Booklet, A Salute to Morgan Mines, compiled by Frank Spevock, 1979
1:33 Booklet, From the Master's Hand, Inspirational Poems written and compiled by Paul Warren Brown, Industrial, 1954
1:34 Booklet, Up In Years (...and off my rocker), by Clara Cassidy, Harpers Ferry, 1974
1:35 Booklet, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Scenery
1:36 Booklet, Worthwhile Facts About West Virginia, compiled by Beth Ann Broadwater, Mannington, 1958
1:37 Booklet, The Methodist Temple, Clarksburg, Fiftieth Anniversary, 1908-1958
1:38 Booklet, Golden Anniversary of the Broad Oaks Methodist Church, Clarksburg, 1953
1:39 Booklet, Broad Oaks United Methodist Church, 75th Anniversary, 1903-1978
1:40 Booklet, Clarksburg, The Jewel of the Hills
1:41 Booklet, Harrison County Fair, Norwood Park, July 30-August 4, 1951
1:42 Booklet, By-Laws of Weston Lodge No. 10, A. F. & A. M., Weston
1:43 Booklet, The Criminal Court of Harrison County, West Virginia, June Term 1934
1:44 Booklet, Poems by John A. Curry, The Helpless Bard of Mount Clare, December 1905
1:45 Booklet, Memories of Yesterday: A Local History, compiled by Frank Spevock, 1965
1:46 Booklet, West Virginia State Parks and Forests, 1970s
1:47 Booklet, A Century of Home Remedies, Shinnston Nutrition Site
1:48 Booklet, West Virginia's Man in Washington, United States Senator Robert C. Byrd (signed)
1:49 Booklet, Tennerton: A Village and Its Glass, by Grace E. Clawson, 1986
1:50 Booklet, The Blizzard of 1886, Three Corners and A Square and White Winds, by C. W. Walden, published in Elkins, January 1940
1:51 Booklet, The History of Glass and Eagle Convex Glass Company, Clarksburg
1:52 Booklet, Victory High School, Clarksburg, Student Guide, 1955
1:53 Booklet, Hidden Powers: A Tale of Sorcery or the Black Art, Laid in the Hills of Western Virginia, by Lawrence Herschel Martin, Banner Printing Company, Shinnston, 1946
1:54 Booklet, Union Shop Contract, National Glass Container Multi-Employer Production and Maintenance Contract, 1968
1:55 Booklet, "The Fire," Particulars In A Nutshell (burning of Volcano, 1879)
1:56 Booklet, Veterans Administration Hospital, Clarksburg, Silver Jubilee, 1950-1975, December 7, 1975
1:57 Booklet, Historical Events of Clarksburg Long Ago…Forty Old Time Pictures, by Tom Martin
1:58 Booklet, Early Clarksburg and Harrison County, Pictorial Events of Clarksburg in its Infancy, by Tom Martin
1:59 Booklet, Clarksburg, "Jewel of the Hills," 1983-1984
1:60 Booklet, The Big Yellow Cars: A Nostalgic Look at a Remarkable Interurban Streetcar System, John Champ Neely, 1987
1:61 Booklet, Radio Station WBLK, Clarksburg, West Virginia and the West Virginia Network

Box 2

2:1 Booklet, An Ordinance Relating to the Use of Streets, Alleys and Sidewalks, City of Clarksburg, August 20, 1915
2:2 Booklet, City Traffic Ordinance, City of Clarksburg, 1927
2:3 Booklet, Annual Report, City of Clarksburg, 1924
2:4 Booklet, Annual Report, City of Clarksburg, 1950
2:5 Booklet, Farm Directory, Harrison County, 1933-1935
2:6 Booklet, Seasons of Change, First United Methodist Church, Clarksburg, 2003
2:7 Booklet, Clarksburg First Methodist Church, Symbolism of the Stained Glass Windows, Reredos, and Record of Memorials
2:8 Booklet, Poems, by Thomas Gawthrop, Ten Mile, 1906
2:9 Booklet, Frank Spevock, Rivesville and Montana, My Two Hometowns, 1973
2:10 Booklet, Roger G. Ward, 1815 Directory of Virginia Landowners, Harrison County
2:11 Booklet, The Story of Helvetia Community, 1869-1969
2:12 Booklet, Roy Bird Cook, Daniel Boone
2:13 Booklet, The Shawnee Trail Program: An Historical Pageant Presented at Clarksburg, June 13 and 15, 1923
2:14 Booklet, Melville Weston Fuller, Address in Commemoration of the Inauguration of George Washington, December 11, 1889
2:15 Booklet, Homestead of Abraham Lincoln, Speeches in the House of Representatives on a Bill to Accept a Deed of Conveyance from the Lincoln Farm Association to the United States of the Homestead of Abraham Lincoln, near the town of Hodgenville, State of Kentucky, April 5 and 12, 1916
2:16 Booklet, Souvenir of the West Virginia Penitentiary, Moundsville, circa 1926
2:17 Booklet, The Pioneer, First Annual Report of the Descendents of the French Creek Pioneers, 1923
2:18 Booklet, L. M. Robinson, Clarksburg: The Jewel of the Hills, 1926
2:19 Booklet, District and Appalachian Agreement, Memorandum of Agreement between Northern West Virginia Sub-Divisional Coal Association and the International Union United Mineworkers of America and District No. 31 for the Northern District of West Virginia, October 1, 1935-April 1, 1937
2:20 Booklet, Allison Sweeney Fleming, Memories of Fairmont, West Virginia, "My Own Home Town"
2:21 Booklet, Jack Sandy Anderson, Ramblings
2:22 Booklet, Days Gone By: Antique, Rare and Unusual Photos of Harrison County
2:23 Booklet, Radio At War: WBLK, Clarksburg
2:24 Booklet, Alice Wright, The Ohio River
2:25 Booklet, Sardis District Cemeteries, Harrison County, 1993
2:26 Booklet, Mount Morris/Maken Point Pleasant, Methodist Episcopal Church and Cemetery, 2004
2:27 Booklet, Proceedings in Statuary Hall and the Senate and the House of Representatives Upon the Unveiling Reception and Acceptance from the State of West Virginia of the Statue of Governor Francis Harrison Pierpont, April 30, 1910
2:28 Book, Proceedings of Grand Commandery of Knights Templar and Appendant Orders of West Virginia, 1912-1914
2:29 Book, Ritual of the Ladies of the Maccabees, 1927
2:30 Booklet, Mountaineer Visions in Verse, Robert E. Anderson, 1999
2:31 Booklet, The Kessler Hospital, Clarksburg
2:32 Booklet, McClelland Bible Class, First Presbyterian Church, Clarksburg, Roster, 1921
2:33 Booklet, Hill’s Southern Almanac, 1925
2:34 Booklet, Criminal Court of Harrison County, West Virginia, Docket November Term 1914
2:35 Booklet, Report of Committee on Roads and Navigation, West Virginia State Senate, 1927
2:36 Booklet, Criminal Court of Harrison County, West Virginia, November Term 1931
2:37 Booklet, Sketches of History of West Virginia Conference Church of the United Brethren in Christ, Talmadge Clayton Parsons, 1934
2:38 Booklet, Known Resting Places of Our Randolph County Soldiers of All Wars, 1945
2:39 Booklet, User's Guide, Computing at WVU, 1889-1990
2:40 Booklet, WVNET Vax User's Guide, 1991
2:41 Booklet, Robert C. Byrd for Senate
2:42 Booklet, Scraps of Thought, by Alden C. Pugh
2:43 Booklet, Country Inns of West Virginia
2:44 Booklet, West Virginia: The Friendly Mountain State
2:45 Booklet, The East Window in First Methodist Church (In Memoriam: Gordon Battelle), Clarksburg, by Harvey W. Harmer, 1946
2:46 Booklet, Out of the Whirlwind, Playmakers of Clarksburg Art Center, Nathan Goff Armory, May 7-12, 1963
2:47 Booklet, Peora Farm Women’s Club, 30th Anniversary, February 1947
2:48 Booklet, Union National Bank, Clarksburg, 1914
2:49 Booklet, General Nathan Goff, Jr., A Biographical Sketch, Wheeling Sunday Register, October 15, 1882
2:50 Booklet, James Edward Davis, 1901-1974, Exhibition 1: Landscape Painting, West Virginia University
2:51 Booklet, James Edward Davis, 1901-1974, Exhibition 2: Early Drawings and Sketches, West Virginia University
2:52 Booklet (Blank), School-Day Memories, Merrells, Clarksburg, 1939
2:53 Booklet, Washington Irving High School Building (Floor Plans), Clarksburg
2:54 Driver's Manual and Handbook for Operator's License Applicants, July 1, 1951
2:55 Handbook, You and Rex-Hide Inc., Grafton Plant
2:56 Railroad Time Record Book, 1910-1911
2:57 Autograph Book, Stella Leets, Buckhannon, 1931
2:58 Autograph Book, Gertie, 1887
2:59 Graduation Record Book, Blank, J. M. Hartley and Son Company
2:60 Student Activity Book, Joseph D. Dokan, West Virginia University, 1939-1940
2:61 Time Book, Street and Electric Railway Employes, Clarksburg/Fairmont, 1918
2:62 Class Record Book, Flemington High School, 1932-1933
2:63 Book, New Testament, 1864, Huldah Carpenter
2:64 Book, The Pocket Lawyer, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 1846

