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William Blizzard Collection


MS Box 1

Correspondence Finding Aid
Correspondence, Pre-1922
Correspondence, 1922
Correspondence, 1923
Correspondence, 1924
Correspondence, 1925
Correspondence, 1926
Correspondence, 1928-1929
Correspondence, 1930
Correspondence, Jan-Nov. 1931
Correspondence, Dec. 1931
Correspondence, Jan-Apr. 1932
Correspondence, May-July 1932
Correspondence, Aug.-Dec. 1932
Correspondence, 1933
Correspondence, 1934
Correspondence, Jan.-Nov. 1935
Correspondence, Dec. 1-20, 1935
Correspondence, Dec. 21-31, 1935
Correspondence, 1936
Correspondence, 1937
Correspondence, 1938
Correspondence, 1939
Correspondence, 1940
Correspondence, Jan-Aug. 1941
Correspondence, Sept.-Dec. 1941
Correspondence, Jan.-March 1942
Correspondence, Apr.-Dec. 1942
Correspondence, Jan.-Apr. 1943
Correspondence, May-July 1943
Correspondence, Aug.-Dec. 1943
Correspondence, 1944

MS Box 2

Correspondence, Jan.-Apr. 1945
Correspondence, May-Dec. 1945
Correspondence, 1945 (congratulations, Presidency District 17)
Correspondence, 1946
Correspondence, 1947
Correspondence, 1948
Correspondence, 1949
Correspondence, 1950
Correspondence, 1951
Correspondence, 1952
Correspondence, 1953
Correspondence, 1954
Correspondence, 1955
Correspondence, 1956
Correspondence, 1957
Correspondence, 1958
Correspondence, 1959-1960
Correspondence, undated
Correspondence, incomplete/damaged
Greeting cards, undated
Guest Book, 1949-1953
The Blizzard Family, by Debbie Anderson (photocopy)
Genealogy - Blizzard/other families
Blizzard, Marguerite and general school related
Blizzard, Sarah and Timothy

MS Box 3

Save the Children Federation, 1945-1948
American/West Virginia Cancer Society, 1951-1953
Putnam Garden Club (1 of 2)
Putnam Garden Club (2 of 2)
West Virginia Garden Club
Kanawha Council of Garden Clubs
High Lawn Garden Club
West Virginia Garden clubs/gardening - miscellaneous
Garden Club - miscellaneous
Putnam County Farm Women's Council/Club
Sheet Music/lyrics
West Virginia Hospitals/Medical Association
WWII Price Rationing materials
Cards (membership, identification, etc.)
13 Stenographer's books filled with shorthand
Cash Book, 1929 (some pages missing)
Cash Book, 1962

MS Box 4

Medical - William Blizzard
Death - William Blizzard
Insurance - medical, disability, life
Insurance - automobile, travel
Insurance - real and personal property
Insurance - miscellaneous
Taxes, 1929-1960 various
Deeds, leases, contracts
House (mostly 1932 construction)
Farm - plants, animals
Personal/Business - Rae Blizzard
Miscellaneous Personal
Legal - William Blizzard
Employment/Union Membership - William Blizzard
Speeches - William Blizzard
Politics - Hanna/Neely/Kilgore
Politics - Neely/Kilgore campaign, 1940
Politics - Carl Andrews campaign, 1940
Politics - Homer Holt
Politics - Rush Holt
Politics - Joe Smith
Politics - Herman G. Kump
Politics - Howard B. Lee campaign, 1932
Politics - Thomas C. Townsend campaign, 1932
Politics - miscellaneous individuals and campaigns, WV
Politics - West Virginia
Politics - national/general

