West Virginia State Archives

Special Collections

      Ad and calendar for Birch-Lynn, housing area in Wheeling, ca. 1914. 1 item. Sc2000-006
      Ads for various household products, 1929-30. 5 items. Sc88-12
      Advertisement, Shannondale Springs, 1903. 1 folder. Sc2020-137
      Allegheny Lodge, Minnehaha Springs, ca. 1980. 1 item. Sc88-200
      American Medical Institute, New York, NY, 1905. 1 item. Sc82-178
      Asbestos Shingle, Slate & Sheathing Company, Ambler, PA; trade cards from Dafrron & Ellyson Co, Charleston. ca. 1907. 4 items. Sc84-245
      Berkeley Springs Hotel, 1890. 1 item. Sc85-138
      C. I. Hood and Co., "Hood's Sarsaparilla," Lowell, MA, ca. 1870. 1 item. Sc82-71
      Capon Springs and Baths, Hampshire County, 1878-96. 4 items. Sc82-142
      Card for Minnehaha Springs Inn, near Marlinton, 1926. 1 item. Sc88-155
      Card for The Moundsville Echo (weekly newspaper, 1891-1929), ca. 1900. 1 item. Sc88-219
      Card promoting Diamond bookshop, Charleston, ca. 1960. 1 item. Sc86-29
      Cards for Wheeling businesses H. G. Friedrichs sporting goods, 1923; Thomas F. Heyman confectionaries, ca. 1920s. 2 items. Sc98-100
      Color ad for Wheeling Corrugating Company from Woman's Home Companion, August 1929. 1 item. Sc87-128
      Cover of pocket notebook advertising Red Coon Chewing Tobacco found in case file, n.d. 1 item. Sc2010-120
      Covered bridge centennial, Philippi, 1952 August 28-30. 1 item. Sc82-28
      Dr. Guysott's Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla, Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry, Crumpton's Strawberry Balsam; 1880. 1 item. Sc86-120
      Enterprise Flour Mills, Alexander Parks, realtor, Martinsburg, 1900. 1 item. Sc82-27
      Fan ads for F. Schmeichel and Son Company funeral home, Wheeling; receipt from Steamer Liberty; letterhead from Edward Zink - J. H. Booth; 1894-ca. 1940. 3 items. Sc91-8
      Fans for Royal Crown Cola and Grand View Service Station, card for Atlas Lumber Company, booklet on first steps in photography, ca. 1900-50. 5 items. Sc85-49acc
      Fans from funeral homes, Thomas Hospital, WV American Water Co, Corrections, Agriculture, ca. 2000-2012. 16 items. Sc2013-092
      "Fifty Years After," Dr. Miles Medical Company, Elkhart, IN, 1924. 1 item. Sc82-21
      "Hannisville Pure Rye Whiskey," Hannis Distillery Co., Martinsburg, 1891. 1 item. Sc82-24
      Kanawha Woolen Mills letterhead fragment, ca. 1880. 1 item. Sc91-41
      "Keep on the Sunny Side of Life" by the Kellogg Company, Battle Creek, MI, 1933. 1 item. Sc82-117
      "The Legend of the Horseshoe," Drummond Tobacco Co., St. Louis, 1886. 1 item. Sc82-20
      Lester Shoe Company, Wheeling, n.d. 1 item. Sc86-69
      Medical and Surgical Sanitarium, Battle Creek, MI, 1886. 1 item. Sc82-138
      Miller's Gulf Station, Charleston, 1950s. 1 item. Sc2006-062
      Newspapers ads for sale of coal and timber lands in central West Virginia, 1867-71. 22 items. Sc87-127
      Paper sack logos for agricultural products, n.d. 29 items. (Oversized - shelved as Z17-16). Sc85-121
      Paper trash bag promoting Heartland WV (Braxton, Gilmer, Lewis, Nicholas, Upshur and Webster) and Strawberry Festival, 1971 June. 1 item. Sc2013-011
      Patent medicines, snapshots of former pharmacy location, n.d. 4 items. Sc2003-199
      Pontiac Resort, Oswego, NY, ca. 1915. 1 item. Sc82-139
      Powers and Reynolds, dealers in Drugs, Medicines and Chemicals ... Maysville, KY, n.d. 1 item. Sc81-9
      Quilt patterns on reverse of Gold Medal flour ad, ca. 1932. 1 item. Sc85-25
      Sales flyer and cover, W. C. Mohr, agent for Armour Fertilizers, 1929. 1 folder. Sc2020-109
      "Specimen Verses from Versions in Different Languages and Dialects..." by American Bible Society and the British and Foreign Bible Society, 1876. 1 item. Sc82-136
      Stubbnitz Park, Hedgesville, n.d. 1 item. Sc82-26
      Warm Springs, Bath County, VA, ca. 1875. 1 item. Sc82-140
      West Virginia Oil & Gas Corporation, Martinsburg, 1901. 1 item. Sc82-41
      Abraham Lincoln's Log Cabin Years, 1979. 1 item. Sc80-302
      Souvenir album of Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Scenery, ca. 1885. 1 item. Sc82-227
Publications of chapter at Bluefield, including 1966 Duke Ellington appearance, Emancipation Proclamation Centennial Celebration program, and issues of the national fraternity magazine Sphinx which was published in Bluefield 1962-65. 19 items. Sc89-71 and acc
Articles and brochures about international horse trainer, 1938-2009. 8 items. Sc2009-162
Charleston High programs, tickets, invitations and other materials, also yearbooks for 1913, 1915, 1924; 1913-1989. 2 boxes. Sc2019-073
      Ashland Oil, Inc., 1988. 1 item. Sc88-235
      Bloch Brothers Tobacco Company, Wheeling, 1961. 1 item. Sc86-220
      Bluefield Supply Company, 1958. 1 item. Sc2003-068
      Charleston Family YMCA, 1992. 1 item. Sc96-22
      Charleston Municipal Beautification Commission, 1969. 2 items. Sc2003-066
      Chesapeake and Ohio Historical Society, Inc., 1990-91. 1 item. Sc2003-143
      Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation with program for Spirit of the Valley award to Lyell B. Clay, 1992-1993. 2 items. Sc2006-012
      Libbey-Owens-Ford, 1975, 1976. 2 items. Sc2000-010
      Mount de Chantal annual fund donors report, 1987-88, 1991. 3 items. Sc87-183 and acc
      Oglebay Institute, 1997. 1 item. Sc2008-069
      St. Mary's Elementary and Notre Dame High School, Clarksburg, 2018-2019. 1 item. Sc2020-128
      United Bankshares, Inc.; WesBanco; Huntington Bancshares, Inc.; One Valley Bancorp; Banc One Corporation; 1993. 5 items. Sc94-13
      West Virginia Catholic Foundation, 2001. 1 item. Sc2003-060
      West Virginia Farm Credit, ACA, 1997. 1 item. Sc2003-062
United Daughters of the Confederacy, Florence Huffman, 3 items. Sc2021-123
Scrapbooks, certificates of Elkins City Hospital nursing graduate; bylaws, minutes and scrapbooks of WV State Nurses Association, 1942-1997. 7 volumes, 1 folder and 1 oversized folder. Sc2010-025
Society of American Archivists Problems in Archives kit, PAK 1: Appraisal, 1980. 1 item. In Archives Processing area. Sc81-2
      Artificial collection of books signed or stamped by Waitman T. Willey, J. M. Hagans, William B. Willey, and J. McGrew, ca. 1831-1897. 7 volumes. Sc2012-038
      Artificial collection of books signed or stamped by Robert C. Byrd, Jennings Randolph and John Slack, 1960-1970. 6 volumes. Sc2012-038
Campaign materials for local elections for Bob Barnette, Virgil Maynard; funeral home bill for Mrs. Olive Rebecca Taylor; 1973, 1989. 4 items. Sc2006-080
Materials on 50th anniversary, 1994 October 14. 1 folder. Sc2004-054
      Bethany College, article in American Antiques Journal about college, 1947 September. 1 item. Sc2003-119
      Bethany Woman's Club, yearbooks, programs and articles, 1927-2009. 28 items. Sc2009-165
      Adkins, Ella (Mary Ellen) Booton, n.d. 1 item. Sc78-17
      Barnes, Uz and Mary family, Fairmont, 1852. 1 item. Sc79-121
      Barnes, Uz Sr., 1791. 1 item. Sc79-114
      Boone/Nuzum family Bible pages and Baptist Church tracts and other materials, 1810-1933. 1 folder. Sc2013-007
      Chapman family (contains family history), 1867. 1 item. Sc79-125
      Clark family, 1814. 1 item. Sc79-112
      Cox, C. V., 1870. 1 item. Sc79-119
      German, no family names, n.d. 1 volume. Sc2006-044
      Heinlein, Andrew J. family, German Bible, no genealogy, 1889, plan to loan to WVIH for library room. 1 item. Sc85-196
      Hubbard family, including state senator Chester R. Hubbard, published 1833, family information 1814-1947. 1 item. Sc86-37
      Leeper and Miller families, Marion County, n.d. 1 item. Sc79-111
      Lemens and Billmyer families, n.d. 1 item. Sc79-113
      Linn family, tax receipts of John Linn from Marion and Taylor counties, 1874-1946. 2 folders and 1 volume. Sc89-76
      Lowers family, 1875. 1 volume. Sc79-122
      Man, Helen Ann, presented "by her affectionate Uncle John W. Towne, Brattleborough, VT. May 23, 1821." 1 item. Sc79-117
      Myers family, 1823. 1 volume. Sc2010-054
      Paddock, John and Mary, 1823. 1 item. Sc79-116
      Pierpont, Francis H., portion of Old Testament burned and rebound, n.d. 1 volume. Sc91-51
      Portion of Pierpont family Bible New Testament portion, n.d. 1 item. Sc91-51acc
      Ray, Patrick and Mary, Wheeling [whose daughter Elizabeth E. Ray married Waitman T. Willey in 1834], ca. 1815. 1 item. Sc81-35
      Reed and Putney families, 1874. 1 volume. Sc2013-099
      Robinson, Forman, Fleming, Davis, Hoad and related Harrison County families, n.d. 1 item. Sc2014-034
      Roby family, brought over mountains from southern Pennsylvania near the Maryland line by Elizabeth Cramer Roby in 1837, published in 1813. 1 item. Sc79-123
      Roycroft family with genealogy, 1840-2009. 1 volume. Sc2010-037
      Russell, Powers and related families, 1856-1980. 1 volume. Sc2016-029
      Small Bible carried by John B. Watkins, 22nd Indiana Infantry but former Wheeling resident during Civil War, ca. 1862. 1 item. Sc2003-074
      Welch, Goodwin, Green, Cargill, McFarland and McCormack families, 1846. 1 item. Sc79-118
      Wilcox, Luke. Kanawha County family, 1827. 1 volume. Sc92-93
      Young family information with additional copies of documents and family information, ca. 1859-2005. 1 volume. Sc2006-006
      Bible. n.d. 1 item. Sc79-115
      Bible. 1860. 1 item. Sc79-124
      Bibles, hymnals and other religious works, ca. 1500s-1972. 21 items. Sc87-143 and acc
      Bibles, Wolfe and Dunn family materials. Various programs, certificates, Bibles regarding Putnam County families, 1920s-80s. 1 box. Sc2003-242
      Book of Common Prayer with information about Brooks, Cain and Stewart families, 1784; Bible with information about Gordon, Peterson and Reynolds families, 1855; 2 Bibles belonging to Pastor J. M. Rife, 1855, 1922. 4 items. Sc78-2
      New Testament, 1883. 1 item. Sc79-120
      New Testament published by Collins World, which stopped bullet fired at night watchman Robert Hanson at American Cancer Society office, Charleston, 1978 October 5. 1 item. Sc80-317
      New Testaments issued to WWI soldiers, one a Catholic version, 1918. 2 items. Sc90-22
Concord College 1955, 1956, 1957, 1985; Big Creek High School 1956, 1957, 1957 yearbooks; scrapbooks and books on sports. 22 items. Sc2020-052
      Gray-Da Casting Company of Wheeling, n.d. 1 item. Sc2010-108
      Pennsylvania Insurance Co., Sterling and Scofield, agents, Wheeling, 1860. 1 item. Sc82-22
      AT&T Eastern Region building at Davis Square by Silling Associates, 1987. 33 sheets. Sc2008-062
      Big Creek District High School blueprints, specifications, football program and clippings, 1930-1968. 14 items (oversized shelved as ArProc046) Sc2012-044
      Bluestone Project of West Virginia Power Co. (PSC case #1548), 1924-30. 46 items. Sc86-47
      Cabell (Negro) School, 2nd Ave and Florida St, Charleston by H. Rus Warne, including floor plans, sections, elevations, mechanical and electrical, 1938. 13 items. Sc86-144
      Carbide and Carbon Chemical Corporation lab building, 3rd floor, 1946-48. 1 item. Sc86-50
      Charleston High School by Warne, Tucker and Patteson, ca. 1903. 16 items. Sc86-18
      Charleston National Guard Armory - addition of air conditioning by Donald L. Moses and Assoc., 1969 Sep. 27. 4 items. Sc86-44
      Charleston National Plaza penthouse floor plan by C.E. Sillings & Assoc., 1967. 1 item. Sc86-49
      City Building of Charleston by H. Rus Warne, ca. 1884. 22 items. Sc86-17
      Clay Center. 470 sheets. Sc2010-146
      Cottage for Sam Chilton by Herbert L. Kyle, showing floor plans and front elevation, n.d. 3 items. Sc86-142
      Drawings and correspondence for proposed clinic for Dr. Enrique Aguilar in Smithers by Martens Associates; Mountain State Business College catalogue; programs W. H. Bickel Race Meet and Horse Show, Parkersburg; drawing for river tipple for Oakland Coal; 1920-1964, 2014. 7 items. Sc2015-017
      Drawings for various historical buildings around state, including Graceland, Mannington Round Barn, Thurmond Depot, and others, 1985-1994. 338 sheets. Sc2002-052
      Gauley Project #1, Gauley Power Co. (PSC case #1884), 1925-28. 17 sheets. Sc86-46
      Hotel at Grafton by M. A. Long, B&O structures at Grafton, (photocopies), ca. 1911. 34 items. Sc98-26
      Huntington Galleries proposed theater and office addition, 1981 August 18. 2 items. Sc2009-171
      Kanawha Hotel plans, concept drawings, site map, Arcade Building, n.d., 1987-1996. 30 items. Sc2006-077
      Kanawha Hotel property site map, 1938 January revised 1955 February. 3 items. Sc2006-078
      Martens, Walter F. and Hassel Hicks, drawings and specifications, predominantly McDowell and Kanawha Counties, 1893-1971. 67 drawers and 27 boxes. Sc2006-070
      Mason County Courthouse improvements by Harry Ray Nay, 1954-57. 99 items. Sc86-45
      Moundsville General Hospital and Osteopathic by Harry Ray Nay, 1962-63. 23 items. Sc86-40
      New Kanawha Power Company, Hawks Nest project, 1929-33. 204 items. Sc86-09
      Norfolk and Western Railway, standard 1st class passenger station; proposed power house at Williamson, 1908-10. 2 items. Sc86-145
      Pocahontas Fuel Company, Itmann Store by Alex Mahood of Bluefield, 1923. 14 sheets. Sc95-10
      Residence of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hickman, Jr., New Martinsville, and Wheeling YWCA by Harry Ray Nay, n.d. 4 items. Sc86-51
      Rufus Corbitt house at Waverly by Richard Adair, ca. 1898 (photocopies). 8 items. Sc93-37
      Scott Brothers, Charleston. Plans for new tea room addition, Scott Brothers, Charleston by H. Rus Warne, 1917 April 30. 1 item. Sc2016-072
      Sistersville Junior High and Main Street Grade Schools, Sistersville - fire safety alterations by Harry Ray Nay, n.d., 1959. 13 items. Sc86-43
      Social Security District Office, Wheeling by Harry Ray Nay, 1969. 62 items. Sc86-41
      St. Mary's Ukranian Catholic Church, Wheeling by Harry Ray Nay, 1973. 22 items. Sc86-42
      Utility building and garage, Camp Washington-Carver, 1953. 1 item. Sc2002-105
      West Virginia exhibits at New York World's Fair by Dave Ellies Industrial Design, Columbus, 1964. 7 sheets (oversized shelved as ArProc046). Sc2012-043
      West Virginia State Parks, 1863-2004. 5,217 sheets. Sc2010-147 and acc
      Wheeling Civic Center location site plans, 1974. 4 items. Sc2010-106
      Work of architect Randolph Patteson, ca. 1907-77. 1627 items. Sc85-69
      YMCA of Charleston by Harding and Upman, 1906-07. 34 items. Sc86-48
      Blueprints and specifications. Old Greenbrier Baptist Church at Alderson (photocopies), 1930, 1934. 16 items. Sc87-25
      City of Wheeling 3% bond #227 for $1000, 1861. 1 item. Sc87-94
      Cannel Coal Company of Coal River, Virginia, 1852-59. 1 folder. Sc87-91
      Ohio Co. bonds for their share in Pittsburgh, Wheeling and Kentucky RR Co., 1872, 1877. 2 items. Sc87-200
      William Housworth and William Wagberg to Francis Lourdes for hire of African American, 1850 December 25. 1 item. Sc82-247
      Cabin Creek Quilts, undated. 1 item. Sc2021-077
      Commentary: The RTS and Public Transit Today. . . and Tomorrow, ca. 1980. 1 item. Sc2021-090
      Democratic Record, Progress for People in West Virginia, ca. 1968. 1 folder. Sc2020-122
      "1863," about Frances Pierpont, 2013. 1 item. Sc2014-046
      "A European Cure in America," brochures for Robert E. Lee week at The Greenbrier, 1918, 1932. 1 folder. Sc2020-121
      General Rules Governing Mine Employees, Princess Coal, Powellton Coal Division, Jane Ann Mine, June 1, 1959. 1 item. Sc2021-086
      Kids Guide to West Virginia, East Chapmanville Elementary 4th Grade, 2010-2011. 1 item. Sc2021-069
      150 years of Progress, Cabell County Sesquicentennial, 1959. 1 folder. Sc2021-010
      Proposal, Builders of West Virginia's 2nd Century for the Benefit of All, ca. 1961. 1 item. Sc2021-059
      Role of Members, First Presbyterian Church of Charleston, 1905. 1 item. Sc2021-092
      The Roy Williams Story, undated. 1 folder. Sc2021-007
      Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park Travelogue, 1938. 1 item. Sc2021-194
      Some Important Facts Concerning the Industrial Plant and Sight Offered at Hinton, 1959. 1 item. Sc2021-073
      St. Albans. . . A Place to Live and St. Albans, West Virginia, ca. 1995. 2 items. Sc2021-100
      West Virginia Council of Churches, Public Policy Issue Priorities, 2005-2013. 11 items. Sc2021-127
      West Virginia Studies, Grade 8 Volume 1, Kanawha County Schools, by Dr. Otis Rice, ca. 1970s. 1 item. Sc2021-070
      Booklet, program. Webster County Boys and Girls Agricultural Club with photos, July 21-26, 1919; program, 2nd annual West Virginia Rhododendron Festival, June 29-July 1, 1939. 2 items. Sc2021-064
      Booklet, program. Welcome aboard the USS West Virginia, SSBN 736; Change of Command, USS West Virginia, SSBN 736, May 4, 1991. 2 items. Sc2021-088
"Buckhannon is Booming, G.A.R. Day, April 22, 1891." 1 item. Sc82-38
Artificial collection, 1840-1900. 3 items. Sc82-36
Blueprints and specifications of various buildings; sketches of some of the buildings he designed; 1948-79. 23 boxes and 11 items. Sc86-188 and acc
Parkersburg Materials, Glenville State University Materials, and Air Force Yearbook. 1 box. Sc2020-069
Books, broadside, program, 1877-1981. 19 items. Sc85-50
      Address of Hon. A.R. Boteler to voters of 2nd Congressional District, 1874. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z10-9). Sc85-163
      "Address of the Central Committee to the People of North Western Virginia" stemming from Wheeling Convention, 1861 May. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z17-5). Sc85-76
      Artificial collection, 1826-1944. 1 box. Sc82-37
      Attention Republican Voters Kanawha County from Charleston Daily Mail, 1928 November 5. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Y27-7). Sc85-187
      Campaign flyer published by Democratic State Executive Committee protesting Republicans controlling Congress and high prices, 1948. 1 item. Sc2002-057
      Claymont Boarding School, Jefferson County, 1867. 1 item. Sc82-261
      Complaint of Winchester & Potomac RR vs. B&O RR by Charles James Faulkner, ca. 1850s. 1 item. Sc98-62
      Concert, Kanawha Valley Institute, Pt. Pleasant, 1866 July 4. 1 item. Sc82-310
      Concurrent resolution accepting statue of Francis Pierpont, 1910 April 10. 1 item. Sc85-172
      Coolidge-Dawes Campaign, 1924. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Y27-5). Sc85-185
      Declaration of the People of Virginia at Wheeling Convention, 1861 June 13 (photocopies). 5 items. (Oversized - shelved as Y27-12). Sc85-189
      Democratic and Conservative platforms, Kanawha County, 1871. 1 item. Sc82-312
      Draft list, 1st subdistrict, Kanawha Co, 1863. 1 item. Sc85-93
      Emancipation Proclamation, 1919. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z23-6). Sc89-22
      Estate sale of S.M. Arnold at Burlington, including tract of land with Nancy Hanks birthplace, 1968 June 29. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z10-7). Sc85-161
      Excerpts from Mining Journal - "Virginia: It's Attractions to the Capitalist and the Emigrant," 1873 October 11-November 29. 6 items. (Oversized - shelved as Z17-15). Sc85-91
      Excursion train to New York and Philadelphia on Norfolk and Western Railway including McDowell County stations, 1930 April. 1 item. Sc2008-018
      Facsimiles of historic broadsides, 1980s. 5 items. (Oversized - shelved as Z23-9). Sc89-89
      GAR Encampment, Charleston, 1910. 1 item. Sc2021-062
      Grand concert and lecture, Professor H.W. Myers, Martinsburg, 1870 March 19. 2 items. Sc82-316
      Great Democratic Demonstration Martinsburg, 1884 October 4. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Y27-6). Sc85-186
      Handbill for Wheeling Register, ca. 1882. 1 item. Sc78-23
      Horses Wanted! Stewart and Warner at Logan's Livery Stable, 4th St. Parkersburg, 1903 December 23. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z10-16). Sc85-170
      Inauguration of the New State, 1863 June 11. 1 item. Sc2009-109
      Inscription of plaque honoring Lewis Robert "Hack" Wilson, Baseball Hall of Fame, 1988. 1 item. Sc2003-061
      Jazz Brunch, Louise Pearson and Indulgence!, undated. 1 item. Sc2021-129
      John Brown message "What is Life or Rest to me so long as I hold a Commission Direct from God Almighty to act against Slavery", ca. 1859. 1 item. (Oversized - Y27-1). Sc85-181
      Listings of award-winning West Virginia authors, 1995. 6 items. Sc96-27
      Louise McNeill's "Gauley Mountain," a history in prose. 1 item. Sc2020-108 (oversized, shelved in Processing Drawer 61)
      "Martinsburg - Its Surroundings" for Martinsburg as prospective capital of West Virginia, 1877 July 3. 2 items. Sc82-226
      Memorial, Battery B, 314th Field Artillery, ca. 1918-19. 1 item. Sc96-11
      Midwest Book Company, Williamstown, advertising McGuffey reprints for sale, n.d. 1 item. Sc92-26
      Mollenhauer Sugar Refining Co., NY; Moore and Brady, oyster and fruit packers, Baltimore; Royal Blue canned goods; F. Schenk and Sons, meatpackers, Wheeling; Sweet Bliss Stogies; 1900. 1 item. Sc82-63
      Movie schedule for Jefferson Theater, Charles Town, 1953 August. 1 item. Sc2004-123
      Ohio County Memorial to Virginia General Assembly, 1833. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z10-8). Sc85-162
      Opening Campaign report of West Virginia Democratic Convention; reprint from Piedmont Herald about Williamsport; 1888, n.d. 6 items. Sc2000-022
      Performance announcement for Tom the Blind Negro Boy Pianist, ca. 1860. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z10-10). Sc85-164
      Political broadside complaining of high prices under Republican Congress distributed by WV Democratic State Executive Committee, ca. 1948. 2 items. Sc2003-258
      Prohibition amendment speech, n.d. 1 item. Sc92-99
      Prospectus to publish Virginia Star, democratic newspaper in Morgantown, 1856. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z10-11). Sc85-165
      Reprint of "Ripley's Believe It or Not" account of Louis Trupo, WWII Marine, autographed by Trupo, 1955. 1 item. Sc86-52
      Reprints of 1893 Boone Democrat discussing railroads and 1891 Manufacturers Record discussing West Virginia's resources. 2 items. (Oversized - shelved as Z23-5). Sc88-231
      Robert F. Kennedy rally, 1968. 1 item. Sc84-199
      Sightseeing Flights of New River Gorge Bridge from Fayette Airport, n.d. 1 item. Sc2009-110
      Soldiers Memorial. Clark Kelley, originally Co. E 7th Regiment VA Vol. Inf, reenlisted in Co. E, 17th WV Inf, 1910 July. 1 item. Sc2013-027
      Soldiers Memorial, Company D, 150th Infantry, War of 1917. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z10-1). Sc85-140
      Soldiers Memorial, Company C, 8th Regiment VA Volunteer Mounted Infantry, 1863. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z11-5). Sc87-130
      Soldiers Memorial, Company E, 13th Infantry, (photographic copy), 1865 February 1 item. Sc2006-087
      Soldiers Memorial, Company H, 12th Regiment VA Volunteers (Wheeling), ca. 1863. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z12-3). Sc86-39
      Soldiers Memorial, Company M, 150th Infantry, War of 1917. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z10-2). Sc85-156
      Spanish-American War, Company G, 4th U.S. Volunteer Infantry, raised in Wheeling, 1899. 1 item. Sc97-26
      Special Order #1, 84th Regt. PV Winchester, VA by Lt. Col. Thomas C. MacDowell, 1862 April 26. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z10-14). Sc85-168