Box 3

3:1 Book, My Life in the Service, The Diary of Harold W. White, Fairmont, 1943-1945
3:2 Booklet, The Christmas Candle, printed under the auspices of the Clarksburg Young Women's Christian Association, Christmas 1923
3:3 Clipping Book, including 8th Annual Commencement, Grafton High School, 1895 and Programme of the Fair of the West Virginia Central Agricultural and Mechanical Society, September 5-6, 1894
3:4 School Girl Days Record Book, Mary Elizabeth Allen, Washington Irving High School, 1922-1926
3:5 Register of Pupils and Announcements, Valley Female College, Winchester, 1899-1900
3:6 Autograph Book, Elizabeth, 1932-1935
3:7 Cash Book, 1885-1886
3:8 Account Book, 1944
3:9 Insurance Receipt Book, C. D. Leachman, Clarksburg, 1926-27
3:10 School Catalog, James and Law Company, Clarksburg, 1929-1930
3:11 Catalog, School Supplies, James and Law Company, Clarksburg, 1977-1978
3:12 General Catalog, Williams Hardware Company, Clarksburg, 1922
3:13 Catalog, Trotting Stock Belonging to Henderson Brothers, Williamstown, 1890
3:14 Catalog, State of West Virginia, Organization, Administration and Courses of Study for Junior and Senior High Schools, 1926
3:15 Catalog, West Virginia Conference Seminary, Buckhannon, 1902-03
3:16 Journal, Seminary Collegiate, Students of West Virginia Conference Seminary, 1900
3:17 Journal, Seminary Collegiate, Students of West Virginia Conference Seminary, 1901
3:18 Journal, Seminary Collegiate, Students of West Virginia Conference Seminary, 1902
3:19 Journal, Seminary Collegiate, Students of West Virginia Conference Seminary, 1903
3:20 1982 Directory of First United Methodist Church, Clarksburg
3:21 1992 Directory of First United Methodist Church, Clarksburg
3:22 1997 Directory of First United Methodist Church, Clarksburg
3:23 2000 Directory of First United Methodist Church, Clarksburg
3:24 2006 Directory of First United Methodist Church, Clarksburg
3:25 Program and Directory/Central Women's Christian Temperance Union, Clarksburg, 1935
3:26 Exponent and Telegram Type Specimen Book, Clarksburg, 1930
3:27 Yearbook, The Woman's Club of Weston, West Virginia, 1922-1923
3:28 Stealey United Methodist Church, 1975-1990
3:29 Directory, Stealey United Methodist Church, Clarksburg, 2001
3:30 Directory, Stealey United Methodist Church, Clarksburg
3:31 Directories, First Presbyterian Church, Clarksburg
3:32 Directory, Central Christian Church, Clarksburg, 1925
3:33 Directory, Central Christian Church, Clarksburg, 1926
3:34 Directory, First United Methodist Church, Clarksburg, 50th Anniversary Edition, 1788-1956-2006
3:35 Directory, Shinnston Senior Citizens Club, 1994
3:36 Yearbook, Woman's Mission Society, Clarksburg Baptist Church, 1958
3:37 The System Entry Yearbook, Harrison County Bank, Lost Creek, 1936
3:38 Yearbook, Woman's Club of Clarksburg, 1924-1925
3:39 Yearbook, Daniel Davisson Chapter, DAR, 1938-39

Box 4:

4:1 Program, Panhellenic Council, West Virginia Wesleyan College, Dame Judith Anderson
4:2 Program, Clarksburg Opera Guild, Die Flederman's, Washington Irving High School, March 16-17
4:3 Program, Barnum, Rose Garden Theater, Clarksburg
4:4 Program, Three Star Comedy Company, Opera House, Wheeling, n.d.
4:5 Program, Commencement Exercises, West Virginia College, Flemington, Family of Nathan Goff, June 25-28, 1882
4:6 Program, Regulations and Premium List of the West Virginia Central Agricultural and Mechanical Society, 16th Annual Fair, Clarksburg, September 19-21, 1882
4:7 Program, Young Mrs. Winthrop, Opera House, Wheeling, November 25, 1897
4:8 Program, The Opera House, Wheeling, 1897-1898
4:9 Program, Flag Presentation to High School by Jr. O.U.A.M. (Order of United American Mechanics), February 22, 1898
4:10 Program, Gymnastic Exhibition, YMCA Gymnasium Classes, Wheeling, May 5, 1898
4:11 Program, First Annual Field Day, Wheeling High School, State Fair Grounds, June 10, 1898
4:12 Program, Annual Field Day, Students of Linsly Institute, State Fair Grounds, Wheeling, June 14, 1898
4:13 Program, Commencement Exercises, Linsly Institute, June 17, 1898
4:14 Program, Tenth Annual Commencement, West Virginia Conference Seminary, June 7-14, 1900
4:15 Program, Eleventh Annual Commencement, West Virginia Conference Seminary, June 5-13, 1901
4:16 Program, Twelfth Annual Commencement, West Virginia Conference Seminary, May 28-June 5, 1902
4:17 Program, Eighth Annual Reception of the Juniors to the Seniors, Washington Irving High School, Clarksburg, May 26, 1914
4:18 Program, Clarksburg High School Class Day Exercises, May 27, 1914
4:19 Program, Ninth Annual Reception of the Juniors to the Seniors, Washington Irving High School, Clarksburg, June 1, 1915
4:20 Program, Washington Irving High School Senior Class Day, June 2, 1915
4:21 Program, Commencement Exercises, Washington Irving High School, Clarksburg, June 3, 1915
4:22 Program, United Daughters of the Confederacy Convention, West Virginia Division, Masonic Temple, Clarksburg, September 29-30, 1915
4:23 Program, The Central West Virginia Fair, Premium List, Clarksburg, September 11-13, 1917
4:24 Program, American Legion, Memorial Services, Robinson Grand Theatre, Clarksburg, February 22, 1920
4:25 Program, Tenth Annual Commencement, Unidis High School, West Milford, June 1-8, 1922
4:26 Program, Redpath Chautauqua Season of 1923, Clarksburg, June 29-July 5
4:27 Program, The Gypsy Rover, Glee Clubs, Unidis High School, April 26, 1924
4:28 Program, Notification Day Exercises, Goff Plaza, Clarksburg, August 11, 1924
4:29 Program, Kentucky Jockey Club, September 26, 1925
4:30 Program, The Dramatic Club of West Virginia University presents The Pelican, University Playhouse, Morgantown, February 16-18, 1928
4:31 Programs, Dramatic Club, Terra Alta High School, 1929
4:32 Program, Twelfth Annual Commencement of Victory High School, Clarksburg, May 22-25, 1931
4:33 Program, Commencement Exercises, University of Pittsburgh, June 8, 1932
4:34 Program, Exponent-Telegram Cooking School, Gertrude Janssen, Home Economist, April 10, 1934
4:35 Program, Radio Station WMMN, Fairmont, 1935
4:36 Program, Junior-Senior Cruise, Bridgeport High School, Stonewall Jackson Hotel, May 15, 1936
4:37 Program, Upshur County Elementary Schools Annual Commencement, Buckhannon-Upshur High School, June 12, 1936
4:38 Programs, Clarksburg League for Services, Follies, 1936/1941/1951/1955/1983
4:39 Programs, Pinnickinnick Players, Clarksburg, 1938
4:40 Program, Journey's End, by R. C. Sherriff, Orpheum Theatre, Clarksburg, February 8-9, 1940
4:41 Program, Buckhannon-Upshur High School, Fifty-Third Annual Commencement, May 17, 1940
4:42 Program, Third Annual Goodwill Tour, WWVA Jamboree, 1941
4:43 Program, Tobacco Road, with John Barton, Ritz Theatre, Clarksburg, February 13, 1941
4:44 Program, 56th Annual Commencement, Salem College, Eleanor Roosevelt, speaker, May 21-24, 1944
4:45 Program, Streamlined Sue, Senior Class of Shinnston High School, April 12, 1945
4:46 Program, Windmill Frolic, Stonewall Jackson Hotel, May 15, 1946
4:47 Program, Here Comes Charlie, Victory Class of 1946
4:48 Program, Shinnston High School, 37th Commencement, May 26, 1947
4:49 Program, Eight Grade Commencement, Wyatt Grade School, May 21, 1948
4:50 Program, Open House, National Carbon Company, Clarksburg, May 1949
4:51 Program, Clarksburg's Recognition Dinner in Honor of Secretary of Defense Louis A. Johnson, Masonic Temple, Clarksburg, May 28, 1949
4:52 Program, The Messiah, Symphony Orchestra of Clarksburg, December 7, 1949
4:53 Program, Symphony Concert, Columbian Hall, Clarksburg, May 9, 1950
4:54 Program, Salem College Orchestra, May 16, 1950
4:55 Program, Commencement, Doddridge County High School, May 23, 1950
4:56 Program, Dedication of Hammond Organ, Veterans Administration Hospital, Clarksburg, January 6, 1952
4:57 Program, Closing Concert, Clarksburg Symphony Orchestra and Chorus, April 8, 1952
4:58 Program, Vocal and Piano Students, Mrs. C. O. Randolph, First Baptist Church, Shinnston, June 5, 1952
4:59 Program, Shinnston Centennial, October 29-31, 1952
4:60 Program, Unveiling Statue of Stonewall Jackson, Clarksburg, May 10, 1953
4:61 Program, Clarksburg Opera Guild presents "Martha," Washington Irving High School, November 30, 1953
4:62 Program, It's Never Too Late, Shinnston High School Senior Class, April 23, 1954
4:63 Program, Amahl and the Night Visitors, Clarksburg Music Guild, Moore's Opera House, December 13, 1954
4:64 Program, Shinnston High School Band, Annual Spring Concert, March 20, 1956
4:65 Program, 15th Annual Central West Virginia Strawberry Festival, Buckhannon, May 31-June 2, 1956
4:66 Program, Dedication of the Benedum Civic Center, Bridgeport, December 15, 1956
4:67 Program of Consecration, First Methodist Church, Clarksburg, March 3, 1957
4:68 Program, 25th Reunion, Weston High School Class of 1932, Weston Masonic Temple
4:69 Program, R. D. Bailey Testimonial Dinner, Pineville High School, May 6, 1960
4:70 Program, John Brown's Body, by the Stagecrafters, Benedum Civic Center, Bridgeport, May 1-4, 1961
4:71 Program, The Playmakers of the Clarksburg Art Center and Citizens of Harrison County present "Out of the Whirlwind," by Dorothy Davis, May 7-12, 1963
4:72 Program, Festival Concerts, Vocal Program, Phyllis Curtin, Soprano, July 24, 1966
4:73 Program, Dedication of First Methodist Church, Clarksburg, October 9, 1966
4:74 Program, Seneca Trail Artists Guild, Art Exhibition, September 30-October 3, 1970
4:75 Program, Washington Irving Choral Department, Spring Concert, 1974
4:76 Program, Inauguration Ceremonies, Jay Rockefeller, January 17, 1977
4:77 Program, Mame, Washington Irving High School Vocal Department, April 28-30, 1977
4:78 Program, Dedication of the Harrison County Correctional Center, December 4, 1977
4:79 Program, West Virginia All-State High School Band Chorus Orchestra, Morgantown, April 1, 1978
4:80 Program, West Virginia All-State Chorus, Huntington, March 29-31, 1979
4:81 Program, Two Tickets to Paradise, Junior Class of Washington Irving High School, May 25, 1979
4:82 Program, 112th Annual Commencement, Fairmont State College, May 14, 1983
4:83 Program, Harrison County Meals-on-Wheels, Annual Meeting and Recognition Dinner, YWCA, Clarksburg, 1983-1984
4:84 Program, Clarksburg Bicentennial Weekend, October 17-20, 1985
4:85 Program, An Ecumenical Celebration of the Clarksburg Bicentennial, October 20, 1985
4:86 Program, Clarksburg Symphonic Choir, First United Methodist Church, Clarksburg, May 7, 1988
4:87 Program, Dedication Service, John W. Davis Government Building, Clarksburg, August 24, 1990
4:88 Program, Dedication of Clarksburg Municipal Building, November 4, 1997
4:89 Program, Clarksburg Lions Club, Charter Night, March 22, 2003
4:90 Programs, Miscellaneous
4:91 Advertisement Card, Walk-Over Shoes, William Lee, West Milford, 1924
4:92 Advertisement Card, Dick's Auto Wrecking, Clarksburg
4:93 Advertisement Card, Broadwater and Davis Hat Shop, Clarksburg, 1925
4:94 Advertisement Card, The Regal Shoe, Men's Store, Clarksburg, Loar and White, Sales Agents
4:95 Advertisement Card, Opera House Orchestra and Band, Wheeling Park, July 31, 1902
4:96 Advertisement Card, George J. Mathison, Life, Fire and Plate Glass Insurance, Wheeling
4:97 Advertisement Card, Berkshire Typewriter Paper, James and Law Company, Clarksburg
4:98 Advertisement Card, James and Law Company, Clarksburg
4:99 Card, Professional Adjustment Service, Clarksburg
4:100 Card, First United Methodist Church, Clarksburg
4:101 Card, Dr. George F. Evans, former superintendent of Hopemont Sanitarium, opening of office in Clarksburg
4:102 Card, Class of 1928, Buckhannon Junior High School, May 7, 1928
4:103 Card, Happy Mother's Day, Andrews Methodist Church, Grafton
4:104 Christmas Card, United National Bank, Clarksburg
4:105 Christmas Card, St. Paul's M. E. Sunday School Class No. 4, 1908
4:106 Christmas Card, Shreve's Garage, 1926-1927
4:107 Christmas Cards
4:108 Valentine's Day Cards, 1947-1949
4:109 Easter Cards
4:110 Business Card, L. E. Brewer, Carpenters' Local Union No. 236, Clarksburg
4:111 Membership Card, T. L. Stockert, American National Red Cross, 1929
4:112 Remembrance Cards, David Gain and Cora B. Gain
4:113 Membership Card, West Fork Fishing Club, Clarksburg, 1954
4:114 Name Cards
4:115 Advertising Card, D. Gundung and Company, Wheeling, April 1, 1885
4:116 Advertisement Card, W. J. Troy, lumber company, Burton
4:117 Business Card, Cook's Restaurant, Hookersville
4:118 Advertising Card, The Racket, Bargain House, 1102-1106 Market Street, Wheeling
4:119 Advertising Card, Empire Insurance Agency, Clarksburg
4:120 Christmas Card, Empire National Bank, Clarksburg
4:121 Campaign Cards, Political Candidates, Jackson County, 1912-1940
4:122 Advertising Card, Citizens' Transfer Company and Livery, Clarksburg, with distance and fare table from Clarksburg
4:123 Card, Annie M. Allman, West Virginia Business College, Clarksburg
4:124 Card, WVU Yells
4:125 Card, First Presbyterian Church, Clarksburg
4:126 Card, Carrie Nation and Her "Hatchet"
4:127 Card, Jackson County's Vote for President in 1908
4:128 Card, Trader's Block, Clarksburg
4:129 Card, Don't Wait for the Hearse to Take You to Church
4:130 Card, Restaurant Idea Round-Up, Parsons-Souders Company, Clarksburg, July 26, 1950
4:131 Card, Fiftieth Anniversary of the Baptist Church, Clarksburg, November 18-20, 1898
4:132 Cards
4:133 Valentine Card to Ruth Furbee, Shinnston, February 14, 1911
4:134 Prayer Card, John F. Kennedy
4:135 Business Card, Miss Clyta Rose, Trained Nurse, Confluence
4:136 Business Cards, Craft and Antique Stores
4:137 Song Card, Jim and Me and Little Willie, Clem Smith, Charleston
4:138 Information Card, Hope Natural Gas Company, 1953
4:139 Card, The Coal House, White Sulphur Springs
4:140 Card, Exposure Notes, Kyle and Company Photographic Department, Clarksburg
4:141 Card, C. Ray Morgan, Democratic Candidate for County Commissioner, Harrison County, Bristol, West Virginia
4:142 Advertisement Card, Handkerchief, Sanitary Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Company, Clarksburg
4:143 Card, H & H Electric and Plumbing, Clarksburg
4:144 Card, Individual Action & Effect, Air Burst of Atomic Bomb, 1950
4:145 Memory Card, Charles Henry Dugan, Tetrick Funeral Home, Shinnston, October 15, 1952
4:146 Memory Card, Sara Margaret (Peg) Bowers, Mannington, September 3, 1963
4:147 Card, Mike Queen for House of Delegates, Harrison County
4:148 Promotion Card, Catharine Patton, Bridgeport High School, 1915 (first to second grade)
4:149 Advertisement, Spring and Summer, Stone and Thomas, Wheeling, 1882
4:150 Advertisement, Operatic Work Shop, Marshal School of Music and Drums, La Traviata, Washington Irving High School, June 2, 1950
4:151 Advertisement, Snowdrift Shortening
4:152 Advertisement, Weber Hardware Company, Weston
4:153 Bulletin, Bridgeport United Methodist Church, May 29, 1983
4:154 Bulletin, St. Paul's Methodist Church, Clarksburg, January 21, 1940
4:155 Bulletins, Christ Episcopal Church/All Saints' Episcopal Mission, Clarksburg
4:156 Bulletin, Annual Sermon to the Graduating Class, Lumberport High School, Lumberport Methodist Church, May 25, 1947
4:157 Bulletin, Memorial Service of Ethel Ross, First Presbyterian Church, Clarksburg, June 17, 1995
4:158 Bulletin, Anniversary Festival, Broad Oaks Methodist Church, June 12, 1966
4:159 Bulletin, Easter Evening Service, Fourth Street Methodist Episcopal Church, Wheeling, April 10, 1898
4:160 Flyer, Ritz Theatre, The Show Place of Clarksburg, Musical Program
4:161 Flyer, Robinson Grand Movie Theater, Clarksburg, circa 1937
4:162 Flyer, Shooting of Willis Blake, Jarvisville, July 7, 1950
4:163 Flyer, Rent Auction, Parker Pepper Farm, Barbour County, January 30, 1886
4:164 Flyer, Slary Bro's Big Show Benefit, J. E. B. Stuart Camp, Confederate Veterans No. 14 of Dinwiddie County
4:165 Flyer, Anti-Wilkinson, Democratic Primary for Governor, 1932
4:166 Flyer, Mr. Deli Italian Specialty Shoppe, Clarksburg
4:167 Flyer, Washington Irving High School, Class of 1979, 30 Year Reunion
4:168 Flyer, Labor Day Celebration, baseball games at Big Isaac Ball Park, September 4, 1918
4:169 The Magazine of Papers for the People, published by Rev. S. S. Powell, Grafton, July 1915
4:170 Kappa Sigma Pi Magazine, November 1956
4:171 Newsletter, Mountaineer, Coalton High School, March 18, 1932
4:172 Newsletter, Home Chats, Monongahela System, September 1935
4:173 Extension Landscape Newsletter, July 1938
4:174 Newsletter, Buckhannon Upshur High School, 1939
4:175 Newsletter, Senior Farewell, Buckhannon Upshur High School, 1941
4:176 Newsletter, Thompson Tractor News, Worthington, 1956
4:177 Newsletter, Hilltop, Washington Irving High School, January 1976
4:178 Newsletter, Hilltop, Washington Irving High School, Clarksburg, June 1979
4:179 Newsletter, Zirkle Family Historical Association, October 1993 (article, "Curly Zirkle, 92 and Going Strong")
4:180 Newsletter, Fenton Art Glass Collectors of America, 2001-2004
4:181 Brochure, Americana Museum, Terra Alta, 1976
4:182 Campaign Brochure, Larry Frye for Prosecuting Attorney, Harrison County
4:183 Brochure, Prints by AJ, Point Pleasant
4:184 Brochure, CCC Program, 1935
4:185 Brochure, Phillipi, West Virginia, Centennial Souvenir Edition
4:186 Brochure, Speech of John W. Davis, Bruceton, Missouri, September 15, 1924
4:187 Brochure, Chintz by Fostoria
4:188 Brochure, Fostoria American, 1967
4:189 Brochure, Blennerhassett Island
4:190 Envelope with Stamp, Broaddus Classical and Scientific Institute, June 24, 1895
4:191 Envelope, Superior Wooden Mills, Clarksburg
4:192 Envelope, Sayre Brothers Studio, Clarksburg
4:193 Envelope, Union Protestant Hospital, Clarksburg, 1953
4:194 Envelope, Coffindaffer Memorial Clinic, Shinnston
4:195 Envelopes, Warwood Transfer Company and Warwick China Company, Wheeling
4:196 Postmarked Envelope, Four States, West Virginia, April 15, 1964
4:197 Wedding Invitation, Julia MacDonald Davis and William McMillan Adams, Mattapan, October 13
4:198 Invitation, Bartly Cooper, Wheeling Silver Leaf Social, McLure house Hall, Wheeling, February 11, 1873
4:199 Invitations, Pupils of A. M. Doddridge, Art Reception/Musical Entertainment, Wheeling, February 15-16, 1877
4:200 Invitation, Grand Military and Civic Dress Ball, Goff Light Guards, Washington Hall, Wheeling, February 22, 1878