MS Box 5

UMW, District 17 - 1934 questionnaires re mine conditions
UMW Contract Agreement - 1934 resolutions from locals
UMW Contract Agreement - 1937 resolutions from locals, WV
UMW Contract Agreement - 1937 resolutions from locals, non-WV
UMW - 1941 Resolutions re Political Situation, Mingo
UMW - Miscellaneous Resolutions
UMW - Wage Agreements
UMW - Miscellaneous wage/contract
Wage/Work week statistics
UMW - Grievances
UMW - Press Releases, Public Addresses
UMW - Convention Calls, Reports, etc.
UMW - Financial
UMW - Welfare and Retirement Fund
UMW - Miscellaneous Legal
UMW - International Nickel Company dispute, 1945
UMW - Elk River Coal and Lumber Company, Widen
UMW, District 17 Convention Call - 1942 resolutions from locals
UMW, District 17 - Miscellaneous
UMW - Local By-Laws
UMW - Autonomy and Self-Government Efforts
UMW - Fliers, Broadsides, etc.
UMW - Miscellaneous
Progressive Miners of America/West Virginia Mine Workers
Coal Companies/Associations
Coal - miscellaneous
"King Coal, New Deal's Beggar," by Romie V. Burgess
"Direct and Indirect Costs of Mine Accidents to the Operators and the Community," by Walter N. Polakov
Coal Mining, Federal Oversight, 1940s
Defenders of West Virginia
Keeney, Frank - Conference for Progressive Political Action/National Six-Hour Day League
Originals - damaged/fragile

MS Box 6

UMW Convention Speech, 1914 - A. M. Belcher
Office Docket, 1917 - T. C. Townsend
Townsend, T. C. - miscellaneous
Trial - Indictments, Logan County
Trial - Petition, Change of Venue
Trial - Fayette County
Trial - J. R. Basham Statement
Trial - Elmer Blankenship Statement
Trial - William Blizzard (treason)
Trial - William Blizzard (murder)
Trial - Edward L. (Jack) Brinkman
Trial - G. C. Hickey
Trial - Charley Williams Statement
Trial - Frank Keeney
Trial - J. E. and John Wilburn
Trial - Miscellaneous Materials
Virginia Railway Company v. Charles Daniel Armentrout, etc., Appeal from US District Court Southern WV to US Court of Appeals, Brief and Appendix of Counsel for Appellee
Works Progress Administration in WV / in Lincoln County
West Virginia State Federation of Labor
American Federation of Labor
Labor - West Virginia
Labor - clippings
Labor - out-of-state/general
Transcript of treason trial (incomplete)

MS Box 7

Clippings - Blizzard Family
Clippings - Blizzard (photocopies and typescripts by Jean Thomas)
Clippings - miscellaneous (photocopies and typescripts by Jean Thomas)
Clippings - Mine Wars, August 1921, Charleston Gazette (photocopies and typescripts by Jean Thomas)
Clippings - Mine Wars, September 1921, Charleston Gazette (typescripts by Jean Thomas)
Clippings - Mine Wars, "Mooney's Clippings"? (photocopies)
Clippings - Mine Wars, "Keeney's Clippings" (photocopies and typescripts by Jean Thomas)
Clippings - Mine Wars, May 1921, "Keeney's Clippings"?
Clippings - Mine Wars, July 1921, "Kenney's Clippings"/ "Mooney's Clippings"?
Clippings - Mine Wars/Treason Trial
Clippings - Treason Trial, Spirit of Jefferson (photocopies and typescripts by Jean Thomas)
Clippings - Treason Trial, Charleston Gazette and Daily Mail (photocopies and typescripts by Jean Thomas)
Clippings - "Coal Troubles" series by Raymond Murphy, Charleston Gazette, 1950
Clippings - John L. Lewis
Clippings - Coal Industry
Clippings - Coal Conflict/Contract Issues
Clippings - Coal Conflict/Contract Issues, 1948-1950
Clippings - UMW
Clippings - Miscellaneous
Businesses, Charleston (samples)
Businesses, Charleston - The Diamond (samples)
Businesses, miscellaneous (samples)
Check Stub Book, 1953-1954
Check Stub Book, 1955-1956
Check Stub Book, 1963-1964

MS Box 8 (Bound Printed Material)

Proceedings of the 30th Consecutive Constitutional Convention of the United Mine Workers of America, January 25-February 2, 1927. Vol. 1
Minutes, 31st Consecutive Constitutional Convention, Second Day, March 11, 1931
Partial Report of Committee on Credentials, January 26, 1932
Minutes, 33rd Constitutional Convention, First Day, January 26, 1934
Joint Report of the International Officers to the 35th Constitutional Convention, January 25, 1938
Joint Report of the International Officers to the 37th Constitutional Convention, October 6, 1942 (2 copies)
Daily Proceedings, 37th Constitutional Convention, 1942

