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Founded in 1852 by William Hare, the business later known as William Hare's Sons Plumbers operated in Wheeling until about 1988. The collection consists of materials dated from 1866 to 1969, although most of the items date to the 1900-1950 period. The contents include more than 4 dozen bound ledger volumes, state and federal tax returns, and other materials that document the finances of the company as well as a short lived, associated business from the 1920s -- Home Electric Appliance Company. Correspondence in the collection covers three principal topics: business (1902-1905, 1913- 1938, and scattered later years), taxes (1918-1938), and the Master Plumbers Association and wartime issues (1934, 1939-1946). Other items include loose inventories, reports and forms concerning employees and earnings, contracts and agreements, and samples of various business forms for Hare and other companies.


Correspondence - Internal Revenue, 1918-1923

Correspondence - Internal Revenue, 1924-1938

Correspondence - State Tax Commission, 1916, 1933-1935; Miscellaneous

Tax Receipts, 1867-1879

Tax Bills/Receipts, 1902-1946 (scattered years)

Tax Returns - WV Excise Tax, 1919-1921

Tax Returns - WV Business-Profession Tax, 1921-1925

Tax Returns - WV Gross Sales Tax, 1925-1937

Tax Returns - WV B&O (Gross Sales) Tax, 1938-1947

Tax Returns - WV Consumer Sales Tax, 1934-1940

Tax Returns - WV License Tax

Tax Returns - US Partnership Tax, 1917-1919 (including attached forms and paperwork)

Tax Returns - US Corporation Tax, 1919-1928 (including attached forms and paperwork)

Tax Returns - US Corporation Tax, 1929-1939 (including attached forms and paperwork)

Tax Returns - US Corporation Tax, 1940-1950 (including attached forms and paperwork)

Work Papers (taxes) - 1949-1950

Tax Returns - US Corporation Tax (Home Electric Appliance Company), 1925-1927

Tax Returns - Individual (Edgar S. Hare), 1917-1939

Tax Returns - Individual (Frank Hare), undated

Tax Returns - Fiduciary (Frank Hare estate), 1925-1935

Tax Returns - Individual (C. Elizabeth Hare), 1917-1933

Tax Returns - Individual (Miscellaneous), 1921, 1926

Tax Returns - OH Sales Tax, 1943-1944

Employer's Social Security Forms SS-1 and SS-2, 1937

Form SS-2a, Employer's Report of Wages Paid, 1937 (copies - SS #s redacted)

Income Tax Withholding Forms, 1943-1949

Tax Returns - Employer's Return under Social Security (most copies - SS #s redacted)

Forms/Correspondence - WV Unemployment Compensation, 1936-1949

Form WVUC-A35A, Quarterly Report of Wages Paid, WV Dept. of Unemployment Compensation, 1937, 1944-1949 (copies - SS #s redacted)

Form WVUC-A35C, Employer's Individual Annual Report of Wages Paid, 1943 (copies - SS #s redacted)

Form WVUC B-11, Low Earnings Report, 1949 (orig/copies - SS #s redacted)

Forms/Correspondence - WV Dept. of Labor, 1933-1949

Monthly Earnings Reports, Workmen's Compensation, 1927-1936

Monthly Earnings Reports, Workmen's Compensation, 1939-1945

Employee Salary Sheets, 1937-1942 (most copies - SS #s redacted)

Employee Salary Sheets, 1943-1949 (copies - SS #s redacted)

Miscellaneous Employee (orig./copies - SS #s redacted)

Annual Return of Taxable Property (Business), 1915-1935

Reports of Real and Personal Property, 1917-1921


Miscellaneous Receipts/Sales Slips, 1866-1901

Sales Slips (Miscellaneous Wheeling businesses), 1891-1893

Sales Slips (Trimble & Lutz), 1891-1893, 1904

Sales Slips (Beltz, Flading & Company), 1891-1893

Correspondence - Business, 1902-1903

Correspondence - Business, 1904-1905

Correspondence - Business (Oil Well Supply Company), 1903-1904

Correspondence - Business (Pittsburg Supply Company), 1902-1904

Correspondence - Business (Easy Washer [Syracuse Washing Machine Company; Brown-Dorrance Electric Co.]), 1921-1926

Correspondence - Business (Kelvinator), 1924-1926

Correspondence - Business, 1913-1926

Correspondence - Business, 1927-1929

Correspondence - Business, 1930-1931

Correspondence - Business, 1932-1934

Correspondence - Business, 1935-1936

Correspondence - Business, 1937-1938

Correspondence - Business, 1945, 1951-1952

Correspondence - Business, undated



Partnership Agreement (copy)

Job Estimate Sheets/Proposals

Job Records (samples)

Wheeling Electric Company plumbing job


Indemnity and Bonds


Steam Electric Engineering Company/Home Electric Appliance Company legal documents

Estate of William Hare, miscellaneous documents

Credit/Financial Statements

Business Census, 1933, 1939



Correspondence - Master Plumbers Association, 1934, 1939-1941, undated

Correspondence - Master Plumbers Association, January-August 1942 (including correspondence regarding wartime regulations)

Correspondence - Master Plumbers Association, September-December 1942 (including correspondence regarding wartime regulations)

Correspondence - Master Plumbers Association, January-June 1943 (including correspondence regarding wartime regulations)

Correspondence - Master Plumbers Association, July-December 1943 (including correspondence regarding wartime regulations)