Box 5

5:1 Invitation, Belington High School, Commencement Exercises, Opera House, April 17, 1908
5:2 Invitation, Marriage of Adda Neely and Fred Raymon Burner, Buckhannon, June 30, 1914
5:3 Invitation, Buckhannon High School, Commencement Exercises, May 29, 1917
5:4 Invitation, Scottish Rite Cathedral Golden Jubilee Dinner Meeting, September 24, 1966
5:5 Invitation, Dedication of Harrison County Correctional Center, December 4, 1977
5:6 Invitation, Inaugural Ceremonies, President Ronald Reagan, January 21, 1985
5:7 Ticket, Fairmont and Clarksburg Traction Company
5:8 Railroad Ticket, on the Proposition of Upshur County to Subscribe $50,000 to the Capital Stock of the Buckhannon and Weston Railroad Company, March 27, 1880
5:9 Ticket, Charles M. Hart, Annual Dinner, Society of the Sons of the Revolution in West Virginia, The McLure, Wheeling, February 22, 1900
5:10 Ticket, State Democratic Convention, Parkersburg, 1904
5:11 Tickets, Democratic National Convention, Atlantic City, New Jersey, August 1964
5:12 Ticket, 1992 National League Championship Series, Game Four, Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh
5:13 Ticket, President Bill Clinton, Benedum Airport, Harrison County, May 22, 1997
5:14 Ticket, Martin Luther, Ritz Theatre, Clarksburg
5:15 Ticket, Supper, Lumberport Baptist Church, September 23
5:16 Railroad Passes, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Cassell, Pensioner, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, 1918-20
5:17 Cancelled Check, Western Bank of Baltimore, signed by Robert Garrett, June 12, 1846
5:18 Signed Check, Robert Garrett and Sons, October 30, 1858
5:19 Cancelled Checks, Empire National Bank, Clarksburg, 1921-1923
5:20 Cancelled Check, Bank of Wyatt, Wyatt, 1927
5:21 Cancelled Checks, Mannington Torpedo Company, Exchange Bank of Mannington, 1927
5:22 Cancelled Checks, Union National Bank, Clarksburg
5:23 Cancelled Checks, Traders National Bank, Buckhannon
5:24 Cancelled Checks, German American Bank, Buckhannon (college currency)
5:25 Check to Columbus Teets, West Virginia and Pennsylvania Coal and Coke Company, Buckhannon, May 31, 1929
5:26 Receipt, Lewis County
5:27 Receipt, Burton Despard, July 4, 1842
5:28 Tax Receipt, John Taylor, Lewis County, 1862
5:29 Tax Receipt, Jacob Cunningham, Ritchie County, 1867
5:30 Toll Receipts, Wire Bridge, Wheeling and Belmont Bridge Company, 1882
5:31 Tax Receipts, Harrison County, 1887-1891
5:32 C. H. Meathrell, Post Office Registry Receipt, Clarksburg, 1890
5:33 Receipts, Charles F. Thompson, Pianos, Organs and Sewing Machines, Clarksburg, 1894
5:34 Receipt, R. R. Barnett, General Merchant, Clarksburg, May 24, 1895
5:35 Receipt, Wells & Haymaker, City Drug Store, Clarksburg, February 20, 1896
5:36 Tax Receipt, City of Clarksburg, 1900
5:37 Receipt, Davis and Davis, received from John W. Carpenter, June 30, 1903
5:38 Receipts, Judge Nathan Goff, James-Shepherd Company, Clarksburg, 1904
5:39 Receipt Letterhead, William J. S. Harmer, Builder of Wagons and Carriages, Shinnston, November 1, 1910
5:40 Receipt, Silver Jubilee of Ordination of our Pastor, Rev. P. H. McDermott, to help wipe out debt on Saint Mary's High School and Brothers' Residence, October 30, 1917
5:41 Receipt, Shinnston Furniture and Undertaking Company, Shinnston, August 20, 1920
5:42 Receipt, Southern Pine Lumber Company, Clarksburg, May 13, 1921
5:43 Tax Receipts, Eagle District, Peora, Harrison County, 1923
5:44 City Tax Receipt, Benjamin M. Smith, City of Clarksburg, 1924
5:45 Receipt, J. W. Tetrick and Bro., Enterprise, June 28, 1931
5:46 Receipt, Fairmont Wall Plaster Company, February 22, 1937
5:47 Receipt Cards, W. C. Carpenter, stamped Blue Ridge Lines, Shinnston, 1938
5:48 Receipt, Shinnston Plumbing Company, November 23, 1954
5:49 Receipt, Clarksburg Engraving Company, November 6, 1958
5:50 Receipt, Peora E.U.B. Church, Snodgrass and Son, Mannington, 1966
5:51 Receipt, Core's Amoco Station, Shinnston, May 29, 1968
5:52 Receipt, David Carpenter, Leslie Hawker and Company, Shinnston, 1968
5:53 Receipts, Grover Davis, Dr. E. H. Brannon, Bridgeport, 1914-1916
5:54 Receipts, Grover Davis, Dr. J. B. Winfield, Clarksburg, 1917-1923
5:55 Order for Coal, Grover Davis, Sub-School District No. 13, Harrison County, March 29, 1903
5:56 Capitation Tax Receipts, Grover Davis, Harrison County, 1904-1933
5:57 Dog Tax Receipts, Grover Davis, 1916-1931
5:58 Receipts, Grover Davis, Clarksburg Telegram, 1912-1914
5:59 Receipts, Grover Davis, Clarksburg Exponent, 1917-1924
5:60 Receipt, Grover Davis, National War Finance Committee of the American Red Cross, June 10, 1918
5:61 Receipt, Grover Davis, St. Marys Hospital, Clarksburg, November 1, 1919
5:62 Receipts, Grover Davis, Order of Helping Hand, Clarksburg, 1923
5:63 Receipt, Grover Davis, American Railway Express Clarksburg, January 14, 1928
5:64 Receipt, Grover Davis, Dr. I. D. Cole, Clarksburg, 1934
5:65 Receipts, Grover Davis, Christie-Myers Feed Company, Clarksburg, 1918-1926
5:66 Receipts and Cancelled Checks, Grover Davis
5:67 Notes and Receipts, Sotha Hickman
5:68 Thomas Hickman Papers
5:69 Thomas Hickman, Invoice for Teaching, May 10, 1833
5:70 Tickets, A. J. Fletcher's Department Store, 1904-05
5:71 John C. Johnson, Tax Tickets, Town of Bridgeport, 1920
5:72 Invoices, John R. Steel, Point Mills, Clarksburg, 1888 C.H. Meathrell
5:73 Invoices, Steel and Hart, "Old Point Mills," Clarksburg, C. H. Meathrell, Patent Roller Flour and Bolted Corn Meal, 1889-1890
5:74 Invoices, Clarksburg Electric Light Company, 1891 C.H. Meathrell
5:75 Bank Books, Clarksburg Trust Company, 1917
5:76 Account Book, J. N. Wilkinson, Union National Bank, Clarksburg, 1922-1928
5:77 Bank Book Cover, Lowndes Savings Bank and Trust Company, Clarksburg
5:78 Bank Books/Checkbook, Farmers Bank, Shinnston
5:79 Bank Note, Merchants National Bank of West Virginia at Clarksburg, 1876
5:80 Certification of Insolvent Bank, Union National Bank of Fairmont, January 25, 1941
5:81 Blank Bank Note, Bank of Fairmont
5:82 Stock Certificates, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, 1852/1876
5:83 Certificate, Charles A. Steele, Clarksburg, Independent Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF), January 1, 1876
5:84 Pension Certificate, Levi Blankenship, Ravenswood, March 14, 1891
5:85 Pension Certificate, Melcena Webb, Widow of John Webb, 6th West Virginia Cavalry, December 14, 1912
5:86 Stock Certificate, People's Telephone Company of Little Bingamon, May 6, 1911
5:87 Certificate, William Carpenter, IOOF, Wyatt Lodge No. 184, July 19, 1924
5:88 Stock Certificate, Ethel B. Weekley Morehead, C and D Company, November 2, 1934
5:89 Graded Spelling Tablet, Fifth Grade, Shade Public School, by George S. Laidley, 1896
5:90 School Souvenir, Gregory's Run School, Harrison County, 1919
5:91 Grade Report, Virginia Casto, West Virginia Wesleyan College, 1926
5:92 Diploma, Juanita Mae Brown, Unidis High School, May 22, 1933
5:93 Diploma, Betty Eleanor Lawson, Washington Irving High School, May 27, 1938
5:94 Letter, James Pindall, Clarksburg to Michael Cresap, near Wheeling, regarding Washington Lands, February 15, 1825
5:95 Correspondence, Peter Larew, Red Sulphur Springs, and William Vass, December 8, 1834
5:96 Letter, T. A. Starkey, Philadelphia to Clerk of Harrison County, June 10, 1835
5:97 Letter, J. R. Paddock to Mortimer M. Johnson, Bridgeport, February 28, 1836
5:98 Letter, Spencer Jackson to Clerk of Harrison County, August 7, 1839
5:99 Letter, ? to O. Beatty, Cashier, Union Bank of Maryland, April 18, 1840
5:100 Letter, C. N. Johnson, Richmond to Henry O. Middleton, Clarksburg, October 24, 1842
5:101 Letter, William McClanahan to Thornton Berry and Rachel Berry, Braxton County, June 29, 1843
5:102 Letter, Sliger, Amelia to James Cocke, October 19, 1844
5:103 Letter, Jacob Nichols to Clerk of Harrison County, August 10, 1845
5:104 Letter, Seth Smith to Clerk of Harrison County, August 16, 1845
5:105 Letter, ?, Baltimore to Burton Despard, Clarksburg, November 5, 1848
5:106 Letter, S. Genin, St. Clairsville, Ohio, to Josiah Ingersol, New York, November 22, 1848 (mentions Ephraim Bee)
5:107 Letter, Spering Good, Philadelphia to Burton Despard, Clarksburg, July 27, 1850
5:108 Letter, R. Johnston to Burton Despard, Clarksburg, July 27, 1850
5:109 Correspondence, Weston/Clarksburg, May 6-7, 1852
5:110 Letter, Burton Despard, Clarksburg to Yeakle Cobb, et al, Baltimore, June 4, 1852
5:111 Letter, Edwin Maxwell, West Union to Burton Despard, Clarksburg, June 2, 1855
5:112 Letter, Ira Hart, Clarksburg to Mr. Meyer, January 7, 1857
5:113 Letter, J. T. Scott, Wheeling to John L. Davis, July 23, 1858
5:114 Letter, Wife to William Danwick, Monterey, Virginia, September 30, 1861
5:115 Letter, Maggie R. Thompson, Chestnut Level to Mother, April 18, 1864
5:116 Miscellaneous Correspondence, John C. Johnson, 1870-1913
5:117 Letter, Larkin Peirpont, Harrisville to E. Hart, September 22, 1879
5:118 Correspondence, Mrs. W.P. Johnson, 1881
5:119 Letter, Phebe A. Jackson to Benjamin M. Jackson, March 14, 1882
5:120 Letter, Robert Garrett to J. R. Washington, October 24, 1883
5:121 Correspondence, to S.B. Elkins, August 12, 1884
5:122 Letter, Merritt Gally (Inventor and Manufacturer, Self-Playing Musical Instruments) to H. J. Hinkell, Doddridge County, June 2, 1888
5:123 Correspondence, Wood County, 1887-1889
5:124 Correspondence Received, Rebecca S. Gwin, Braxton County, 1896-1922
5:125 Letter, H. R. Clark, Buckhannon to Clyta Rose, Salt Lick Bridge, June 21, 1900
5:126 Letter, Jennie Gray, Monongah to Clyta Rose, Orlando, September 7, 1900
5:127 Letter, Dannie Patterson, Weston to Clyta Rose, Salt Lick Bridge, October 27, 1900
5:128 Letter, Dr. Derk P. Yonkerman, Kalamazoo, Michigan to Mrs. T. L. Stockert, Buckhannon, July 10, 1903
5:129 Correspondence, Bessie G., Martinsburg to Edith Grubb, Inwood, 1905-1906
5:130 Letter, ?, Wheeling to Clyta Rose, Confluence, February 18, 1907
5:131 Letter, Clyta Rose to W. A. Furbee, Shirley, April 4, 1908
5:132 Letter, Rose, Pratt to Donas Burner, June 11, 1909
5:133 Letter, Georgia, Sago to Donas Burner, Adrian, June 22, 1909
5:134 Letter, M. E. Olivia Pindell Payne, Clarksburg to Donas Burner, Adrian, July 12, 1909
5:135 Letter, Russ Webb to Melcena Webb, Bridgeport, August 6, 1913
5:136 Outgoing Correspondence, Nathan Goff, December 16, 1915 (copies)
5:137 Letter, John W. Davis to John C. Johnson, November 10, 1916
5:138 Address, John W. Davis to John C. Johnson, 1923
5:139 Letter, John W. Davis to John C. Johnson, May 30, 1923
5:140 Letter, John W. Davis to John C. Johnson, June 24, 1924
5:141 Letter, John W. Davis to John C. Johnson, August 11, 1924
5:142 Letter, IRA Post to John C. Johnson, March 13, 1922
5:143 Letter, Walter Carroll to John C. Johnson, August 19, 1924
5:144 Letters, James O'Donnell Bennett to John C. Johnson, Bridgeport, 1924
5:145 Correspondence regarding family of Thomas Hickman, 1926-1927
5:146 Letter, Georgia, Sago to Aulta Burner Lane, Adrian, December 23, 1929
5:147 Letter, Mary Harper, Kanawha Station to Birdie Marlow, Walker, December 23, 1932
5:148 Letter, Louis A. Johnson to Monte Stutler, Clarksburg, October 20, 1949
5:149 Letter, Stewart McReynolds to Dr. George F. Evans, regarding deeds, Weekley Memorial United Brethren Church, September 8, 1962
5:150 Letter, Joseph M. Minard to David Carpenter, January 24, 2000
5:151 Letter, Mary and Dick to Mother, Clothier
5:152 Letter, P. A. Jackson to Benjamin M. Jackson, October 24
5:153 Letter, Sister to George, Louisville, January 21 (mention William Lowther Jackson)
5:154 Letter, Daniel Baisden?, War Department to Mike Francis, Wilsonburg
5:155 Postcards, Correspondence, 1910-1932
5:156 Correspondence and Covers, Lloyd Lowndes
5:157 Correspondence, Ryan Family
5:158 Correspondence, Zirkle Family, 1942-1959
5:159 Agreement (Blank), Meigs, Jackson and Company, Real Estate
5:160 Photo, Doddridge County High School Band, 1948 (Photocopy)
5:161 Notice, Rental No. 338, Waldo Hotel, Clarksburg, December 31, 1948
5:162 Andrew Armstrong vs. Nicholas Merick & William Burk, Cumberland Co. April 1808
5:163 Note, James Fox and James Cocke, and Cullen C. Gordon, January 29, 1817
5:164 Note Due, Zell Guano Company, September 5, 1894
5:165 Campaign Speech, Harrison County Sheriff, circa 1920 (soldiers of World War I)
5:166 Ballots, Peoples' Ticket and Citizens' Ticket, Town of Bridgeport, January 6, 1921
5:167 Ballots, Town of Bridgeport and Bridgeport Independent School District, January 3, 1924
5:168 Invoice, Clarksburg Telegram, 1885
5:169 Annie Gawthrop, Municipal Water Bills, Bridgeport, 1920-1921
5:170 Miscellaneous Papers
5:171 Fan, Moskin's Credit Clothing, Clarksburg
5:172 Fan, Raiguel Funeral Homes, Harrisville/Cairo
5:173 Map of Pine Bluff, West Virginia, October 1990
5:174 The Ladies' Repository and Reverend Gordon Battelle, D. D. By Alex Martin, April 1867
5:175 Early History of the Peora E. U. B. Church, Grace Kimmell
5:176 Course of Study and General Information, Belington High School, 1925-26
5:177 List of West Virginia Pottery Companies
5:178 List of Officers & Members, Orient Chapter No. 9, R. A. Masons, Crusade Commandery No. 6, Knights Templar, Fairmont, January 1, 1915
5:179 The Soldiers' French Phrase Book, 1918
5:180 Dictionary, French/English, Jim Teets, 1919
5:181 War Ration Book No. 3, Columbus Teets
5:182 Booklet, Operations, Thirtieth Division, Old Hickory, 1918
5:183 Popular Songs of the A.E.F. (American Expeditionary Force), 1918
5:184 Report Cards, Columbus Teets, 1912-15
5:185 Birth Certificate, Columbus Teets, March 16, 1896
5:186 Marriage Certificate, Columbus Teets and Adda Mae Warner, January 23, 1920
5:187 World War I Military Papers, Booklet, and Pay Book, Columbus Teets