Resolutions, 37th Constitutional Convention, Scale Resolutions, October 6, 1942
Resolutions, 37th Constitutional Convention, Constitutional and Appeals and Grievances Resolutions, October 6, 1942 (4 copies)
Resolutions, 37th Constitutional Convention, Miscellaneous Resolutions, October 6, 1942 (4 copies)
Proceedings, 37th Constitutional Convention, October 6-14, 1942. Vol. 2: Resolutions (2 copies)
Partial Report of Committee on Credentials, September 28, 1942
Final Report of Committee on Credentials, October 9, 1942 (2 copies)
Report of Thomas Kennedy and International Auditors, January 1, 1943-July 1, 1943
Partial Report of Committee on Credentials, September 12, 1944
Daily Proceedings, 38th Constitutional Convention, 1944 Report of John Owens and International Auditors, January 1, 1954-July 1, 1954
Proceedings, 42nd Consecutive Constitutional Convention, October 2-9, 1956. Vol. 1
Constitutional of International Union, United Mine Workers of America, effective

MS Box 9 (Bound Printed Matter)

Constitution and Rules of Order, adopted by 15th Convention, West Virginia State Federation of Labor, November 13-17, 1922
Constitution and Rules of Order, adopted by 25th Convention, West Virginia State Federation of Labor, August 1928 (2 copies)
Proceedings, 17th Annual Convention, West Virginia State Federation of Labor, September 8-13, 1924
Report of Legislative Committee, West Virginia State Federation of Labor, Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen and Enginemen, and Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen, for West Virginia Legislature, 1933-1934
Proceedings, 1st Annual WV C. T. O. Council, Workmen's Compensation School, May 26-27, 1951
Proceedings, 6th Day, American Federation of Labor Convention, October 6, 1923
Report of [UMW] Delegates to American Federation of Labor Conventions, November 21- December 2, 1932, and October 2-13, 1933
Proceedings, 54th Annual Convention, American Federation of Labor, 1934

Proceedings, 66th Convention, American Federation of Labor, October 6-16, 1947

MS Box 10

Check Book Stubs and Bank Books (Rae Blizzard)

MS Box 11

Blizzard trial transcript (photocopy)

MS Box 12 (Oversized)

Folder 1 (Politics)
Poster. Elect Townsend Governor (2 copies)
Ad. Neely-Kilgore. Full page, West Virginia Digest, May 11, 1940
Address. "Where Are We and Whither Do We Go?" by Clay S. Crouse.
Poster. Stand by Alf Taylor
Poster. Alfred Smith, with address by Heywood Broun
Broadside. Speech, Graham Sale for U.S. Senate
Poster. Neely-Kilgore "Which Do You Want?"
Republican State Platform, 1932 (2 copies)
Republican Sample Ballot, May 10, 1932 election (2 copies)
Republican Sample ballot, August 5, 1930, with #s written in boxes
Republican Ballot, August 6, 1926, with #s written in boxes
Republican Sample Ballot, May 9, 1944
Sample Ballot General Election, November 3, 1936 (12 copies)
Blank statement of receipts/expenditures of candidates
"Why Patteson Leads." West Virginia Politiscope, April 26, 1948 (2 copies)

Folder 2
Ad. Elder Lightfoot Solomon Michaux message to John L. Lewis. Washington Daily News, February 24, 1950. 1 sheet.
Broadside. Injunction, Elk River Coal and Lumber Company v. UMW District 17 (3 copies).
Ad. "The Truth about Portal to Portal" Unidentified newspaper. 1 sheet.
Seasons Greetings from John L. Lewis. Full page, reprint? from Washington Times Herald, December 5, 1946. 1 sheet.
Ad. Red Cross. Full page, Charleston Gazette, March 8, 1943. In two pieces.
Ad. Ashley Bread Company. Unidentified newspaper (Charleston).
Poster. War Bond.
"Policy of Coal Operators in Kanawha Field Stated" Charleston Gazette, July 31, 1922
Notice. AFL Consolidated Bus Lines employees statement (laminated). Full page, Welch Daily News, June 18, 1948.
Progressive Miners of America "To All Coal Miners in the United States" 4 pages.