Correspondence - Master Plumbers Association, January-June 1944 (including correspondence regarding wartime regulations)

Correspondence - Master Plumbers Association, July-December 1944 (including correspondence regarding wartime regulations)

Correspondence - Master Plumbers Association, 1945 (including correspondence regarding wartime regulations)

Correspondence - Master Plumbers Association, 1946

National Association of Master Plumbers, Washington News-letter, 1942-1945 (scattered issues)

National Association of Master Plumbers, convention proceedings and programs, 1939-1943

Master Plumbers Association, Miscellaneous

Master Plumbers Association - WV Plumbers name lists and members

West Virginia Master Plumbers Association

Wheeling Masters Plumbers Association

Wartime rules, wages and production

Plumbers and Steam Fitters Local No. 83

Wheeling City Freight Agreement (typescript)

Plumbing Codes (National Association of Master Plumbers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

Plumbing Code, City of Wheeling

City of Wheeling, Dept. of Public Works, rules, 1940

Receipts - Dues

Water Bills, City of Wheeling, 1918-1922

Hare vs. Connecticut Mutual Life

Court Cases, miscellaneous papers

Ohio Valley Hospital

Bethany College (re Hester Hare)


William Hare's Sons promotional materials

Invoices, out-of-state companies, 1910s-1920s (samples)

Invoices, in-state companies, 1900s-1920s (samples)

Freight Bills (samples)

Hoover Sales

Steam Electric Engineering Company/Home Electric Appliance Company (samples)

Forms, William Hare's Sons (samples)

Contracts, Electrical Appliances (samples)

Daily Report of Workman (samples)


Brochure, Armstrong Automatic Electric Range (Armstrong Manufacturing Co., Huntington)

Booklet, Pittsburgh Group Companies, Columbia Gas, Rules and Regulations for Installation of Lines, etc., May 1952

Wheeling Sanitary Manufacturing Company

Reichart's Furniture Company Christmas advertising mailer, undated

Miscellaneous companies brochures, price lists, etc, pre-1900

Miscellaneous companies brochures, 1900s

9 Memo Books, Workers' dates and hours of various jobs, ca. late 1930s-1940s

2 Weekly Time Books, 1925

5 Memo Books, Workers' hours and pay by week, 1926-1938

2 Memo Books, Workers' hours, pay rate, and pay by week, 1939-1941

Memo Book, list of companies and amounts, 1926

Plumbing and Heating Business

Originals (use copies)


Accounts (Home Electric Appliance), A-G, 1925-1927

Accounts (Home Electric Appliance), H-P, 1925-1927

Accounts (Home Electric Appliance), Q-Z, 1925-1927

General Ledger Sheets (Home Electric Appliance), to December 1926

Financial Statement (Home Electric Appliance), December 31, 1926

Inventory (Home Electric Appliance - store, radio, appliances), January 1926

Inventory - fixtures, January 1926

Inventory - appliance, 1927?

General Ledger Sheets, 1921-1943

Accounts, miscellaneous years

Miscellaneous Accounting, 1916-1919

Inventory, July 1916?

Inventory, January 1918

Inventory, January 1921

Inventory, January 1939

Inventory, January 1945

Inventory, January 1947

Inventory, January 1948

Ledger Pages, 1917

Account Book

Miscellaneous Financial

Retail and Wholesale Charges, 1934

Cash Disbursement Sheets, January 1952-December 1956 (as labeled on paper wrapping, but sheets indicate check payments)


2 Check or Voucher Registers, 1925-1927

Bank Account Books, 1892-1901, 1928-1943

Check Books (stubs), 1916-1929, 1931-1939, 1942-1944, 1955-1956

Sample checks

Deposit slips (carbon), 1942


Book, 1915-19

Book, 1916-20

Book, 1919-25

Book, 1925-33

Book, 1932-35

Book, 1933-48

Book, 1935-38

Book, 1937-40

Book, 1938-41

Book, 1946-50

Book, 1948-50

Ledger Book, 1900

Account Journal, 1881-82 (Retail Sales)

Account Journal, 1913-15

Account Journal, 1915-16

Account Journal, 1916-18

Account Journal, 1918-19

Account Journal, 1919-21

Account Journal, 1921-23

Account Journal, 1923-24

Account Journal, 1924-27

Account Journal, 1927-29

Account Journal, 1929-32

Account Journal, 1932-36

Account Journal, 1936-39

Account Journal, 1934-44

Account Journal, 1945-58

Account Journal, 1949-55

Account Journal, 1955-61

Account Journal, 1961-69

Cash Book, 1913-16

Cash Book, 1916-19

Cash Book, 1919-21

Cash Book, 1922-24

Cash Book, 1924-27

Cash Book, 1927-29

Cash Book, 1929-31

Cash Book, 1931-34

Cash Book, 1934-37

Cash Book, 1937-39

Cash Book, 1940-43

Cash Book, 1942-44

Cash Book, 1943-46

Cash Book, 1948-58

Account Book, 1910-42

Account Book, 1908-16

Inventory Book?, 1902

Inventory Book, 1950

Inventory Book, 1950 - market

Inventory Book, 1951

Inventory Book, 1927

Order Books, 1926 (2)

Stock Book, 1922

Balance Ledger, 1916-20

Easy Washer Ledger, 1925-1930

Sales Book, 1922-1927

Stock Certificate Book, Home Electric Appliance Company

Steam Electric Engine Co. Board of Directors Minutes 1921-24

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