Box 6

6:1 Record of Service, 2nd Battalion, 118th Infantry, September 23, 1918-October 20, 1918
6:2 Grover Davis, World War I Registration Certificate and Classification, 1918
6:3 Dime Saver Book, United National Bank, Clarksburg
6:4 Quarter Savings Book, United National Bank, Clarksburg
6:5 Funeral Notices, Clarksburg, 1870-1890
6:6 Memorandum of Agreement, John James Hassler and William , Jackson County, Virginia, 1844
6:7 Typescript, Paul Shaver, Lewis County, Declaration of Revolutionary War service, October 12, 1833
6:8 Ribbon and badge, Wyatt Council No. 134, Jr. Order, United American Mechanics, Wyatt
6:9 Ribbon, Fifth Annual Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, West Virginia, Clarksburg, 1908
6:10 Ribbon, District Marble Champ, The West Virginian, 1924
6:11 Ribbon, B.P.O.E. (Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks), Lodge No. 482, Clarksburg
6:12 Pamphlet, 10 One Day Trips From Clarksburg
6:13 Pamphlet and speeches, John W. Davis, 1924
6:14 Handkerchief, Sanitary Laundry and Dry Cleaning, Clarksburg
6:15 Lincoln-Kennedy Penny
6:16 War Ration Book Four, Ina Jean Carpenter, Shinnston
6:17 Ration Book Holder
6:18 Menu, Banquet, West Virginia State Medical Association, The Waldo, Clarksburg, May 14, 1908
6:19 Harrison County Court, Overseer of the Poor, binding John Williams to William M. Davisson; Isaac Williams to Abner Stout; and Noah Williams to Cyrus Haymond to learn art and mastery of farming, April 1848
6:20 O. J. Morrison, Christmas Thoughts for the Year
6:21 O. J. Morrison, Fourth Annual Christmas Message, 1946
6:22 General Order No. 257, Release of John W. Sailor, August 1, 1863
6:23 Clipping, Report of Births and Deaths in Greenbrier District
6:24 Birth and Deaths of John Sutton Family, April 24, 1869
6:25 Title Bond, C. W. Smith to James Emmons, Ohio River, October 8, 1833
6:26 Bond, William Ward, November 16, 1866
6:27 Temporary Commitment Form, Harrison County Jail, February 11, 1940
6:28 Temporary Release Form, Harrison County Jail, February 12, 1940
6:29 Campaign Button, John W. Davis for President
6:30 Bookmark-Guide, Clarksburg Public Library
6:31 Bookmark, Ira B. Keys, Factory Distributor, Clarksburg
6:32 Bookmark, Radcliffe Shoe for Women, The Leatherbury Shoe Company, Clarksburg, 1903
6:33 Auctions
6:34 Sheet Music, My Home Among the Hills, signed by E. W. James
6:35 Financial Statement, Empire National Bank, Clarksburg, June 29, 1935
6:36 Rental Agreement, Sallie Cole and E. Hart, Clarksburg, October 26, 1879
6:37 Papers, Asher S. Childers, 1920-1938
6:38 Reports of Confederate Hospital Deaths
6:39 Drawing, Levi Shinn House, Deloris M. Minor
6:40 Pages from Memory Book, Kate, Clarksburg, 1886
6:41 1960 Annual Report of Southern States, Clarksburg Cooperative
6:42 Calendar, 1981 Maple Leaves, Marion County
6:43 AAA Today, Central West Virginia Automobile Club (features three old photos of Clarksburg), July/August 1991
6:44 Survey, Amaziah Davisson's Mill Run, Harrison County, June 2, 1885
6:45 Monthly and Annual Report, John Kenney, Coal District Schools, 8th Grade, Farnum School, Harrison County, 1912-1913
6:46 City of Clarksburg, Information Guide and Map, 1997-1998
6:47 Calendar, Mouser Supply Company, Enterprise
6:48 Order Form, Gold Nursery Company, Mason, 1917
6:49 Letterhead, Dr. John B. Payne, Lumberport
6:50 Report, Harry Heaton, Clarksburg Public Schools, 1920-1921
6:51 Deed, Trustees of Wyatt Lodge No. 184 Independent Order of Odd Fellows and William Carpenter, Harrison County, May 14, 1910
6:52 Sketches of the Corporation Laws of the Town of Clarksburg (typescript), June 10, 1832
6:53 Record and Roll of Company G, Tenth Virginia Cavalry (typescript)
6:54 Company K Enlisted Men, Eleventh [West Virginia] Volunteer Infantry (typescript)
6:55 Genealogy/History, Dirck Pennybacker
6:56 In Memoriam, Charles M. Hart
6:57 Membership Manual of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1918
6:58 Genealogy, James M. Stewart, 6th West Virginia Infantry and Patton Family Homestead and Cemetery, Harrison County
6:59 Pass, Dustin Bates, going to Alexandria, March 23, 1862
6:60 Recruits Mustered Into United States Service and Credited to Barbour County, 1864
6:61 Commonwealth of Virginia vs. George Anderson, Tyler County, July 31, 1861
6:62 Fines, 1856
6:63 Coupon, Franz and Burka, Waldo Hotel Building, Clarksburg
6:64 Liquor Sales Permit Coupon Books
6:65 Ray R. Myers, "The Armless Musician"
6:66 Statement, I. D. Talkington, with A. Markert and Son, Bakers, Clarksburg, July 9, 1910
6:67 Menu, Hammont and Harper Restaurant, Clarksburg
6:68 Car 'N' Driver Ticket, Skyline Drive-In Theater, Clarksburg, 1957
6:69 Obituaries
6:70 Consolidated Natural Gas Company, 1959 Annual Report
6:71 The Beacon, Hope Natural Gas Company, November/December 1959; January/February 1960
6:72 Summons, F. M. Noble, administrator of estate of Daniel Sherwood et al, Doddridge County, May 30, 1900
6:73 William Cocke, Claim on Estate, April 22, 1836
6:74 New Year's Eve Memoranda, Parker, Doddridge County and Salt Lick Bridge, Braxton County, 1893-1899
6:75 1941 Calendar, Wilson Motor Company, Clarksburg
6:76 Facts About Clarksburg, West Virginia, compiled by Clarksburg Chamber of Commerce, 1944
6:77 Plan of Freemansburg Circuit, Methodist Episcopal Church, Lewis County, P. L. Bent, Pastor
6:78 West Virginia State Department of Health, Quarterly Bulletin, Roading Leading to the Control of Venereal Disease, October 1926
6:79 Dial Locations for United States Broadcast Stations
6:80 Eulogy, R. Guy Bell
6:81 Dr. H. W. Burnett, Charleston
6:82 Official Tournament Guide and Souvenir Score Card, 14th Annual West Virginia State High School Basketball Tournament, West Virginia Wesleyan College, March 17-19, 1927
6:83 Shopping Bag, A. L. Brooke Store, Lumberport
6:84 Bicentennial Tours, Harrison County/City of Clarksburg, 1984-1985
6:85 Ration Book Holder, Imperial Dairy Products
6:86 Transport Mileage Ration Book, 1943-1944
6:87 Abstract of Grants, Pleasants County, 1865
6:88 Declaration of Intention, Michael Kinney, Wheeling, April 18, 1866
6:89 Funeral Books, David Harmel Gaines, Salem/David Gain, Doddridge County
6:90 Summons, Stansbury Lang, Harrison County, February 6, 1822
6:91 West Virginia State Senate Resolution 228, appointment of H. U. Crumit as messenger, January 8, 1930
6:92 Clippings, J. O. Watson Class, Fairmont High School, 1916
6:93 Randolph County Census Records, 1810-1860 (copies)
6:94 Correspondence, Non-West Virginia
6:95 Leslie D. Carpenter