Folder 3
Card. Get Well. From Ralph Seeling?
Resolution in Memorial to William Blizzard, October 7, 1958. (2 copies, 1 mounted)
Poster. UMW Golden Anniversary Convention, 1890-1940 (mounted)
Resolutions on death of Ann Louisa Watkins Lewis, January 14, 1950
Certificate, "This is a Union Home," Wevaco Local 6572
Certificate of Honorable Service, William Blizzard, October 1, 1957
War Service Award, Office of Price Administration, William Blizzard, December 6, 1945
War Manpower Commission, William Blizzard, December 12, 1943
Certificate of Service During World War II, William Blizzard
Official Commendation, United Mine Workers District 17

Folder 4
Report of Court Claims, Treason Trial (16 sheets)

Folder 5
Partial map, Kanawha River highlighting proposed Pool Dam No. 1 (Winfield)
Plot, proposed Kanawha Park, Putnam County, for Kanawha Park Racing Association, Inc.
Plan, Vantraux Baby Farms, Putnam County, September 1921

Folder 6 (Newspapers - WV)

Coal Valley News

Dunbar Advance Whitesville News Huntington Advertiser Huntington Herald-Dispatch Putnam Democrat

Folder 7 (Company)

The Communicator (Sharples)

Four Wing News (Holden) Weirton Steel Employees Bulletin

MS Box 13 (Oversized)

Folder 1 (Out of State)

Bucyrus (OH) Telegraph-Forum

The American Miner Magyar Bany szlap (Detroit-Pittsburgh) Labor (Washington, DC) The Cincinnati Post The B.E.F. News (Washington, DC)

Folder 2 (Newspapers - Charleston)

Charleston Gazette

Charleston Daily Mail

Folder 3 (Newspapers - Clay County)

Clay County Free Press

Clay Messenger

Folder 4 (Newspapers - WV)

Welch Daily News

The Independent Observer (Beckley) The Montgomery News Raleigh Register Logan News State Sentinel (Fayetteville)

Folder 5 (Labor Publications)

Labor Advocate

American Federation of Labor The Voice (Springfield, IL) United Mine Workers of America Dist. 50 News

Folder 6 (Labor Publications)

United Mine Workers Journal

Justice (Int. Ladies Garment Workers Union) West Virginia Federationist United Construction Workers News The Voice O'Labor (Morgantown) West Virginia Mine Workers Bulletin

Folder 7

Labor's Daily

Charleston Daily Mail

MS Box 14 (William C. Blizzard)

Action for Appalachian Youth
African Americans
Air Rifle
Albert's Chapel, Calhoun County - "The Uncatchables"
Antioch Mill
Bagpipes, Elkins
Bailey, Madison E. - "Bill Bailey"
Baisden Brothers Hardware, Logan
Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine
Beekeeping, Romney
Bennett, Dr. Jesse
Berkeley Castle
Birds, Budgerigars (parakeets) - "Nitro's House of Birds" (Mr. and Mrs. Charles Davis)
Birds, Robins - "First Solo"
Blue Laws
Boat Building, U.S. 60
Book Review - Essays on Politics and Culture, by John Stuart Mill, ed. Gertrude Himmelfarb
Book Review - John Brophy, A Miner's Life, ed. John O. P. Hall
Booker, Marshall - Model Engine
Bowling - "Huntington's Blind Bowlers"
Bowser the Dog - "Pup in a Jam"
Brooks Bird Club
Burke-Parsons-Bowlby Corporation, Spencer
C&O Canal - "Washington's First Boondoggle"
Camp Galahad
Cass Scenic Railroad
Centenarian Towns - Hundred, Century, Century No. 2
Charleston - shopping
Cherry River Navy, Richwood
Chicken Raising in Caves, Manheim - "Ruby's Grottoed Galliformes"
Clemens, Samuel (grandfather of Mark Twain)
Clothes Changing Rules - "Quick Change for Your Buck"
Cogar, Arden
College Athletics
Concord College
Contacts [lenses] with Tears
Cook-Hayman Museum
Cranberry Glades
Cranesville Pine Swamp, Preston County
Dolly Sods
DuPont Plant, Belle
Edgewood's Oldest Mansion
Elkins Pilot Club
Fencing and Fencing Tournament
Firefighting - "The World's Hottest Triangle"
Fishing for Fun, Webster County
Flea Market
Floods - Suburban Watershed Association, Kanawha County
Fluharty, Russell
Folk Medicine
Fort Savannah, Lewisburg - "A Plain Tale from the Hills"
French Creek Game Farm - "Gus, the Friendly Lion" / "The Young at Heart"
Frog Culture
Grafton National Cemetery
Gravely Tractor
Green Bank Observatory
Haley, Peter
Hamilton, Aubrey J. - "The Penguins of Hidden Valley" (gourds)
Hanging Rock, Monroe County
Hanks, Nancy, birthplace
Harm, Ray , wildlife artist
Harper, W. T., St. Albans
Harpers Ferry
Harpers Ferry Civil War Showcase
Highway signs, vandalism - "Bullets on the Berm"
"Honey in the Rock"
Housing for the Elderly
Hugh, Violet Brown - "The Triumph of Violet Brown"

