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Carter/Faulkner Family Collection

Descriptive Summary

Title:Carter/Faulkner Family Collection
Span Dates: 1776-1991
Bulk Dates: 1859-1949
ID No: Ms2008-100, Ph2008-100
Creator: Charles Faulkner Carter Jr.
Extent: 1 box and 1 folder of oversized (Ms2008-100); 1 box (Ph2008-100)
Language: English/French
Repository: West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV
Abstract: Carter/Faulkner Family Papers

Administrative Information

Provenance: The Carter/Faulkner Family Papers were given to the West Virginia State Archives by Kathryn Carter Hish from the personal affects of the late Charles Faulkner Carter Jr.
Preferred Citation: [item, collection number], Carter/Faulkner Family Collection, West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV.

Contents List:
Correspondence, J. A. Faulkner, 67th Militia, Berkeley County, 1812
Correspondence, 1843-1853
Correspondence, 1860
Correspondence, 1861-1865
Correspondence, 1866
Correspondence, 1889
Correspondence, Boydie Faulkner, 1889-1897
Correspondence, 1912, regarding purchase of automobile
Correspondence, Charles J. Faulkner, 1917-1949
Correspondence, regarding portrait of Charles J. Faulkner, Minister to France, 1933-1940
Correspondence, undated
Telegrams, 1925-1941
Speech, Boydville Temperance Society
Wedding Invitations
Miscellaneous Invitations
Personal Greeting Cards, Faulkner Family
Admittance Card, Memorial Service, Major John Purroy Mitchel, Aviation Section of the Signal Corps, H.S.R., July 11, 1918
Virginia Faulkner McSherry
Sketch and Biography, William Porcher Miles
Pamphlet, Speech of Honorable W. Porcher Miles of South Carolina on the Organization of the House, January 6, 1850
Pamphlet, Tribute to the Memory of Honorable John Pendleton Kennedy, 1870
Pamphlet, Speech of the Honorable C. J. Faulkner of Virginia, In Favor on an Increase of the Army and in Opposition to the Employment of Volunteers in Utah, Delivered in the House of Representatives, March 9, 1858
Pamphlet, Report of the Select Committee, In Obedience to a Resolution of the House, In Reference to the Defence of Craney Island in This State, When Attacked by the British Forces on the 22d of June 1813
Pamphlet, Ladies' Protective Union and Directory, "Our Hired Rulers"
Pamphlet, Remarks on Death of William O. Goode, 1860
Pamphlet, "What Made Man Master of His State?" by Norman Vincent Peale
Blank Form, Indenture, Association for the Benefit of Colored Orphans
Menu, Testimonial Dinner in Honor of Charles James Faulkner, Armour and Company, The Palmer House
Menus, White Star Line, R.M.S. Majestic, October 8-9, 1928; Tickets, Reception, Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Officers and Crew, Antarctic Expedition, June 19, 1930
Articles, Armour and Company
Financial Note, Coupon, 1861-1862
Engravings, Southampton, England
General Order No. 6, Headquarters, Middle Department, 8th Army Corps, Baltimore, January 14, 1863
Miscellaneous Papers
Miscellaneous Poetry, Printed
Miscellaneous Poetry
Poem, Written to General Belknap on His Return from the Meeting of the Army of the Cumberland, in 1873
Poem, Lines on the Death of Acting Brigadier General W. H. Lytle, Killed at the Battle of Perryville, October 9, 1862
Lyrics, "My Maryland"
Miscellaneous Sketches, Drawings and Artwork
Bill of Fare and Wine List, Hale House, January 26, 1875
Correspondence, French
Correspondence, French, 1859-1863
Pamphlet, Galerie Historique Et Critique Du Dix-Neuvigme Siecle, Henry Lauzac, 1859
Engravings, French
Engraving, Garibaldi
Pressed Flowers, Castle of Chilon
Pressed Flowers, Lynchburg, 1872
Pressed Flowers, Garden of Louis XIV
Diary/Writings, Sallie Faulkner
Genealogy, Carter Family
Genealogy, Faulkner Family
Booklet, Carter Family Tree
The Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Virginia
Illinois Society Sons of the American Revolution
Program, Presentation of Sword to Gov. David Holmes in Commemoriation of Distinguished Services of Major Andrew Hunter Holmes, Richmond, July 4, 1827
Booklet, Proceedings at the Ceremony in Commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the Commencement of the First Congress of the United States Under the Constitution, March 4, 1939
Circular, Gideon Welles, Navy Department, Relating to Naval Academy, December 9, 1861
Circular, To the Officers and Churches of Winchester Presbytery, December 14, 1870
Circular, Regarding Laws Relating to Militia, Adjutant General's Office, Richmond, April 12, 1839
Clippings, Miscellaneous
Clippings, Faulkner Family (1 of 2)
Clippings, Faulkner Family (2 of 2)
Clippings, 1856-1861
Clippings, 1861-1865
Clippings, Boydville
Clippings, Miscellaneous Loose
Papers, Charles J. Faulkner, Minister to France (photocopies)
Genealogy, various families
Admittance to bar, Winchester, Virginia, for Charles James Faulkner, Jr., 1898 (copy)
Military service, William Mackey of Pennsylvania, 1776-1781
Promissory notes to C. J. Faulkner, 1919-1920
Folder, certificate of retirement and certificate of appreciation to Colonel Charles Faulkner Carter, Jr., 1970
Charles Faulkner Carter, Jr. materials