      Speech delivered by Mrs. Olandus West to Woman's Christian Temperance Union convention at Charleston, 1920 September 29. 1 item. Sc94-26
      Speech of Charles James Faulkner about new state constitution, 1872 July. 1 item. Sc96-29
      Speeches of Charles James Faulkner and Samuel Price at 1872 Constitutional Convention (multiple copies), 1872. 18 items. Sc2004-124
      Standing Committees of the Council of the City of Wheeling, 1893-94. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z23-2). Sc88-196
      State Senate resolution reading Theodore Roosevelt tribute, 1919. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z10-18). Sc85-174
      Statement attributed to Charles J. Faulkner regarding Winchester & Potomac Railroad vs. Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, ca. 1843. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z21-13). Sc88-158
      Statesman Extra, Democratic vote, Berkeley County, ca. 1870. 1 item. Sc83-9
      Supplement to the Kanawha Gazette, City Finance, 1878 January 22. 1 item. Sc2014-067
      Thomas Hughes & Co., Merchant Tailors, Wheeling, n.d. 2 items. Sc78-22
      "To the People of Berkeley County" from Jno. Blair Hogh, 1861 January 24. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z17-2). Sc85-73
      "To the People...Kanawha Valley..." from Lt. Col. John McCausland, ca. 1861 April 29. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z17-4). Sc85-75
      "To the People of Western Virginia" by Major General Loring, 1862 September 14. 1 item. Sc2013-033
      To the Public from A.C. Snyder, Lewisburg re: his taking of attorney's oath, 1867 April 15. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z10-15). Sc85-169
      "To the Voters of Berkeley County" from A.C. Hammond, 1861 January 26. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z17-3). Sc85-74
      UMWA Labor Day Celebration at Comfort, 1960 September. 1 item. Sc2013-020
      Unit histories of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Armored Divisions, US Army, World War II, ca. 1946. 4 items. (Oversized - shelved as Z10-17). Sc85-171
      Virginia Petition; Wheeling Meeting; Resolution & Address of Petitioners, 1839. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z10-12). Sc85-166
      Washington Monument lottery, addressed to Sam Hanway, Esq, Morgantown, 1817 May 8. 1 item. Sc82-293
      Wheeling Intelligencer Extra - B&O Railroad cut, 1861 or 1862 April 20. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z10-13). Sc85-167
      World War II honor roll, Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes [sic] Lodge #139, ca. 1942. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z10-22). Sc85-178
      Broadside, booklet. West Virginia Macaroni Company, Clarksburg, ca. 1931. 2 items. (Oversized - shelved as Z23-4). Sc88-226
      Broadside, calendar. Broadside of meeting to arrange celebration for Berkeley County's 100th anniversary, 1872; calendar showing Charles Town churches, 1908. 2 items. Sc89-69
      Broadside, calendar. Movie notice for "Three Blind Mice" at Masonic Theater in Hinton, calendar of Summers County Scenes; 1938, 1991. 2 items. Sc89-54acc
      Broadside, card. Specifications and prices for cross ties for Norfolk and Western Railway, 1921-1923. 2 items. Sc2010-020
      Broadside, receipt. Gospel Meeting, no location or date; receipt for charges State of WV vs. J. M. Moore, 1915. 2 items. Sc2007-039
      Broadsides, newspaper. Political tickets for 1860 election - Virginia Republican ticket Lincoln/Hamlin, Democratic ticket Breckinridge/Lane; Wheeling Gazette, November 20, 1830. 3 items. Sc89-20
      Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine, ca. 1963-1980s. 7 items. Sc99- 002
      Berkeley County, showing historical buildings and sites, n.d. 1 item. Sc99-008
      Charleston locations including East End, First Presbyterian Church, St. Mark's Methodist Church, Charleston facts, 1948-1990s. 6 items. Sc99-003
      City of Parsons and Town of Thomas, published by Friends of Blackwater Canyon, n.d. 2 items. Sc2015-023
      First Year West Virginia Association Future Farmers of America, 1928-1929. 1 item. Sc99-004
      Fostoria Glass, Century pattern, n.d. 1 item. Sc2003-051
      Franklin the Magician ad for Point Pleasant magical Ben Franklin IV, n.d. 1 item. Sc2008-015
      Gaston Caperton gubernatorial campaign, 1988. 2 items. Sc2021-124
      Greenbrier Resort, 2015 August. 1 folder. Sc2017-012
      Historic Barbour County sites, n.d. 1 item. Sc99-009
      History of Mount St. Joseph, home to the Sisters of St. Joseph, ca. 2014. 1 item. Sc2014-032
      Information on Congressman Joe L. Smith's labor record issued by Workmen's Non-Partisan League of WV, 1932. 1 item. Sc2003-260
      Inwood Fair Daily, 1895 August 22. 1 item. Sc2000-008
      Matewan, A Walking Tour, ca. 1985. 1 item. Sc2004-058
      Miners Art Group, ca. 1978. 1 item. Sc99-006
      Park View Inn, Berkeley Springs, n.d. 1 item. Sc2008-075
      The Porte Crayon Memorial Society, ca. 1930s. 1 item. Sc86-03
      Real estate brochures for historic homes Claymont, Jefferson County; Mill Island, Hardy County; Rollmore Farm, Hampshire County; and Lewisburg home, Greenbrier County from collection of G. B. Lorraine, ca. 1940s-1950s. 10 items. Sc98-80
      Sales brochure, South Charleston Industrial Park, ca. 2015. 1 item. Sc2021-065
      Sons of Revolutionary Sires flyers, listing of deceased members, 1888-1889. 3 items. Sc2006-060
      Sophia, WV gateway to the Winding Gulf Coalfields, 2013. 2 items. Sc2014-007
      West Virginia Community Voices Partnership, 2002-2003. 2 items. Sc2021-072
      West Virginia First Ladies, 1977. 1 item. Sc2005-049
      WV Baptist Historical Society annual meeting, anniversaries of Baptist churches, 2006 October 1 folder. Sc2011-045
      Yesteryear Toy Company, Charleston, 1982. 1 item. Sc2010-139
Cards and publications regarding Morgantown real estate developer, ca. 1907-1910s. 1 folder. Sc2003-300
      Civil War showcase Harpers Ferry, 1859-1865, ca. 1960s. 1 item. Sc2008-077
      Hillbilly Hotdogs, Lesage, n.d. 1 item. Sc2020-007
      Keep West Virginia Clean!!, ca. 1950s-60s. 3 items. Sc2008-076
      Neely and Burnside [for U. S. Congress], 1948. 1 item. Sc93-12
      "Recycle West Virginia," 1980s. 1 item. Sc89-97
      Stop Corridor H, 1990s. 2 items. Sc2003-126
      Stop the Pulp Mill! and I Love Mountains. 2 items. Sc2021-132
      West Virginia Centennial, 1963. 1 item. Sc82-64
      Wildlife! In West Virginia It's for Everyone!, n.d. 1 item. Sc2003-266
      Bumper stickers, form. 1972 campaign including Jay Rockefeller, George Wallace, Joe Savilla; blank application for United Klans of America, 1972. 1 folder. Sc2003-268
Steamboat materials, including scrapbooks, photos, slides, publications, audiotapes, ca. 1865-1987. 6 boxes and 2 books. (Oversized shelved as Y33-19). Sc87-182
1861-72. 2 items. Sc84-225
      AeroClub of Charleston constitution and bylaws, 1927 October 1. 1 item. Sc2003-227
      Charles Town Woman's Club, ca. 1935. 1 item. Sc82-297
      Charleston Philosophical Society, 1924. 1 item. Sc82-103
      Daughters of Temperance, Parkersburg Union No. 2, 1851. 1 item. Sc82-84
      Independent Order of Odd Fellows, Grand Lodge of West Virginia, 1900. 1 item. Sc82-105
      Kanawha Savings and Building Loan Association, Charleston, 1868. 1 item. Sc82-102
      Knights Templar, Knights of Malta, Council of Red Cross Knights, Wheeling, 1846. 1 item. Sc82-90
      Masonic Mutual Benefit Association, Shepherdstown, ca. 1890. 1 item. Sc82-146
      Master Plumbers Association of West Virginia, constitution and bylaws, June 5, 1902. 1 item. Sc2021-087
      Order of Rathbone Sisters, Union Temple No. 9, Charleston, 1905. 1 item. Sc82-104
      United American Mechanics, Junior Order, Burning Springs Council No. 217, ca. 1930. 1 item. Sc82-101
      United Confederate Veterans, constitution and by-laws, 1909. 1 item. Sc2020-112
      Valley Exchange Building Association, Martinsburg, 1891. 1 item. Sc82-40
      Bylaws, membership book. International Workers Order, Inc., 1935. 2 items. Sc82-100
Byrd, Senator Robert C. Programs, cards and other materials from funeral service in Charleston, 2010 July 1-2. 1 folder. Sc2011-072
C & O COLLECTION (artificial)
Articles of incorporation of the C & O Historical Society, undated. 1 item. Sc2020-113
      Alliance for the Collection, Preservation and Dissemination of West Virginia's Black History, 1991. 1 item. Sc2008-071
      American creed & calendar, 1918. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z21-3). Sc88-25
      B&O Railroad Historical Society John J. Young Jr. calendar, 2007. 1 item. Sc2008-014
      Barboursville Bicentennial, 2013. 1 item. Sc2013-039
      Beauty of West Virginia, 1994. 1 item. Sc96-23
      Biagi Fruit & Produce Company, Charleston, 1922. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z21- 12). Sc82-331
      Black History calendar produced by Alliance for the Collection, Preservation and Dissemination of West Virginia's Black History, 1994. 1 item. Sc94-28
      The Civil War in West Virginia, 2011. 1 item. Sc2011-060
      Coal Miners Calendar by Goodyear, 1992. 1 item. Sc91-12acc (oversized Z23-10)
      Coal Miner's Calendar with series of limited edition sketches by Bob Howard, 1991. 1 item. Sc91-12 (oversized Z23-10)
      Consol Inc. "States of Color" featuring watercolor artists from Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, 1993. 1 item. Sc93-40
      Diocese of West Virginia Protestant Episcopal Church, 1916. 1 item. Sc82-249
      Early oil industry calendar featuring West Virginia wells and workers, 1991. 1 item. Sc91-4
      Gilmer County scenes, 2010. 1 item. Sc2010-115
      The Greenbrier, 2006. 1 item. Sc2006-009
      Halliehurst, Davis and Elkins College, 1990. 1 item. Sc2003-146
      Historical photographs of Hinton, Summers and Wyoming counties, 1989. 3 items. Sc89-54
      Kanawha Medical Society, Charleston, 1911-12. 1 item. Sc82-193
      Land People and Statehood published by West Virginia Historic Preservation Office, 2013. 1 item. Sc2013-040
      Literature of Historic Places published by West Virginia Historic Preservation Office, 2019. 2 items. Sc2020-014
      Malden Historic District Heritage Calendar, 1996. 1 item. Sc96- 28
      McDowell County scenes sketched by Geroge Jarosz, 2001. 1 item. Sc2002-019
      Mercer County scenes, 1992-93. 4 items. Sc92-96
      Monongahela Power 1986 Conservation Calendar. 1 item. Sc86-25acc
      Moore Dry Kiln Company, 1955-58. 4 items. (Oversized - shelved as Z17-10). Sc83-12acc
      Mountain State Railroad and Logging Historical Association, 1994. 1 item. Sc83-12acc
      National Coal Heritage Area, "A Journey Through Coalfield History," 2010. 1 item. Sc2011-059
      Odd Fellows and Rebekahs of West Virginia, 1992. 1 item. Sc92-100
      Richwood Centennial, 2001. 1 folder. Sc2020-077
      Romney, WV 1762-2012, 2012. 1 item. Sc2013-026
      S. A. Cody, Merchant and L. Z. Hundley, both Fayetteville businesses, 1933. 2 items. Sc2009-166
      Scenes of West Virginia, 1998. 1 item. Sc98-68
      Summers County historical scenes, 1991-92. 4 items. Sc89-54acc
      Transportation in the Mountain State published by West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office, 2012. 1 item. Sc2013-025
      Turn of the Century Nostalgia - Wheeling views, 1994. 1 item. Sc95-17
      Upshur County Community Calendars published by Buckhannon Record Delta, 1994, 1996. 2 items. Sc96-26
      US Capitol Historical Society commemorating Sesquicentennial of Civil War, 2012. 3 items. Sc2012-033
      US Capitol Historical Society, commemorating the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War, 2013. 1 item. Sc2013-087
      Veterans Memorial Museum, Hinton, 2002. 1 item. Sc2002-006
      Veteran's Memorial Museum, 2005. 1 item. Sc2004-157
      West Virginia Heritage Calendar, 1981. 1 item. Sc2003-103
      West Virginia Historic Schools published by West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office, 2005. 1 item. Sc2013-024
      West Virginia Pulp and Paper, 1938-1961. 15 items. Sc2005-050
      Western Maryland Railway Historical Society, 2017. 1 item. Sc2020-013
      Wheeling area businesses, 1926. 3 items. (Oversized - shelved as Z17-14). Sc85-86
      Wolf Creek Printery, 1983-2015. 36 items. Sc87-41&acc
      Calendars, program. Summers County calendars, program for West Virginia Water Festival, 1986-90. 4 items. Sc89-54acc
      Calendars, program. WV Celebration 2000 calendar and events schedule, 2000. 2 items. Sc2012-034
      Calendars, publication. Journey Through Coalfield History 2014 and Exploring the West Virginia Coalfields, 2013-2014. 2 items. Sc2014-053
      Calendars, publications. Calendars of Summers County scenes; WWII English-Japanese dictionary, ca. 1944, 1986-90. 5 items. Sc89-54acc
      Calendars, Scrapbook. Calendars from Green Sulphur Crafts, Hix Mountain Trading Post and Wolf Creek Printery; Scrapbook of clippings about southern West Virginia history compiled by Mrs. Lewis Shumate; 1974-87, n.d. 10 items. Sc93-5
Legislation regarding formation of county, county seat location, 1856, ca. 1870. 3 items. Sc2003-085
Programs, flyers and scripts for 4-H and West Virginia Homemakers Training Encampments; booklet, Kanawha County Girl Scout Established Camp at Clifftop; 1952-63. 8 items. Sc86-60
      Artificial collection of flyers, brochures for state and local offices, 1996-2006. 1 box. Sc2008-031
      Campaign card. Alex D. Cypers, Democrat for McDowell County Circuit Clerk, ca. 1938. 1 item. Sc2020-011
      Campaign card. Raymond J. Funkhouser Republican for Governor of West Virginia, ca. 1944. 1 item. Sc2021-078
      Campaign cards for George Herald and Mark Pugh, Clay County candidates, ca. 1928. 3 items. Sc2002-023
      Campaign cards. I Favor Baber Bob Henry Baber for governor, 2011 October. 5 items. Sc2015-019
      Campaign mailers. Primary and General Election, 2008. 2 folders, 31 items. Sc2021-196
      Campaign materials. David Hall, United States presidential candidate, 2016. 1 folder. Sc2020-124
      Campaign materials. Letter and flyer, Okey L. Patteson for Governor, 1948. 2 items. Sc2010-123
      Campaign memorabilia. Paper autographed by both John F. Kennedy and Hubert H. Humphrey at Kanawha City Krogers, 1960. 1 item. Sc2010-118
Includes railway company memorabilia, literature, and art prints, 1896-2014. 1 oversize folder, 4 framed items, 1 flip-top legal size document container Sc2023-039
Articles and information on movement of houses across Kanawha River to make room for Capitol by John Eichleay Jr. Company (photocopies), 1923 May. 1 folder. Sc2003-215
      Black Past by Anna Gilmer and James Randall, 2018. 1 item. Sc2020-008
      Business card. G. Eason Eige, Chief Curator, Huntington Galleries, ca. 1985. 1 item. Sc2018-020
      Business card for Sencindiver, Shaffer and Stewart, Studebaker wagons and buggies, Martinsburg, ca. 1910. 1 item. Sc96-49
      "The Day of Judgment" from the American Baptist Publication Society, Philadelphia, 1898. 1 item. Sc82-43
      Facts about West Virginia, compiled by Stuart F. Reed, ca. 1910. 1 item. Sc2021-080
      John D. Sutton, candidate for Democratic nomination to House of Delegates, 1924 May 27. 1 item. Sc82-258
      State Police pass for W. L. Price, Kanawha County Circuit Clerk, 1927-1928. 1 item. Sc2013-127
      Susan B. Anthony, 1895 December 20. 1 item. Sc82-34
      23rd anniversary of West Virginia "Anti-Pistol Toting" law enacted by W. S. Johnson, 1932. 1 item. Sc2003-003
      Vehicle Registration Card, 1928. 1 item. Sc2020-006
      West Virginia University football schedule, 2012. 1 item. Sc2014-044
      Card, program. Card for Webster Wagon Company, Moundsville, n.d.; Linsley Cadet Class of 1900 dance program. 2 items. Sc95-34
      Cards. Election card for J. N. Coltrane, Republican candidate for Harrison County Commission; business card for R. M. Manley for produce, butter, eggs, poultry and game, Wheeling; n.d. 2 items. Sc2003-109
      Cards. Ron Williams, San Francisco/Golden State Warriors; Darius Reynaud West Virginia University; 1970, 1973, 2008. 3 items. Sc2015-020
      Cards. Trading cards about West Virginia and The Summit: Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve given to West Virginia Boy Scouts attending 2010 National Jamboree, 2010 July. 3 packs and 26 loose. Sc2011-050 and acc
      Cards. Various cards belonging to Goldie V. Maynor, many Red Cross or C&P Telephone, 1941-1947. 1 folder. Sc2017-013
      Depictions of events in West Virginia history (copies), 2003. 5 items. Sc2003-131
      Sketch of Nitro and various public officials, 1919 May 1. 1 item. Sc2008-021
Articles and tickets for Grand Centennial Excursion, ca. 1963- 1974. 1 folder. Sc2003-107
Drawings of coalfield engineer, 1916-1968. 3 folders. Sc2007-001
      Alleghany High, Blue Sulphur Springs, 1859. 1 item. Sc82-254
      American Viscose Corporation, includes West Virginia plants, ca.1946. 1 item. Sc96-20
      Barretts Bottoms Chairmakers, Kearneysville, 1985. 1 item. Sc2006-057
      Berkeley Female Seminary, Martinsburg, 1886-87. 1 item. Sc82-253
      Blenko Glass, 1986-1987. 3 item. Sc2008-073 and acc
      Caldwell and Peterson Manufacturing Company, Wheeling, 1897. 1 item. Sc82-52
      Cecil Kraft Shop, Wileyville, 1988. 1 item. Sc2010-138
      The Coal House, White Sulphur Springs, 1989-1990. 1 item. Sc2010-140
      Columbia Glass Company, Fairmont, 1923. 1 item. Sc82-55
      Elkins Refrigerator, 1923. 1 item. Sc96-62
      Fairmont Aluminum Company, aluminum rolling mill products, ca. 1944. 1 item. Sc96-19
      Female seminary, Georgetown, DC, 1842. 1 item. Sc82-275
      Galperin Music Company, Charleston, 1940-50. 3 items. Sc82-54
      George A. Fleming, Huntington, ca. 1900. 1 item. Sc82-58
      Helmick Foundry Machine Company of Fairmont. 1 folder. Sc2020-118
      Huntington Museum of Art's 280 exhibit Works Off Walls, 1993 March-June. 1 item. Sc2003-086
      James Rees and Sons Company of Pittsburgh, illustrated images of steamboats, reprint, 1972. 1 item. Sc2021-089
      Jeffrey mining equipment, n.d. 3 items. Sc2010-046
      Kanawha Military Institute, Charleston, 1881. 1 item. Sc82-257
      LeBosquets' Steam Heating Apparatus, Frazer and Bishop, agents, Martinsburg, 1877. 1 item. Sc82-56
      Loan Art Exhibition and Babies' Reception, Elks' Hall, Charleston, 1894. 1 item. Sc82-53
      Mannington District High, 1908-09. 1 item. Sc82-264
      McDonough Incentives, Parkersburg, products including shoes, Ames lawn tools, Gold Medal recreational products, 1980s. 1 item. Sc2009-111
      Monongalia Academy, Morgantown, 1861. 1 item. Sc82-98
      Montgomery Ward and Company No. 76, ca. 1908. 1 folder. Sc2021-120
      "New American Glass," Huntington Galleries, 1980. 1 item. Sc2020-136
      Pan-Handle Grocer and Merchants Guide; Baer Grocer Company, Wheeling, 1899. 3 items. Sc82-59
      Photocopy of 8th Annual Catalogue. . .Burnsville Academy, Burnsville, 1899. 1 item. Sc88-10
      A Plan Book of Harris Homes, 1923. 1 volume. Sc2010-018
      Premiums and regulations, Ravenswood District Exposition and Fair Association 4th annual fair, 1888. 1 item. Sc82-213
      Product information for Eagle Cans, Wellsburg, Sylvania Lighting, Wheeling, Penn Metal Lath and Plastering, Parkersburg, and McNicol China, Clarksburg, ca. 1951-1963. 1 folder. Sc2008-057
      Reprint of 1931 Old Morgantown Glass catalogue, ca. 1965. 1 item. Sc89-28
      Sears, Spring/Summer and Wish Book for Christmas Season, 1976. 2 items. Sc2021-119
      Trade catalogue for Jeffery-DeWitt Company of Kenova, makers of ceramic insulators and sanitary ware, 1923. 1 item. Sc93-7
      Waddington Peoples College, Wheeling, 1927-28. 3 items. Sc82-51
      Wilson's Evaporated Milk, 1953. 1 item. Sc2014-052
      Catalogue, poster. Seneca Glass Company catalogue (photocopy), n.d.; poster for skiing at Snowshoe, ca. 1990. 2 items. Sc87-192acc
      Catalogues, DVD. Whitewater rafting from Ace Adventure Center, North American River Runners, 2011. 3 items. Sc2015-009
Assorted printed materials, including Peck's shopping bag, 1940-63. 67 items. Sc86-23
      $1000 West Virginia Coupon Gold Bond series of 1921, #1. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z10-6). Sc85-160
      American Flag House and Betsy Ross Memorial Association, No. I73935, 1902. 1 item (oversized). Sc2021-143
      Appointment of A. T. Laidley as land commissioner for PA, 1855. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z11-1). Sc88-180
      Appointment of Benjamin H. Smith as US Attorney by President Millard Fillmore, 1850. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z21-15). Sc88-170
      Appointment of Fred L. Fox as a member of the Judicial Council issued by Governor Homer Holt, 1940. 1 item. Sc2020-056
      Appointment of Herbert D. May as Captain, 1918. 1 item. Sc2020-087
      Appointment of Joseph L. Beury as Postmaster at Beury, 1891. 1 item. Sc2021-204
      Appointment of Kyle McCormick as State Historian and Archivist by Governor Underwood, 1957. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z21-20). Sc88-179
      Appointment of Mrs. Roy Bird Cook as State Historian and Archivist by Governors Meadows and Patteson, 1946, 1949. 2 items. (Oversized - shelved as Z21-19). Sc88-178
      Appointment of William Worley as director, West Virginia Reform School, 25 February 1891. 2 items. (Oversized - shelved as Z21-14). Sc88-159
      Attendance, Douglass School, Huntington, 1937. 1 folder. Sc2020-143
      Attendance, Marguerite Silling, Union Public School, 1913. 1 item. Sc2020-135
      Award to West Virginia Salt & Bromine from Brine Wells #105 Group III, from US Centennial Commission, 1876. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Y33-16). Sc88-30
      Awarded to George Robert Sams, including Purple Heart, 1945. 3 items. (Oversized - shelved as Z17-6). Sc85-21
      Certification of election of Matthew M. Neely as governor, 8 January 1941. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved s Z11-8). Sc88-181
      Commission of Harold Blaine Cornwell as Adjutant General by Gov. Gore, 4 March 1925. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z21-8). Sc88-87
      Commissions as corporal and sergeant for Homer Duff, Company E, 27th Infantry, 1899, 1901. 2 items. Sc2010-039
      Copyright registration issued by Library of Congress to Ruth Woods Dayton for Greenbrier Pioneers and their Homes, 1942. 1 item. Sc78-21
      CSA register of vessel "Marshall", 1862 March 13. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z10-20). Sc85-176
      DAR Charter for Fort Lee Chapter, 1962. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z21-4). Sc88-28
      Department of Free Schools of Monongalia County honorary certificate, ca. 1880s. 1 item. Sc2003-158
      Department of Mines First Aid training for Virgil Williams, 1938 August 15. 1 item. Sc2004-134
      Diploma awarded by Western Virginia Agricultural Society and Industrial Institute (Wheeling) to Millar and Brother, 1854. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z11-7). Sc87-144
      Discharge from Grand Army of the Republic honoring Robert Junkens' service in 1st West Virginia Vol. Cavalry, 1886 March 1 items. (Oversized - shelved as Z17-13). Sc85-85
      Dr. Joseph E. Robins, 1883-1919. 16 items. (Oversized -shelved s Z17-12). Sc85-80
      Election of Clarence Meadows as Attorney General, 1941 January 8. 1 item. Sc92-104
      Elementary diploma for John Quinn Geiger, who attended school at Cass, 1921 May 4, 1 item. Sc2008-020
      First Communion for Mary Immacuala Fitzpatrick, St. Patricks, Randolph County, 1925 May. 1 item. Sc2002-060