MS Box 15 (William C. Blizzard)

Ice Mountain
Jackson, Stonewall and Laura Jackson Arnold
Jackson County's Silver Dream
Job Corps Center (Jefferson County)
Job Corps at Neola
John Brown Distilling Company
"John Brown Memento"
John Brown Wax Museum, Harpers Ferry
Judy, Raeburn, locksmith
Junior (town)/Henry Gassaway Davis
Kaiser Aluminum
Kanawha County Public Library - "Culture on Capitol Street"
Kanawha State Forest
Keffer, James, basement coal mine
Kennedy Farm, MD
Kerns Fur Store, Roanoke, WV
Living Resources Forum, WVU
Lost River
McCoy, Fred - Old Automobiles
Marmet Rehabilitation Division, Charleston General Hospital
"Marshall to Montezuma," on ornithological investigations on eastern Guatemala by Hugh C. Land of Concord College
Matewan Massacre/Death on the Steps
Meyer, Charles A. (Chuck) - "Advance Man for the Political Circus"
Mill at Harman
Miller, Ray S. - "Munitions Master from Monroe"
Monongahela National Forest
Morris Memorial Hospital
Motorcade in old Monroe County
Mount Vernon on the Kanawha
Mountain State Art and Craft Fair, Cedar Lakes
Mullens Children - Welch
Mushroom Plant, Moundsville
Nash's Bow Making Machine
Newspaper Reading - "Early Birds at Robins" (Elementary)
Oil and Gas
Photography - "Uncandid Camera"
Pickle Street
Pietro's Castle, Morgantown
Place Names
"Plastic-Bottle Diffuser"
Plastic-impregnated Wood Research, WVU
Plum Orchard Lake
Pocahontas County attractions
Pocahontas Fuel Company
Prichard, Robert S. - "Our Turner from Turtle Creek"
"Punch Jones Diamond"
Rehoboth Church
Rice, Jack
Rifle Reticules - Robert S. Thomas
Rock Collection - "Rock without Roll"
Rock Forge Coke Ovens
Romance, WV
Rost, John - "The Yank Who Played (?) Dixie"
Rowan, Andrew
Salem, WV - "Hot Time in Salem"
Salley, John Peter
Saunders, W. G., Princeton
School building reduction
Scott, Gordon, deals in rattlesnakes
Sell, O. I. - "The Man Who Nearly Stopped Christmas"
Sims, Edgar - "Ghost of Fletcher's Knob" VA/WV Boundary Commission
Smoke Hole Caverns
Snake Farm, Grafton
Spelling on Signs - "Montineer Speeling"
Steamboats, James Rumsey
Stockmans Bank, Harman
Strobel, Ann - "Fishing's Annie Oakley"

MS Box 16 (William C. Blizzard)

