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William D. Wintz Collection

Descriptive Summary

Title:William D. Wintz Collection
Span Dates: 1807-2007
ID No: Ms2013-028
Creator: William D. Wintz, Saint Albans
Extent: 4 boxes (Ms2013-028); 1 box photographs (Ph2013-028)
Language: English
Repository: West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV
Abstract: Research materials on Kanawha Valley collected by William D. Wintz, historian, author, and World War II veteran.

Administrative Information

Provenance: William D. Wintz Family
Preferred Citation: [item, collection number], William D. Wintz Collection, West Virginia State Archives, Charleston, WV.

Contents List:

Box 1

1.1 William F. Dusenberry Diaries, 1855-71. Photocopies. Originals in the Lambert Collection at Marshall University. Dusenberry operated Dusenberry's Mill at present-day Martha in Cabell County. Includes wartime entries.

1:2 Minutes of Nitro Independent School Board, 1932-33. Two volumes.

1:3 Charleston Industrial Corporation, Nitro, Minutes of Stock Holders Meetings, 1 November 1919 to 3 February 1925.

1:4 Nitro Materials - Calendar, 1985 Nitro; Nitro, West Virginia: A City With Exciting Opportunities, promotional packet; Nitro, West Va.: Charleston Industrial Corporation Operating the City of Nitro, West Virginia, 1920

1:5 Minter Homes Company Catalog, Nitro (photocopies). Provided WWI pre-fab houses at Nitro.

1:6 Banvard's Panorama - original document, Descriptions of Banvard's Panorama of the Mississippi River, painted on Three Miles of Canvas..., 1847; article on John Banvard; "Charley Capehart from Coalsmouth and the Largest Painting in the World," The Vandalia Journal, July 1978; "John Banvard's Mississippi Panorama," by John Hanners

1:7 Washington Sword Materials - Relating to presentation of George Washington's Battle Sword to the U. S. Congress, 8 February 1843, by Samuel T. Washington of Coalsmouth (present-day St. Albans). Includes The Swords of Washington, by Col. Thornton A. Washington; Congressional Record, 8 February, 1943; "The Five Swords of Washington," by William D. Wintz; "First President's variety of swords," by Patricia Coffin.

1:8 Miscellaneous - Includes typescript of letter, John Randolph to Judge Hoge of Winfield, 13 January 1807; D. C. Butts, et. al. to Henry Rose, 1 September 1824; Erastus Milam military record for service in Spanish American War; shipping receipt, dated 1913; genealogical information on the Milam family.

Box 2

2:1 Application, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Memorandum of Fact, Cross of Military Service
2:2 Archaeology
2:3 Aviation
2:4 Awards
2:5 B-Miscellaneous
2:6 Bells
2:7 Blackwaters Falls, Girl Diving, 1939
2:8 Book, Annals of the Great Kanawha
2:9 Book, Bullets and Steel
2:10 Book, Civil War Memoirs of Two Rebel Sisters
2:11 Book, Recollections and Reflections of Molly Hansford
2:12 Book Sales, Mailing Lists
2:13 Daniel Boone
2:14 Bridges
2:15 Brochure, Glenwood
2:16 Butler Family
2:17 Cabell County
2:18 Casto Family
2:19 Cemeteries
2:20 Charleston
2:21 Charleston Articles, by John Morgan
2:22 Charleston High School, Class of 1934
2:23 Churches
2:24 Churches, First Presbyterian Church of Nitro
2:25 Civil War, Buffalo Guards
2:26 Civil War, The Civil War in West Virginia: A Historic Context, by Michael J. Pauley
2:27 Civil War, The Copperhead, Robert S. Garnett Chapter, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Huntington
2:28 Civil War, Correspondence
2:29 Civil War, Kanawha Valley Civil War Roundtable
2:30 Civil War, Putnam County
2:31 Civil War, West Virginia

Box 3

3:1 Clippings
3:2 Coal River
3:3 Fleming, Cobb
3:4 Joe Coen
3:5 Community News
3:6 Jim Comstock
3:7 Correspondence
3:8 Correspondence, Genealogical
3:9 Cross Lanes
3:10 Junior Davis
3:11 Dennis Deitz
3:12 Dramatic Play, The Rebel Sister
3:13 Drawing, Carpet Fiber Process, Union Carbide, South Charleston
3:14 Drawing, Humor, Union Carbide, South Charleston
3:15 Dunbar
3:16 E
3:17 Eastham
3:18 Echoes from the Past
3:19 Elder Hostel
3:20 Eleanor
3:21 Dorsey Ellis
3:22 Encyclopedia
3:23 Eulogy, Willie Simmons, Cabell County
3:24 European Theater of Operations Tour, 1989
3:25 Norman Fagan
3:26 William Fielder Family
3:27 Fike/Artel Site Trust
3:28 Frazier Family
3:29 Frazier's Bottom
3:30 Gallipolis
3:31 Gas Industry
3:32 Genealogy
3:33 Genealogy Correspondence
3:34 Ginseng
3:35 Goldenseal
3:36 Sleepy Hollow Golf Club
3:37 Hansford Family
3:38 Molly Hansford, Addenda
3:39 Charles Harper
3:40 Historic Houses
3:41 Historical Articles, by Bill Wintz
3:42 Hoge Family
3:43 Dr. Leonard Hoke
3:44 Holt Family
3:45 Max Hubacher
3:46 Ivan Hunter
3:47 Hunting
3:48 Hurricane
3:49 Indians
3:50 Industrial History
3:51 Industry

Box 4

4:1 Kanawha County
4:2 Kanawha and James River Canal
4:3 Kanawha Valley Historical and Preservation Society
4:4 The Lonely Battle, by Ken Hechler
4:5 Dewey Mann
4:6 Maps
4:7 Maps, Nitro
4:8 Midwifery
4:9 Minutes, 55th Annual Meeting, Elkhorn District Primitive Baptist Association, Antioch Church, Pike County, Kentucky, September 24-26, 1915
4:10 Minutes, 66th Annual Session, Pocatalico Old School Primitive Baptist Association, Hopewell Church, Kanawha County, September 4-6, 1903
4:11 Minutes, 77th Annual Session, Pocatalico Old School or Predestinarian Baptist Association, Liberty Church, Kanawha County, September 13-15, 1912
4:12 Monsanto
4:13 Program, Army/Navy E Presentation, Belle Works, DuPont Company, January 14, 1943
4:14 Program, Dedication, Peter Tarr Furnace, November 16, 1968
4:15 Program, Farmers Institute, Cross Lanes, September 28-29, 1906
4:16 Putnam County
4:17 Putnam County Logos
4:18 Revolutionary War
4:19 Rules for Grading American (Black) Walnut Logs, Franklin Walnut Company
4:20 Saint Albans
4:21 This is Saint Albans, West Virginia
4:22 A Century with Saint Albans, West Virginia, 1863-1963
4:23 Schools
4:24 John Philip Sousa
4:25 Sterrett Family Papers
4:26 Sunrise
4:27 Timebook, Works Progress Administration Project, Nitro, 1935-36
4:28 Union Carbide Retirees
4:29 Underground Railroad
4:30 Upper Vandalia Historical Society
4:31 Kendall Vintroux
4:32 George Washington
4:33 Weather
4:34 West Virginia
4:35 William Wintz Land Records
4:36 World War I
4:37 World War II Ration Books
4:38 Noble Wyatt

Photographs (moved to Ph2013-028)

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