      Honorable service issued to Lewis D. Allen, Ironton, OH, 1886 April 17. 1 item. Sc84-198
      Incorporation of West Virginia Historical and Antiquarian Society, 11 February 1890. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z21-5). Sc88-31
      John Hoy as oil well shooter at Wileyville, West Virginia, 1907. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z21-10). Sc88-89
      Julian H. Jacob into Fenestra, Inc. Old Timers Club, 1958 January 1. 1 item. Sc86-02
      Kanawha Valley Chapter DAR charter, 1915 January 12. 1 item. (Oversized- shelved as Z10- 21). Sc85-177
      March of Dimes appointment, appreciation, 1954-57. 8 items. Sc85-59
      Marriage certificate for Clyde Reger and Minnie Mearns of Upshur County, 1899. 1 item.(Oversized - shelved as Z21-16). Sc88-175
      Methodist Episcopal Church to James L. Clark, 1843-45. 2 items. Sc82-73
      Moose Membership Conservation Chairman Award presented to Charles E. Nicklas, Clarksburg, 1965. 1 item. Sc2014-029
      Motor Vehicles titles, 1927, 1929. 2 items. Sc85-60 & acc
      National Encampment, United Spanish-American War Veterans establishing Kanawha Camp #2, 1919 May 19. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Y33-1). Sc85-78
      Proclamation by Governor Underwood of American History Month, 1959. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z11-9). Sc88-182
      Proficiency in typing, Margaret Gorges, 1927. 1 item. Sc2020-138
      Purple Heart awarded to Louie Tate, 1962. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z21-17). Sc88-176
      Reading Circle, Daniel Rhodes, Jackson County Schools, 1947. 1 item. Sc2021-128
      Rededication of Mayflower Covenant, signed by various officials, 1950. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z21-18). Sc88-177
      Robert H. Counts, Battery A, 315th Field Artillery service in World War I, 1918. 1 item. Sc2006-029
      Society of the Army of West Virginia issued to W. L. Drake, 1887. 1 item. Sc2018-019
      Stock for Elk Horn Coal Corporation, 1921. 1 item. Sc88-157
      Stock for Monticello Smokeless Coal Co, Princeton, 1922. 3 items. Sc84-204
      Teacher's certificate, M.F. Simmons, Roane County, 1876 Sep. 16. 1 item. Sc82-251
      Tribute to Rachael Wilson principal of Ensign School, Cabell Co. from PTA, 1962 May 25. 1 item. Sc2012-035
      U.S. Inspectors Certificates to Engineers (steamboats) to William and James Sutherland, 1882, 1890. 2 items. Sc89-50
      U.S. Navy Shellback certificate issued to Jack Donald Lewis, coxswain on USS Humboldt for first crossing of equator, 1942 June 22. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z12-4). Sc86-65
      West Virginia contributions to the USS Arizona Memorial, Pearl Harbor, ca. 1945. 1 item. Sc82-65
      West Virginia Mine Workers Local 32 Charter at Leewood, 1931 July 6. 1 item. Sc2008-034
      West Virginia State Seal contest sponsored by Congressman Bob Wise, 1st place to Christian Perkins (photocopy), 2000 May 21. 1 item. Sc2013-042
      West Virginia Thousand Dollar War Savings Society to G.E. Derenberger, Ravenswood, 1915. 1 item. Sc82-110
      Women's International Union Label League, 1923. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z23-1). Sc88-193
      World's Columbian Commission Award to West Virginia Collective Exhibit of Crude Petroleums and Their Products, 1893. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Y27-3). Sc85-183
      World's Columbian Commission Award to West Virginia Collective Exhibit of Iron Ores and Minerals, 1893. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Y27-4). Sc85-184
      Certificates, cards. Military service record of Namon Edgar Addison Shuck, Pittman, 1918-19. 7 items. Sc82-330
      Certificate, cartoon. Certificate for Knights of Pythias, cartoon of 3rd Degree Mason, 1930s. 2 items. Sc87-122
      Certificate, diploma. Dr. John P. Hale's membership in Louisville Medical Society, medical diploma from University of Pennsylvania, 1843-44. 2 items. (Oversized - shelved as Y33-3). Sc85-81
      Certificate, label. Concerned citizenship certificate issued by A. James Manchin; bakery label from Mootz's Bakery of St. Albans; n.d. 1982. 2 items. Sc92-18
      Certificates. Elementary School Diploma, Amma, Roane County and State Board of Dental Examiners license, both awarded to Joseph Pettit, 1911, n.d. (shelved in oversized Dr060) 2 items. Sc2003-234
      Certificates. Margaret Pitzer elementary, junior high and senior high, all Summers County, marriage certificate of her marriage to Oliver Quinton Fox, Pocahontas County, 1920-1930. 4 items. Sc2003-235
      Certificates, handbook. Stock certificates, Weston & Fairmont Turnpike, 1849; rules and premium list, West Virginia Central Agricultural & Mechanical Society, 1875; Democratic Red Book, Negro Democratic State Executive Committee of West Virginia, 1934; 4 items. Sc84-203
      Certificates, publications. Certificates of Henry S. White, including Civil War promotions and appointments to International Industrial Exposition Commission and U.S. Marshal; publications of Greenbrier Presbyterial School, Vicksburg Military Park Commission, child's book; 1861-1923. 9 items. (Oversized - shelved as Z10-24). Sc87-190
Publications, clippings, many of Mary Black of Charleston Art Gallery and Sunrise, 1946-1977. 2 folders. Sc2006-047
Clippings, publications, prenatal care and other materials, 1930s-2003. 2 folders. Sc2008-099
Publications, 1984-87. 8 items. Sc88-110
Survey and recommendations, 1936 July 18. 1 item. Sc2000- 012
Springer-Morgan genealogical table, n.d. 1 item. Sc78-24
      Aaron Diling to Robert Harvey, 1868. 1 item. Sc82-67
      Bierbowen V. Robinson to L.C. and N.T. Pearce, 1852. 1 item. Sc82-66
      R.M. Tompkins to J.C. McFarland, 1862. 1 item. Sc82-70
      State Bank of West Virginia, Charleston, 1878. 1 folder. Sc79-167
Forms, certificates and other materials, 1883-1936. 1 folder. Sc2004-089
      Artificial collection, including Blue Beard (1824), Mother Goose Melodies (1868) and The Little Playmates (n.d.). 3 items. Sc82-72
      Our Little Men & Women, 1894; The Baby Elephant, 1887. 2 vol. Sc87-145
      Story Time, 1888. 1 vol. Sc87-146
      Childrens books, Scrapbooks, Easter cards, 1892-1947. 16 items. Sc85-38
Correspondence, annual report and other materials on history of agency, 1986-1994. 1 folder. Sc2004-053
Christmas card. Senator and Mrs. John F. Kennedy, signed "Best, Jack," ca. 1959-1960. 1 item. Sc2011-046
Audio tapes, ca. 1980s. 7 items. Sc89-1
Commencement program, 1977, partial issue of Panther Weekly Press, 1983. 2 items. Sc87-26
      Article by Homer Holt about West Virginia's attractions for industry, n.d. 1 item. Sc2005-020
      Articles and other materials on Frank W. Buckles, last WWI survivor, 2006-2011. 1 folder. Sc2013-034
      Articles on Buffalo Creek flood (photocopies), 1972-1976. 1 folder. Sc2013-015
      Articles on West Virginia politics, New Deal, murder cases, ca. 1930s. 1 folder. Sc2011-115
      Clippings, audiotapes. Materials regarding mine wars, Blair Mountain, strikes, 1921-92. (Audiotapes transferred to AV Collection). 6 items. Sc96-15
      Funeral notice for Lieutenant George D. Johnson, 1949 July 26. 1 item. Sc92-43
      Photocopies of articles on bridges, WPA projects, 1940-2001. 1 folder. Sc2005-021
      Press clippings about Culture and History, 1976 July - 1979 December 1 box. Sc80-03
      Press clippings about Department of Health, 1932-72. 1 box. Sc80-02
      Press clippings about Department of Mental Health, 1958-75. 6 boxes. Sc79-231
General layout merchant mills and equipment (photocopy), 1950. 1 item. Sc91-7
      Correspondence, one postcard to Clarksburg, three to Anawalt, written in Italian, 1933-1954. 4 items. Sc2020-141
      Letter, West Virginia Hillbilly solicitation and thank you, 1974. 1 folder. Sc2020-115
      Postcard, Reward for William H. Fogle, 1919. 1 item. Sc2021-099
Invitation and letter to dedication ceremony, 1985 July 13. 2 items. Sc2010-135
Arnettsville Store Company coupons, deducted from pay of Courtney Coal Company, n.d. 1 item. Sc2004-156
Programs and other materials relating to sports teams in Charleston including Charleston Gunners and West Virginia Rockets, 1980-1995. 1 box. Sc2016-059
      $10,000 Virginia Bond #9061 issued to G.T. Bonner & Co., 1871 July 1. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z10-4). Sc85-158
      $5000 Virginia Bond #10190 issued to Julius S. Hitchcock, 1871 July 1. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z10-5). Sc85-159
      $5000 Virginia Bond #10238 issued to Drexel Morgan & Co., 1871 July 1. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z10-3). Sc85-157
      Confederate notes in 2, 10, 20 and 50 dollar denominations, 1861-64. 10 items. Sc82-111
      "Currency of the War" mounted on poster, 1862-75. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Y29- 12). Sc85-102
      Monroe County note worth 25 cents, 1863 January 1. 1 item. Sc2008-068
      State bank note for payment of printing charges of constitutional amendments to Wetzel Democrat, 1881 March 17. 1 item. Sc91-44
      Currency, printed material. Bank draft for Merchant and Mechanics Bank, fragment from 1828 Acts regarding Randolph Academy, vehicle registration form, "Poor Order" form; 1828-1930s. 4 items. Sc91-31
Nomination to Ohio Valley Civil War Roundtable Hall of Honor, n.d. 2 items. Sc88-123acc
Broadsides, dance programs, receipts, invitations, 1849-1924. 23 items. Sc82-15
Amherst College, 2nd Annual Ball, 1887. 1 item. Sc82-187
      Programs and other materials regarding Dunbar, Phillips family, music, ca. 1957-1987. 1 box. Sc2012-040
      Programs, correspondence, and certificates re: Phillips and DeBlois families, 1962-2002. 1 box. Sc2012-040acc
      Editorial cartoons, clippings of Gazetteer column and other materials reflecting career of Dent at the Charleston Gazette, ca. 1960-92. 14 boxes. [Closed for processing]. Sc93-25
      Unpublished sketches drawn for Charleston Gazette newsroom staff, 1950s. 145 items. Sc93-25acc
Clippings, Festival of American Folklife certificate & birthday card from President Reagan, 1970s-80s. 17 items. Sc88-19
      Doctoris Legum awarded to Gov. William G. Conley by West Virginia University, 1929 June 4. 1 item. Sc84-177acc
      Elementary school for Bessie and Gladys Donohoe, Buffalo Creek Elementary, Kanawha Co., 1924, 1927. 2 items (oversized). Sc2011-036
      Ida Henderson, Marshes, Raleigh County, March 24, 1910. 1 item. Sc2021-103
      R. Clair Frame, Gassaway High School, 1935. 1 item. Sc2021-137
      Cultural and recreational opportunities, Greater Kanawha Valley, 1966-67. 1 item. Sc82-222
      Diocese of West Virginia, Tenth Annual Council, Weston, 1887. 1 item. Sc82-114
      Lions Club, District 29-I, West Virginia, 1962-63. 1 item. Sc82-92
      Members of 1872 Constitutional Convention. 1 item. Sc2000- 021
      Methodist Protestant Church, Spencer, 1912. 1 item. Sc82-80
      Officers and station agents, Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, 1905 April 1. 1 item. Sc82-232
      Physician of Davis Health Systems, 2003. 1 item. Sc2021-084
      West Virginia Board of Education, 1914. 1 item. Sc82-155
      Architect's rendering of new unit at Pinecrest Sanitarium, Beckley, by Garry and Sheefey, 1936. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Y33-15). Sc88-24
      Architect's rendering of proposed John Brown amphitheater at Harpers Ferry, August 1978. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Y33-18). Sc88-24
      Charcoal, Benjamin Jones Brice. 1 item. Sc2020-061
      Custom House, Wheeling by Ammi Young, ca. 1854. 9 items. (Oversized - shelved as Y33- 7 through Y33-10). Sc86-11
      Damage to USS West Virginia at Pearl Harbor and sketch of ships' locations during attack (photocopy), 1941-42. 1 item. Sc97-2
      Henry Witmer's improvements upon Anderson's patent condensing tub, ca. 1850. 1 item. Sc82-112
      Mingo White Oak, done by Emmett Keadle and T.B. Griffin, ca. 1932. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z10-19). Sc85-175
      Mount for howitzer cannon for Ripley, with accompanying suggestions, 1915. 3 items. Sc86-146
      Outline of 1868 House Chamber, indicating seating arrangement. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z10-25). Sc87-223
      Peninsula Cemetery graves registration, showing locations and names of those buried in cemetery, 1963-64. 14 items. Sc86-143
      Reproduction drawings of Davis Island Lock & Dam on Ohio River, 1892. 13 items. (Oversized - shelved as Z10-26). Sc88-13
      Structural and engineering of bridges, one labeled "Bridge 70, Belva, West Virginia, Gauley Branch," n.d. 44 items. Sc85-77
      "20 Years of Progress," Appalachian Regional Commission, numbered drawing by Brett Johnson, 1985. Sc2020-106
      Drawings, history. Documentation of Building 107 (Hanger 1), Yeager Airport Air National Guard Base, 2008 November. 1 volume, 1 CD and 43 sheets. Sc2009-107
      Drawings, plans. Mine tipples and workings, Dun Glen Hotel, other coalfield sketches, ca. 1893-1909. 47 items. Sc2002-051
      Drawings, reports. Construction of 12th Street Garage, Wheeling, 1930 June-November 1 box + 12 items. (Oversized shelved as Z12-1). Sc85-32acc
      Drawings, specifications. Kelley, Gidley, Blair and Wolfe, Inc. engineering projects around state, 1918-1996. 283 flat files, 145 tubes and 36 boxes. Sc2006-069
      Drawings, specifications. Morgan Morgan monument, ca. 1924. 8 items. (Oversized shelved as Y33-11). Sc86-19
      Drawings, specifications. Pt. Pleasant Battle Monument by Sears Monument Company, 1935-36. 7 items. Sc86-20
      Drawings. U. S. Steel #9 Filbert coal car dumping facilities, loading facilities, and other drawings, 1958-1961. [shelved as ArProc 048]. 122 sheets. Sc2011-129
History and information about school and alumni groups, n.d. 1 folder. Sc2005-003acc
      Bumper stickers, brochures and other materials for Jay Wolfe for Senate, 1988, Gaston Caperton for Governor, 1992, Stan Klos for Senate 1994 and Charlotte Pritt for Governor, 1996. 19 items. Sc2007-070
      Posters, bumper stickers and flyers for local, state and national candidates, 1992. 2 folders. Sc93-4
      1860 Democratic ticket John C. Breckinridge/Joseph Lane, Virginia electors listed, 1860. 1 item. Sc2002-017
      Jefferson County Democratic Ticket, 1877, 1896. 2 items. Sc82-120
      Marshall County Republican Ticket, 1892 June 25. 1 item. Sc82-122
      National Constitutional Union Party, 1860. 2 items. Sc82-130
      National Democratic Party, 1836-92. 6 items. Sc82-125
      National Equal Rights Party, ca. 1845. 1 item. Sc82-127
      National Republican Party, 1868. 1 item. Sc82-128
      National Whig Party, 1844. 2 items. Sc82-126
      October 1866, West Virginia Elections, 1866. 1 item. Sc2021-012
      Republican ticket for local and district races including Convention (Constitutional Convention of 1872?), ca. 1872. 1 item. Sc2004-052
      Virginia, American Ticket, ca. 1896. 2 items. Sc82-123
      Virginia Republican Ticket, 1860. 1 item Sc2013-018
      Virginia Republican Whig Ticket, 1852 November 2. 1 item. Sc82-119
      West Virginia Democratic Party, ca. 1892. 1 item. Sc82-129
      Wetzel County Democratic Party, 1868. 1 item. Sc82-124
      Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson campaign, 1864. 1 item. Sc82-186
      Centennial envelope, not postmarked until 1971. 1 item. Sc2003-278
      Kanawha House, Charleston, ca. 1914-15. 1 item. Sc85-137
      McCrorey's [sic] Five and Ten Cent Stores, 1910. 1 item. Sc82-23
      R. D. Wilson - Sons and Company, Clarksburg, dealers in hides, wool, roots, furs, 1908. 1 item. Sc2006-038
      West Virginia Historical Society, Room E-400, ca. 1960s. 4 items. Sc2008-046
      Envelope and stationary. Ruffner Hotel, Charleston, ca. 1930s. 2 items. Sc2006-064
      Programs, trade cards, dance invitations and letterheads from assorted Charleston businesses and hotels, ca. 1860-93. 110 items. Sc86-90 and acc
      Menu, Thanksgiving Day 1918, U.S. Naval Training Station, Hampton Roads, 1918. 1 item. Sc2021-199
Protect Charleston Children, Scales Funeral Home, Charleston, 1936. 1 item. Sc82-311
Wheeling letterheads, checks, stock certificates, The Ladies Garland, etc., 1825-1960s. 106 items. Sc86-33
Bank Book, Farmers Bank of Pendleton, 1930. 1 item. Sc2020-140
Report and pledge form for new building fund, n.d. 1 item. Sc2010-096
      Creative Impressions products, calendars, 2006. 1 folder. Sc2014-058
      Logan Theater ad for "Now, Voyager," 1942 December 20-22. 1 item. Sc2014-050
      Absent Military Service Voters Primary Ballot Box seal, 1918. 15 items. Sc2007-075
      Attendance and on-time plan for Mount Carmel Sunday School, 1923. 1 item. Sc2013-046
      B&O agents daily report, Huntington; memos and advertisements, 1955-1957. 2 boxes. Sc2003-016
      Book of store requisition forms from Campbells Creek Coal Company stores, n.d. 1 volume. Sc92-22
      Cancelled checks for First National Bank of Keystone and Bank of Princeton, 1918-1930. 8 items. Sc2004-135
      Collection sheet for fees at Rock Springs Park, 1909. 1 item. Sc2013-019
      Dues form and ticket order form for Bucktail Association (First Rifle Regiment PRVC), 1906. 2 items. Sc2013-044
      International Working and Dues Book of the Bricklayers, Masons, and Plasterers International Union of America for W. W. Conaway, Union #4 of West Virginia, 1916-1925. 1 item. Sc2010-099
      Notepad for Ward Reunion, ca. 2000. 1 item. Sc2002-130
      Presentation slip for Du Pont: The Autobiography of an American Enterprise published for 150th anniversary, 1952 July 19. 2 items. Sc2013-002
      Forms, clipping. Coyle and Richardson Department Store employee discount card, logo, charge account notice; clipping about George Coyle and his Air National Guard service during Korean War; 1944-91. 4 items. Sc92-25
      Forms, clippings. WWII discharge and voters registration card of Homer Bostic; bank statement for Trillie Bostic; misc. obituaries, ca. 1945-1968. 1 folder. Sc2013-048
Scrapbook of career of pilot who served in World War II with Chennault's Flying Tigers and as West Virginia Adjutant General 1946-57; 1936-73. 1 box. Sc96-53
Newsletters, Event Flyers, Schedules, Clippings, Scrapbooks w/Photographs, and Broadsides documenting the first 40 years of FOOTMAD, 1981-2021. 5 boxes. Sc2022-006
Funeral book. William Walton Venable, died 1961 May 15. 1 item. Sc2003-096
      Funeral Card. Sarah Carter, 1923. 1 item. Sc81-42
      Funeral notice. Corneous E. White, Charleston, 1884 May 3. 1 item. Sc2006-095
      Scrapbooks, directories, minutes, publications and other materials, 1904-2014. 9 boxes and 36 volumes Sc2014-019 and acc
      State, Point Pleasant, St. Marys chapters scrapbooks, state/local directories, programs, awards, reports, board meeting and conventions notes, yearbooks, photographs, 1922-2021. 4 boxes 22 volumes. Sc2014-019acc
General Glass Company manuals, maps, newsletters, advertisements, scrapbooks, invitations, correspondence, clippings, photos. 1 box, 4 scrapbooks. Sc2020-051
Preston County, automobile documents,1920-1942. 1 folder. Sc2021-141
Scrapbooks, publications, clippings and other assorted materials re: Girl Scout activities in West Virginia, ca. 1923-1989. 11 boxes. Sc87-191
Glassmaking. Signatures of people involved in glassmaking, collected by Tamarack glass buyer, 2000. 1 folder. Sc2011-066
Printed materials, forms of WWII recruiter and black educator, ca. 1941-1950. 1 box. Sc2006-120
Gorrell, Harland P. National Association of Letter Carriers materials. 1 folder. Sc2020-074
Scrapbooks World War II era and calendar, 1941-1998. 3 items. Sc2020-083
Historical information and articles, ca. 1940-1969. 1 folder. Sc2010-038
Newspapers, publications, other materials from class of 1953 collected by Emma Jean Dowdy Cantrell; Class of 1953 reunion booklet for 20th reunion, alumni association memory book, 1948-2013. 3 boxes. Sc2015-013
Poems and reminiscences of Mason County native and Charleston resident, 1963-2011. 7 items. Sc2013-093
      Artificial collection, 1880-1943. 28 items. Sc82-137
      Christmas, ca. 1913-17; baby Christmas from Blackwood family, 1917. 2 items. Sc86-101
      Christmas card. Governor and Mrs. Joe Manchin, 2006. 1 item. Sc2008-052
      Christmas card. Governor Jay Rockefeller and family, 1982. 1 item. Sc2007-071
      Christmas card for Senator John D. Rockefeller IV and family, 1986. 1 item. Sc2004-051
      Christmas cards. Senator Jay Rockefeller and family, 1992-2004. 13 items. Sc2005-024
      Christmas greeting from Mr. and Mrs. Houston Goff Young showing 1885 capitol, n.d. 1 item. Sc2003-226
      2 valentines and 1 birthday card, ca. 1900-40. 3 items. Sc87-197acc
      Greeting cards, campaign invitation. Christmas cards sent by Governor and later Senator John D. Rockefeller and family; 1980 campaign invitation; 1990 campaign invitation; 1979-1990. 15 items. Sc2018-018
      Greeting cards, matchbook cover. Christmas in West Virginia cards; matchbook promoting tourism, ca. 1970. 5 items. Sc2003-279
Certificates and drawings from career as engineer, including Charleston airport, 1916-65. 13 items. (Oversized - shelved as Y27-15). Sc89-106
Yearbooks, 1901-2003. 2135 items. Sc2005-003 and acc
Publications, programs and other materials of military career, 1938-2001. 1 box. Sc2019-074
Blueprints and notes of various West Virginia projects, 1955-1986. 3 boxes, 86 tubes and four oversized. Sc2004-045
Sketches and plans for the creation of various string instruments, includes business cards and invoices, 1970-1980. 1 oversized folder. Sc2023-030
Broadside, photographs, certificates, and awards, 1920s-2004. 1 folder. (oversized, shelved in Processing Drawer 61) Sc2020-107
Tapes, filmstrips, character cards and quilt instructions and patterns, 1978-80. 1 box. Sc81-13
Scrapbooks and albums of Miller and Hoke families, 689th Ordnance Ammunition Company reunions, Huntington Poetry Guild, 1935-2010. 7 volumes and 1 box. Sc2013-100
Notes, transcripts, films and tapes of research into snake handling, ca. 1960-65. 2 boxes. Sc80-13
Knights of Pythias and Knights of Khorassan materials, 1939-1970. 1 folder. Sc2020-110
Brochures, advertisements, catalogues and other materials, ca. 1930-90. 2 boxes. (Oversized shelved as Z21-6). Sc85-13 and acc
Clipping of letter to Charleston Daily Mail editor regarding Catholics taking over country, 1958 September 2. 1 item. Sc2010-044
Photographs, newspaper clippings, programs, ballots, scrapbooks for the Huntington YWCA, 1922-1998. 2 boxes and 1 box of photographs Sc2011-020
      Methodist Episcopal hymnals exchanged between Marshall E. McDonald and Rachel Elizabeth Hyatt on their wedding day October 7, 1858. 2 volumes. Sc2005-045
      Oriola Hymn and Tune Book, 1859. 1 item. Sc86-84
      Hymnals, ca. 1851-77. 3 items. Sc90-21
      Artificial collection of invitations, programs and addresses, 1863-2001. 1 box. Sc2003-136 and acc
      Inaugural materials. Notes on inaugural ceremony, program, invitation, special inaugural Mass for Governor Joe Manchin 2005; invitations for Jay Rockefeller 1981, Gaston Caperton 1993, Bob Wise 2001; program for Jay Rockefeller 1981. 9 items. Sc2003-136acc
      Inaugural materials, WVU, discharge. Inaugural invitation and program for Governor Hulett Smith, invitation for President Lyndon Johnson, Mountaineer Scholarship brochures, Mountaineer Illustrated about 1975 Peach Bowl, discharge for John R. Miller, 1945, 1965, 1975-76. 8 items. Sc2015-003
      Inaugural napkin. Governor Earl Ray Tomblin, 2013 January 14. 1 item. Sc2014-057
      Inaugural of Governor Cecil H. Underwood. Invitiation, tickets to symphony salute and napkins, 1997 January 12-13. 1 folder. Sc2004-035
