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Ice, Dr. C.H. to Sutherland
1915 March 26
Wants something done about the excessive and unnecessary cost of management of wells.

Sutherland to Ice & Trembly
1913 January 16
Requests data on wells.

Ice, E. Clark to Sutherland
1913 March 27
Wants him to go ahead and take necessary steps to get gas pumped. Advises him to get several bids for pumps.

Sutherland to E. Clark Ice
1913 March 27
Discusses the production of the wells.

Ice, E.C. to Sutherland
1913 May 5
Gives report of wells progress.

Sutherland to E.C. Ice
1913 May 8
Wants data regarding pumping proposition.

Sutherland to E.C. Ice
1913 June 10
Requests report on Struther, Thrasher, and S. Martin wells. Discusses the notes due. Has been in hospital for ten days.

Ice, E.C. to Sutherland
1913 June 13
Replies to his request concerning condition and production of wells.

Sutherland to E. Clark Ice
1913 December 19
Wants exact status of Strother well.

Ice, E. Clark to Sutherland
1914 December 1
Wants him to sell property at Elkins. Mentions Thrasher and Strother well.

Sutherland to E.C. Ice
1914 December 1
Not interested in purchasing property. Thinks he or Hart should be able to stop gas leak.

Ice, E.C. to Sutherland
1914 December 3
Discusses house and lots he hopes Sutherland will buy.

Sutherland to E.C. Ice
1914 December 19
Not interested in a house at Elkins. Wants him to keep in touch and see that Hart uses good judgement regarding their wells.

Ice, E.C. to Sutherland
1915 January 3
Discusses well production and drilling of a new one. Notes have been sent.

Sutherland to E.C. Ice
1915 January 5
Glad there is prospect of them getting back on wells.

Sutherland to E.C. Ice
1915 June 30
Wants note endorsement.

Ice, E.C. to Sutherland
1915 October 7
Encloses note.

Sutherland to E.C. Ice
1915 November 17
Notifies him of judgement obtained against him and Trembly. Wants status report on well.

Sutherland to E.C. Ice
1916 February 24
Found notice regarding chancery cause of the Morgan Oil Company against Trembly, himself, and others. Wants to know why proceeding has been brought.

Ice, E.C. to Sutherland
1916 February 27
Discusses proceedings against them by Morgan Oil. Sutherland to Dr. W.C.J. Ingersoll
1913 May 6
Wants Ingersoll's family to meet the Sutherlands.

Ingersoll, C.J. to Sutherland
1913 May 12
Will not be in Washington until November. Invites the Sutherlands to his home in Virginia.

Sutherland to Dr. Ingersoll
1913 May 13
Will stop off at Keswick if possible.

Sutherland to The Intelligencer
1913 March 29 Wants newspaper sent to Washington D.C. address.

Wilkinson, A.J. to Sutherland
1914 November 9 Presents a resolution adopted by the Grand Lodge regarding the war.

[International Syndicate] Miller, R.M. to Sutherland
1916 December 8
Requests his latest photograph so they can publish it.

Sutherland to International Syndicate
1916 December 20
Photograph is being sent under separate cover.

Irons, H.S. to Sutherland
1912 November 8
Request he write letter on Iron's behalf.

Sutherland to H.S. Irons
1912 November 11
Wrote to Mr. Wyatt on his behalf.

Sutherland to H.S. Irons
1912 December 14
Wants prospectus and blueprint of Logan County Timber.

Irons, H.S. to Sutherland
1912 December 21
Logan County Timber has an option - parties likely will purchase. Matter which he wrote "still hanging fire."

Sutherland to H.S. Irons
1914 March 14
Finds his timber proposition interesting - requests more definite facts regarding same.

Irons, H.S. to Sutherland
1915 January 20
Wants a White House pass for relative.

Irons, H.S. to Sutherland
1915 January 23
Appreciates pass. Will take up timber proposition with him soon.

Irons, R.S. to Sutherland
1914 May 23
Wants him to write to some of the leaders of the Charleston Bar when he goes there to practice.

Sutherland to R.S. Irons
1914 May 25
Glad he is moving to Charleston and will write the suggested letters.

Irons, R.S. to Sutherland
1916 January 19
Discusses political news heard during Charleston visit.

Sutherland to R.S. Irons
1916 January 22
Discusses political situation.

Irvine & Keim to Sutherland
1913 February 3
Discusses well production.

Sutherland to Irvine & Keim
1913 February 8
Discusses Lumberport well.

Isenburg, J. to Mrs. Sutherland
1913 May 1
Wants to know where suit can be sent.

Sutherland to J. Isenburg
1913 May 8
Will send check for suit as soon as alterations are satisfactory.

Isner, Creed to Sutherland
1912 February 7
Discuses sentiment in his area for Presidential nomination.

Sutherland to E.H. Isner
1913 January 16
Unable to attend meeting.

Sutherland to Luther Isner
1910 October 5
Discusses three voters who need to be registered.

Isner, R.B. to Sutherland
1913 October 18
Discusses financing Y.M.C.A. Association.

Sutherland to R.B. Isner
1913 October 20
Encloses check for Y.M.C.A.

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