Box 7

7:1 The Waldo Hotel, Judge Nathan Goff, Clarksburg, 1902-1918
7:2 The Waldo Hotel, Letters and Financial Affairs, 1914-1919
7:3 The Waldo Hotel, Letter, J. W. Wooddell seeking employment at The Waldo, 1916 (letterhead image of the Willard Hotel, Grafton)
7:4 The Waldo Hotel, Letter concerning kitchen account, family of Nathan Goff, 1918
7:5 The Waldo Hotel, American Laundry Machinery Company, payments on account, 1903
7:6 The Waldo Hotel, Thackara Manufacturing Company, 1903-1904
7:7 The Waldo Hotel, Architectural Decorating Company, Manufacturers of Artistic Relief Ornamentation, 1903-1904
7:8 The Waldo Hotel, Balance Sheets, 1912-1915
7:9 The Waldo Hotel, Balance Sheets and Correspondence, 1914-1919
7:10 The Waldo Hotel, Joseph H. Mathews and Company, key checks, 1903
7:11 The Waldo Hotel, Hotel Vouchers, 1914-1919
7:12 The Waldo Hotel, Parkersburg Mill Company, windows/doors/balconies, 1902
7:13 The Waldo Hotel, E. L. Roberts and Company, contract, 1903-1904
7:14 The Waldo Hotel, C. Hanika and Sons, staircases, ornamental iron, contract, 1903
7:15 The Waldo Hotel, Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company, contract, 1903
7:16 The Waldo Hotel, Tom Paige Fire-Proofing, 1902
7:17 The Waldo Hotel, pianos, Kranich and Bach, 1904
7:18 The Waldo Hotel, Triumph Ice Machine Company, contract, 1905
7:19 The Waldo Hotel, Electric Supply and Construction Company, generators and engine, 1903
7:20 The Waldo Hotel, Otis Elevator Company, contract, 1903-1904
7:21 The Waldo Hotel, Nathan Goff and Harrison Albright, receipts and correspondence, 1901
7:22 The Waldo Hotel, E. T. Burrowes Company, screens, 1904
7:23 The Waldo Hotel, American Laundry Company, contract, 1903-1904
7:24 The Waldo Hotel, Cutler Manufacturing Company, mail chute, 1903-1904
7:25 The Waldo Hotel, Hunt, Wilkinson and Company, mantels, 1903
7:26 The Waldo Hotel, Loomis-Manning Filter Company, 1905
7:27 The Waldo Hotel, Mosaic Tile Company, contract, 1903
7:28 The Waldo Hotel, Robert Mitchell Furniture Company, contract relating to bank room, 1903
7:29 The Waldo Hotel, gas and electrical fixtures, 1903-1904
7:30 The Waldo Hotel, hardware bids, 1902-1903
7:31 The Waldo Hotel, Cincinnati Steel Range and Furnace Company, proposal, specifications of kitchen equipment, 1903
7:32 The Waldo Hotel, Albert Pick and Company, china, glass, and silverware, 1903-1904
7:33 The Waldo Hotel, Iron Contracts, 1902
7:34 The Waldo Hotel, Kitchen and Dining Room Per Capita Sheets, 1918-1919
7:35 The Waldo Hotel, Daily Expense Sheets, 1919
7:36 The Waldo Hotel, Daily Report Sheets, 1919
7:37 The Waldo Hotel, alterations to ballroom, 1919
7:38 The Waldo Hotel, West Virginia Heating and Plumbing Company, statement by Albright, 1902-1904
7:39 The Waldo Hotel, West Virginia Heating and Plumbing Company, bond and contract, 1903
7:40 The Waldo Hotel, West Virginia Heating and Plumbing Company, 1904
7:41 The Waldo Hotel, wallpaper, 1916
7:42 The Waldo Hotel, barber shop, 1916
7:43 The Waldo Hotel, estimate for alterations to sixth floor, November 24, 1916
7:44 The Waldo Hotel, National Cash Register Company, 1903
7:45 The Waldo Hotel, Vouchers, May-June 1901
7:46 The Waldo Hotel, Miscellaneous, 1901-1919
7:47 The Waldo Hotel, Nathan Goff, 1880-1904
7:48 The Waldo Hotel, Nathan Goff, 1915-1919
7:49 The Waldo Hotel, purchase of pianos, 1903

Box 8

8:1 Nathan Goff, Payroll, 1880
8:2 Nathan Goff, Payroll, 1881
8:3 Nathan Goff, Payroll, 1882
8:4 Nathan Goff, Fall Run, saw mill matter, 1891
8:5 Nathan Goff, Repairs to Goff Building, 1891-1893
8:6 Nathan Goff, Booklet, Floor Plans, Goff Building, Clarksburg
8:7 Nathan Goff, Receipts, 1867-1881
8:8 Nathan Goff, Insurance Policies
8:9 Joseph Lucas, papers and receipts, 1954-1961
8:10 History, Origin of Clarksburg Water Board
8:11 A Brief History of Sturm’s Mill and Vicinity
8:12 Subscriptions for parsonage, Peora Evangelical United Brethren, 1948-1949
8:13 Ethel B. Morehead Papers, 1896-1969
8:14 Appraisements and Agreements, 1893-1940
8:15 Purchases Deed of the House of Lords from Mr. Traitor, June 11, 1687
8:16 Will, James Raymond, November 17, 1718
8:17 Land Plat, Samuel Sparks, Hardy County, May 13, 1790
8:18 Deed, Josiah Robey to John Fenner and William Summers, Randolph Co., August 7, 1805
8:19 Harrison County, Land, March 13, 1829
8:20 Deed, Pamelia Hively to Gideon Long, Jackson Co., September 6, 1836
8:21 Deed, Moses and Phoebe W. Cunningham to William E. Arnold, June 2, 1837
8:22 Deed, Joseph and Susannah Atkins to John Atkins and Jacob Atkins, Lewis County, April 12, 1846
8:23 Deed, Molburn Harris to William Flim, July 29, 1848
8:24 Deed, William H. and Esther Harrison to Reuben Harrison, March 17, 1851
8:25 Deed, Waldo P. Goff to John C. Hickman, December 9, 1857
8:26 Deed, James M. and Nancy Hall to Adam Peck, Lewis County, February 18, 1860
8:27 Deed, Alfred C. Reppert to A.L. Wade & Hugh Austin, Monongalia County, October 24, 1864
8:28 Deed, Michael H. and Sarah Haverty to Thomas Goff, September 3, 1865
8:29 Deed, John F. Marten to Luther C. Griffin, Harrison County, June 1, 1874
8:30 Deed, Walter J. and Alice Cunningham to Leuther F. Sullivan, Harrison County, March 2, 1896
8:31 Randolph Family Deeds Salem, 1883-1892
8:32 Deeds and Agreements, 1896-1958
8:33 Deeds, 1863-1918 (mostly Harrison County)
8:34 Indenture, James Alfred & Thomas Talbott, September 9, 1795
8:35 Indenture, John McClain and Abner Hanks, April 23, 1807
8:36 Indenture, Thurston Hilliard, tracts of land in Ohio County, April 26, 1808
8:37 Indenture, Alexander Stuart to Sarah McKinley, Harrison County, December 12, 1814
8:38 Indenture, Charles King to Elizabeth Roland, Nicholas County, 1822
8:39 Indenture, John Robinson and Rebecca Robinson to Caleb Boggess, Harrison County, October 10, 1829
8:40 Indenture, John H. Carpenter to Stephen A. Porter for George Mayse, January 13, 1847
8:41 Deed/Notes/Receipts, John Webb, Harrison County, 1889-1895
8:42 Hood, Bonbright and Company vs. J. Good and Son, 1877
8:43 Stock Certificate, Grand Union Company, 1964
8:44 Catalog, Steimer Glass Company, Buckhannon (photocopy)
8:45 Voter Registration Book, Precinct No. 2, Grant District, Harrison County, 1926
8:46 Speech, Woman's Suffrage, Clarksburg, 1910s
8:47 Will, William Wilson, Prospect Hill, Berkeley County, 1831
8:48 Newspaper Advertisement, Amtrak, The Shenandoah, 1976
8:49 Settle of Estate of A. S. Childers, Salem, December 29, 1924
8:50 Commonwealth of Virginia vs. Wiley Dyer, Wayne County, April 1854
8:51 Commonwealth of Virginia vs. David Webb, bastardy case, Wayne County, William Ratcliff listed as Justice of the Peace, July 10, 1844
8:52 Clarksburg Water Board, Employees Addresses and Telephone Numbers, April 9, 1951
8:53 John R. Boggess, political speeches, Harrison County
8:54 John R. Boggess, papers, 1865/1890
8:55 Correspondence Received, John R. Boggess, Lumberport, 1857-1858
8:56 Minerva Plant, guardian vs. Nancy Ann Plant et al, 1867
8:57 Letter, J. M. Stephenson, Middlebourne to Cable Tavener, November 8, 1836
8:58 Letter, Abijah Johnston, Harrison County to Joseph, April 12, 1841
8:59 Brochure, Elsie Marie Woolard, Astrology, Clarksburg
8:60 Virginia Soldiers' Claim to Western Lands Adjacent to Fort Pitt
8:61 Sheet Music, Beautiful Ohio, lyric by Ballard MacDonald
8:62 Squire Hughes vs. Eddy Young, Nicholas County, Deposition of Stephen Underwood, March 26, 1836
8:63 Palace Furniture Company, Clarksburg
8:64 Indenture, Josiah Peck et al to Melville Davisson, Harrison County, 1842
8:65 Advertising Card, Johnson Tire Service, Weston
8:66 Advertising Card, Wallace Watson, Groceries, Roanoke
8:67 Fan, Jolliffe's Department Store, Grafton
8:68 Calendar (cover), Layfield Planing Mill Company, Buckhannon
8:69 Calendar, Don E. McNutt Department Store, West Union, 1961
8:70 Calendar, McCormick Hardware, West Union, 1962
8:71 Booklet, A Handbook for Air Raid Wardens, September 1941
8:72 List, Drivers/Arm Bands, July 6, 1942
8:73 Sheep Claim, Harrison County, 1955
8:74 Historical Sketch, Sabbatarians Come to Harrison County in 1792, by Dorothy Davis
8:75 Calendar Cover, Layfield Planing Mill Company, Buckhannon
8:76 Calendar, Don E. McNutt Department Store, West Union, 1961
8:77 Calendar, McCormick Hardware, West Union, 1962
8:78 Sheep Claim, Harrison County, 1955
8:79 Historical Sketch, Sabbatarians Come to Harrison County in 1792, by Dorothy Davis
8:80 Receipt, William Carpenter, purchase of piano, Davis, Burkham and Tyler Company, Wheeling, March 23, 1928
8:81 Flyer, The Charlatan, Opera House, Wheeling, February 4 (damaged)
8:82 Program, Decoration Day, Grafton, May 30, 1903
8:83 Correspondence, Gideon D. Camden
8:84 Registration Book, Precinct No. Three, Grant District, Doddridge County, 1926
8:85 Broadside, Trustee Sale, Farmland, Barbour County, 1888
8:86 Childers Family Materials, Harrison County
8:87 David T. Gain, Materials
8:88 Miscellaneous
8:89 Correspondence
8:90 Harrison County Circuit Superior Court May Term, 1843
8:91 The Fortnightly Bulletin, October 7, 1924
8:92 Clippings
8:93 Clippings, John W. Davis
8:94 Mitchell's School Atlas, 1851