      Inaugural of Governor Gaston Caperton, 16 January 1989. 2 folders. (Oversized shelved as Y29-17). Sc89-2
Photocopies of documents, brochures and notes on company history, ca. 1945-61. 1 box. Sc90-43
      135th Anniversary of Battle of Point Pleasant, 1909. 2 items. Sc82-164
      Beni Kedem Shrine inaugural reception and ball for Illustrious Potentate Elbert L. McMillen, 2004 February 21. 1 item. Sc2013-049
      Christmas dinner dance held by Governor Gaston Caperton, 1995 December 16. 1 item. Sc2014-059
      Dedication of Leon Sullivan Way (formerly Broad Street), 2000 August 11. 1 item. Sc2013-014
      Dinner at Governor's Mansion and tour of museum, 2009 August 12. 1 item. Sc2009-170
      Funeral of J.C. McFarland, Charleston, 1864 November 10. 1 item. Sc82-163
      Governor's Gala Celebrating Library Encounters from Governor and Mrs. Rockefeller, 1978 October 14. 1 item. Sc2003-197
      Inaugural ball and banquet, 1887 January 5. 2 items. Sc84-213
      Inaugural ball of Governor William Mercer Owens Dawson, 1905 March 3. 1 item. Sc82-161
      Inauguration and ball of Governor Ephraim T. Morgan, 1921 March 4. 2 items. Sc82-166
      Inauguration and ball of Governor Howard M. Gore, 1925 March 4. 2 items. Sc82-167
      Inaugural reception and ball of Governor John J. Cornwell, 1917 March 5. 1 item. Sc2010-053
      Main Street WV reception and awards with Governor and Mrs. Tomblin, 2012 June 27. Sc2013-047
      Masonic Club of Wheeling, New Years Ball, 1922. 1 item. Sc82-162
      Mercer County Historical Society dedication of Hall McKenzie Cemetery stone, 2009 August 21. 1 item. Sc2009-168
      Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Morgan 25th anniversary, 1873 November 4. 1 item. Sc2006-096
      Open house for new Tucker County Courthouse Annex, 2013 October 24. 1 item. Sc2014-051
      Opening of 1838 Hale House as home of Cabin Creek Quilts, 1991 October 19. 1 item. Sc96-30
      Opening of State Museum, Charleston, 1894. 1 item. Sc82-158
      Premiere of Hearts of Glass: The Story of Blenko Handcraft, 1998 March 20. 1 item. Sc2003-117
      Rededication of bell of USS West Virginia armored cruiser ACR5 at WVU, 1987 December 7. 1 item. Sc2010-134
      Society of the Army of West Virginia, Tenth Reunion, Portsmouth, OH, 1886. 1 item. Sc82-160
      University of Charleston dedication of Buckner and Lyell Clay Center, 1997 September 7. 1 item. Sc98-35
      Unveiling of Francis H. Pierpont Statue, 1910. 1 item. Sc2021-125
      Wedding, reception of Jane Greer and Lt. Richard Aubrey Raese at Greer Manor, Morgantown; at home card enclosed; 1943 August 3. 2 items. Sc86-121
      Invitation, envelopes, program cover, Christmas card. Governor Conley inauguration cover, Christmas and at home invitation and envelopes of Governor and Mrs. Cecil H. Underwood, 1929, 1957-1958. 4 items. Sc2006-059
      Invitation, flyer. Dedication of Montani Semper Liberi statue on capitol grounds, 1912 December 10. 1 folder. Sc2013-013
      Invitation, postal cachet. Mrs. Cecil Underwood at home, 1957 March 5; Canyon Rim visitor's center dedication, 1991 May 25. 2 items. Sc91-68
      Commissioning of USS West Virginia (SSBN 736), 1990. 2 items. Sc2021-122
      Invitation, program. Inauguration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Washington, DC, 1941. 3 items. Sc82-159
      Invitations, programs. Unveiling of Francis Pierpont statue in Statuary Hall, Washington, 1910 April 30. 8 items. Sc2010-050
Presented by Rev. John F. Steng on 99th anniversary of statehood at Charleston, 1962 June 20. 1 item. Sc85-173
Henry W. Hoffman to George Slothower, 1825. 3 items. Sc82-69
Brochures and other information about project to celebrate life of 1st African-American attorney in West Virginia, 2004-2012. 14 items. Sc2010-137 and acc
      Brochures, posters and other items regarding Jefferson County black history, Berkeley Springs State Park, 2004. 1 folder and 2 oversized. Sc2004-125
      Miscellaneous materials, 1935-1968, concerning Jefferson County. 8 items. Sc2021-079
      Jefferson County Black History Preservation Society. Pamphlets, Posters, and DVD all relating to Black history in Jefferson County. 1 folder. Sc2020-065
Photocopies of materials about statue and Jones family, n.d.. 7 folders. Sc2003-040
Sticker, tickets, canceled check, life insurance policies, and photos related to Johnston and Shamblin families, 1930-1943. 6 items, 2 photos. Sc2021-068
Caricatures of famous individuals, 1972-82. 533 items. Sc85-01
Catalogues, brochures, display signs and cards illustrating company's products, 1965-82. 30 items. Sc87-95
      Ku Klux Klan brochures, 1975. 1 folder. Sc2016-046
      Scrapbooks and other materials, 1974-1982. 1 folder and 5 volumes. Sc2002-053
Scrapbooks and photographs of Charleston Municipal Auditorium and Charleston Community Music Association. 1 box, 3 volumes. Sc2020-058
Kaufman Memorial Bridge. Program and remarks of Senator Joe Manchin as recorded in Congressional Record, 2011 June 20. 2 items. Sc2011-058acc
Documents and schedule of Charleston theater, 1920-1959. 1 volume and 1 folder. Sc2003-029
Materials on local Soap Derby events, publications on West Virginia, and articles with photos shot by Kelley. 1 flip top letter size document container, 1 oversized Sc2023-012
      Brochure about Texas School Book Depository exhibit, 1988. 1 item. Sc88-225
      Kennedy materials. Publication, clippings and other materials re: John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy, 1963-1968. 1 volume. Sc2017-022
Military booklets, 1950-1952. 1 folder, 9 items. Sc2021-003
Books, maps, and drawings related to Kanawha County, Poster DWA Mother of the Year, Life magazines and William D. Goebel drawing of Charleston High School, 1962-2017. 1 box. Sc2020-064 and acc
Blueprints of various West Virginia projects, 1917-1960 (oversized shelved in Dr032-037). 1,777 items. Sc2015-002
      Mountain State Brand Tomatoes, packed by Nicolette Canning Company, Parkersburg, n.d. 2 items. Sc2009-173
      Shipping label from 1876 Centennial Exhibit at Philadelphia. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z21-9). Sc88-88
Trade cards, receipts, checks, 1850-82. 18 items. Sc82-172
Scrapbook, clippings, program, and photos of John Lambros' career, 1959-1982. 2 folders. Sc2021-061
      E. I. DuPont de Nemours Company, Polychemicals Department, Belle, 1952 July 19. 1 item. Sc2010-045
      Fayette Tribune, n.d. 3 items. Sc2008-067
      Morris Harvey Comet, Barboursville, n.d. 1 item. Sc87-171
      New River Grocery, 1918-1919. 2 items. Sc2003-145
      Ruby Brothers Grocery, Charleston, 1907 December 1. 1 item. Sc96-25
      State of West Virginia Office of Treasurer, undated. Sc2021-135
      Webster Springs Hotel and Baths (photocopy), ca. 1910s. 1 item. Sc2008-048
      Letterhead, correspondence. Camp Creek Coal and Lumber Company, 1917. 1 item. Sc2021-139
      Letterhead, forms. Hotel Wells, Tyler County Bank, Sistersville, ca. 1904-1916. 6 items. Sc2010-047
      Letterhead, forms, Morgantown, Charleston. Star Glass Company, Morgantown and Southern Railroad Company, offices of J. W. Wiles and Wiles Agency, envelopes for Hotel Kanawha and Peak Hotel in Charleston; card for H. C. Riggs insurance, Morgantown, ca. 1930s-1950s. 1 folder. Sc2002-129
      Drivers issued by City of Wheeling to Paul E. Eddy, 1971-72. 1 item. Sc86-187
      Drivers to Norman L. Parks, Charleston, 1927. 1 item. Sc82-174
      First motorcycle license issued to B.E. Andre by State Road Commission, 1917-18. 1 item. Sc81-24
      Gasoline Retail Dealers, P.L. & F.G. Fleming, Petroleum, West Virginia, 1927-28. 2 items. Sc82-176
      Hunting, fishing, artificial collection, 1910-57. 30 items. Sc82-177
      Internal Revenue license for cattle broker Austin Merrill in Marion County, 1864. 1 item. Sc88-156
      Marriage of Saxey Ryan and Sarah Stonicker, Martinsburg, 1863 March 9. 1 item. Sc82-175
      Various licenses for City of Wheeling and State of West Virginia for business, tobacco and other types of licenses, 1916-54. 1 folder. Sc96-48
      West Virginia driver's license issued to Elery Brown of Glen Rogers, 1928. 1 item. Sc78-19
List. Sears, Roebuck & Co., grocery list, 1909 May/June. 1 item. Sc78-20
First day issues and covers, old cancelled check from Boone and Lincoln counties, page from calendar about Chuck Yeager's birthplace, 1911-1993. 130 items. Sc2003-222
Invitations and programs for various events during Loyd's tenure on staff of Governor Glasscock, 1910-13. 8 items. Sc82-1
Programs, reunion materials and other items, many belonging to Grace Annabelle Wright Triweddi, class of 1939, ca. 1938-1989. 1 folder. Sc2004-094
Scrapbooks, certificates and other printed pieces and assorted items belonging to Governor William A. MacCorkle, ca. 1850s-1920s. 30 items. (Oversized shelved as Y27-16). Sc91-70
Programs and walking tours about Malden, Booker T. Washington dedication, 2002-2009. 6 items. Sc2009-161
Charleston area maps (photocopies), ca. 1900-1950. Note: location of original maps unknown, possibly Kanawha County Courthouse. 1 box. Sc2003-043
Marks, Richard Collection. Assorted materials, including WWII ration stamps, Kanawha County Bicentennial postal cancellation, certificate for William Triplett as admiral in Cherry River Navy, 1st day cover Grafton Experimental Pickup Route, state flags and birds, Centennial, facsimile of Captain John's Smith's map of Virginia, ca. 1921-94. 4 folders. Sc85-87acc
Publications, Scrapbooks of Wheeling tobacco company (photocopies), 1891-1982. 20 items. Sc86-16
Assorted publications and Scrapbook of information regarding the life and career of prominent West Virginia architect, 1930s-60s. 1 box. Sc78-15acc
Stamps honoring black Americans, 1940-84; programs, business forms and other documents associated with "Cap" Ferguson and "The Block" in Charleston (photocopies), 1925-78. 84 items. Sc86-04 and acc
Mason School of Music. Programs, certificates and other materials of Norma Nell Meadows, also for Palmer Method of Business Writing and Charleston School of Business, 1930-1940. 1 folder and 3 oversized. Sc2013-022
Postcards, photographs, brochures, programs, and a scrapbook regarding local radio, state government, and Guyan Creamery Company, 1887-2010. 2 boxes. Sc2023-021
Publications and documents removed from cornerstone of temple on Market Street, Wheeling, 1893. 1 envelope. Sc90-53
Scrapbook of Valley Bell Dairy advertising, 1927-1962. 1 volume. Sc2021-144
Calligraphy books and examples of work. 8 folders + 181 items. Sc85-29
Sheet music for Red Sulphur Springs Cotillion, 1851; booklets on Red Sulphur Springs, 1897 and Salt Sulphur Springs ca. 1900; Mason County Circuit Court Case Henry J. Fisher v. Eliza S. Fisher and others, 1884; calendar tops for Merchants National Bank, Pt. Pleasant, n.d. 1 folder. Sc98-86
McDowell County Coal Miners Memorial. Listing of names engraved on Bradshaw memorial, 2008. 1 item. /td> Sc2011-095
Meadows family. Certificates, clippings on family, Standard Oil, Bream Memorial Presbyterian Church, 1932-1949. 1 folder. Sc2006-067
Sports programs, including state basketball tournaments, North-South football, Final Six football, collegiate basketball and football, track, and other miscellaneous publications, 1919-2013. 6 boxes. Sc2016-016
Publications of Charleston Daily Mail editor, including last Sunday edition of Daily Mail, issue used in lawsuit filed by James Sprouse, Life Magazine John F. Kennedy Memorial issue, 1923-1981. 5 items. Sc2012-039
Membership Directory. Lions Club of Charleston, 1959. 1 item. Sc96-13
Memoranda Books. World's Dispensary Medical Association, Buffalo, NY, 1880-82. 2 items. Sc82-42
Menu, civil defense. Menu for Lock, Stock and Barrel Restaurant, Williamson; civil defense publication; 1960, 1970s. 2 items. Sc2007-038
Milton Woman's Club yearbooks, programs, history; Milton High materials; other schools and organizations (photocopies), 1919-1984. 1 box. Sc2003-042
Minutes. West Virginia Educational Association annual session, Moundsville, 1876. 2 items. Sc82-149
Clippings, diploma and invitations regarding Montgomery and Montgomery Prep (now West Virginia Tech), 1900-72. 7 items. Sc86-61
Assorted materials of Charleston High and WVU graduate, including birth, death and marriage records for Shearer and Moore families, 1882-1973. 1 box and 1 oversized folder. Sc2010-026
Posters, broadsides, (oversized), 1920s. 1 folder. Sc2007-053
      Mount de Chantal Visitation Academy. Annual report, 1989-90; program of dedication of Senator Judith A. Herndon Room, 1988. 2 items. Sc2003-144
      Mount de Chantal Visitation Academy. Handbooks and annual reports, 1990-2000. 14 items. Sc2020-004
      Mount de Chantal Visitation Academy. Publications and newsletters. 1 box. Sc2010-036
Posters, designs, articles and other printed material regarding Charleston group, ca. 1970-75. 38 items. (Oversized shelved as Z12-11). Sc86-200
Textbook and other materials of Parkersburg school attended by Effa Lake McCray, 1902, 1984, n.d. 1 folder. Sc2004-158
Publications, brochures and newspapers, 1930-2014, 2019. 2 boxes. Sc2014-020 and acc
Forms, calendars, other materials, ca. 1930-58. 16 items. Sc83-12 & acc
Newspapers and other publications of WWII and Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, 1944-1946. 1 box. Sc2013-098
Houses's Improved Easy Method for the Organ, 1892. 1 volume. Sc87-181
Mutual Improvement Club of Ronceverte. Scrapbooks, guest books, 1957-2006. 2 boxes. Sc2011-097
International Music Festival materials of Ella Boggs, sponsored by Herbert Music, 1953-55. 4 items. Sc92-5
Posters, calendars (oversized - Dr 101), 1910s-1960s. 1 folder. Sc2006-086
News release, napkins. Investiture ceremony for Earl Ray Tomblin as acting governor, 2010 November 16. 1 folder. Sc2011-052
      Children's Home Finder, 1948. 1 item. Sc2021-060
      The Countian, bimonthly publication of Kanawha County Teachers Association first issue, 1952 November. 1 item. Sc2003-274
      Minute Women of the U.S.A., Inc., Wheeling, 1959. 1 item. Sc82-93
      Miriam's Tattler from Miriam's Shop, Charleston, 1944 June. 1 item. Sc2013-031
      Truax-Traer Coal Company, WV Division, 1953 May. 1 item. Sc2011-056
      WV Monitor, Extra, Camp Meeting Special Parkersburg, 1902 August 21. 1 item. Sc2006-036
      Newsletters. 90th Infantry in Germany newsletters, articles, ca. 1945. 1 folder. Sc2011-067
      The American Daily Mail, Paris, 1918 November 12. 1 item. Oversized. Sc83-5
      Camp Dix Times, 1918 October 17. 1 item. Sc2003-111
      Cincinnati Daily Gazette, 1863 June 19. 1 item. Sc78-25
      Country Roads, published by Petersburg High history & folklore students, ca. 1974. 1 item. Sc85-63
      Daily Trumpet, Charleston, 1909. 1 item. Sc82-314
      The Miners Lamp, 1921 December 5. 1 item. Sc2003-089
      "A Time for Greatness - The John F. Kennedy Story" published for 1960 primary in West Virginia, 1960. 1 item. Sc88-121
      Virginian, Charleston extra edition - President Franklin Pierce's victory, 1852 November 5. 1 item. Sc85-92
      West Virginia Citizen, Parkersburg, 1908. 2 items. Sc82-317
      Newspapers, broadside. Various WWII newspapers; notice of La Belle Iron Works meeting; 1920, 1943-45, 1994. 10 items. Sc95-33
Architectural Drawings from Charleston African American architect, ca. 1921-59. 642 sheets and 6 volumes specifications. Sc2012-046
      Calhoun County Scenes, 1990s. 2 items. Sc2002-014
      Christmas and an outhouse scene with Furner photos, 1990s. 2 items. Sc2008-064
      Gilmer County Scenes by Boyd Boggs, 1990s. 10 items. Sc96- 50
      Gilmer County scenes done by Crafters in the Glen, Inc., ca. 2000. 16 items. Sc2006-066
      Sketches of West Virginia Scenes by William D. Goebel, 1990s. 4 sets. Sc98-99
      Various West Virginia Scenes in pen and ink by Margaret R. Skeen, 1978. 15 items. Sc93-35
Information on Beckwith family removed from book, n.d. 4 items. Sc2010-127
Notice. Draft induction notice, 1917. 1 item. Sc79-216
Materials re: Loyal Order of Moose, 1960s. 1 folder. Sc2007-046
Articles in Wayne County News, 2003 October 29 - 2005 December 27. 1 box (88 articles). Sc2005-002 and acc
Letterhead, clippings and publications re: sporting events, North-South football game, newspaper conventions, politics, True Temper newsletter articles, 1948-1999. 1 folder. Sc2003-239
Diplomas and papers by John Oliver, 1946-1953. 4 items. Sc2021-015
Book and other materials about WWII event, 1988-2009. 7 items. Sc2009-169
      Order form, envelope. James Clark Distillery Company, S. Rosenheim, Agent, Parkersburg, ca. 1895. 2 items. Sc82-184
      Order. "All Train Stop" order of Virginian Railway Company at death of President Harding, 1923 August 10. 1 item. Sc82-233
Publications and assorted documents of Fairmont Plant #3, 1934-93. 1 box. Sc91-58
      18th Annual Meeting of Grand Council of United Commercial Travelers of America (photocopy), ca. 1937. 1 item. Sc84-114acc
      Boggs Hospital and Sanitarium, ca. 1906. 1 folder Sc2021-009
      Charleston Chamber of Commerce publications related to industry in Kanawha Valley, 1964. 1 folder. Sc2020-119
      Charleston Daily Mail stylebook, 1939 January 1. 1 item. Sc82-181
      Charleston report issued by Piedmont Airlines, ca. 1987. 1 item. Sc2003-123
      Charleston Town Center News about construction of mall, 1982 fall. 1 item. Sc2003-120
      A Christmas Greeting: The Romance of Christs Birth, In Bethlehem Some 1948 Years Ago, and God had Reserved a Stall, ca. 1948. 9 items. Sc2021-195
      The Comet, T. Trainor Davis, 1935. 1 item. Sc2021-085
      Handy Political Calendar... 1920 compliments of J.H. Stewart, Republican Candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture. 1 item. Sc86-08
      Historick Beverly official guidebook, 1975. 1 item. Sc85-62
      History of Phillis Wheatley School, formerly Spring Hill Colored School, 1998. 1 item. Sc98-66
      Kanawha Valley Chapter, NSDAR compilation of historical sites in the Kanawha Valley for the American Bicentennial, 1976. 1 item. Sc89-6
      King Land Case, ca. 1904-05. 5 items. Sc85-133
      Letter from the Secretary of War...account of the National Armories at Harper's Ferry, 1815 February. 1 item. Sc2003-084
      Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Compact, 1948. 1 item. Sc2021-083
      Old Sweet Springs, Monroe County, 1882. 1 item. Sc2003-115
      Rand McNally Indexed Pocket Map Tourists & Shippers Guide to West Virginia, 1909. 1 item. Sc2021-091
      Rand McNally Indexed Pocket Map Tourists & Shippers Guide to West Virginia, 1920. 1 item. Sc85-105
      "A Review of the World's English Newspapers: Pictorial Review of Dept. of Water Supply," by Scott G. Highland, 1922-23. (contains numerous photographs of Clarksburg water system) 1 item. Sc82-5
      Series of letters reprinted from Spirit of Jefferson re: fertilizer tax sponsored by Dr. R. C. Burkhart, 1904 March. 1 item. Sc2011-043
      The Tragedy of the Deserted Isle, 1909. 1 item. Sc2020-111
      Wheeling National Heritage Area Summary Plan, 1994. 1 item. Sc2003-122
      White Sulphur Springs by J.J. Moorman, MD, 1879. 1 item. Sc85-26
      Pamphlets, newspapers. Cabin Creek Refinery 30th anniversary pamphlet, 1947; Platforms of the Two Great Political Parties, 1856-1924 inclusive; 100-Octane Times, 1944; Cabin Creek Refinery News, 1952. 13 items. Sc83-17 & acc
Paper. Japanese wood paper, Nagasaki, Japan, 1901. 1 item. Sc82-185
      Descriptions of alleys, including length and surface type, ca. 1960. 8 items. Sc98-18
      Parkersburg Area Community Foundation. Annual report and calendar, 2008. 2 items. Sc2010-097
Democratic National Convention, San Francisco, CA, 1920. 1 item. Sc82-131
Patents and accompanying documents for assorted items including games by Andrew J. and James Hubert Guthrie, 1936-72. 11 items. Sc87-174
Embroidery of state map, 1979. Sc2014-063
Campaign flyer and blotters, official information directory for 1950 Governor's Conference at Greenbrier, 1948-50. 4 items. Sc96-21
Cook Spurgeon, 168th Infantry, 1918-1919. 1 item. Sc2016-060
Harpers New Monthly Magazine. "Adventures of Porte Crayon" excerpts, 1855-90. 1 folder. Sc85-153
West Virginia Liquor Control Commission liquor sales permit, ca. 1940s. 1 item. Sc81-8
      Cachet, Upshur County Sesquicentennial, 2001. 1 item. Sc2021-014
      Cachets. New River Gorge Bridge postcard and envelope, 1977 October 22. 2 items. Sc91-47
      Cancellation. 40th anniversary of Chuck Yeager breaking sound barrier, canceled at Hamlin, 14 October 1987. 1 item. Sc87-176
      Cover. 1st day West Virginia Centennial envelope with 4 5cent Centennial stamps, 1963 June 20. 1 item. Sc86-109
      Cover. First day issue Sc National Grange Stamp, National Grange Centennial cachet, 1967 April 17. 1 item. Sc82-306
      Cover of McBride Station, Cultural Center, autographed by Jon McBride, 1989 July 21. 1 item. Sc2013-065
      Cover, program. East Bank Centennial, 18 October 1989. 2 items. Sc89-98
      Covers, cancellations & plate blocks, 1959-87. 11 items. Sc85-87acc
      Covers, Shakespeare Club materials, collection book for Ireland, 1875-1981. 2 folders. Sc85-123
      Covers. Artificial collection, 1851-1945. 212 items. Sc82-300
      Covers. Turkish government designs by Richard Marks; cachet envelopes for various West Virginia events; 1961-90. 23 items. Sc85-87acc
      Covers. USS Kanawha, 1934 August 6. 3 items. Sc2006-117
      Envelope, poster. Souvenir envelope honoring Jon McBride and United States Postal Service poster for stamp commemorating 20th anniversary of the moon landing, 20-21 July 1989. 2 items. (Oversized shelved as Y29-18). Sc89-68
      First day cover, West Virginia Centennial, 1963 June 20. 1 item. Sc2014-061
      First day cover and program honoring Phil Pfister, Charleston resident and World's Strongest Man 2006 (autographed), 2008 September 3. 2 items. Sc2010-109
      First day cover and stamps, West Virginia Sesquicentennial, 2013 June 20. 1 folder. Sc2014-042
      First day issue, 100th anniversary of West Virginia statehood, cancelled air mail envelope, 1963. 1 item. Sc2020-125
      First day issue and proclamation for Ephraim Bee Day and E Clampus Vitus, 2005 December 26. 1 item. Sc2013-016
      National Grandparents Day envelope signed by Marian McQuade and cancelled at Oak Hill, 1989 September 2. 1 item. Sc2013-045
      Pearl Buck commemorative stamps, programs, 1983 June 25. 2 items. Sc85-08
      Postal cover. Doo Wop Saturday Night Camp Washington-Carver, 1995 July 15. 1 item. Sc2015-005
      Prayer. Prayer delivered by Rev. Ronald English which was read on US Senate floor for funeral of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 1968 April 10. 1 item. Sc2013-005
      Quilt commemorative stamps, programs, invitations and first day cover, 1978 March 8. 13 items. Sc85-09
      Sheet of West Virginia Centennial stamps, 1963. 1 item. Sc2015-006
      West Virginia Centennial seals, 1963. 50 items. Sc84-191
      West Virginia postmark collection, 1951-85. Approximately 2000 items. Sc85-46
      Wildlife stamps drawn by Huntington resident Chuck Ripper and accompanying booklet, 1987. 2 items. Sc92-24
Publications, articles and correspondence regarding Pilgrim Glass and artist Kelsey Murphy, 1988-2005. Sc2014-026
Clippings, documents, WWII ration books and other items of family members including LCpl. Frank W. Pisegna II, 1918.1992. 1 folder. Sc2014-027
"Washington's West Augusta" read by J.C. Hupp at annual dinner of Society, Sons of the Revolution as retiring president of the group, 1947 February 22. 3 items. Sc81-15