Oversized (Ar Processing Drawer 44):
Broadside, President Jefferson Davis's Inaugural Address, Delivered in Richmond, February 22, 1862, Richmond Enquirer, Extra
Broadside, Remarks of the Hon. C. J. Faulkner, On Submitting to the Board of Supervisors the Following Ordinance Providing for Taking the Sense of the People of Berkeley County on a Proposed Subscription to the Capital Stock of the Martinsburg & Potomac R. R., "Valley Star" Extra
Certificate, Charles James Faulkner, Jr., Illinois Society, Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, November 17, 1913
Photograph, International Commission, Quebec, August 1898
Photograph, International Commission, Quebec, 1898
Certificate, Charles Faulkner Carter Jr., appointment as captain, United States Army, March 18, 1952
Certificate, Charles Faulkner Carter Jr., Legion of Merit
Certificate, Charles Faulkner Carter Jr., appointment as major, United States Army, June 5, 1959
Certificate, Charles Faulkner Carter Jr., awarded Leavenworth Lamp for serving as instructor at Command and General Staff College, awarded May 9, 1958
Certificate, Charles Faulkner Carter Jr., appointment as commander by Sons of Confederate Veterans, September 27, 1945
Family tree, Andrew Hunter of Cloghan Farm, Hunter-Holmes Genealogy Table 1 (2 copies)

Photographs (moved to Ph2008-100):
Unidentified (12)
Identified Group, April 1937 (2)
Jane Faulkner, Boydie Faulkner, Sal Faulkner, Elsie Lane, circa 1895 (1)
Mary Boyd "Boydie" Faulkner, Jane Faulkner, Sal Faulkner (1) Mary Buckner Faulkner (1)
Edgar Neels Carter (23)
Edgar Neels Carter and Charles Faulkner Carter (1)
Charles Faulkner Carter in Christening Robe, with Aunt Mary, Boydville (1)
Boydie Faulkner Carter and Charles Faulkner Carter (4)
Charles Faulkner Carter (10)
Colonel Charles Faulkner Carter (7)
Charles Faulkner Carter Jr. (4)
Charles Faulkner Carter, Charles Faulkner Carter, Jr. and William Alexander Carter III (1)
Mary Boyd "Boydie" Faulkner Carter (11)
Sallie Winn Faulkner (5)
Sallie Winn Faulkner with Sallie Faulkner (Snodgrass) (1)
Charles James Faulkner, Minister to France (6)
Charles James Faulkner II, United States Senator (2)
Charles James Faulkner III (1)
Charles James Faulkner Jr. (III) and wife
Mary Waggoner Boyd Faulkner (2)
Elisha Boyd Faulkner (1)
William Alexander Carter (2)
Mary Eliza Hamilton Carter (5)
Unita Carter (1)
Anne Carter (1)
Susan Stribling Snodgrass, Mag Snodgrass and Boydie Faulkner Carter (1)
Edward Corson and cousin (1)
William Nelson Carter (2)
James Van Allen Carter (1)
William A. Carter Jr. with others, Cornell University (1)
Mary Eliza Carter with Mary Ada Carter and Anne Fauntleroy Carter (1)
Boydville (7)
Boydbrook Farm (4)
Fort Bridger, Wyoming (34)
St. Johnsbury, Vermont/Swanton, Vermont (49)
Bullochville, Georgia (5)
Stone Bridge, Switzer's Camp, Arroyo Seco, California (1)
Old Point Comfort, Virginia (2)
Harney Carriage, given to Boydie Faulkner Carter on wedding day by General William Harney (1)
Charles Faulkner Carter Sr and Dorothy Easterling Carter (1)
Charles Faulkner Carter Jr and Charles Faulkner Carter Sr (1)
Charles Faulkner Carter Jr and Barbara Burton Carter (3)
Charles Faulkner Carter Jr (Nicky), William Alexander Carter III (Bill) and Scotty "Tam" at East Point, Georgia, winter of 1936-1937 (1)
Dorothy Easterling Carter, mother of Charles F. Carter Jr, (1)
Jane Faulkner Wiltshire, Charles Faulkner Carter Jr and William Alexander Carter III (1)
Indians in Wyoming, taken by Baker and Johnston, 1880s (3)
Charles Faulkner Carter Jr, Charles Faulkner Carter Sr and William Alexander Carter III (1)
Grandchildren of Charles Faulkner Carter Sr and Dorothy Easterling Carter, children of William Alexander Carter III and Elaine - Susan, Sandy, Ricky (1)

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