Box 9

9:1 Certificate of Deposit, Aldine Building Corporation, Fairmont, 1929
9:2 Stock Certificate, Basil G Coal Company, 1923
9:3 Gold Bonds, Bertha-Consumers Company, 1926
9:4 Stock Certificates, Continental Candy Corporation, 1920
9:5 Stock Certificates, D-T-S Coal Company, 1923
9:6 Stock Certificates, Delmar Coal Company, Fairmont, 1920
9:7 Stock Certificates, Deveny-Murphy Apartment Company, 1913
9:8 Stock Certificates, E. L. and W. Coal Company, 1917
9:9 Stock Certificate, East Side Utility Company, Fairmont, 1929
9:10 Stock Certificates, F. S. Haggerty Company, 1912
9:11 Stock Certificates, Fairmont and Cleveland Coal Company, Fairmont, 1923
9:12 Stock Certificate, Fairmont Sand Company, Fairmont, 1924
9:13 Stock Certificates, Fairmont-Sewickley Coal Company, Fairmont, 1916
9:14 Stock Certificate, Fairmont Trust Company
9:15 Stock Certificate, Fitzhugh Supply Company, Fairmont, 1927
9:16 Stock Certificates, Four States Coal Company, Fairmont, 1918
9:17 Stock Certificates, Greater Fairmont Investment Company, Fairmont, 1929
9:18 Stock Certificate, Greymond Coal Company, 1928
9:19 Gold Notes, Hampshire Farms, Inc., Fairmont, 1924
9:20 Stock Certificates, Homestead Building Company, Fairmont, 1927
9:21 Stock Certificates, Hughes Coal Company, Fairmont, 1929
9:22 Stock Certificate, J. L. Hardware Company, Fairmont, 1920
9:23 Stock Certificates, Lambert Run Coal Company, 1929
9:24 Stock Certificates, Marion County Securities Company, Fairmont, 1929
9:25 Gold Bonds, Marion Ice Company, 1919
9:26 Stock Certificate, Model Steam Bakery, Fairmont, 1929
9:27 Stock Certificate, Mountain City Drug Company, Fairmont, 1921
9:28 Stock Certificates, Peerless Oil Company, 1923
9:29 Stock Certificates, PHRH Coal Company, Fairmont, 1929
9:30 Stock Certificates, South Fairmont Coal Company, Fairmont, 1918
9:31 Stock Certificate, Standard Tie and Manufacturing Company, Fairmont, 1909
9:32 Stock Certificates, Turner Glass Company, 1928
9:33 Stock Certificates, Westchester Real Estate Company, 1913
9:34 Stock Certificate, Weston Fuel Company, Fairmont, 1920
9:35 Stock Certificate, Willetts Clay Company, Fairmont, 1918
9:36 Sheet Music, Keep The Stars Shining Bright In Old Glory, by Margaret Hamilton Walters and Margaret Holt Early (Clarksburg), bicentennial song of the Woman’s Club of Clarksburg, 1975
9:37 Songbook, Famous Christmas Carols, Those Most Requested on the Voice of Firestone, stamped Buckhannon Home and Auto Supply, 1955
9:38 Songbook, Grand Army (of the Republic) Songs
9:39 Songbook, Cowboy Loye Presents 20 Famous Heart Songs, Loye D. Pack (Cowboy Loye)
9:40 Book, Constitution and Bylaws of the Jackson County Building and Loan Association of Ravenswood, 1898
9:41 Book, John Work Garrett and His Library at Evergreen House, 1944
9:42 Booklet, Davis-Weaver Funeral Home, Clarksburg
9:43 Booklet, Minutes of the Thirty-Seventh Anniversary of the Hopewell Baptist Association, held with Zoar Baptist Church, Nicholas County, September 7-8, 1909
9:44 Booklet, School Lessons That Made America Great, Frank Spevock, Montana Mines, 1986
9:45 Booklet, The Hilltop, Washington Irving High School, May 1923
9:46 Booklet, Fraternal Order of Police, Bi-Annual Conference, Clarksburg, 1950-1951
9:47 Booklet, Bridgeport High School Reunion, Graduating Class of 1941, August 15, 1981
9:48 Booklet, Bridgeport Union High School, 50th Class Reunion, 1923-1973
9:49 Booklet, The Broad Run Baptist Church, Sesquicentennial Anniversary, 1804-1954
9:50 Booklet, Washington Irving High School Class of 1946, Golden Anniversary, September 27-28, 1996
9:51 Letters, Incomplete
9:52 Letter, (Clarksburg) to General Benjamin Woodrough (Woodruff) (Waynesburg, Pennsylvania), July 22, 1842
9:53 Letter, John Andrew Hawser (Lewisburg) to , August 7, 1846
9:54 Letter, Buron Despard (Clarksburg) to Samuel W. Goff (Zanesville, Ohio), March 5, 1845
9:55 Letter, John W. Lusher to Mary Ann Miller, regarding his campaign for secretary of state, 1984
9:56 Letter, Silvan Keys (Flint) to Jennie E. Carr (Clarksburg), July 4, 1896
9:57 Letter, H. V. McCartney (Kanawha Head, Upshur County) to Helen Taylor (Mineral, Harrison County), April 7, 1901
9:58 Letter, Claude (Grafton) to Ray Gillespie (Buckhannon), June 20, 1929
9:59 Letter, Lawrence Richey, Secretary to President Herbert Hoover, to Paul Gordon, Clarksburg, August 9, 1932
9:60 Program, Michael L. Benedum, 126th Birthday, Bridgeport, July 16, 1995
9:61 Program, Forty-Ninth Annual Commencement, Salem High School, Salem College Auditorium, May 29, 1944
9:62 Program, A Concert in Memory of E. W. James, by members and friends of the Madrigal Singers of Clarksburg, First United Methodist Church, July 23, 2000
9:63 Program, The Street Called Sham, Junior Class of Bristol High School, May 5, 1939
9:64 Program, Bridgeport High School Reunion, Class of 1941, August 15-16, 1986
9:65 Program, Wreath Laying Ceremony, John Jackson, Sr., Jackson Cemetery, Clarksburg, August 19, 1995
9:66 Payroll Voucher, Hope Natural Gas Company, Peora Station, November 30, 1917
9:67 Blank Check, George L. Frederick, Sanitary Barber Shop, Shinnston
9:68 Receipt, Isaac Wolf, jury duty, Harrison County, August 1862
9:69 Cancelled Checks, Robert L. Bland, Weston, 1902-1909
9:70 Invoice, W. A. Furbee, Supreme Tent, Knights of the Maccabees, Shirley, 1905
9:71 Advertisement Card, B. A. Fahnestock’s Vermifuge, R. W. Kelly, Ravenswood
9:72 Advertisement Card, Walls Insurance Agency, Clarksburg
9:73 Advertisement Card, Wattmeters and How To Read Them, Buckhannon Light and Water Company
9:74 Advertisement Card, The Brakeman’s Appeal (for artificial arm), “I lost my arm while coupling cars at Sewell, on Huntington Division of C&O Railway.”
9:75 Advertisement Card, War Loan Bond Baby, Owen Murphy Jr.
9:76 Advertisement Card, Levi’s, T. L. Stockert, Jr., Buckhannon
9:77 Advertising Card (humorous), Kerr’s Texaco Station, Clarksburg
9:78 Membership Card, International Brotherhood of Oil and Gas Well Workers, Waitman Furbee, Local Union No. 61, Shirley
9:79 Registration Certificate, Charlie Carl Carpenter, Shinnston, August 24, 1918
9:80 Certificate, William Carpenter, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Lodge No. 184, Wyatt, 1926
9:81 Autograph Book, Stella Agnes Teter, Buckhannon Upshur High School, 1940
9:82 Ticket Stub, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Salem to Parkersburg, circa 1910
9:83 Brochure, Tuition Rates, West Virginia Business College, Clarksburg
9:84 Brochure, The New West Virginia Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Law, effective July 1, 1951
9:85 Souvenir Book, Greetings from Your Teacher, Ingram School, Grant District No. 31, Ritchie County, Winter L. Wilson, teacher, 1910
9:86 Business Card, Delcie K. Rose, Trained Nurse, Salem
9:87 Way-Bill, Culpeper Courthouse to Washington, September 22, 1837
9:88 Invitation, Wedding of Estella Coburn Reger and George Wythe Shuttleworth, September 18, 1895
9:89 Grand Opry House, Buckhannon
9:90 Certificate of Acknowledgement, Lewis Anderson to Alexander Venoy, land on Strait Fork of Sandy, Jackson County, May 1, 1870
9:91 Survey, for John Mayland, Treasury Warrant 18522, Barker’s Mill Run and Leeding Creek, Harrison County, April 26, 1785
9:92 Papers, Joseph G. Lucas, Shinnston
9:93 Card, WA8WCK, Mary Jane Norona, Buckhannon
9:94 Cancelled Enveloped, Clarksburg, May 11, 2000
9:95 Letterhead Envelope, Central West Virginia Automobile Club, Waldo Hotel Building, Clarksburg
9:96 Letterhead Envelope, Dudley’s Florists, Clarksburg
9:97 Letterhead Envelope, Sanitary Baking Company, Clarksburg
9:98 Letterhead Envelope, WBOY, Clarksburg
9:99 Letterhead Envelope, Stonewall Jackson Hotel, Clarksburg
9:100 Letterhead Envelope, Mollie Day, Treasurer, Ash Chapel Sunday School, Broad Oaks, Clarksburg
9:101 Twenty-Three Year Calendar, Salem College, Diamond Jubilee Anniversary
9:102 Interesting Facts About Harrison County, 1764-1948
9:103 Paper Bags, A. L. Brooke Store, Lumberport
9:104 Drover’s Ticket, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, February 18, 1876
9:105 Newsletters, The Knight, December 1964-June 1965
9:106 Postcard, Gladys (Hepzibah) to H. I. Wolfe (Big Isaac), July 10, 1911
9:107 Postcard, O. U. Harris, Walkersville
9:108 Johnson Family Reunion
9:109 Articles of Agreement, Edward McCarty (Hampshire County) and Adam Hickman (Harrison County, regarding lease of Carpenter’s Fort field near Clarksburg, August 3, 1806
9:110 Summons, Zack Ashcraft, Harrison County, 1855
9:111 Diploma/Certificate, Stella Teets, 1936-1938
9:112 Deed, John Hammond to Daniel Carpenter, Lewis County, Kentucky, May 21, 1855
9:113 Deed, J. H. Lockwood and Jane Lockwood to David McCartney, Middle Island Creek and Fishing Creek, Tyler and Wetzel counties, March 18, 1853
9:114 Deed, John C. Snider and Anna F. Snider to David McCartney, Middle Island Creek and Fishing Creek, Tyler and Wetzel counties, May 31, 1852
9:115 Magazine, Pittsburgh Christian Advocate, containing photo of new church at Middle Fork, Harrison County, January 1, 1914
9:116 Historical Sketch, Gypsy, Harrison County 9:117 Land Record, 1700 (illegible)