Scrapbook created by Livia Simpson Nye Poffenbarger for the dedication of the Point Pleasant Battle Monument, containing newspaper clippings, private mailing card, souvenir, executive committee member ribbon, dance card for Homecoming Dance, commemorative envelope and banquet program. October 1909. 1 item. Sc2011-110
      Ad for Eastern flavor apples from Appalachian area, ca. 1950. 1 item. Sc2008-035
      Americanism creed adopted by United Spanish War Veterans, ca. 1927. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Y33-14). Sc88-32
      4th Liberty Loan, n.d. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Y29-6). Sc85-96
      A. James Manchin cleaning up West Virginia, ca. 1975. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Y29-11). Sc85-101
      American Medals and Decorations: Military and Civilian, ca. 1977. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Y29-10). Sc85-100
      "Beat Back the Hun with Liberty Bonds," ca. 1917-18. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Y29- 7). Sc85-97
      Boardwalk to the Moon, Rose Garden Theater for the Performing Arts, Clarksburg, 1985. 1 item. Sc2014-069
      Campaign poster of James Sprouse for Governor, 1968. 4 items. Sc89-77
      The Charleston Ballet and Schrader Youth Ballet Company, 2003. 3 items. Sc2020-085
      Coal and coke production in West Virginia, 1897-1923, 1924. Poster. 1 item. Filed Z23-20 Sc95-29
      Football game between Center College and Hampden-Sidney at Laidley Field, 1921 or 1927? November 5. 1 item. Sc2006-032
      "Good Dog! Say no to tobacco," 2001. 1 item. Sc2020-086
      Hun or Home, ca. 1917-18. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Y29-8). Sc85-98
      M. M. Neely for Governor, 1940. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Z12-5). Sc86-74
      Marine Corps planes and helicopters, 1942-1971. 3 items. Sc2006-033
      Museum of Radio and Technology showing Atwater Kent store, 2006. 1 item. Sc2007-069
      Newsmap, WWII, 1942 April 27-1943 June 7. 40 items. (Oversized - shelved as Y29-4 & Y29-5). Sc85-95
      R.A.F., ca. 1940-45. 3 items. (Oversized - shelved Y29-9). Sc85-99
      Reprint of Revolutionary War recruiting poster, 1942. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Y29- 14). Sc85-180
      Right Beside the River documentary by WQED about Ohio River from Moundsville to Pittsburgh signed by crew, 2009. 1 item. Sc2009-167
      The Road Ahead for West Virginia, film presented by West Virginia Good Roads Federation, 1920 Sep. 9. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Y29-13). Sc85-179
      Tourism, WV State Fair, 1988-1990. 1 folder. Sc2007-002
      Two of West Virginia University (basketball and PRT); one of mine safety by Miners Art Group; 1970s. 3 items. Sc92-39
      West Virginia "The Mountain State Bath Map." 1 Item. Sc2020-084
      West Virginia State Capitol with description, 1937. 1 item. (Oversized - shelved as Y33- 17). Sc88-37
      Wheeling and Ohio County Scenes commemorating U.S. Bicentennial, 1975. 1 item. (Oversized 0 shelved as Z23-7). Sc89-48
      WWI, 1917-19. 17 items. (Oversized - shelved as Y29-16). Sc88-130
      Poster, newspaper. Poster for Grover Cleveland/Thomas Hendricks campaign, 1884; fragment of Pittburger Volksblatt, 2 October 1886. 2 items. (Oversized - shelved as Z21-11). Sc82-324
      Posters, program. 86th International Convention American Federation of Musicians, held in Charleston, 1985 June 24-27. 3 items. (Posters oversized - shelved as Y33-5). Sc85-136
      Posters, publications. Various World War I and II materials, ca. 1914-45. 53 items. (Oversized - shelved as Y29-1 through Y29 -3). Sc79-214
      First Annual Fair of Wetzel County, New Martinsville, 1888. 1 item. Sc82-60
      Second Annual Fair, Ohio County Agricultural Association, Moundsville, 1899. 1 item. Sc82-61
Presbyterian Church of West Virginia materials, 1938. 1 folder. Sc2020-126
      Press Guide. Charleston Rockets, Continental Football League, 1966. 1 item. Sc2021-074
      Press Kit. Fiesta exhibit at Cultural Center, 1985-1987. 1 item. Sc2014-064
      J.A. Joel and Company, NY, suppliers of military and society goods, 1880-1900. 4 items. Sc82-50
      LaBelle cut nails, 1947 January 14. 1 item. Sc2004-059
      Minks Badge Co., Baltimore, MD, 1900. 2 items. Sc82-62
      Financial statement of Greenbrier Valley Bank, 1937; annual report of United Carbon Company, 1935; results of farmers livestock judging contest, 1924; USDA agricultural conservation program, 1935; Greenbrier Valley fair forms, 1937 and 1941; envelope for Greenbrier Shorthorn Cattle Breeders; members statement Greenbrier Valley Livestock Marketing Association, 1937; 1 folder. Sc2005-032
      Kanawha Valley Industries, ca. 1927; broadside about Daniel Boone Hotel from Charleston Gazette, 1927 October 15; clippings about construction of Daniel Boone Hotel from Charleston Gazette, 1927 Sep. 4. 3 items. Sc78-26
      Programs, brochures and other assorted materials compiled by Howard Luckey, ca. 1879-1960. 1 box. Sc93-1
Proceedings. Kiwanis Clubs, District of West Virginia 4th annual state convention, Bluefield, 1923. 1 item. Sc82-86
      Act of Statehood, 1862 and Lincoln's Statehood, 1863 April 20 (photocopies). 6 items. (Oversized - shelved as Y27-10). Sc85-188
      Second Wheeling Declaration proclaimed at Centennial Ceremonial Assembly, 1963 April 20. 4 items. (Oversized - shelved as Y27-2). Sc85-182
      Proclamation, booklet. City of Philadelphia proclamation of West Virginia Week honoring 175th anniversary of U.S. Constitution, with booklet of patriotic excerpts "Life and Interests," 1962 Sep. 2 items. (Oversized - shelved as Z12-10). Sc86-147
      10th Annual Elks' Jubilee Minstrals and Frolic, Charleston Lodge B.P.O. Elks #202, 1924 January 28-30. 1 item. Sc85-90
      33rd Annual Encampment, G.A.R., Dept. of West Virginia, Sistersville, 1915 May. 1 item. Sc82-218
      All-County Jr. and Senior High Band Festival Concert, Charleston Municipal Auditorium, 1992. 1 item. Sc2021-098
      American Education Week program at Jefferson Junior High, 1985 November 21. 1 item. Sc2005-003acc
      American Legion, John Brawley Post No. 20, Eleventh Annual Convention, Charleston, 1929. 1 item. Sc82-81
      Angel Street, presented by Three Rivers Art Council, Hinton, 1975. 1 item. Sc2020-130
      Anniversary of Battle of Point Pleasant banquet, 1909 October 2 items. Sc82-212
      Annual Convention, United Spanish War Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans, Charleston, 1930. 1 item. Sc82-313
      Appalachian Festival, Morris Harvey College, autographed by Mary Lee Settle, Muriel Dressler, Davis Grubb, Clyde Ware and Barbara Kopple, 1979 March 22-23. 1 item. Sc2009-108
      Appalachian Heritage Day at Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College, 2019. 1 item. Sc2020-127
      Awarding of the Army-Navy "E" to South Charleston plant of Carbide and Carbon Chemicals, 1942 Sep. 10. 1 item. Sc85-14
      Basilica of the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Mass of the Dedication of the Altar, 2017. 1 item. Sc2008-054acc
      Barboursville District Public Schools commencement, 1910 June 18. 1 item. Sc82-252
      Beni Kedem Temple Shrine Circus, 1984 October 27-28. 1 item. Sc2008-065
      Bestowal of crosses of honor to the Berkeley County Confederate Veterans, Berkeley County Chapter United Daughters of the Confederacy, Martinsburg, 1902 June 17. 1 item. Sc82-209
      Bethany College Seventh Annual Commencement, 1848 July 4. 1 item. Sc82-189
      Bethel A.M.E. Church, St. Albans cornerstone laying, 1958 August 31. 1 item. Sc82-217
      Birthday banquet to honor John W. Davis, President of West Virginia State College, 1937 February 13. 1 item. Sc2003-108
      Bream Memorial Presbyterian Church, 1967 March 12. 1 item. Sc2006-088
      Buckhannon Opera House performance of Dixie Land Ministrels, 1909 April 15. 1 item. Sc96-16
      Cadman Club, St. Albans High School operetta "And It Rained," 1935 May 10-11. 1 item. Sc98-33
      In Celebration of Piedmont, West Virginia High Schools, 2017. 2 items. Sc2021-133
      Centennial Ceremonial Assembly of West Virginia Legislature, Wheeling, 1963 April. 1 item. Sc82-269
      Centennial of Frankford Presbyterian Church, 1953. 1 item. Sc88-7
      Centennial Review Dinner Dance, Charleston, 1964. 1 item. Sc82-192
      Champion Wheelers Souvenir Game Program and Scorebook, Charleston Wheelers, 1993. 1 item. Sc2010-052
      Charles Town Horse Show Association Inc. summer meetings, 1935, 1937. 2 items. Sc90-1
      Charleston Ballet 25th Anniversary season, 1981. 2 items. Sc2009-164
      Charleston Chamber of Commerce annual dinner, 1946 December 16. 1 item. Sc82-200
      Charleston Chamber of Commerce, Diamond Jubilee, 1 item. 1962. Sc2021-126
      Charleston High School Class of '53 45th reunion, 1998 July 24-25. 1 item. Sc2003-114
      Charleston High School vs. Stonewall Jackson High School football game, 1955. 1 item. Sc2020-117
      Charleston Marlins and Charlies baseball programs, list of minor league players from Charleston who played in major leagues (photocopies), 1961, 1983. 3 items. Sc92-6
      Charleston Symphony Orchestra, 1945-1946. 1 item. Sc2004-029
      Charleston Symphony Orchestra, 1947-1948. 1 item. Sc2020-139
      Charleston Symphony Orchestra, 1949-1950. 1 item. Sc2021-190
      Charleston Wheelers Baseball, 1991. 1 item. Sc2021-071
      Church bulletin and Golden Jubilee, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Charleston (photocopies), 1915-1916. 2 items. Sc98-34
      Civic Oratorio Society's "Messiah", Wheeling, 1954 December 4. 1 item. Sc2011-065
      Clarksburg Italian Heritage Festival, 1982. 1 item. Sc93-18
      Clarksburg Kennel Club races, 1927 August 11. 1 item. Sc91-27
      Clarksburg Kennel Club races, 1927 August 11. 1 item. Sc91-27
      Clarksburg's Recognition Dinner in Honor of the Secretary of Defense, Louis A. Johnson, 1949. 1 item. Sc2021-076
      Commencement invitation, Elkins High School, 1937. 1 item. Sc2007-050
      Commencement at Marshall College, 1879 June 7. 1 item. Sc91-11
      Commencement, Shepherdstown High School, 1963 June 6. 2 items. Sc98-30
      Commencement, Wheeling High School, 1955 May 26. 2 items. Sc97-7
      Consecration Services, Christ Reformed Church, Martinsburg, 1901. 1 item. Sc82-78
      Crichton High Junior-Senior Banquet (Quinwood, Greenbrier County), belonging to Lillian Brown, 1943 May 15. 1 item. Sc2003-233
      Cumberland Valley Volunteer Firemen's Banquet, Martinsburg, includes short history of Martinsburg Fire Department, 1966 August 26. 1 item. Sc86-31
      Debate at Excelsior Society WV Conference Seminary (now WV Wesleyan) on treatment of Indians vs. Negroes by Rev. A. M. Grimes and letter of explanation, 1894, 1953. 2 items. Sc2006-063
      Dedication of City-County Building, Wheeling, 1960 January 30. 1 item. Sc94-62
      Dedication of Kanawha Airport, 1947 November 3. 1 item. Sc2011-069
      Dedication of Pearl S. Buck Birthplace Museum, Hillsboro, 1974 May 4. 1 item. Sc82-188
      Dedication of plaque honoring Virginia Bondurant Johnson at West Virginia State Archives by NSDAR, 2006 October 14. 1 item. Sc2008-043
      Dedication of the Three-State Network of Ten Memorial Hospitals by the UMWA Welfare and Retirement Fund, 2 June 1952. 1 item. Sc89-18
      Dedication of the West Virginia Capitol, 1932 June 20. 1 item. Sc79-128
      Dedication of the West Virginia Capitol, 1932 June 20. 1 item. Sc2014-068
      Dedication of Walter Reuther Memorial, Wheeling, 2006 October 12. 4 items. Sc2008-056
      Dedication renaming Mountwood Park administration building after William Cooper, Stiles, Jr., 2007 September 11. 1 item. Sc2011-049
      Dinner for Judge John J. Jackson, District Court of the US, District of West Virginia, 1901 June 28. 1 item. Sc82-198
      Distinguished Hotels World Conference, The Greenbrier, 1968 November 6-10. 1 item. Sc2003-157
      Dramatic Order Knights of Khorassan (Pythian affiliate), Shiraz Temple No. 29, Charleston, 1909. 1 item. Sc82-88
      Easter service, St. Pauls Church Sunday School, Weston, 1891 March 1 item. Sc82-309
      Elk Ministrels, Hinton Lodge No. 821, 1916 April 25-27. 1 item. Sc98-20
      Elkins High School commencement, 1937. 1 item. Sc2007-050
      Farewell Banquet, Dr. and Mrs. S.E. Weber, Charleston Teacher's Association, 1929 May 17. 1 item. Sc82-194
      Farewell dinner for J.B. Taney, Esq., Belfast, Ireland, 1897 October 29. 1 item. Sc82-179
      Fifth Avenue Baptist Church of Huntington, Diamond Jubilee, 1947. 1 item. Sc2020-120
      First Baptist Church choral society, Charleston, 1924 February 1. 1 item. Sc82-202
      Football game between Wheeling and Bellaire High Schools, 1953 November 13. 1 item. Sc2003-036
      46th Annual Nicholas County Fair, 1970. 1 folder. Sc2021-006
      Franchise of Freedom speech by James W. Weir, 1950 January 19. 1 item. Sc2003-097
      "Freedom For All" Radio Station WHIS, Bluefield, 1950 August 19. 1 item.. Sc2003-070
      George Washington Pageant, Parkersburg, 1932 October 27. 1 item. Sc82-211
      Golden Jubilee of St. James Catholic Church, McMechen, 1950. 1 item. Sc2003-113
      Governor Morgan's Inaugural Ball, which belonged to Janice Montgomery Champe, 4 March 1921. 1 item. Sc89-49
      Grand Lodge, Grand Encampment and Rebekah Assembly, Charleston, 1905 November 1 item. Sc82-224
      Grand opening Charleston Civic Center, 1959 January 25-30. 1 item. Sc2003-072
      Greenbrier Music Festival, White Sulphur Springs, 1938 July. 1item. Sc82-220
      Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants 25th Annual Gathering, 2006 August 9-13. 1 item. Sc2014-048
      Harrison County Teachers Association 5th annual session, Clarksburg, 1913. 1 item. Sc82-204
      Hatfields and McCoys/Honey in the Rock, 1979. 1 item. Sc2006-058
      Historical Pageant of Point Pleasant, 1925 October 8-10. 4 items. Sc2011-070
      History Bowl, 2011 April 26. 1 item. Sc2011-061
      Humphreys Reception (president John P. Hale), 1875 May 19. 1 item. Sc98-36
      Huntington Choral Association presentation of Aida, 1915 October 29. 1 item. Sc82-205
      Inaugural ball, Governor William Conley, 1949 March 4. 1 item. Sc2000-030
      Inaugural of Governor Herman Guy Kump, 1933 March 4. Sc2009-090
      Inaugural of Gov. Clarence W. Meadows, 1945 January 15. 1 item. Sc85-55
      Inaugural of Governor Moore, 1985. 1 item. Sc86-58
      Inaugural programs for Governor Moore, 1969, 1973. 2 items. Sc86-82
      Inaugural program for Gov. Matthew M. Neely, 1941. 1 item. Sc88-119
      Inaugural of Governor Hulett C. Smith, 1965. 1 item. Sc82-214
      Inaugural of Governor Okey L. Patteson, 1949 January 17. 1 item. Sc82-168
      Inauguration of Governor William G. Conley, 1929 March 4. 1 item. Sc2014-003
      Inaugural of Governor William C. Marland, 1953 January 19. 1 item. Sc82-169
      Inaugural of Governor William Wallace Barron, 1961 January 16. 1 item. Sc81-33
      Inaugural of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Vice-President John N. Garner, Washington, DC, 1933 March 4. 1 item. Sc82-221
      "It's a Long Lane" annual senior class play Sutton High (photocopy), 1938 May 19. 1 item. Sc2010-040
      Jefferson County Bar Association reception and dinner honoring judges of the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, 1960 April 1. 1 item. Sc86-30
      Jefferson Institute, Charles Town, commencement, 1874 June 24. 1 item. Sc82-262
      Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, 1961 October 12. 1 item. Sc2002-131
      Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner, Charleston, 2 November 1979. 1 item. Sc89-53
      Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner, 1985 August 3. 1 item. Sc2018-022
      Joint meeting of 97th Congress to commemorate 100th anniversary of birth of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1982 January 28. 1 item. Sc2007-072
      Junior League Revue, Charleston, 1924 April 22. 1 item. Sc82-315
      Kanawha Musical Society, 1913. 1 item. Sc2020-005
      Knights Rose Croix, Charleston Chapter, Easter Ceremonies, 1925. 2 items. Sc82-91
      Lincoln Centenary, Charleston, 1909 February 12. 1 item. Sc82-196
      Lincoln Junior High School, Charleston commencement, 1930 January 1 item. Sc82-259
      Marian Anderson concert presented by Charleston Branch, NAACP at Municipal Auditorium, 1941 April 28. 1 item. Sc2013-001
      Martin Robison Delany 200th Anniversary schedule of events, 2012. 1 item. Sc2013-003
      Mason County Regional Agricultural Museum Dedication, 1980 October 11. 1 item. Sc2014-001
      Mason High commencement, (photocopies), 1881 May 20. 2 items. Sc82-265
      Memorial Concert, Colonel Charles Lewis Chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution, 1905 December 1. Sc82-207
      Memorial exercises, American Legion, Charleston, 1920 March 7. 1 item. Sc82-173
      Memorial exercises, WWI, American Legion, Kanawha Post 20, Charleston, 1920 March 7. 1 item. Sc82-197
      Memorial service of Arch A. Moore Jr. held at Culture Center, 2015 January 16. 2 items. Sc2015-004
      Memorial service for Cecil H. Underwood, Christ Church United Methodist, Charleston, 2008 December 1. 3 items. Sc2010-121
      Mercer County Heritage Festival, September 13-14, 2019. 1 item. Sc2020-010
      Miners' Memorial Mass, Benwood, 2011 April 10. 1 item. Sc2011-062
      Miss West Virginia Scholarship Pageant and 2009 Miss West Virginia's Outstanding Teen, 2009 June 18-20. 1 item. Sc2013-038
      Montgomery High School 14th annual graduation exercises, 1935 June 6. 1 item. Sc2003-030
      Moundsville School alumni 5th annual performance, 1883 May 3. 1 item. Sc94-47
      Mount de Chantal Alumnae Day, 2010 April 10. 1 item. Sc2011-057
      Mountain State Art and Crafts Fair, Ripley, 1973. 3 items. Sc82-191
      Mountain State Art and Crafts Fair, Ripley, 1979. 1 item. Sc99-007
      "Musical Pictures and Your State," radio station WCHS-Charleston, 1961. 1 item. Sc82-199
      National Music Week, 1921 May 4-11. 1 item. Sc82-170
      New River Gorge Bridge Dedication, 1977 October 22. 1 item. Sc2014-002
      North-South All Star Football Classic, 1994 June 25. 1 item. Sc95-25
      Official Football Program, Dad's Day Game, Lafayette College vs. West Virginia University, Mountaineer Field, 1927 October 15. 1 item. Sc85-58
      100th anniversary and rededication, Odd Fellows Home, Elkins and 85th Annual Homecoming, 2010 September 5. 1 item. Sc2011-106
      Opening exhibition, Charleston Art Gallery at Sunrise, 1968 March. 1 item. Sc2003-067
      Order of the Eastern Star Tiskelwah Chapter #45 installation of Jean E. Miller and James G. Porter, 2000 June 19. 2 items. Sc2005-031
      Parkersburg Junior High commencement, 1927 June 1. 1 item. Sc82-266
      Parkersburg Junior High production of "The Gypsy Rover", 1927 March 25. 1 item. Sc82-267
      Pioneer Days, Pocahontas County, 1969 July 10-13. 1 item. Sc98-31
      Premiere of The Soul of The Senate documentary on Senator Robert C. Byrd, 2005 May 28. 1 item. Sc2011-047
      Reception and banquet given to Grand Commandery of WV by Kanawha Commandery #4 Knights Templar at Hale House, 1875 September 20. 1 item. Sc94-68
      Rededication of Old Rehobeth Church, 2011 June 25. 1 item. Sc2011-055
      Removal of tolls, Dunbar Bridge, 1983 April 8. 1 item. Sc84-195
      Removal of tolls on Dunbar Bridge, 1983 April 8. 1 item. Sc98-32
      Rhododendron State Outdoor Art and Crafts Festival, 1975-76. 2 items. Sc93-8
      River City Youth Ballet Ensemble production of The Snow Queen, 2007 November 30-December 15. 1 item. Sc2008-047
      St. Albans High School senior class play "The Smouldering Flame", n.d. 1 item. Sc2003-033
      St. Andrew Methodist Church, St. Albans dedication, 1968 March 31. 1 item. Sc82-216
      Salute to Our Veterans, Culture Center, 2011 March 29. 1 folder. Sc2011-054
      Schedule and map for Black Walnut Festival, 2002 October 10-13. 1 item. Sc2015-007
      Scottish Rite reunions of the Charleston Bodies, 1916-1924. 4 items. Sc98-21
      Seventeenth Annual Meeting West Virginia Dairyman's Association, 1938 October 18-20. 1 item. Sc99-005
      Seventieth Anniversary of Battle of Carnifex Ferry, 1931 September 12. 5 items. Sc2003-090
      75th Anniversary Holy Rosary Church, Sistersville, 1973 November 3-8. 1 item. Sc2015-008
      Sixth Annual Cornforth Declamatory Contest, Storer College, Harpers Ferry, 1919 February 12. 1 item. Sc2002-013
      Society of Sons of the Revolution, Fairmont annual dinner, 1925. 2 items. Sc82-89
      Southern Governors' Conference meeting at Hot Springs National Park, 1951 November 11- 13. 1 item. Sc2006-037
      Stonewall Jackson statue unveiling, Clarksburg, 1953 May 10. 1 item. Sc98-27
      The Story of 599 Days - awarding of the Army-Navy "E" to General Machinery Ordnance Corporation, South Charleston (photocopy), 1942. 1 item. Sc95-28
      Swiss Reunion and dedication of Helvetia Community Hall honoring Hon. Marc Peter, Minister Plenipotentiary of Switzerland, 1939 May 13. 1 item. Sc2008-059
      Theater West Virginia 50th season, 2010. 1 item. Sc2010-144
      3rd Annual Sternwheel Regatta, 1973 September 1-2. 1 item. Sc2003-065
      Third House performances by Capitol press corps (photocopies), ca. 1980s-1996. 5 items. Sc2010-116
      Thirtieth Annual Volcano Days, Mountwood Park, 2018. 1 item. Sc2021-193
      Townhouse Gallery, Sistersville, 1990. 3 items. Sc2021-140
      "Three Score and Ten: Seventy Years of Ministry in the Rainelle Community, 1912-1982," Rainelle United Methodist Church. 1 item. Sc85-119
      The Travel Club, Martinsburg, 1910-32. 10 items. Sc82-96
      2015 Mountaineer State History Expo at the Marion County Courthouse, 2015 April 18. 1 item. Sc2015-015
      Union Mission, 1938. 1 item. Sc2021-013
      Unveiling of Captain William Henshaw Monument, Bunker Hill, West Virginia, 1926 May 29. 1 item. Sc82-190
      Unveiling of official portrait of Hulett C. Smith, 1969 January 9. 1 item. Sc2003-059
      Virginia Theater, 1907-08. 1 item. Betty Foose. Sc84-248
      Warren G. Harding Memorial Service, First M.E. Church and the Lions Club, Charleston, 1923. 2 items. Sc82-94
      Webster County Teacher's Institute, Webster Springs, 1921 August 15-19. 1 item. Sc82-219
      Wednesday Afternoon Club, Martinsburg, 1901-12. 6 items. Sc82-97
      West Virginia Agricultural & Industrial Fair, Charleston, ca. 1940. 1 item. Sc84-202
      West Virginia Bar Association annual meetings, 1910-22. 6 items. Sc82-147 and acc
      West Virginia Broadcasting Hall of Fame grand opening and inaugural induction, 2006 September 16; program for Second Annual Induction Ceremony, 2007 November 3; program for Third Annual induction ceremony, 2008 October 25. 3 items. Sc2008-053 and acc
      West Virginia Centennial for Martinsburg and Berkeley County, 1963 June 22-30. 1 item. Sc2007-037
      West Virginia Conference on Education, Charleston, 1955. 1 item. Sc82-171
      West Virginia Conference on Social Work, 1929. 2 items. Sc82-148
      West Virginia Day, Great Lakes Exposition, Cleveland, OH, 1936-37. 2 items. Sc88-220
      West Virginia Day, World's Fair, 1903. 1 item. Sc82-134
      West Virginia Day at New York World's Fair, 1939 June 24. 1 item. Sc2004-121
      West Virginia Day Dinner, Charleston, 1916 June 20. 1 item. Sc82-165
      West Virginia Firefighters Memorial Service, 2001. 1 item. Sc2021-142
      West Virginia Grand Lodge Knights of Pythias and Grand Temple Pythian Sisters 55th annual convention, 1924. 1 item. Sc82-87
      West Virginia High School Basketball Tournament (photocopy), 1963 March 21-23. 1 item. Sc2014-041
      West Virginia Historical Society annual meeting, Charleston, 1956 October 6. 1 item. Sc82-150
