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Marie Deck Gollehon Collection

Box 1

1:1 Swinney family history including the Swinneys of Monroe County by Marie Deck Gollehon
1:2 Sweeney/Swinney family, Sarvis family, Evan Davis family
1:3 John Deck and Nancy Lambert Deck and Their Descendants by Marie Deck Gollehon, 1982
1:4 John Deck and Nancy Lambert Deck and Their Descendants by Marie Deck Gollehon, 1984
1:5 For Memory's Sake - funeral book for Evan Davis, 1936
1:6 Decks in the State of Pennsylvania including Mathias Deck and John Frederick Deck, correspondence between Marie Deck Gollehon and Schulyer C. Brossman
1:7 Decks in the State of Virginia, Washington County including Adam Deck
1:8 Decks in the State of Virginia, Rockingham County including Henry Deck
1:9 Decks in the State of Pennsylvania by Robert E. Deck including John Frederick Deck
1:10 Once Upon a Time We Were Young by Marie Deck Gollehon
1:11 William Clayburn Gollehon and wife Mary Ann Victoria Durman (2 slightly different versions)
1:12 Oversized binder of Deck deeds and wills (photocopies)
1:13 Oversized binder of Deck deeds and wills (photocopies)

Box 2

2:1 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1983-1993
2:2 Irish Family Names Society
2:3 Davis family miscellaneous correspondence, copies
2:4 Davis family
2:5 Fox family
2:6 Correspondence with Schulyler C. Brossman, Rehrersburg, PA
2:7 Correspondence with Mrs. Joseph W. (Irma) Bloom, Mountain Home, AR
2:8 Correspondence with Joanne Cassidy, Toledo, OH
2:9 Correspondence with Jeanette Dyche Fitch, Stillwater, OK
2:10 Gollehon Newsletter
2:11 Copies of letters from J. Clark Gollehon's file
2:12 Correspondence with Clark and Evelyn Gollehon, Blair, NE and Marvin Gollehon, Duncan, OK
2:13 Correspondence with Robert and Maxine Gollehon, Conrad, MT
2:14 Correspondence with Rebecca Good, Front Royal, VA
2:15 Correspondence with Watson Gollehon, Chilhowie, VA
2:16 Correspondence with Dr. Marvin Headley, Blue Springs, MO
2:17 Correspondence with Mrs. O. B. (Arlett Pittman) Harris, Beaver, WV
2:18 Correspondence with Jim and Doris Gardner Hilton, Pulaski, VA
2:19 The West Ulster Staffords and Their Descendants by Rev. Thomas Albert Stafford, 1952
2:20 Craven family
2:21 Sierer Family in America

Box 3

3:1 Correspondence with Clarence, Ernest and Paul Deck, Charlottesville, VA
3:2 Correspondence with Harry James Deck, Apopka, FL
3:3 Correspondence with Robert E. Deck, Mechanicsburg, PA
3:4 Correspondence with Theresia and Robert Deck, Glen Morgan, WV
3:5 Correspondence with Effie Deck, Sarasota, FL
3:6 Correspondence with Wanda Hamblin Deck, Franklin, OH
3:7 Correspondence with Mrs. Hannah Duncan, Minden, WV
3:8 Deck Reunion records (started July 1966)
3:9 Correspondence with Bernard Elmer Deck and Robert Lee Deck
3:10 Notes on John Deck and Nancy Lambert Deck
3:11 Deck family information
3:12 Notes on John Deck of Frederick County, VA, died 1847
3:13 Notes on William H. Deck and family
3:14 Notes on Deck family
3:15 Notes on John R. Deck and family (1842-1886)
3:16 Notes on Charles H. Deck and family (1847-1887)
3:17 Notes on Henry Deck of Augusta and Rockingham counties
3:18 Correspondence with Patricia M. (Mrs. John S.) Tate, La Jolla, CA
3:19 Notes on Adam Deck and his children, Washington County, VA
3:20 Notes on Stephen Dick and family , Harrison County, WV
3:21 Notes on Charles Dick of Fredericksburg, VA (1715-1783)
3:22 Notes on George Dyke and other Dykes of Berkeley and Frederick Counties
3:23 Notes on Edward Dick of Frederick County, VA
3:24 Notes on Peter Dick (died 1790) and son Peter of Frederick County, VA
3:25 Notes on Elijah Dick of Frederick County, VA and John Dick
3:26 Notes on John Dick (died 1796) and son John of Frederick County, VA
3:27 Notes on Mathias Decz (Deck) of Frederick County
3:28 Dick family
3:29 Notes on Mary Deck, daughter of John Deck
3:30 Notes on James J. Deck
3:31 Miscellaneous Deck family
3:32 Miscellaneous Deck family

Box 4

4:1 Correspondence with Mrs. Earnest C. (Lois) Hutchinson, Surveyor, WV
4:2 Correspondence with Kathleen Deck Johnson, Waynesboro, GA
4:3 Correspondence with Karilyn Kunstbeck, Vienna, VA
4:4 Correspondence with Louis L. Monthaven, Burbank, CA (Brake Family)
4:5 Correspondence with Violet D. Nemky, Pittsville, VA
4:6 Correspondence with Pulaski County Courthouse, Pulaski, VA
4:7 Correspondence with Sam and Helen Rowe, Willington, KS
4:8 Correspondence with Mrs. E. D. (Hila Shumate) Stover, Beckley, WV
4:9 Correspondence with Clara W. Thompson, Lynwood, CA
4:10 Correspondence with Michael West, Winston-Salem, NC (30th Battalion VA Sharpshooters)
4:11 Keller family
4:12 Pack family
4:13 Farley family
4:14 Lively family
4:15 William Tracy family
4:16 Calloway family
4:17 Notes on Christopher and Mary E. Tolley
4:18 Notes on James and Susanna Swinney
4:19 Notes on Samuel Sarver family, Giles County, VA
4:20 Notes on Isaac and M. Lambert
4:21 Meadow and Lilly family histories
4:22 Worksheets on Gollehon family and courthouse records found
4:23 Davis family
4:24 Augusta County, VA
4:25 Berkeley County, WV
4:26 Fayette County, WV
4:27 Frederick County, VA
4:28 Frederick County, MD
4:29 Giles County, VA
4:30 Roane County, WV
4:31 Rockingham County, VA
4:32 Washington County, VA
4:33 Wythe County, VA
4:34 Gollehon family
4:35 Correspondence with Naomi (Mrs. Marvin) Heath, Chilhowie, VA
4:36 Miscellaneous Deck and Davis notes on various pads
4:37 Jefferson County, WV

Box 5

5:1 Davis family information
5:2 Rita Pickens Gilman on the Hartley family
5:3 Pickens family
5:4 Valerie Finney, Ephrata, WA on Finney family
5:5 Jacob Shiley family
5:6 Hendershot family
5:7 Cline family
5:8 Smith family research in Jackson County
5:9 Jackson County newspaper, 1991
5:10 Charleston news clippings
5:11 Religious papers
5:12 Jackson County information
5:13 Jackson County
5:14 Jackson County
5:15 Fayette and Raleigh counties, WV newsletter
5:16 Stafford County, VA Gollehon-Gallahan family
5:17 Genealogical research materials, addresses, brochures

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