Dublin Addition to the City of Clarksburg, 1901
Clarksburg, 1933
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Plan for Proposed Yard at Clarksburg, West Virginia, Plan No. 4, June 27, 1892
Clarksburg/Harrison County
Clarksburg and Bridgeport
United States and State Highways in West Virginia
Harrison County, presented by Hope Natural Gas
Official State Highway Map, 1963
Soil Map, West Virginia, Clarksburg Sheet, 1910
Glen-Elk Addition No. 2 to the City of Clarksburg, 1902
Booklet, American Highway Atlas, 1960
Bound, An Atlas of Harrison County, West Virginia, 1886
Map of Tucker County, West Virginia, 1885
Map, Henry W. Stoy Lands
Survey, Estate of H. W. Stoy, Bingamon Creek, Marion County, July 25, 1859
Surveyor's Report, Bingamon Creek, Marion County, Henry W. Stoy vs. Elias Heldreth, August 24, 1854
Surveyor's Report, Zadock McIntire vs. James Y. Horner, Harrison County, November 19, 1838
Map of Staunton, Virginia, Staunton Development Company, 1891
Map, Hunter Addition to Sandyville, June 18, 1924
Map, Atlas Mine, Reppert Coal Company, Flemington, July 31, 1933

Stock Certificate, Four States Coal Company
Construction of Annabelle tipple
Annabelle tipple
Ribbon, Local Union No. 4740, United Mine Workers of America, Adrian/Ribbon, Wyatt Lodge, No. 184 Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Wyatt
Certificate, Marguerite Carpenter, Fairmont, American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association, 1921
Virginia Land Office Treasury Warrant No. 20670, William L. Heldreth, Marion County, June 10, 1853 (signed by Governor Joseph Johnson)
Virginia Land Office Treasury Warrant No. 2235, John Willson, Monongalia County, October 5, 1782 (signed by Governor Henry Lee)
Passes Issued to Ann Watson, wife of John Watson, England, 1740

Town of Bridgeport, Special Assessment Certificate, 1952
Indenture, Rebecca Plant et al to John Burnsides, Harrison County, June 18, 1836
Program, Annual Preston County Buckwheat Festival, Kingwood, October 8-10, 1953
Poster, Fashion on the Move, Symphony of Fashion, Charleston Civic Center, September 28 (two copies)
Poster, Isn't It Romantic, A Symphony in Fashion, West Virginia Symphony League, Civic Center Little Theater, September 25
Poster, Petro Chic, They Symphony Show, Charleston Civic Center Litter Theater, September 29
Campaign Poster, Arch Moore, 1972
Clarksburg Telegram, June 4, 1881
Clarksburg Telegram, June 25, 1881
Virginia Land Grant, John S. Hoffman and George I. Arnold, Calhoun County, August 6, 1867
Virginia Land Office Treasury Warrant No. 21176, Daniel Lantze, October 24, 1857 (signed by Governor Henry A. Wise)
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Virginia Land Office Treasury Warrant No. 15211, John S. Hoffman and Jonathan M. Bennett, Lewis County, May 20, 1844
Virginia Land Office Treasury Warrant No. 15097, John Walden, Lewis County, June 12, 1844
Indenture, Joseph Dixon and Kiziah Dixon to David Vanmeter, Hampshire County, February 27, 1830
Indenture, John Vanderen, Philadelphia, March 7, 1780 (signed by Thomas McKean, signer of the Declaration of Independence)
Indenture, John C. Haymond and Harrison Williams and George Williams, Lewis County, January 29, 1844
Indenture, Charles W. King to Elizabeth King, Nicholas County, September 15, 1824
Indenture, Asa Davis and Content Davis to Caleb Boggess, Harrison County, May 6, 1846
Indenture, Thomas Haymond to Caleb Boggess, Harrison County, August 6, 1844
Land Grant, Robert Johnston, Doddridge County, November 21, 1866
Plat and Survey, Hezekiah Davisson to William Haymond, Harrison County, 1785
Indenture, William Sansom to John Wilson, February 13, 1805 (includes signatures of Joseph Cowperthwaite/William Sansom)
Conveyance of dwelling house, Sarah Groom et al to George Ellis, December 13, 1845
Sketches of Clarksburg Public Library, the Covered Bridge at Philippi, Equestrian Statue of General Thomas J. (Stonewall) Jackson, Traders Block, and A Tribute to Michael Benedum, New Union National Bank, Clarksburg
Campaign Material, Jay Rockefeller for Governor, 1980
Flyer, Estate Auction, Phase II of the Thomas L. Stockert, Jr. Estate Dispersal, Buckhannon, June 17, 1995
Opera House Programme, Wheeling, 1899
Program, Opera House, Wheeling, n.d.
The Red and Black Review, Tyler County High School, 1939-1940
School Newspaper, The Hilltop, Washington Irving High School, Clarksburg, 1924
School Newspaper, The Hilltop, Washington Irving High School, October 18, 1951
School Newspaper, The Hilltop, Washington Irving High School, November 8, 1951
School Newspaper, The Hilltop, Washington Irving High School, November 29, 1951
School Newspaper, The Hilltop, Washington Irving High School, December 18, 1951
School Newspaper, The Hilltop, Washington Irving High School, February 28, 1952
Newspaper, New York Daily Tribune, January 16, 1865
Flyer, Opening of Sewing Machine Exchange, Clarksburg
Flyer, Trustee's Sale of Valuable Land at Salem, January 20, 1891
Newspaper, The Mercantile Review, Weston, September 2, 1915
Certificates, Ruth Nedemier, First Methodist Episcopal Church Sunday School, Clarksburg, 1922-1928 (3)
Entry List, West Virginia Fair Association, Clarksburg, August 7-9, 1906
Life Insurance Policy, William C. Carpenter, Shinnston, National Life Insurance Company, August 20, 1913
Newsletter, Farm Chats, Monongahela Power Company, Fairmont, September-October 1951
Brochure, The Voice of Radio, News and Views of the Latest Radio Developments, 1932
Newspaper, The Independent Virginian, January 23, 1820 (damaged/partial)
Newspaper, The Alpha, Barrackville Schools, Barrackville, November 11, 1924
Newsletter, Mountaineer Defense, Organ of the West Virginia Office of Civilian Defense, April 26, 1943
Newsletter, Mountaineer Defense, Organ of the West Virginia Office of Civilian Defense, May 10, 1943
Newsletter, Mountaineer Defense, Organ of the West Virginia Office of Civilian Defense, May 24, 1943
Newsletter, Mountaineer Defense, Organ of the West Virginia Office of Civilian Defense, June 7, 1943
Newsletter, Mountaineer Defense, Organ of the West Virginia Office of Civilian Defense, June 21, 1943
Newsletter, Mountaineer Defense, Organ of the West Virginia Office of Civilian Defense, July 5, 1943
Newsletter, Mountaineer Defense, Organ of the West Virginia Office of Civilian Defense, July 19, 1943
Notice, Judicial Sale, C. C. Higginbotham and G. M. Fleming vs. Chapman J. Stuart et al, February 11, 1890
Land Patent, Hezekiah Davison, Harrison County, 1786
Marriage Certificate (with photos), Zebedee Westfall and Mollie Simon, Upshur County, April 26, 1883
Official Ballot of the Democratic Party, Harrison County, Primary Election, May 12, 1992
Memory Book, Washington Irving High School, 1916
Scrapbook, Lucinda Rose, including photographs, letters, documents, etc. of nurse who died in service during World War I
Stock Certificates, Forest Lumber Company, 1915
Stock Certificates, Brady-Warner Coal Corporation, Fairmont, 1922
Stock Certificates, Monongah Glass Company, 1923
Stock Certificates, Monongahela Fuel Company, 1928
Land Grant (Treasury Warrant No. 16714), John S. Huffman, Gilmer County, January 1, 1852
Newspaper, Shawnee Powwow, Bridgeport High School, May 1961
Diploma, Thomas Lothe Stockert, Jr., Buckhannon Junior High School, May 24, 1928
Diploma (framed), Nina Morye Stocker, Buckhannon Public Schools, May 31, 1916
Clipping (framed), Free Trip to Hepzibah, Hepzibah Cemetery Association, July 20, 1916

Case Histories, American College of Physicians, Dr. George F. Evans, Clarksburg, 1942

Manuscript Collections

West Virginia Archives and History