      West Virginia International Film Festival materials, 1998, 2016. 1 folder Sc2020-142
      West Virginia Labor History Hall of Honor ceremony, 2007 October 14. 1 item. Sc2008-070
      West Virginia Lumber and Builders' Supply Dealers Association, Annual Convention, Charleston, 1923 February 23. 1 item. Sc82-151
      West Virginia Postal Employees Annual Convention, Fairmont, 1937 May 31. 1 item. Sc2003-095
      West Virginia State Agricultural Society, Third Annual Agricultural and Mechanical Exhibition, Charleston, 1874. 1 item. Sc82-154
      West Virginia State Conference of Charities and Correstion, 1917. 1 item. Sc82-99
      West Virginia State Medical Association annual meetings, 1928, 1935. 2 items. Sc82-156
      West Virginia Teachers Conference, 1931. 1 item. Sc2021-097
      West Virginia University commencement ball, Senior Class of 1895, 1895 June 12. 1 item. Sc82-206
      West Virginia University vs. Washington & Lee University in football at Exhibition Park, Charleston, 1915 October 23. 1 item. Sc85-130
      Wheeling Hall of Fame induction, 2006 November 26. 1 item. Sc2011-042
      Woman's Kanawha Literary Club, Charleston, 1934-35. 1 item. Sc82-201
      Woman's Musical Club Summer Concert, Opera House, 1897 June 4. 1 item. Sc2003-118
      Woman's Study Club, Follansbee, 1956-1957. 1 item. Sc2003-093
      WVU vs. Penn State, 1954 October 16. 1 item. Sc2011-048
      Yeager Airport dedication ceremony, 1985 October 14. 1 item. Sc2003-063
      Yearbook, Junior Marcato Music Club, Clarksburg, 1956-57. 1 item. Sc2011-064
      Program, baccalaureate service, Charleston High graduating class 1938; commencement invitation Stonewall Jackson High 1943. 2 items. Sc2005-003acc
      Program, booklet. Annual Spring Concert, Stonewall Jackson High School, 1950; booklet, Lawrence Frankel Fitness Folio, 1950-1967. 2 items. Sc2021-130
      Program, brochure. Central West Virginia Genealogical and Historical Library and Museum dedication program (photocopy), brochure, 1992 August 8. 3 items. Sc92-105
      Program, bulletins. St. John's Episcopal Church, Charleston materials, 1928-1944. 4 items. Sc2021-067
      Program, DVD. Sister Mary Agnes' Last Song, Mt. de Chantel Conservatory at Wheeling Jesuit University, 2017. 2 items. Sc2021-191
      Program, election tickets. Program for Sunday service, Camp Kanawha, 1916 July 23; election tickets for Democratic & Peoples parties, 1884; 4 items. Sc84-200
      Program, flyer, clipping. Lincoln Walks at Midnight statue fundraising and dedication, 1970-1974. 1 folder. Sc2013-012
      Program, invitation. Dedication of Kaufman Memorial 35th Street Bridge, Charleston, 2011 June 20. 3 items. Sc2011-058
      Program, invitation. Inaugural of Governor John J. Cornwell, 1917 March 5. 2 items. Sc96-51
      Program, invitation, tickets. Prayer service program, pre-inaugural brunch invitation and tickets to inaugural ball of Governor Robert Wise, 2001 January 15. 7 items. Sc2002-022
      Program, pen. Good Hope, Harrison County, Masonic Lodge Jackson Lodge No. 35 125th Anniversary, 1992. 1 folder. Sc2021-005
      Program, postal cover, autograph. Randy Moss cover, Cultural Center, 2008 March 21. 3 items. Sc2008-050
      Program, songbook, yearbook. West Virginia Federation of Woman's Clubs, 1910-62. 4 items. Sc82-294
      Program, tape. Central United Methodist Church's Father's Day Dedication Service, 1985 June 16. 2 items. Sc85-134
      Programs. Allied Artists, 33rd and 35th Annual Exhibit, 1958-1970. 2 items. Sc94-59acc
      Programs. Angela McKeen's dance pupils in "Dancing Highlights", Capitol Theater, Wheeling, 1946, 1950. 2 items. Sc2003-034
      Programs. Church bulletins for Kanawha City Presbyterian, Disciples of Christ in Bethany, Moorefield Presbyterian, St. Andrew Methodist, St. Albans; 1925-1967. 4 items. Sc2003-121
      Programs. Inauguration of Rev. George F. Lundy, S.J. as 6th president of Wheeling Jesuit University, 2001 March 16. 2 items. Sc2003-243
      Programs. International Voyageur Festival Governor-General's Ball, Wheeling on occasion of dedication of Civic Center murals, 1986 September 20. 2 items. Sc2003-147
      Programs. Little Theater of Wheeling, 1932-1958. 8 items. Sc2003-078
      Programs. Local musical and dramatic performances, most Charleston; brochures for The Greenbrier; 1931-84. 1 box. Sc2003-178
      Programs. St. Albans High School athletics, 1970-1972. 1 folder. Sc2020-116
      Programs. Various artists groups including Allied Artists, Creative Arts Festival, 1962-63. 5 items. Sc94-59
      Programs. Various B. P. O. Elks events in Charleston, 1920-33. 5 items. Sc94-63
      Programs. Various events surrounding dedication of Fort Randolph, bicentennial of Battle of Point Pleasant, 1974 October 1 folder. Sc2011-044
      Programs, annual reports. Charleston Chamber Music, Sternwheel Regatta, Campaign for Marshall, Raleigh Co. Bank open house, Charleston National Bank; 1950-1994. 1 folder. Sc2013-017
      Programs, bumper stickers. Upper Ohio Valley Italian Festival, 1983, 1988. 4 items. Sc88-197
      Programs, certificate, Huntington. Program for Huntington Theatre's "Little Nellie Kelly"; certificate for Huntington lodge No. 53. A.F. and A.M.; "The Yardstick" newsletter from Anderson Newcomb Company; 1920s-1950. 3 items. Sc2011-063
      Programs, invitations, printed materials regarding Putnam County, Buffalo High, 1918-30. 13 items. Sc83-20
      Programs, invitations, tickets. Jamestown Exposition, Hampton Roads, VA, 1907. 16 items. Sc82-135
      Programs, invitations. Charleston High, 1896-1937. 7 items. Sc82-256
      Programs, needle point patterns. Kanawha Players, Winfield High Athletics, 1926-1994. 5 items. Sc2021-197
      Programs, printed materials regarding Governor William Conley's attendance at Governors' Conferences at Salt Lake City (1930) and Richmond (1932). 2 folders. Sc89-57acc
      Programs, printed materials. Photocopies, many regarding Court Theater in Wheeling, Lincoln - Johnson songster, 1907 flood, ca. 1864-1910. 8 items. Sc90-47
      Programs, publications. Inauguration of John D. Rockefeller IV as president of West Virginia Wesleyan College, 1973 September 27-30. 5 items. Sc89-75
      Programs, tickets. Materials regarding Huntington High's championship basketball teams and players, 2003-2007. 10 items. Sc2008-024
Promissory note. New Martinsville Glass Manufacturing Company, 1931 November 14. 1 item. Sc95-3
      Baltimore & Ohio Railroad property, Martinsburg, ca. 1895. 1 item. Sc82-225
      Biography of James Rumsey by John Moray, Berkeley Springs, 1907. 2 items. Sc82-223
      L. H. Sargent's Coal & Salt Property in Mason County, 1866. 1 item. Sc84-196
      Martinsburg Development Company, Martinsburg, ca. 1895. 1 item. Sc82-141
      50th Anniversary Reunion of The Madrigal Singers of Clarksburg, 1988. 1 item. Sc88-120
      ABA Journal with article by Eric Newhouse, "King Coal's Era of Violence," 2012 December. 1 item. Sc2014-049
      Accountancy Service by the West Virginia Society of CPA's, ca. 1915. 1 item. Sc88-228
      "An Address 'Perpetuating the History of West Virginia' " by Herman Everett Greske, editor, Parkersburg News, 1953 November 12. 1 item. Sc2003-094
      The Amateur Reporter, Central Junior High, Charleston, 1923. 1 item. Sc82-255
      America's Best Whitewater In Wild Wonderful West Virginia, 1993. 1 item. Sc2003-087
      Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine ceremonial sessions around West Virginia, 1920-25. 16 items. Sc94-70
      Annual encampment, United Spanish War Veterans, Wheeling, 1936 June. 1 item. Sc98-25
      Appalachian apples, ca. 1940s-1950s. 3 items. Sc2003-064
      Article about Mabel Dunlop, who married Slavko Grouitch, later Serbian minister to the United States, 1931 August. 1 item. Sc2014-065
      Article in Naval Historical Center publication about Oscar Holmes of Dunbar, 1st African- American naval aviator, 1998. 1 item. Sc2003-261
      Article on Silver Bridge collapse from Popular Science, 1968 March. 1 item. Sc2007-062
      Assorted clippings and printed materials regarding World War I, much belonging to Addison Martin, 1918-19. 8 items. Sc87-129
      Assorted political party publications, mostly Republican, 1896-1937. 1 box. Sc2010-145
      Assorted publications and brief sketches of Westvaco history and products at South Charleston plant, 1935-52. 2 folders. Sc88-59
      Assorted publications and materials, including Charleston Charlies program, forms for vocational education programs, 1932-82. 1 folder. Sc90-83
      Assorted titles, including FMC, Charleston Daily Mail special edition, C&P telephone, Governor's Annual Conference, 1909-1961. 8 items. Sc2008-060
      Bank consolidation of Charleston National, Citizens National and Union Trust Company, 1929 March 6. 1 item. Sc2006-097
      Berry's Writing Books: West Virginia Edition by B.D. Berry, Chicago, 1905. 1 item. Sc82-289
      Booklet, Greenbrier Springs Company (formerly Barger Springs), (photocopy), ca. 1906. 1 item. Sc2013-021
      Booklet. "In Memoriam" to George W. McClinic,1942 November 12. 1 item. Sc87-29
      Booklet on Hupp family on occasion of donation of materials to West Virginia Independence Hall and talk by Dr. Ken Fones-Wolf, June 2006. 2 items. Sc2008-012
      Booklet. WWVA Jamboree souvenir program, 1940. 1 item. Sc88-99
      Booklets about whitewater rafting by Appalachian Wildwaters, 1985-86. 2 items. Sc89-52
      Booklets for 1901 Pan American Exposition at Buffalo and West Virginia exhibit at 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition at San Francisco, 2 items. Sc88-227
      Booklets for WCHS Radio, Charleston, and WBLK Radio, Clarksburg, ca. 1940-43. 2 items. Sc88-234
      Books written by Jacob Andrew Greenlee and his father, Henry William Greenlee, ca. 1963-2011. 7 items.Sc2013-093
      Boone County, West Virginia The Coal Discovery County, 1991. 1 item. Sc2003-069
      Bridge Day Magazine (40th Anniversary), 2019. 2 items. Sc2020-012
      Brochure about Sistersville, n.d. 1 item. Sc2003-035
      Brochure for Tyler County High School, 1988. 1 item. Sc96-14
      Brochure on Adam Stephen Memorial Project, Martinsburg, nd; What's Happening Charleston Convention and Visitors Bureau, Spring 1986. 2 items. Sc2013-096
      Brochures and other publications from Civil War Centennial, 1961-1964. 1 folder. Sc2014-037
      Buckskin Council (Boy Scouts of America) 5 Year Plan, ca. 1998. 1 item. Sc2004-122
      The Bunny Book by Argusine Macgregor, ca. 1911. 1 item. Sc94-14
      By-laws and Certificate of Incorporation of the Peytona Cannel Coal Company, 1866. 1 item. Sc2014-031
      Calvary United Methodist Church centennial program and church directory, Martinsburg, 1968. 2 items. Sc89-25
      Casualty list from War Department News Bureau series B #50-108 (missing 83), 1919. 1 volume. Sc2012-032
      Catalogue and receipt for Capitol City Commercial College, ca. 1909. 2 items. Sc88-83
      Catalogue of the Mountaineer Craftsmen's Cooperative Association, Morgantown - furniture, weaving, needlework, 1934. 1 item. Sc87-198
      Catalogue of the Wellsburg M. E. Sunday School library, 1874. 1 item. Sc92-47
      Catalogues for Henking, Rosener and Company of Huntington (dry goods), 1925; Laing, Harrar & Chamberlin of Philadelphia (shoes), ca. 1913. 2 items. Sc87-36
      Catalogues for sewing and ready-made clothing, 1920s. 8 items. Sc88-126
      Centennial Program of the West Virginia Baptist State Convention (black), 1978. 1 item. Sc95-24
      Central West Virginia Fire Protective Association, Elkins, 1915-1941 (Scattered years). 6 items. Sc98-28
      A Century of Basketball Memories 1914-2013, 2013 February. 1 item. Sc2013-037
      Charles Town Bicentennial, 1986. 1 item. Sc86-86
      Charleston and the Great Kanawha Valley, ca. 1967. 1 item. Sc2003-073
      Charleston and the Great Kanawha Valley and A Report on Your City, 1962-1963. 2 items. Sc2003-304
      Charleston Senators scorebook, 1956. 1 folder. Sc2021-008
      Childrens books, magazines, newspapers, 1848-1923. 11 items. Sc84-209
      Church bulletin for First Baptist Church, Dunbar; Old Stone Church, Lewisburg; June 20 and October 19, 1982. 2 items. Sc2004-118
      Civil Defense booklets, 1960-1961. 3 items. Sc2014-054
      Classic Trains Magazine with article about Centennial Train by Alan Byer, 2017. 3 items. Sc2018-023
      Code of Ordinances of the City of Charleston, 1921. 1 volume. Sc2014-039
      Coloring books about Mary Ingles, Tucker County, 1994-1995. 2 items. Sc2000-017
      Community Awareness Information booklet from Washington Works Plant, Parkersburg, 1987. 1 item. Sc88-160
      Congressional Directory, 1918. 1 item. Sc87-177
      Congressional Record with remarks of Congressman David B. McKinley on West Virginia's 150th birthday, autographed, and reprint of remarks on broadside, 2013 June 20. 2 items. Sc2013-094
      Constructive Events in Wheeling's History for 144 Years 1769-1913 compliments of National Bank of West Virginia, 1913. 1 item. Sc2013-009
      Contract Employees League of Widen miners and Elk River Coal and Lumber Company (photocopy), 1955. 1 item. Sc2010-100
      Cookbooks, 1923-27, 1952, n.d. 8 items. Sc94-38
      Cookbooks published by ladies groups in Charleston including one from Charleston Woman's Club, 1892-1921. 3 volumes. Sc2005-046
      Cornish's Practical Instructor for the Reed Organ, n.d. 1 item. Sc93-39
      Country Gentlemen, 1929-31, 1940; This Week, Pittsburgh Press, 1936 March and April; Swamp Root Almanac, 1938. 7 items. Sc81-38
      Crummett, Douglass C., of Charleston, who had several advertising and graphic design firms, various works by, ca. 1956-1989. 1 box. Sc2004-092
      The Crusader comic book set on fictionalized WVU campus, 1974. 1 item. Sc2010-142
      Daniel Boone Hotel opening booklet and banquet, 1929 January 31. 1 item. Sc96-31
      Dedication of Kanawha Airport; The Kanawha Valley Airport; Moving Mountains to Build Kanawha Airport; Annual Report Operations of Kanawha Airport; 1947-1951. 4 items. Sc2015-018
      Democratic Red Book published by Negro Democratic State Executive Committee, 1934. 1 item. Sc2003-092
      Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston Eucharistic Conference, 2003 June 21-22. 1 item. Sc2010-122
      Directions to Army Surgeons on the Field of Battle by J. G. Guthrie for Sanitary Commission, 1861. 1 item. Sc2011-053
      Distinguished Leadership Recognition of WV High School Principals with 20 years continuous service (photocopy), 1955 August 25. 1 item. Sc2011-040
      Dr. Miles Grand Dispensary; Dr. Spiegel's Sanguin; Vegetables and Truck Crops offered by Capitol Nursery and Seed Company; Landreth's Seeds offered by Farmers Hardware and Supply; n.d., 1929. 4 items. Sc2003-014
      The Duty of the Lawyer to the Members of his Profession by Wm. O. Parsons before the College of Law of the University of West Virginia, ca. 1900-1910. 1 item. Sc2014-033
      The Eagle, newsletter of Eagle Manufacturing (photocopy), ca. 1920. 1 item. Sc84-50
      E. I. duPont Washington Works 40th Anniversary Commemorative items, 1988. 1 folder. Sc88-210
      Emancipation Proclamation Festival, McDowell County Centennial, 1958-64. 9 items. Sc85-22
      European Magazine and London Review with article on Daniel Boon (photocopy), 1791 January. 1 item. Sc2010-126
      Exploring the West Virginia Coalfields, 2013. 2 items. Sc2014-004
      Favorite Recipes of U. S. Senator Robert C. Byrd as prepared by Mrs. Robert C. Byrd and cover letter from senator, 1965. 3 items. Sc2014-030
      Fayette Journal with death notice of Colonel Joseph L. Beury and clipping of death of his assistant Charles E. Beman, 1903, 1927. 2 items. Sc2010-012
      Fire insurance in West Virginia, various pamphlets and other materials concerning, 1899-1938. 13 items. Sc85-36
      First Home Coming Celebration, Berkeley Springs, 1910; inaugural program for Governor Neely, 1941. 2 items. Sc86-88
      Fort Scammon, a pictorial study done by the Charleston Municipal Planning Commission, 1970 January 1 item. Sc86-14
      4-H Leadership Conferences, 4-H camp Jackson's Mill, 1931, 1932. 3 items. Sc2010-041
      Frank Leslie's Illustrated regarding Martinsburg Railroad Strike, 1877 August 4-11. 2 items. Sc2003-303 (shelved ArProc058)
      Full Text of the Official Reports Concerning the Attack on Pearl Harbor (photocopy), 1945. 1 item. Sc95-48
      Glass companies and Ritchie County materials, 1960s-80s. 1 envelope. Sc87-192
      Godey's Lady Book, 1873 Oct, November 2 items. Sc85-54
      Godey's Lady's Book, December 1888. 1 item. Sc87-168
      Good Housekeeping Magazine, 1935 September 1 item. Sc82-118
      Gospel Hymns Consolidated, ca. 1883. 1 item. Sc83-24
      Greater Parkersburg Visitors Guide, 2019. 1 item. Sc2020-009
      The Greenbrier Sporting Club, 2010. 1 item. Sc2014-055
      Grocers Handy Calculator, used by Holz Meat Company, 1934. 1 item. Sc86-76
      HABS outline report for Huntington Federal Building, 502 Eighth Street, 2011 November 22. 1 volume and 1 CD. Sc2013-006
      Handbook of Information for Trial Jurors, Jackson County, ca. 1964. 1 item. Sc2002-032
      Harper's Weekly including Martinsburg Railroad Strike, 1877 August 11. 1 item. Sc2003-296 (shelved ArProc058)
      The Hatchet published for returning troops on USS George Washington, 1919 April 28. 1 item. Sc2009-172
      High school and college football schedules, 1950. 1 item. Sc2014-043
      Historic Upshur County brochure, 1991. 1 item. Sc91-26
      History of USS West Virginia (BB48) from Division of Naval History, ca. 1950. 1 item. Sc98-23
      History of the USS Wharton 1940-1947 (photocopy), 1996. 1 item. Sc2010-117
      Home canning guide, 1942. 1 item. Sc2002-033
      Home Hand Book...for Farmers, Planters, Mechanics,..., 1869. 1 item. Sc90-2
      Hull's Hunting and Fishing Camp, Terra Alta, 1937. 1 item. Sc98-29
      Hymnals and songbooks, ca. 1939-50. 4 items. Sc88-86
      In Memoriam booklet for State Senator William Nicholas Jasper of Greenbrier County, 1941 February 27. 1 item. Sc2007-019
      Information packet, 42nd Annual Governors' Conference, 1950. 1 folder. Sc2021-121
      Inspection report for Cass Scenic Railroad watertank by L. Robert Kimball and Associates, 1990 July. 1 item. Sc2008-055
      Instruction manual for Victrola XVI, Victor Talking Machine Co., Camden, NJ, ca. 1920. 1 item. Sc82-157
      Interurban Messenger for employees of Charleston Interurban Railroad Company, 1929 May. 1 item. Sc98-22
      Journal, 26th annual encampment, Department of West Virginia, Grand Army of the Republic at Wheeling, 1908 May 19-21. 1 item. Sc94-66
      "A June Jaunt" by Brantz of journey by B&O Railroad from Baltimore to Wheeling published in Harper's New Monthly Magazine, 1857 April. 1 item. Sc2010-119
      Kanawha Bicentennial publications Kanawha Spectator and A Guide to Kanawha County's Historic Places, 1988. 2 items. Sc2021-075
      "Kanawha Kaleidoscope," creative writing of Horace Mann Junior High students in honor of Kanawha County's Bicentennial, 1988. 3 items. Sc88-198
      Kanawha Players program for "What Every Woman Knows", 1931 October; football program, Charleston High vs. Huntington High, 1935 November 9.; Alex Turley for Sheriff flyer, 1912. 3 items. Sc96-32
      Ladies Home Journal, 1938-59. 7 volumes. Sc81-27
      Lake Erie and Ohio River Ship Canal, 1911 July. 2 items. Sc2013-023
      Law books, many belonging to John J. Davis of Clarksburg, 1795-1950s. 50 volumes. Sc2011-005
      Law publications belonging to W. G. Caperton, 1894-1910. 1 box. Sc2010-002
      Leading Facts in Wheeling History, 1905. 1 item. Sc2010-124
      List of Premiums and Rules and Regulations of the Nineteenth Annual Fair of the Mason County Agricultural and Mechanical Association, 1891 August 25-28. 1 item. Sc2014-024
      The Little Book by Col. John A. Banks, containing Civil War poems, 1889. 1 item. Sc87-175
      Little Pilot newsletter, Iaeger Graded School, 1942 March-April. 1 item. Sc2010-130
      Log Cabin Library - two versions of The Hatfield-McCoy Vendetta by W. B. Lawson and The Chesapeake and Ohio Hold-Up by W. B. Lawson, ca. 1890-1895. 3 items. Sc2000-011
      Marsh Fork Elementary and coal processing plant controversy, 2007. 1 item. Sc2008-013
      Marshall Plane Crash 50 Years, "We Remember," 2020. 1 item. Sc2020-132
      Masonic. Masonic Register and Calendar, Pt. Pleasant; Funeral Service AF & AM, Mason City; By-laws and Rules of Order, Williamson; n.d., 1908-09, 1920. 3 items. Sc94-64
      Materials regarding black history including Garnet Athletic Association, West Virginia State College, black teachers, dress patterns, other ephemera, 1934-1935. 1 folder. Sc2003-124
      McGuffey's Second Eclectic Reader, 1896. 1 item. Sc85-47
      Medal List A List of Medals Unclaimed and in the Hands of George B. Crawford, Ass't Adjutant General, Department of West Virginia, GAR, Wellsburg, 1891 August 1. 1 item. Sc2013-041
      Memorial of I. C. White published by Geological Society of America with family note on cover, 1927. 1 item. Sc2013-043
      Modern Priscilla, March, September, and December 1914. 3 items. Sc87-172
      Monongahela Power Company's Home Chats, 1955 July-August. 1 item. Sc94-24
      Morgan County courthouse fire reprinted from Morgan Messenger, 2006 August 8. 1 item. Sc2010-042
      Morrison's Magazine, published by O. J. Morrison Department Stores Company, 1928. 1 item. Sc88-230
      Mount de Chantal history, ca. 1996. 1 item. Sc87-183acc
      Mountain Echo, Clendenin High School, 1939-41 (originals and photocopies). 26 items. Sc95-50
      Mountain Echo, Clendenin High School, 1940. 1 item. Sc89-32acc
      Mountain State Art and Craft Fair, 1969 July 2-6. 1 item. Sc2010-049
      Mountaineer Boys' State Manual of Government, 1949. 1 item. Sc2014-056
      Moving Mountains to Build Kanawha Airport, 1947. 1 item. Sc2004-159
      Musical Pictures and Your State by Junior League of Charleston and WCHS Radio, 1962, 1963. 4 items. Sc2008-058
      National magazine with West Virginia articles, 1913 December. 1 item. Sc2015-011
      Naval Firepower with article on South Charleston Naval Ordnance Plant, 1944 January. 1 item. Sc2013-088
      New Kanawha Power Company Information for Bidders Proposal and Specs...Hydroelectric Power Development on New River Between Hawks Nest and Gauley Junction, 1929. 1 item. Sc86-55
      Newsletters of Veterans of World War I, Marion County Barrack No. 2155, 1966-1967. 1 folder. Sc2014-025
      Newspapers regarding beginning and end of WWII; magazines regarding JFK and assassination; textbooks; 1887-1966. 18 items. Sc88-127
      1915 Hand-book of West Virginia compiled under the direction of the West Virginia Panama-Pacific Exposition Commission, 1915. 1 item. Sc2015-012
      Norfolk and Western Railway schedules, brochures, 1958-1984. 1 folder. Sc2014-070
      Norwalk Motor Car Company's The Underslung Principle In the Construction of Motor Cars, 1912 (photocopy) Sc90-26
      Notebook published for The Reymann Brewing Company, Wheeling, including information about Wheeling, 1896. 1 item. Sc86-59
      Official Souvenir 25th Reunion United Confederate Veterans at Richmond, 1915 June 1-3. 1 item. Sc98-67
      Old-Time Blue Laws, n.d. 1 item. Sc2010-141
      The Outlook, with article about mine wars, "The Federal Peace in West Virginia," 1921 September 14. 1 item. Sc2014-038
      The Palmer Method of Business Writing, 1936. 1 item. Sc88-211
      Parents and Students Handbook, Highlawn Elementary School, St. Albans, 1991-1992. 1 item. Sc2021-101
      "The Paris Album of Fashions" vol. VI, #7, 1895 July. 1 item. Sc86-13
      Peterson's Ladies National Magazine, Volume 70, 1876 November 1 item. Sc82-6