Summersville Dam
Sunrise, Charleston
Sunrise, Children's Geology Class - "Rock Pups at Sunrise"
Sutton Dam
Thorn Bottom
Tobacco Industry
Tomatoes - "Mortgage Lifter"
Tornado at Mandeville
Tournament of Knights, South Branch Valley, Moorefield
Toys for Tots from Train
Travel Clinic
Trees - Big Sycamore/Virgin Timber/Woodman (and Lightning) Spare that Tree
Two-Headed Calf
Underground Huck Finns (Coal Mining)/Crime and Punishment (early Charleston)/Unusual Baseball Team (treason trial defendants, 1921) - 3 shorts together
United Fuel Gas Company helicopter
Valley Falls
Vimasco Corporation, Nitro - "Vimasco's Wonderful Coats"
Vulcan from Arthurdale
Walter and Walter Chocolate Company, White Sulphur Springs
Warden, Paul P., vacation retreat - "Pill Peddlers Paradise"
West Virginia in Color
West Virginia State Fire School, Morgantown
West Virginia University Engineering Center
West Virginia University Rifle Team
White Water Weekend, Petersburg
Wilson, James
Yellow Jackets - "Copperheads with Wings"
Young, Mary K. Music Composition/Hugh Shiflett of Ravenswood
Aged and Aging
Brown, John
Clippings - miscellaneous
Correspondence - miscellaneous business
Correspondence - personal
School Related
West Virginia Historical Society
West Virginia State Medical Association Rural Health Committee, 12th Annual Conference
3 cassette tapes and 1 reel to reel

Battle of the Burs
Case of the Charnel Chat
Case of the Missing Silver
Crisis at Webster Springs
Iodofrom Undergrads
Is Hillcrest Doomed?
Man Who Nearly Stuck Truman
Marble King
Misc. writings
Neglected Crop (corn)
Our Neglected Assets (Beverly area)
Our Timbered Treasure (Cooper's Rock)
Randolph County's Political Porkers
Scare Piece
South Branch Ivanhoes
Train That Never Ran
Upshur Stuff
USS West Virginia (incomplete)
West Virginia Deer
West Virginia Library Commission
West Virginia's Barefoot Boy


PH Box 1

Blizzard Family
Blizzard Family/Personal (1 of 2)
Blizzard Family/Personal (2 of 2)
Blizzard Family and Farm (copy prints from negatives?)
Blizzard Home/Farm
Blizzard, Rae
Blizzard, Sarah and Timothy

PH Box 2

Blizzard, William
Blizzard, William (copy prints from negatives?)
Aquino, Jesse
Bittner, Van A.
Bittner, Van A., Philip Murray, David J. McDonald, et al
Blizzard, William, and Charlie Cabell
Blizzard, William, and J. Gordon King
Brinkman, Edward L.
Buhl, J.
Cass Scenic Railroad, sketch by James Swann
Holden, WV, home
Holmes, Samuel Kenneth
Kanawha Park, Putnam County
Knight, Frank
Lewis, John L.
Lewis, John L., and T. C. Townsend
Lewis, John L., Van. A. Bittner, and others

PH Box 3

McGinnis, Edward
Marland, William, at Watt Powell Park
Mine Wars/Treason Trial Related
Mullins, Mitch
Open Door Apostolic Mission Association, Charleston, house
"The Pioneer Five"
Saunders, WV, event
Townsend, T. C.
United Mine Workers of America
Vandiver, Willard Duncan
Widen Strike

PH Box 4

Copy prints (originals in collection)
Extra prints
Extra prints
Oversized Folder
William Blizzard
Van A. Bittner

PH Box 5 (William C. Blizzard)

NOTE: Articles that have been connected to one or more of the photographs in a given folder have been listed in the folder title. However, Blizzard may have taken some photographs for other, presently unidentified articles on the same subject. The articles listed appeared in Charleston's Sunday Gazette-Mail "State Magazine."

