USS West Virginia Collection
compiled by Clyde Lathey


1. Scrapbook, 1930s of George Caldwell, Fremont, CA
2. Scrapbook, 1930s of George Caldwell, Fremont, CA
3. Quartermaster notebook, Jan. 21, 1945 - March 21, 1945
4. Quartermaster notebook, March 22, 1945 - April 11, 1945
5. Quartermaster notebook, Sept. 19, 1945 - Oct. 11, 1945
6. Deck log book, August 1945
7. Life magazine, Dec. 15, 1941
8. Life magazine, June 14, 1943
9. US Navy War Photographs booklet
10. US Navy at War Second Official Report to the Secretary of the Navy covering combat operations March 1, 1944 to March 1, 1945 by Fleet Admiral Ernest J. King
11. US Naval History A Bibliography 4th edition 1965
12. The Bluejackets Manual 1946
13. Sound Power Telephone Directory USS WV
14. Song and Service Book for Ship and Field Army & Navy, 1941
15. 2 publications in Japanese
16. Guest book of visitors to Clyde Lathey
17. Radio Fundamentals, US Naval Institute, 1940 - retrieved from officer's stateroom after sinking of USS WV
18. Postcards from Clyde Lathey's museum

Prewar Albums

1. Photo album, 1939, James Alley, Layfette, IN
2. Photo album, 1940 including crossing equator, James Alley, Layfette, IN
3. Photo album, 1926-1927, Carl H. Rienbarger, Cave City, AZ
4. Photo album, 1933-1935, William B. Hutching
5. Photo album, 1920s, Kenneth Warren Meade

Prewar Materials

f. 1 Letterhead, from Robert Erlandson, Eagen, MN
f. 2 The Mountaineer newsletter 1938/10/27, from Bill Fiest, Sistersville, WV
f. 3 Crossing Equator book, 1940, from William E. Kneiple, Sun Lakes, AZ
f. 4 Thanksgiving menu, 1939/11/23, from Jim Smith, Princeton, IN
f. 5 Newsletters, Christmas menu, 1937-1939, from Henry S. Winslow, Ft. Myers, FL
f. 6 Envelopes postmarked from USS WV, 1927-1942, from Fred Nott, Eugene, OR
f. 7 Newsletters, photos, documents, accounts of action, most 1941-1943, compiled by Johnnie Egner, Fremont, CA

Prewar Materials

f. 1 Correspondence, clippings, newsletters, menus, photos of equator crossing in 1940, most 1939-1941
f. 2 Clippings, photos, 1938-1942 (photocopies), from John Rauschkolb, San Rafael, CA
f. 3 Photos including crossing equator about 1934, ca. 1933-1936, from John Farmer, Los Alamos, NM
f. 4 Photos, newsletters, documents, 1936-1937, from Ellsworth Woody, Williams, CA
f. 5 Photos, biography, clippings, ca. 1933-1934, from James W. Downing, Colorado Springs, CO
f. 6 Photos, clippings, documents, May Day 1945 program, General Information Book,

World War II Period

f. 1 Action report, Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor (photocopy)
f. 2 Pearl Harbor salvage report 1942 (photocopy) from John Cowden, Cranberry, TX
f. 3 Correspondence, clippings
f. 4 Personnel lists, orders, 1944 crossing of equator collected by Don Siebold, Broomfield, CO
f. 5 Photos, correspondence, newspaper, newsletters, 1944-45
f. 6 Newsletters, menus, 1944-45 from Charles Prazenia, Cerritos, CA
f. 7 Photocopy of instrument of surrender, 1945 from F. T. Kleber, San Diego, CA
f. 8 Folder and stamps of 50th anniversary of Pearl Harbor attack

Postwar Period

f. 1 Photos and information on scrapping of ship, Todd Pacific Shipyards Company, Seattle, WA
f. 2 Correspondence with Clyde Lathey
f. 3 Correspondence with Clyde Lathey
f. 4 Articles, speech, documents compiled by Howard O. Pollan, West Point, MS
f. 5 USS West Virginia submarine information

Special Collections

West Virginia Archives and History