      Pick and Shovel, Fayetteville, 1923 August 22. 1 item. Sc2008-063
      Pinch Reunion programs and flyers (photocopies), 1902-54. 1 folder. Sc91-40
      Pittsburgh Christian Advocate Historical Issue for West Virginia Methodism, 1926 Sep. 23. 1 item (oversized shelved as ArProc046). Sc2012-041
      Planning document and analysis for construction of Town Center Mall, Charleston, ca. 1981. 1 item. Sc89-29
      Platforms of the Two Great Political Parties, 1856-1912 and 1932-40. 2 items. Sc88-218
      Playbills of West Virginia State College productions, also state High School Play Tournaments, 1938-1946. 24 items. Sc2008-011
      The Plumbline Volume 4 Number 13, Masons AF&AM, Huntington, December 1, 1931. 1 item. Sc2021-093
      Pocahontas Coal Field History reprint, n.d. 3 items. Sc2013-089
      Powhatan College and St. Hilda's Hall, Charlestown, 1902-1927. 6 items. Sc2010-095
      Prayer book carried by Harrison Mollohan, 10th West Virginia Vol. Inf., with bullet hole from Civil War, ca. 1860s. 1 vol. Sc88-213
      Presbyterian Church of West Virginia materials, History of Cabwaylingo Presbyterian Chapel and Maual of the Presbytery of Bluestone, 1938. 2 items. Sc2008-051
      Presenting a Nice Place to Live Featuring St. Marys, ca. 1953. 1 item. Sc2010-051
      Progress Report: The New West Virginia Coal Industry, ca. 1970. 1 item. Sc2003-088
      Promotional flyer and booklet for "Temple of Democracy" documentary on capitol (later renamed "Moving Monument," 2007. 3 items. Sc2009-163
      Proposal for Wheeling Victorian Outlet Center by J. Harris Group/Century Equities/C & O Designers, 2001. 1 item. Sc2013-090
      Prospectus for 1969 Peach Bowl, West Virginia University vs. South Carolina. 1 item. Sc88-235
      Radio pieces, including 1939 WVVA Jamboree program, Doc Williams Border Riders family album, ca. 1935-45. 3 items. Sc91-6
      Recipe booklets for Auto Vacuum Freezer Recipes, Tested Recipes and Instructions for Hamilton Beach Model C. Good Mixer and Attachments, ca. 1940s. 2 items. Sc86-119
      Religious tracts (artificial collection), 1860-1946. 9 items. Sc82-250
      Report of Religious Education Program, St. Johns Church, 1946 September. 1 item. Sc2011-051
      Reports, handbooks and courses of study for various schools in state, 1877-1965. 5 items. Sc88-229
      Reunions, Scottish Rite, Charleston chapters, 1921-25. 5 items. Sc94-69
      Ritchie County and assorted West Virginia brochures and publications, 1870-1983. 36 items. Sc87-192
      Rules of the Norfolk and Western Railway Company, 1897 July. 1 item. Sc2014-045
      Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral programs for Episcopal Ordination of Installation of Most Reverend Michael J. Bransfield, February 22, 2005; Investiture Ceremony, June 20, 2010; The Red Mass, October 23, 2011; Midnight Mass, December 25, 2010; Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord, April 1, 2012; Veterans Day Mass, November 11, 2014; mass for Governor Manchin; Rose Mass; Mass of the Dedication of the Altar, 2017; Mass for investiture of Monsignor P. Edward Sadie; Diocese Eucharistic Congress; 2003-2009. 30 items; programs, 2005-2017. 1 folder. Sc2008-054 and acc
      Saturday Evening Post with article on West Virginia poverty, 1960 February 6. 2 items. Sc2003-297 and acc
      Saturday Evening Post, 1960 February 6. 1 item. Sc2006-109
      Schedule, Marshall University basketball, 1986-1987. 1 item. Sc2013-036
      Scouting Magazine with information and West Virginia ads for National Jamboree, 2013 May-June. 1 item. Sc2014-005
      Searchlight, Lincoln Junior High, Charleston, 1933 May 31. 1 item. Sc2010-043
      Searchlight, published by Lincoln Junior High School, Charleston, 1932 June, November. 2 items. Sc94-60
      The Seminarian, Stephenson Seminary, Charles Town, 1907-15. 3 items. Sc82-263
      Serb World Magazine with article about Solar family of Logan County, 2010 March-April. 1 item. Sc2013-004
      "Souvenir Letter: Photographic Views of Charleston West Virginia," 1908-09. 1 item. Sc86-81
      "Souvenir of Wheeling" published by Ward Brothers, 1885. 1 item. Sc86-108
      Souvenir Record of the Soldiers Homecoming Celebration, Wheeling, West Virginia, 1919 June 11. 1 item. Sc86-63
      Souvenir Record of the Soldiers' Homecoming Wheeling, WV, 1919 June 11. 1 item. Sc2006-068
      Sports Illustrated Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year. Autographed by Mary Lou Retton, 1984. 1 item. Sc2021-094
      Sports Illustrated with article on Huntington High's O. J. Mayo, 2007 June 11. 1 item. Sc2008-024acc
      Sports Illustrated 75th Anniversary NCAA Basketball tournament featuring Jerry West on cover as 10th greatest player, 2013 March 6. 1 item Sc2014-006
      Standard Publishing Company annual spring bulletin, 1937; Wharton Junior High Tiger Tracks, 1961. 2 items. Sc82-116
      State Office Building Number 3, 1952. 1 item. Sc2003-228
      Strand Theatre restoration, Moundsville, ca. 2005. 1 item. Sc2008-051
      Sunrise Museum long range plan, 1975. 1 item. Sc2020-131
      Telephone book for Mouth of Seneca, Onega and Riverton - old Macksville Mutual Telephone Company, last single operator station in state (museum has switchboard); calendar/card for James (Buzz) Teter Insurance, n.d., 1967. 2 items. Sc2002-015
      Tobacco Leaf, Southern Field, Bee Hive and Illustrated Sunday Magazine found in Wheeling house, 1908. 4 items. Sc96-33
      Trains Magazine, with special focus on West Virginia's railroad history, 2013 August. 2 items. Sc2013-095
      Trains Magazine, featuring West Virginia and Cass 50th anniversary, 2013 August. 3 items. Sc2017-011
      Transmitter, published by Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone, with stories about West Virginia, May 1925, November 1933. 2 items. Sc2000-007
      Tribune Almanac, 1884; Atlantic Monthly, 1864 March 2 items. Sc83-27
      Tribute for Judge Alston Gordon Dayton, District Court of the United States for the Northern District, 1920 September. 1 item. Sc2014-047
      TV Guide covering Kennedy assassination, 1964 January 25. 1 item. Sc87-35
      Union District Friendship Quilt Project, Aurora, Preston County, 2004. 1 item. Sc2008-072
      United Daughters of the Confederacy annual convention programs, chapter yearbooks, report of the historian-general, 1909-49. 24 items. Sc94-67
      Vecelio and Grogan Inc. promotional piece for construction, reclamation and highway contractors, late 1990s. 1 item. Sc2003-275
      VFW Encampment, Ladies Auxiliary, Parkersburg, 1938 June. 1 item. Sc98-24
      The Voice of West Virginia by Fairmont Business and Professional Women's Club, ca. 1921. 1 volume. Sc92-23
      The Voters' Argument Settler published for American Fire Insurance Company of NY, 1900. 1 item. Sc2008-045
      Warwood Evangelical Lutheran Church dedication program, groundbreaking articles, and 80th anniversary program (photocopies), 1916-1998. 3 items. Sc2003-185
      Washington Post Magazine Portrait of the City with West Virginia ads, 1999 November 21. 1 item. Sc2015-010
      Weekly Reader, 1945-1946. 1 folder. Sc2014-066
      "The Weekly Roar" by the Lions Club, Charleston, 1923. 1 item. Sc82-85
      Weirton Steel Employees Bulletin, 1964 October. 1 item. Sc2014-071
      West Virginia Centennial, various materials regarding, 1963. 1 folder. Sc2008-061
      West Virginia First published by Steptoe and Johnson, 2006. 1 item. Sc2008-044
      West Virginia History commemorative issue signed by present and former governors and their descendants, 19 June 1988. 1 item. Sc88-195
      West Virginia Patriot, published by WV Camp, Patriotic Order Sons of America in Shepherdstown (anti-immigrant group), 1913 November-1916 February/March. 7 items. Sc94-65
      West Virginia sections of 1875 Bradstreet, 1941 Dun and Bradstreet. 2 items. Sc96-24
      West Virginia State Capitol fact sheet, ca. 1940. 1 item. Sc2014-072
      West Virginia A Tax-Free State How To Make It So by William Seymour Edwards, 1915. 1 item Sc2014-036
      West Virginia University Football Vault, 2009. 1 item. Sc2012-031
      West Virginia's Great Free Fair, 1934; book cover with medals for valor on front and Purity Maid bread on back, ca. 1945. 2 items. Sc2003-186
      Westvaco. Inspiration for Printers. #62, 65, 68, 69, 70, 78, 80, 83, 87, 88, 93, 97-107, published by West Virginia Pulp and Paper, 1931-1934, 1936-1937; publications for papers and printing tips; annual report for West Virginia Pulp and Paper 1959; Typographic Quest #1-3; Our Papersmakers Look to the Woods; Working with West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company; 1957-1965. 18 items and 1 volume. Sc2010-132
      Westvaco Luke Mill annual reports; magazine with article on Henry Louis Gates, Jr.; 1976-1992. 3 items. Sc2008-049
      Wheeling Corrugating Company catalogues, brochures and products, ca. 1926-1961. 1 box. Sc2004-077
      Wheeling News Register extra on Japanese surrender, TV Guide on John F. Kennedy inaugural, US News and World Report on Kennedy assassination, 1945-1963. 3 items. Sc2008-066
      Wheeling newspapers, photocopies of programs for Virginia Theater and Opera House, 1847-1908. 1 folder. Sc2002-056
      "The Wheeling Red Label Has Gone to War" by Wheeling Corrugating (photocopy), ca. 1943. 1 item. Sc2003-327
      White Sulphur Springs and The Greenbrier, ca. 1940s. 1 item. Sc2021-102
      "William Wittfeld: The Florida Connection" reprinted from Journal of the Lepidopterists' Society, Vol. 48, #1, 1994. 1 item. Sc96-18
      WMMN family album program from Fairmont radio station, 1948. 1 item. Sc91-5
      Words of Lincoln published in The National Tribune Library, 1895 November 16. 1 item. Sc2013-008
      Wreath of Kanawha Valley by students of Buffalo Academy, 1858 July. 1 item. Sc91-39
      Writing book, no title, by Carington Bowles, London, ca. 1787. 1 item. Sc82-288
      WWVA Wheeling 1936 Flood Souvenir program; WHIS Bluefield "Freedom for All" broadcast in conjunction with 1950 Bluefield Coal Show, 1936, 1950. 2 items. Sc95-21
      WWVA 20th Anniversary Family Album with autographs of several performers, 1946. 1 item. Sc2010-131
      WWVA 25th Anniversary booklet, 1951. 1 item. Sc2002-020
      Yank the Army Weekly with Franklin Roosevelt's death and Harry Truman becoming president, 1945 May 11. 1 item. Sc2007-068
      Yearbook of the West Virginia Police Chiefs and Peace Officers Association convention in Huntington (photocopy), 1916 October 17-18. 1 item. Sc2011-041
      Publication, advertisement. Amateur Reporter, Charleston Junior High; ad for embroidered pillow top, 1918 March, n.d. 2 items. Sc95-31
      Publication, envelope. US Senate report #598 concerning electoral votes for president and vice-president and senate envelope from Henry G. Davis mailing it to Hon. B. Hayes of Wheeling, 1877 January 18. 2 items. Sc2010-143
      Publication, grade cards. McGuffey's Fifth Eclectic Reader, 1879; grade cards for Mildred White from Wheeling Schools, 1919. 9 items. Sc90-55
      Publication, receipt. Reprint from American Lumberman of White Oak, Timber and Specialties of the Parkersburg Mill Co; receipt for Feldner Transfer Co, Parkersburg; 1910, 1915. 2 items. Sc2013-091
      Publication, writing tablet. Course of Study and Rules and Regulations for the Magnolia High School, New Martinsville; tablet of student work of H. D. Rist, 1900-10. 2 items. Sc95-49
      Publications, certificates. Includes marriage certificate, programs for Wheeling Downs, WWII ration books, etc., 1898-1951. 13 items. Sc84-41
      Publications, certificates. Riverside Steel Company booklet, certificate, program receiving Army-Navy "E" award during WWII; West Virginia Souvenir booklet of 1936 Wheeling flood. 4 items. Sc86-68
      Publications, letter. Program for Christian Fellowship for Presbyterian Young People at Jackson's Mill, religious pamphlet; letter from Virginia Rose to Weirton Steel seeking employment; 1931- 1936. 3 items. Sc2003-037
      Publications, printing. Examples of Tourism printing including proofs, decals, etc, ca. 1970- 2000. 1 folder. Sc2006-079
      Publications, programs, poem. Church programs containing pastoral letters by Sidney Fadeley; poem about fiddlers; WPAR radio bulletin for Farm Chat Program; 1936, n.d. 5 items. Sc99-010
      Publications, Scrapbook. Anniversary program for Ancient Order United Workmen, events schedule for Wheeling Centennial, card advertising Ora C. McCreary's business; scrapbook of greeting cards; 1897-1949. 4 items. Sc90-52
      Publications, tickets, invitation. Beef O'Brady Bowl letter of invitation, program, luncheon program, tickets, parking pass and all-access pass Marshall University vs. Florida International, 2011 December 20. 1 folder. Sc2012-012
      Publications, vehicle registration. Program for Woman's Society of Grace Methodist Church, Bluefield; funeral record for Robert David Hicks of Bluefield; vehicle registrations for J. H. Hicks; 1932-1963. 1 folder. Sc2003-142
Annual report for Elk Horn Coal, 1968; Inaugural program for Governor William C. Marland, 1953 January 19; carbon notes about mansion and furnishings; assorted clippings about governors and presidential families; memorial booklet for James Edwin Watson (photocopy) 1926 August; 1926-71. 1 folder. Sc94-42
      Ration book, liquor sales permit. Gas ration book during WWII and liquor sales permit book issued to Florence L. Davis of Man, 1940s. 2 items. Sc87-40
      Ration books, ca. 1943. 3 items. Sc81-7
      Ration books, World War II belonging to Staley family, ca. 1942-1945. 8 items. Sc2010-112
      A. Parkes, Chairman Democratic Executive Committee to St. Clair Hotel, Martinsburg, 1886 November 3. 1 item. Sc82-145
      A. Timberlake to D.T. Rawling and Company for subscription to Baltimore Daily Sun, 1861 May 18. 1 item. Sc82-39
      Auxiliary Mount Vernon fund to purchase Mount Vernon from Henry White, 1859 February 28. 1 item. Sc82-246
      Bowman Lumber Co., St. Albans payments to West Virginia Workmen's Comp, 1913-19. 25 items. Sc84-193
      Brown's Service Station No. 1, Gauley Bridge delivery tickets, 1932. 2 boxes. Sc2003-140
      Building materials, 1827. 1 item. Sc78-7
      Cresap family, Bank of Cumberland, 1861, 1874. 2 items. Sc82-238
      H. Niles from Colonel Swearingen for one year subscription to Niles Register, 1835 July 27. 1 item. Sc82-248
      Jail fee for Elias Hatfield to jailor S.M Cunningham from J.C. Peck, deputy sheriff, 1900 January 4. 1 item. Sc82-244
      Judge Summers on Bank of Clendenin for purchase and transportation of supplies, 1836 June 23. 1 item. Sc82-236
      Listing of books purchased by West Virginia Historical Society from Robert Clarke and Co., Cincinnati, 1893 December 14. 1 item. Sc2013-032
      M. E. Jones Coal Company, Volcano, ca. 1895. 1 item. Sc82-235
      Personal and real taxes, Tazewell County, from John M. Blankenship, 1853. 1 item. Sc82-241
      Post office box rent at Pine Grove, Wetzel County, received by postmaster Luther A. Benedum, 1898. 1 item Sc2018-021
      Receipts issued to J. L. Blaker of Blaker's Mill from various businesses, 1916-1919. 36 items. Sc2002-018
      Sam Nicastro, Dealer in Staple and Fancy Groceries, Fruit and Confectionary, Country Produce, Montgomery, ca. 1916-1918. 2 boxes. Sc2002-051acc
      State and Boone County taxes from Joseph Mitchell, 1877. 1 item. Sc82-242
      Tax on attorneys, Kanawha County from George W. Summers, 1862 August 19. 1 item. Sc82-239
      William N. Bagley from Elizabeth Jackson, payment for piece goods, 1851 November 1. 1 item. Sc82-245
      Williamson Supply Company, 1945. 1 folder. Sc2020-129
      Witness fee for James M. Kerfoot from J.Q.A. Nadenbousch, Berkeley County, 1865. 1 item. Sc82-240
      Ads, receipt. Fan ads for F. Schmeichel and Son Company funeral home, Wheeling; receipt from Steamer Liberty; letterhead from Edward Zink - J. H. Booth; 1894-ca. 1940. 3 items. Sc91-8
      Receipts, bills of lading. Packet boat receipts and bills of lading, several concerning salt companies and Ruffner Brothers, steamers BOONE, C.P. HUNTINGTON, 1871-79. 8 items. Sc86-221
      Receipts, certificate, Bible records. Receipts for sending certified copies on reverse of various tickets for legislative receptions, balls, dinners, Burlew Opera House tickets and business card for Getson and Wilcher tailoring; Short Course certificate from Department of Education to Mary Ellen Booten; family records for Davis, Rice, Miller and related families; n.d., 1897, 1933. 1 folder. Sc2003-277
      Receipts, paystubs. Gauley Mountain Coal Company and Elk Lick Coal Company, 1942-1944. 1 folder. Sc2021-004
      Receipts, tax ticket. Receipts from List and Howell, Wholesale Grocers of Wheeling and Ohio County Court for witness; Marshall County tax ticket for Shoaf Mullins, 1856-1862. 3 items. Sc2006-022
Record album folder. NBC's "On the Air" with information about its radio programming, ca. 1940. 1 item. Sc89-55
West Virginia Quilt Guest Register, with 303 signatures of people who put a stitch in the state quilt, sponsored by the Diamond Department Store and accepted on behalf of the state by Sharon Rockefeller, 1980 June 20. 1 item. Sc81-17
Sheet music, "The Song of the Guardsmen" by Rudolph Ullmark and Wilmer Blackburn. 1 item. Sc2020-068
      Albert Minear, St. George Academy, Tucker County, 1888-1890. 5 items. Sc2021-095
      Beonice Spurlin, Pipestem Creek School, 1913 October 13. 1 item. Sc82-144
      Edna Hare, Pleasant Hill School, Monongalia County, 1913-1914. 1 item. Sc2021-138
      Eliza Timberlake, Charles Town Female Seminary, 1875 January 1 item. Sc82-260
      Wheeling High School for S. Fred Thomas, 1953-1954. 1 item. Sc2003-031
Material related to Greenbrier Military School, garden clubs in West Virginia, various Presidential Inaugurations, and international stamps, 1930-1985. 2 boxes. Sc2021-002
Centennial publications, programs, certificates, advertisements and other assorted materials, 1874-1970. 131 items. Sc85-49 & acc
Certificates, Scrapbook and other materials, some oversized, 1976-85. 45 items. (Oversized shelved as Z17-5 and Y31-2). Sc85-61 & acc
Rocky Knob, Gilmer County. Articles and maps discussing rock formations near Tanner (photocopies), 1996. 4 items. Sc98-17
WWI materials and various memberships for 42nd Rainbow Division groups, 1917-92. 1 folder. Sc92-95
Rubber Fabricators. Scrapbooks, clippings and other materials of Grantsville and Richwood industries, 1950s-2012. 1 box. Sc2012-045 and acc
Children's books, postcards, dance programs, greeting cards, brochures, periodicals, 1876-1960. 54 items. Sc81-29
Newsletter Syrian Tattler, published in Charleston; recollections of earlier life and church community (photocopies), 1938, 1990s. 1 folder. Sc2003-148
Caricature of Sgt. Charles Summerfield, Army Air Corps, Foster Field, 1942. 1 item. Sc2020-123
      Cooking and domestic science notebook of Hattie Neville, Lost Creek High School, n.d. 1 item. Sc2003-032
      School project: Handwritten book, Hometown Notes, Clendenin, 1934. 1 item. Sc2021-063
      Student notebook, Nellie L. Gore Riverside School, Charles Town, ca. 1907. 1 item. Sc2021-136
Scott Brothers Drugstore, Charleston. Menus, publications, ca. 1930-42. 20 items. Sc83-13 & acc
Scrapbooks, publications and other materials, 1953-1998. 1 box + 22 volumes. Sc2016-002
      Admiral S.A. Staunton, concerning U.S. Navy during 1890s. 1 item. Sc79-109
      Album of materials regarding veterans, 1940s-2006. 1 volume and 1 oversized folder. Sc2008-038
      American Association of University Women, Charleston Branch, 1940-87. 19 volumes. Sc96-46
      Articles re: Civil War events reprinted in various newspapers, 1898-1935. 1 volume. Sc2012-030
      Assorted newspaper clippings of local, state and national interest, ca. 1869-78. 1 volume. Sc94-44
      Barboursville High School basketball team AAA champs, 1974-75. 1 volume. Sc2017-023
      Bicentennial commemoration of Battle of Point Pleasant, 1974. 1 item. Sc79-106
      C. W. Townsend publicity, n.d. 1 item. Sc79-102
      Campaign and election materials, 1960s-1980s. 2 volumes. Sc2010-016
      Captain French Ensor Chadwick, Spanish-American War hero, 1898-99. 2 items. Sc85-104
      Charles L. Brown, ca. 1865-1913. 1 item. Sc83-16
      Charleston High graduate Marceline Porterfield, 1908. 1 item. Sc95-18
      Civil War, mostly from West Virginia newspapers, 1862-64. 1 item. Sc85-103
      Civil War and postwar clippings, poetry, ca. 1860s. 1 volume. Sc2003-018
      Clippings about Pat Hamilton and Hamilton family, 1965-1974. 3 volumes. Sc2017-017
      Clippings about Robert Anderson Browning, letters from Dr. W. F. McCoy to Lt. John E. Howes regarding McCoy family and feud, 1920s-1932, 1958-1959. 1 volume. Sc2015-016
      Clippings about Virginia State Convention, some account book items, J. Baker Kearfoot, 1861. 2 boxes. Sc79-107
      Clippings and invitations to Charleston social activities, 1936-1951. 1 volume. Sc2008-041
      Clippings and other information on Senator Robert C. Byrd compiled after his death on June 28, 2010. 1 volume. Sc2011-038
      Clippings and other materials primarily of Harrison County families such as Cowan and Bowman, ca. 1846-1919. 1 volume. Sc91-45
      Clippings and remembrances at deaths of Governor Jacob B. Jackson and Judge John Jay Jackson; 1894, 1907. 2 volumes. Sc92-97
      Clippings of Beckley and southern West Virginia, ca. 1938. 5 items. Sc89-4
      Clippings on Donna Marlene, Winfield native and needlework/tapestry craftsperson, 1970s- 1980s. 1 item. Sc2006-035
      Clippings on Silver Bridge collapse (photocopies), 1967 December. 1 item. Sc2002-132
      Clippings, photos and other materials mostly on churches and cemeteries, possibly WPA?, ca. 1930s. 2 volumes. Sc2006-055
      Construction of Belle DuPont Plant (photocopies), ca. 1925-30. 1 item. Sc95-51
      Copies of Lincoln Roots 1900 census with clippings, funeral cards, photos and other notes attached, ca. 1958-2001. 2 volumes. Sc2011-039
      Correspondence, articles, photos compiled by John A. Pack, Jr., Chief Clerk of the C&O Railroad in Huntington, 1925-1949. 1 volume. Sc2005-030
      Delegation of Japanese businessmen presented to Governor John D. Rockefeller, IV, ca. 1979. 1 item. Sc81-20
      Documents, forms, photos and other items documenting Sgt. Richard Bowry, Congressional Medal of Honor winner from Civil War and dedication of memorial bridge at Mineral Wells, ca. 1861-2013 June 18. 2 volumes. Sc2017-014
      Dunbar 4-H Speedway (photocopies), 1951-1953. 1 folder. Sc2011-068
      "Espana-Estados Unidos; los escolares de la provincia de Valldoid al estado Norte americano de West-Virginia," 1955-57. 1 item. Sc79-105
      Faith Lutheran Church, Charleston, 1963-1966. 1 item. Sc98-19
      Fannie Pepper, Ravenswood, 1888. 1 item. Sc82-319
      "A Forecast of the Economy of West Virginia" press conference sponsored by C&P Telephone, 1962 January 18. 1 volume. Sc2002-058
      Frederick Webb Jackson, graduate of WV State College, teacher at Mary Potter Boarding School in Oxford, NC & Charleston Boy Scout Troop 110, 1926-1948. 1 volume. Sc2013-086
      Frederika Frankenberger scrapbook including visits to brothers at West Point and Annapolis (photocopy), ca. 1900-1905. 1 item. Sc2006-121
      General William B. Curtis, Curtis family, northern panhandle events; 1860s-1970s. 1 vol. Sc88-123
      Governor Ephraim F. Morgan compiled by Opal Nuckols, 1921-25. 1item. Sc79-108
      Governor Homer A. Holt, mostly covering his years as Attorney General and Governor, compiled by Lilly F. Duncan, 1933-1979. 1 volume. Sc2003-292
      Graduation Scrapbook of Helen Louis Warren, Parkersburg High, 1926-1927. 1 volume. Sc2002-044
