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Church Women United Collection

Box 1

Clippings, 1958-1960
Book 3, 1945-1948
Book 5, 1950-1952
Book 7, 1953-1954
Book 8, 1954-1958
Book 9, 1958-1960
Book, 1958-1960
Book, 1960-1963
Book, 1969-1971
Book, 1972-1973
Book, 1972-1976
Book, 1976-1977
Book, 1978
Book, 2004-2005
Book, 2006-2007
Minutes, 1976-1989
Minutes, 1989-1998
Minutes, General Meetings, 1992-1998
Minutes, Executive Committee, 1976-1978
Minutes, Executive Committee, 1988-1992
Minutes, Executive Committee, 1993-2001

Box 2

Correspondence, Joe Manchin, 2007
Mission in the Mountain State, by B. B. Mauer and Keith A. Muhleman
Just Because: The story of the National Movement of Church Women United in the U. S. A., by Margaret Shannon
Annual Booklets, Church Women United, Charleston Unit, 1974-1979
Annual Booklets, Church Women United, Charleston Unit, 1980-1989
Annual Booklets, Church Women United, Charleston Unit, 1990-1993
Annual Booklets, Church Women United, Charleston Unit, 1994-2000
Family Resource Center, Women and Children's Hospital
Budget Documents
Kanawha Valley Interfaith Council
State Executive Board
Radio Scripts, World Day of Prayer
State Assembly Programs, 1992-2000
West Virginia Council of Churches
Charleston Unit, Honorary Members
Church Women United in West Virginia, Local Units
Church Women United Heritage Album
Newsletter, The Voice, Church Women United, 1988-1994
Newsletter, Church Women United of West Virginia, 1974
Certificates, Salvation Army
Women's Day at the Legislature, 1994
Bulletins, World Day of Prayer, 1974-1999
World Day of Prayer
Bulletins, May Fellowship Day, 1962-2001
Program, 2011 May Friendship Day
May Fellowship Day
Bulletins, World Community Day, 1974-2000
World Community Day
Order Form, Church Women United Resources
Church Woman, Fall 2001
Guest Book, 1958
Church Women United, The Imperative
Ruth Norman
Dr. Mildred Mitchell-Bateman
Fund for the Fifth Decade
Emergency Health Kits
Awards to Church Women United
Awards, Valiant Woman, Ladies Emeritae, Church Woman of the Year
Photobook, World Community Day, General Meetings
Photobook, May Fellowship Day, General Meetings


Scrapbook, 2006-2007

Slides, Church Women United Women of Faith (80)
Slides, Church Women United Women of Faith (12)
Slides, Intercontinental Grants with a Global Vision, January 1983 (64)
Slides, The Big Picture (with script), (40)

Audiocassette, Church Women United.Women of Faith July 1984
Audiocassette, May Fellowship Day, Church Women United, Bream Memorial Presbyterian Church, May 6, 1988
VHS tape, unlabeled

Tote bag, Church Women United

Manuscript Collections

West Virginia Archives and History