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Stampless Covers and Letters

1. Centre, Jno. Jack (Romney) to Elie Beatty, Esq. (Hagerstown), re: balance due from Thos. Mullerdy(?), June 14, 1820
2. Stephenson, J. (Harper’s Ferry) to Jeremia Robinson (Washington, DC), re: Committee report & provisions of law passed in Congress for relief of Michael McKewn, March 12, 1825
3. Atkinson, S. (Wheeling) to Cornelius Comegys (Philadelphia), re: land transactions & taxes near Chillicothe, OH, September 28, 1827
4. Laswill, Miss W. B. (Wheeling) to John Laswill (Wayne County OH), re: family news, October 26, 1829
5. Rogers, John (Wheeling) to Miss Hannah Rogers (Boston), re: travel from Buffalo-“Cleveland”-Wellsville-Wheeling, October 6, 1830
6. Allen, John J. (Clarksburg) to Samuel H. Fitzhugh, Esq. (Wheeling), re: Legal matters, May 25, 1832
7. Willey, W. T. (Morgantown) to Clerk of County Court of Harrison County, re: check of records for letters of administration of estate of Geo. Wilyard, dec’d, October 3, 1838
8. Steed, J.M. (Parkersburg) to J. Fisher Leaming (Philadelphia), re: satisfied with earlier reply, January 24, 1841
9. Jackson, J.J. (Parkersburg) to Samuel Slack, Esq. (Columbia, PA), re: Land claim, September 24, 1841
10. McCall, Archibald (Butter, PA) to Jonathan Lewis, Jr. (Romines Mill, VA), re: business transactions, July 9, 1841
11. Strother, John (Berkeley Springs) to Elie Beatty, Esq. (Hagerstown), re: financial matters, March 25, 1842
12. White, Alfred P. (Romney) to Clerk, Dist. Court, U.S. Western District, Va. (Staunton), re: sending oaths to become Commissioner of Bankrupt Law., March 30, 1842
13. Wilson, Edgar C. (Morgantown) to F. Stone Brown, Esq. (Charles County MD), re: business, April 23, 1847
14. Streit, Phillip B. (Romney) to John S. Hoffman, Esq. (Clarksburg), re: business, July 19, 1847
15. Jackson, Geo. W. (Weston) to Burton Dispard (Clarksburg), re: purchasing seasoned planks for debtor of Dispard, September 4, 1848
16. Miller, R & W (Wheeling) to Nathan Tratter & Company (Philadelphia), re: ordering large size “Burring Machine,” April 9, 1850
17. Menifee, M.J. (Washington, VA) to Frederick A. Werninger (Clarksburg), re: legal matters, November 14, 1851
18. Bias, (?) (Red Sweet Springs) to Miss Martha Ruffner (Cincinnati) , re: family news to cousin, support of slavery, January 26, 1852
19. Hickman, F.D. (West Union) to Frederick A. Werninger, Esq. (Clarksburg), re: legal matters of Werninger’s case, August 9, 1854
20. Hickman, F.D. (West Union) to F.A. Werninger (Clarksburg), re: see above, December 6, 1854
21. Massie, Thos. J. (Flint Hill) to F.A. Werninger, Esq. (Clarksburg), re: legal matters, November 20, 1857

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