Albert's Chapel - article "The Little Round Church," April 18, 1965
Animals - includes photos for article "The Young in Heart," July 26, 1964 (French Creek)
Animals, Morgan Museum, Rt. 35
Antioch Mill - article "Antique at Antioch," July 19, 1964
Automobiles (antique)
Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine - article "Twice-Robbed Honey," June 21, 1964
Bennett, Dr. Jesse - article "Emperor of the Old Town," March 14, 1965
Bethany College?
Big Sycamore, Webster County - article "Big Sycamore on Back Elk," May 17, 1964
Blizzard, Joyce
Blizzard, William C. (Jr.)
Boat Building, Materials Handling Company
Broad Run Baptist Church and Cemetery
Booker, Marshall, and engines
Brooks Bird Club
Brooks Bird Club?
Bus Wreck, Cabin Creek bus
Busby Barber Shop
C&O Canal - article "Washington's First Boondoggle," February 14, 1965
Camp Galahad - article "Fighting the Dark Giant at Camp Galahad," August 16, 1964
Carpenter, Hiram
Cass Cave
Cass Scenic Railroad - article "O Shay Can You See," June 14, 1964
Cass, W. Va.
Charleston General Hospital/Marmet Hospital
Cook-Hayman Museum
Covered Bridges
DuPont Plant, Belle
Fayette - article "The Ugly Face of Modern Living," April 5, 1964
Fishing, Webster County - article "Fishin' Just for Fun," May 3, 1964
Fort Savannah - article "Plain Tale from the Hills," September 13, 1964
Ginseng - article "Your Forest Pharmacy," May 10, 1964
Grafton National Cemetery - article "Grafton's Silent City," August 20, 1964
Grave Creek Tablet Model
Haley, Peter (slides)
Hanks, Nancy, birthplace
Harpers Ferry
Harris, Thomas Maley, house
Helvetia, postcards to
Highway Markers
Horse Racing (photographs by Gerald Ratliff)
Hushla, Bette - college athletics

PH Box 6 (William C. Blizzard)

NOTE: Articles that have been connected to one or more of the photographs in a given folder have been listed in the folder title. However, Blizzard may have taken some photographs for other, presently unidentified articles on the same subject. The articles listed appeared in Charleston's Sunday Gazette-Mail "State Magazine."

Inner Ear Surgery - article "Unraveling the Mystery of the Inner Ear," by Sandra Freed, November 15, 1964
Jackson/Arnold Family
Job Corps?
Joe Kid (dog) and Buck Bamboo (buck) - article "The Blacksville Boxer," April 26, 1964
"John Brown Memento," November 8, 1964
John Brown Wax Museum - article "Hot Fire in Cold Wax," July 12, 1964
Jones, Mother
Junior, WV - article "A Village for Junior," December 6, 1964
Kaiser Aluminum
Kanawha County Public Library, Charleston
Kane, William F. and Eula - article "Rock without Roll," December 27, 1964
Kennedy Farm, MD
Kerns fur Store, Roanoke, WV - article "West Virginia Moutoneer," April 5, 1964
Letart, Mason County
Mail Truck/Horse Accident, Putnam County
Manure fork fence - article "Manure Forks on Middle Fork," August 23, 1964
Meyer, Charles A. - article "Advance Man," February 28, 1965
Monongahela National Forest - article "Bids for a Backland Bounty," June 28, 1964
Monongalia County Courthouse Clock Tower
Morris Memorial Hospital
Mount Vernon Dairy
Mushroom Plant, Moundsville
Newspaper Reading (Robins Elementary School?)
Pettigrew, James Johnston, monument, Bunker Hill
Plastic Bottle Diffuser (photography)
Plastic-impregnated Wood, WVU
Plum Orchard Lake
Point Pleasant, battle of, monument
Rehobeth Church
Rice, Jack, letter about - article "Football Without Feet," January 31, 1965
Rifle Reticles - article "His life hangs by two hairs," October 25, 1964
Romance, WV - article "Rocky Road to Romance," August 23, 1964
Rowan, Andrew S.
School Classroom
Shopping, Charleston
Smoke Hole Cavern
Steamboats - article "West Virginia and the Fire Canoe," March 7, 1965
Stokes, Dr. James W. - article "The Best-Loved Man in Hinton," June 9, 1963
Stotesbury, Coal Town Museum
Summersville Dam - articles include "Plugging up the Gauley," August 18, 1963, and "Three-Quarter Mark at Summersville," August 9, 1964
Thorn Bottom
Truck Accident, Winfield, February 15, 1964
Valley Falls - article "Beauty is a river . . .," September 6, 1964
Valley Motel
Walter and Walter Chocolate Company, White Sulphur Springs
Water Event
Well House
West Virginia in Color
Wilson Globe - article "Rare Globes at Rippon," October 18, 1964
WVU Rifle Team - Trish Kinsella, Jack Writer, Jerry Luh, Dean Bahrman

Manuscript Collections

West Virginia Archives and History