      Green Sulphur Springs County Life group, C&O RR rules for transporting explosives and letter (photocopies), 1908, 1950-57. 2 volumes and 2 items. Sc95-2
      Greenbrier College for Women student Edna Jane Lindley (Repaire), 1920s. 1 volume. Sc2017-010
      Honey in the Rock articles, program, 1970. 1 volume. Sc2015-014
      Iceland in World War II compiled by Charlotte J. Walsh, n.d. 3 items. Sc79-99
      Kanawha Textbook Controversy, 1974. 2 items. Sc93-3
      Kanawha Valley Dental Assistants Association, 1955-1972. 2 volumes. Sc2011-037
      Kennedy Assassination clippings, 1963. 1 item. Sc89-3
      Lewis County history articles, ca. 1910s. 1 volume. Sc2003-017
      Logan Miners War, compiled by Opal Nuckols, 1920-21. 1 item. Sc79-103
      Mary Elizabeth Roll, Charleston, 1926-27. 1 item. Sc85-139
      Mason County, 1901-09. 1 item. Sc79-104
      Materials, possibly belonging to Fred Thomas regarding Wheeling High school activities, football; Mountaineer Boys' State; 1953-54. 1 volume. Sc2003-241
      Military service record of Mallie Haynes, Charleston, 1898-1932. 1 item. Sc82-328
      Miscellaneous clippings, many poetry, some Civil War, death of Theodore Roosevelt; 2 mates certificates to William Stewart of Wheeling; 1846-1919. 1 volume. Sc95-20
      Mothers of Twins Club of West Virginia, 1970s-1990s. 6 volumes. Sc2015-022
      Musicians, especially Vandalia Gathering 1987-1994. 2 volumes. Sc2007-061
      National Organization for Women, West Virginia and Charleston chapters, 1975-2021. Articles and biographies of NOW award winners, officers and activities, 1966-1996. 10 boxes and 68 volumes. Sc97-27 and acc
      1939-40 World's Fair Collection compiled by Dan B. Fleming Sr, manager for West Virginia exhibit, 1939-40. 4 volumes. Sc2003-175
      Order of the Eastern Star, Saline Chapter #81, concerning West Virginia Centennial float in Rose Parade, 1963. 1 item. Sc80-29
      Pineville Homemakers, 1983-84, 1996. 2 volumes. Sc2018-003
      Pocahontas County, Confederacy and United Daughters of the Confederacy, compiled by Mrs. Rella Clark Yeager, Historian, Pocahontas Co. Chapter UDC, ca. 1949. 1 item. Sc85-106
      Political materials, mostly Democratic, 1949-1979. 1 volume. Sc2010-055
      Rosalind Funk, secretary to governors Meadows, Patteson and Marland, much pertaining to Patteson's life, 1929-1970. 3 volumes and 2 boxes. Sc2007-076
      St. Francis School of Nursing Class of 1945, compiled by Violet Deck Nemky, 1945-1985. 1 item. Sc2010-024
      Slack, Congressman John M. Jr. Collection, 1948-1980. 49 volumes. Sc2007-059
      Stonewall Jackson Class of 1942 reunions, 1962-2006. 5 volumes. Sc2007-060
      Scrapbook, forms. Shorthand Association Scrapbook and forms, ca. 1925-38. 2 items. Sc84-160
      Scrapbooks, publications. Autographed copies of Sports Illustrated and Scrapbooks about Mary Lou Retton, 1984 Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics, 1984. 4 items. Sc93-11
      Scrapbooks kept by Lucy and Mary Craig, including clippings, correspondence, photographs, programs, Confederate currency, ca. 1861-1960. Sc86-201
      Senator Charles J. Faulkner, Martinsburg, 1830. 1 item. Sc79-101
      Smythe family, including genealogy, history, heraldry, traditions, ancient customs and manners, n.d. 1 item. Sc79-100
      Soapbox Derby, Charleston, 1937. 1 item. Sc2021-134
      "Steamboats on West Virginia Waterways," compiled by Captain A. D. Butler for his son Earl W. Butler, ca. 1941. 1 volume. Sc98-37
      Various clippings of Wheeling and national events, 1920s-30s. 1 item. Sc86-69acc
      Various state topics compiled by Guthrie Mason, ca. 1940s-60s. 1item. Sc96-47
      West Virginia Works Projects Administration. Photographs of construction projects under W.P.A., 1943. 1 item. Sc79-110
      Wheeling clippings pasted into copy of Landmarks of Old Wheeling, 1936-53. 1 item. Sc93-38
      Wills DeHass, 1877-91. 4 items. Sc79-73
      World War II clippings, including many of WV men killed, wounded or missing, 1942-1945. 1 volume. Sc2012-029
      World War II-era articles, most on Logan County servicemen (photocopies), 1940s. 1 volume. Sc2009-106
      World War II rationing articles, ca. 1942. 1 volume. Sc2006-008
      Scrapbook, printed materials. Scrapbook of WPA clippings, 1935; liquor sales permit book; letterhead of Hawks Nest Coal Company, 1884; 1877 Virginia election ticket; raw fur prices, 1894. 5 items. Sc2003-015
Scrip. Wilderness Lumber Company, n.d. 3 items. Sc80-326
      Radio play "Jones' Raid on Morgantown" by Mabel DeVries Tanner, 1951 November 7. 1 item. Sc2010-136
      Radio, "The Mountain State Story". 1 folder. Sc2020-075
Transcripts, articles and other materials re: artisans, musicians, draft of Cash Crop: Hippie Homesteaders in West Virginia, 1960s-2012. 2 boxes. Sc2017-024
Certificates and clippings regarding career of public health official, 1946-81. 3 boxes. Sc92-21
Stamps, ration books, sheet music, World War II medical training handbooks and forms for practice of Dr. Leo Seltzer of Charleston, 1930s-70s. 1 box. Sc96-12
Accretion, 1930s-1960s. 4 boxesSc96-12acc
Payroll envelopes and report card, 1928-1940. 4 folders. Sc2020-078
Charleston High School, Union Carbide Corporation, Morris Harvey College materials. 1 box, 1 folder. Sc2020-066
      1857-1927. 45 items. Sc85-24
      1858-1924. 4 volumes and 61 items. Sc86-54
      1880-1930. 58 items. Sc80-323
      1885-1936. 87 items. Sc86-01
      1877-1938. 2 boxes. Sc2023-001
      1920s-60s. 1 box. Sc88-215
      Assorted titles published by William H. Sheib and Company of Wheeling or Kanawha Music Publishing Company of Charleston, n.d., 1877-78, 1913, 1927. 7 items. Sc94-56
      Frank Yankovic's Collection of Waltzes and Polkas, 1955. 1 item. Sc2011-071
      "Got a Feeling I'll Be Stealing Back to Wheeling, West Va.," words and music by Bob Ellsworth, 1943. 2 items. Sc82-11
      "Hail West Virginia" issued by Rogers Drugstore, 1915. 1 item. Sc85-15
      "I'm Going Back, Going Back: West Virginia Blues" with lyrics by Lillie Lanier, 1928. 1 item. Sc2021-066
      "L Elegance Polka Melodique" by Kuhe, published by T. Cartwright, Wheeling, pre1863. 1 item Sc2012-036
      "Men of West Augusta" by Jessie Baker, Kermit, WV, 1962. 1 item. Sc95-27
      Music for organ, piano and violin, 1861-1927. 33 items. Sc87-195
      "Our West Virginia" by Jess Baker Schaub, 1913. 1 item. Sc85-23
      "The Rabbit Song" by Larry Groce (photocopy), n.d. 1 item. Sc2003-204
      "Ravenswood Waltzes" by Julien, 1852. 1 item. Sc2000- 018
      "Road Map" by John and Charles Storm; "West Virginia" distributed by Dollar Savings and Trust Company, Wheeling; "West Virginia" by Clemens and McMaster; 1913-39. 3 items. Sc87-178
      "The Silent Message Proclaim Liberty" by Jessie Baker for U. S. Bicentennial, 1970. 1 item. Sc2003-071
      "Song of West Virginia" by Ignatius Brennan and Fred Meister, 1911. 1 item. Sc2009-105
      Thomas Jefferson Junior High class song by John W. Newton and Jack Jackson, ca. 1956. 1 item. Sc2010-129
      "Under the Blue Eagle" (NRA), 1933. 1 item. Sc95-26
      Various pieces, 1 issue of Etude, 1898-1944. 23 items. Sc85-68 & acc
      West Virginia All-State High School Chorus music, 1938. 1 item. Sc2010-098
      West Virginia Boys and Girls, 1922. 1 item. Sc2013-035
      West Virginia Grand March, composed by E. A. Weber, Wheeling, 1865. 1 item. Sc2002-016
      "West Virginia Herald Two-Step" by Miss Adah C. Jones, 1898. 1 item. Sc90-100
      "West Virginia Shore" by R. Rohrkaste, 1916. 1 item. Sc95-32
      "Witnesses of the Light" by Dana Dorsey, Summersville, 1940 August 5. 2 items. Sc2010-048
      Sheet Music, newspaper clippings, correspondence, bumper sticker. 6 folders. Sc2020-076
Printed items including 1897 commencement program, recital programs, summer school, music for "Shepherd Song," The Picket monthly publication; 1897-1930. 6 items. Sc2003-112
Notes and drawings from Charleston architect, n.d. 6 volumes and 22 items. Sc81-31
Political, tourism and other materials, 1870-1983. 1 box. Sc2003-150
Annual reports (1969-1981), Golden Anniversary (1957), proposed merger with Westmoreland (1981), company history. 14 volumes and 1 folder. Sc2000-009.
Certificate. 1 item. Sc2020-072
Photographs, postcards, publications, letters, and scrapbooks related to the Sloan family, 1939-1995. 2 boxes. Sc2023-059
Articles regarding Colonel Smith and 1092nd Engineering Battalion and 150th Infantry, WV National Guard (photocopies), 1928-1950s. 1 folder. Sc2006-061
Various clippings, photos, scrapbook pages, and scrapbook relating to Barboursville High School, 1950-2007. 1 box. Sc2023-023
Scrapbooks, campaign materials, 1917-1950. 6 volumes and 1 folder oversized (Dr214). Sc2006-104
Funeral programs, obituaries and clippings of Cabin Creek area families; Improved Holy Prayers compiled by Sister Ruth M. Hill; 1910-1990s. 2 boxes. Sc2016-011
Scrapbooks, publications, 1951-89. 2 volumes. Sc93-20
      Songbook. Garfield and Arthur Campaign Song Book published by Republican Congressional Committee, 1880. 1 item. Sc94-61
      Songbooks. Rotary Club, 4-H Club, Boy Scouts, 1940-1956. 1 folder. Sc2020-133
      Songbook. West Virginia Prohibition Amendment campaign songs, 1912. 1 item. Sc85-28
Reference information about song "The Girl I Left Behind Me," 2001. 1 item. Sc2014-062
Taylor Jones caricatures, Kiwanis Club newsletters, centennial scrapbook, and other materials, 1957-1992. 21 items.Sc2021-205
      South Charleston Naval Ordnance plant. Chapter from Activities of the Bureau of Yards and Docks, Navy Department World War 1917-1918 (photocopy), 1921. 1 item. Sc2003-244
      US Naval Ordnance Plant, South Charleston. Sealed bid and invitation for sale of facility, clipping and article by Lt. Combs about plant closure, 1961. 3 items. Sc2013-010
Centennial Exhibition, Philadelphia, 1876. 2 items. Sc82-133
Specifications. Renovations to Four Houses, Victorian Wheeling Landmarks Foundation, 1993 July. Sc2002-052acc
      Speech. Address to West Virginia Chamber of Commerce by Ernest T. Weir, National Steel Corporation entitled "Our Defense on the Home Front", 1950 September 1. 1 item. Sc2003-055
      Speeches. Senator Henry D. Hatfield remarks to Republican State Committee, adjusted service certificates for World War veterans, and appreciation for renomination, 1930-1934. 3 items. Sc2003-259
Payment envelopes, receipts and other materials, 1862-1910. 78 items. Sc79-190
Brochures and maps of cemetery, 2009. 6 items. Sc2010-128
      Letter and announcement of decision to run for governor in 1968; letter abolishing "flower fund" as chairman of State Democratic Executive Committee, 1967. 3 items. Sc2010-111
      Newsletter of Sprouse for Governor Club, 1968. 1 item. Sc2011-089
Songbooks, photocopies of scrapbook items, 1950-85. 24 items. Sc87-125 & acc
      Stock certificate. Elkana Castle Hall Association, 1921 March 4. 1 item. Sc2010-125
      Stock certificate. Elkhorn Coal Corp, purchased by DeCoppet and Doremus, 2 shares, 1923, 16 February 1 item. Sc82-318
      Stock certificate. Hempfield Rail Road Company, 1 share to Alexander Taylor, 1855 February 18. 1 item. Sc2002-012
      Stock certificates. Laurel Fork & Sand Hill RR, Parkersburg, 186-; Star Manufacturing Co, Pittsburgh, 1898; Chicago-Zanesville Oil & Gas, Chicago, 1904; Acme Publishing Co, Morgantown, 1909. 4 items. Sc82-276
      Stock certificate. The Superior Drug Company, Charleston. 1 item. Sc2020-114
Stutler, Boyd B. Collection. Sheet music, scrapbooks, broadsides and other printed materials, most dealing with John Brown and Civil War. Oversized shelved as Z17-9 and Y33-12, scrapbooks shelved with manuscripts. Sc78-1
Information on churches, Beni Kedem Temple, World War II ration books, Sons of Italy (all photocopes except ration book), 1927-1991. 6 folders. Sc89-54acc
Cancellations from West Virginia Post Offices, n. d. 2 boxes (13 volumes). Sc2020-037
Summonses. Artificial collection, Berkeley, Boone, Cabell and Randolph counties, 1794-1800. 7 items. Sc82-277
Tapes of interviews. Wheeling Traction Company and Cooperative Transit Company recollections of August Oglinsky and Jack E. Syphers, 1988. 2 items. Sc87-48acc
Textbooks. Christian Reader, ca. 1840s; McGuffey's New Second Eclectic Reader, 1865; McGuffey's Eclectic Series Fifth Reader, n.d. 3 items. Sc93-36
      Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Main Stem to Cumberland, 1859 June 13. 1 item. Sc82-231
      Charleston and Dana Ferry streetcar ticket, 1934. 1 item. Sc81-6
      Charleston and Southside Bridge to James Polin(?), 1895. 1 item. Sc78-18
      Charleston Interurban Railroad Company, ca. 1920. 2 items. Sc2021-131
      Dunbar Toll Bridge, April 10, 1983. 1 item. Sc2021-081
      Kanawha & Michigan Railway, ca. 1900. 1 item. Sc82-230
      Methodist Episcopal Church class meeting admission to Wanda Hurley, 1844-45. 2 items. Sc82-292
      Old Dominion Steamship Co, Hon. Francis Pierpont and wife, 1868. 1 item. Sc82-307
      Primitive Methodist class meeting admission tickets for Martha Watson Musgrave Simpson and Joseph Simpson, 1827-40. 1 item. Sc82-74
      Reception of Admiral Dewey, New York, to General J.W.M. Appleton, 1899 Sep. 30. 1 item. Sc82-290
      Republican National Convention, Miami Beach, FL, 1972. 2 items. Sc82-132
      Season ticket, National Baseball League, distributed by C. Siebert, Sportsman's Exchange, Columbus, OH, 1887. 1 item. Sc82-291
      Speech by President Bill Clinton, old C&O station, Huntington, 1996 August 25. 1 item. Sc2008-042
      Suttons' Opera House and Cottrill Opera House, ca. 1903-1970. 3 items. Sc2021-082
      2nd Annual Irish Heritage Festival, Beckley, 12 March 1988. 4 items. Sc88-161
      West Virginia Centennial Official Gold Tickets, 1964 January 11. 2 items. Sc82-308
      Ticket, poster. 1924 World Series, Game 7; poster for 1905 championship team based on Wheeling Island. 3 items. Sc84-43
      C&O Railroad for Huntington, Kentucky and Greenbrier Divisions, 1902. 1 item. (Oversized shelved as Z23-8). Sc89-88
      Norfolk & Western Railway - Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, 1913-14. 1 item. Sc82-229
      Ohio River Railroad; Ravenswood, Spencer & Glenville Railway; Ripley & Mill Creek Valley Railroad; 1897 May 16. 1 item. Sc82-228
State Road Commission title for Apco Dodge truck, 1941. 1 item. Sc84-194
      Trade Card. Alexander Parks, manufacturer of fancy flour, Martinsburg, ca. 1900. 1 item. Sc82-44
      Trade Card. J.A. Joel and Company, suppliers of military and society goods, 1880. 1 item. Sc82-19
World War II Signal aid card, ca. 1942. 1 item. Sc2021-192
      Coal Life Project oral history interviews conducted by Appalachian Oral History Project of Alice Lloyd College, Pippa Passes, Kentucky (photocopies), 1970s. 2 boxes. Sc82-115acc
      Copy of transcript of oral interview of Ken Hechler by the Truman Library, 1985 November 29. 1 item. Sc87-117
      Interview of James Taylor by Dennis Deitz regarding Hawks Nest Tunnel, transcribed by Cornelia Alexander, 1990 June 5. 1 item. Sc2003-116
      Interview of Mike Humphreys by Tom Screven, transcribed by Robert Y. Spence, 1977 September 15. 1 item. Sc2003-110
      Interviews done by John Hennen and Rebecca Bailey of southern West Virginia residents, 1989- 90. 5 boxes. Sc2003-135
      Interview with Governor Arch A. Moore, Jr. by Jody Dodd and Shirley Stark, 1976 November 26. 1 item. Sc95-30
      Interview with Hugh McPherson, 25 August 1987. 1 item. Sc88-58
      Interview with broommaker Mack Roberts, 1986 May 5. 1 item. Sc86-56
      Interview with Ned H. Guthrie by Joyce Davis Adams, 1983. 1 item. Sc84-1
      Interview with Russell Fluharty, 1986 Vandalia Award winner, 1986 Sep. 3. 1 item. Sc86-95
      Interview with Woodrow D. Haney, Moundsville prison guard who oversaw prison labor during the construction of Camp Washington-Carver, 24 October 1985. 1 item. Sc87-194
      New River Oral History Collection, 1980-85. 93 items. Sc83-28 & acc
      Nightline, Digging Deep, mountaintop removal, 1998. 1 item. Sc2020-134
      Oral history interviews conducted by Dr. Fred Barkey for the West Virginia Commission on Aging with elderly West Virginians, 1971-1973. 27 items. Sc2003-021
      World War II interviews and resulting papers generated by West Virginia State College students, 2002. 2 boxes. Sc2003-138
      Transcripts, tapes. Interviews with Jennings Randolph, 1982-83. 5 items. Tapes transferred to AV collection. Sc83-22
      "A Union in Revolt: the Story of a Rank and File Movement," 1982. [4 cassettes transferred to AV]. 1 item. Sc84-205
Political memorabilia, 1959-84; special Centennial edition Wheeling Intelligencer, 1963; Brooke County tax tickets, 1868-74. 1 box. Sc89-30 & acc
Publications, invitations. Inaugural invitation to Gov. Morgan and program for Gov. Underwood, City of Welch pocket calendar, 80th Infantry pamphlet, Forest Festival, 1917-1957. 1 folder. Sc2018-044
Certificates and appointments for Harry B. Janney to Governor's Citizens' Advisory Committee on Purchasing and Minimum Wage Board, 1968-1969. 2 items. Sc2015-021
Raleigh County materials, song book, WV State Road Commission materials, 1922-1933. 2 folders. Sc2021-011
Programs, bumper stickers for USS Stump, Flagship of West Virginia, 1984-86. 6 items. Sc86-91
      Assorted printed pieces and copies of the Mountaineer newspaper, 1927-29. 27 items. Sc89-51acc
      Booklet about crossing equator, ship's newspaper and menus, 1940-41. 4 items. Sc89-51
      Certificate for Mathias Wilson as Shellback crossing the equator (oversized), 1936 May 20. 1 item. Sc89-51acc
      John J. Morris Collection of USS West Virginia and Pearl Harbor materials, publications, drawings, 1922-1961. 1 box and 18 sheets oversized (W7 and ArProc046). Sc89-51acc
      Materials collected during research and writing of Mountaineer Battlewagon by Myron J. Smith, Jr., 1920s-1982. 1 box. Sc2007-047
      Menus from Honolulu collected by crew member, ca. 1940. 3 items. Sc89-51acc
      The Mountaineer, 1941 March 29, June 29, August 2. 3 items. Sc89-51acc
      Newsletters, certificate and map, ca. 1936-1938. 57 items. Sc2002-031
      Newsletters, crossing the equator publication July 1940-August 1941. 13 items. Sc89-51acc
      Newspaper, The Mountaineer, published at anchor at San Diego, CA, 1931 April 11. 1 item. Sc82-183
      Officer list, 1923; crew list, 1924 (photocopies). 2 items. Sc89-51acc
      Program, menu, Christmas aboard the USS West Virginia, 1938 reprint, 2016. 1 item. Sc2021-198
      Publication "The Ditty Box" published aboard cruiser USS West Virginia (ACR-5, renamed USS Huntington in 1916), 1911 February. 1 item. Sc89-51acc
      Reunion Association newsletters, memory book from Charleston reunion, 1985-89. 5 items. Sc89-51
      Scrapbooks, publications and other materials, 1927-1993. 6 boxes. Sc2002-030
      Ship's telephone directory, 1941. 1 item. Sc89-51acc
      Myron Smith Collection. 1 box. Sc2007-047
      USS West Virginia submarine. Decal for SSBN 736, ca. 1990. 1 item. Sc2010-133
      G.B. McClellan, n.d. 1 item. Sc82-45
      Mrs. Arthur Lee, n.d. 1 item. Sc82-48
      Mrs. Del. L. Dunning, n.d. 1 item. Sc82-46
      Newton D. Baker, 1915. 1 item. Sc82-31
      Samuel W. Montgomery, n.d. 1 item. Sc82-47
      William H. and Helen H. Taft, 1912. 1 item. Sc82-32
      William L. Wilson, 1895. 1 item. Sc82-33
      Kanawha County Circuit Court payment of petit jurors, 1867. 43 items. Sc82-234
      Monongalia County Circuit Court witness fees, 1867-68. 2 items. Sc82-243
      Work voucher for Spears Lumber Company, ca. 1920s. 1 item. Sc80-298
Newsletter and Johnny Appleseed brochure, 2013-2014. 1 folder. Sc2014-040
Publications, programs, directories, and other materials, 1939-1979. 1 box. Sc2003-293
Newsletters, yearbooks, 1942-2013. 2 boxes. Sc2012-004 and acc
Party platforms, 1960-1984. 7 items. Sc2014-060
Publications, including meeting programs, delegate assembly books, leaflets and other assorted publications, 1909-81. 1 box. Sc87-151acc
Materials related to film and radio production in West Virginia, 1975-2015. 8 folders. Sc2020-073
Catalogues, ads & other printed materials, 1970-86. 13 items. Sc87-155
Records and forms of quilt documentation project and book production, 1985-2001. 29 boxes. Sc2004-042 and acc
Assorted printed materials concerning West Virginia Independence Hall activities and its history including Conservative Life Insurance, statehood, ca. 1871-1979. 29 items. (Oversized shelved as Z11-6). Sc87-136 & acc
Form letter explaining combined issue, 1942 February. 1 item. Sc2010-110
Scrapbooks, publications, certificates, 1910-73. 3 boxes. Sc86-93
Scrapbooks & other publications re: turnpike, 1950s-87. 11 volumes & 2 boxes. Sc87-164
Political cards and ads, Black Walnut Festival programs, oil and gas lease records and other materials of 20-year Roane County assessor and family, 1938-2013. 2 boxes. Sc2016-036
      Printed and ephemeral material about Wheeling, including stock certificates for Wheeling area businesses, 1901-80. 51 items. Sc94-43
      Receipts, business forms, 1893-95. 22 items. Sc86-15
      Wheeling High School Cornerstone Collection. Newspapers, forms, postcards, other materials, ca. 1900-10. 75 items. Sc84-176
      Wheeling Steel, Agreement between Wheeling Steel Corporation and United Steelworkers of America, 1945, 1947. 2 items. Sc2010-107
Includes blueprints related to Fort Belvoir, Virginia and materials for a machine patent, 1940-1943. 1 oversized folder. Sc2023-037
Correspondence, publications and other materials of Civil War, Kanawha Valley and chemical industry history, 1861-1989. 3 boxes. Sc2013-028
Clippings and other items regarding first paved road between Parkersburg and Charleston (photocopies), 1926. 5 items. Sc2004-119
Stonewall Jackson High School, Woodrow Wilson Junior High School, Boys State Materials. 1 box. Sc2020-067
      World War I. Poster and booklet for Aisne-Marne American Cemetery, burial site of Ray O. Skidmore, 1980s. 2 items. Sc94-48
      World War I songbook, currency. Popular Songs of the AEF, French currency, 1915-1918. 3 items. Sc2006-065
      World War II maps, newspaper. Esso war map, map showing location of German prison camps and 1979 reprint of December 7, 1941 Honolulu Star Bulletin 1st extra edition, 1941-45, 1979. 3 items. Sc2006-031
      World War II. Ration book, ca. 1943. 1 item. Sc2003-282
      Ahwanak, West Virginia Trades School, Montgomery, 1921. 1 item. Sc88-194
      Artificial collection, various schools, also includes Woodrow Clay Hamilton, Jr. Collection. Sc2005-003 and acc
      Belle Woman's Club, 1962-63. 1 item. Sc82-295
      Blundon Woman's Relief Corps, No. 6, Charleston, 1923. 1 item. Sc82-203
      Charlestonian, Charleston High School, 1914. 1 item. Sc96- 17
      Charlestonian, belonged to Miss Grace Sutherland, 1914. 1 item. Sc93-10
      Daughters of the American Revolution, Shenandoah Valley Chapter, Martinsburg, 1931-38. 5 items. Sc82-83
      The Delphian Club, St. Albans, 1927-28. 1 item. Sc82-215
      Kanawha Medical Society, Women's Auxiliary, 1963-64. 1 item. Sc82-195
      Martinsburg Woman's Club, 1935-36. 1 item. Sc82-298
      National Society, Daughters of the American Colonists, Burning Springs Chapter, Charleston, 1975-81. 2 items. Sc82-82
      Parkersburg Woman's Club, 1914-15. 1 item. Sc82-299
      South Side Woman's Club, Charleston, 1924-25. 1 item. Sc82-296
      Yearbook, drawing. The Kanawhan, from Cabin Creek District High, 1912, pen and ink of Montgomery Preparatory School, 1912. 2 items. Sc82-4
Notes on Edward and Edwin Yerkey "The Tucson Twins" from various radio shows, n.d. 1 item. Sc2009-125
Scrapbooks, 1912-83. 7 boxes. Sc86-38

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