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Toni Y. Smith Collection

Box 1

1. Miscellaneous clippings
2. Clipping Governor Rockefeller's department heads
3. Booklet, Improved Holy Praises by Sister Ruth M. Hill
4. Harry L. Adams obit
5. James Edward Adkins obit and remembrance card December 17, 1923-March 9, 1974. Services in Hansford, buried in South Charleston.
6. Pamela D. Adkins and James A. Rollins wedding clipping
7. Rand Adkins and Dee Obermeyer wedding clipping
8. Charles Thomas Allen obit
9. Lloyd Allen obit
10. Cheatham Alston Sr. obit and remembrance card December 21, 1910-September 20, 1978. Chesapeake.
11. Daisy Alston clipping Kanawha County Teacher of the Year
12. Jacqueline H. Alston and Charles E. Cotton wedding clipping
13. Marian Alston, Becky Jones, Liz Spaulding and Diana Hudnall clipping New campus fashion
14. Marian Alice Alston and William Isaac Hairston wedding clipping
15. William H. Alston obit
16. Shirley Davenport Andrews obit
17. Louise Anderson clipping Kanawha County Teacher of the Year 1982-82
18. James Austin clipping college and Colenius Averal Austin obit
19. Melissa C. Avery funeral program October 7, 1898-June 6, 1988. Chesapeake.
20. Delores Baldwin and Levonia Jones clipping elevator operators
21. Myrtle W. Bandy clipping teacher for 42 years
22. Callie Barnett clipping 1891 school photo
23. Sam Walker Barrett obit
24. Cleve (Preacher) Baskin remembrance card December 22, 1906-August 9, 1978. Charleston
25. Lawrence David Bayes obit
26. Reverend Bell program cover second anniversary Riverview Baptist Church
27. Perlina Bell obit
28. William Edward "Ed" Bennett obit
29. Ernest Berry clipping meeting Dee Caperton during campaign
30. Sally Beverly obit
31. Quinton O. Blair and Viola May Blair remembrance clipping
32. Mae Stella Blaney obit and remembrance card March 6, 1921-November 25, 1978. Charleston. (2 copies)
33. Tyrone Marcellus Blaney obit
34. JoValene Booker clipping killed by train
35. Mrs. Comora Jones Booth obit
36. Margie L. Bowles obit
37. Samuel Atkinson Brick, Jr, Barry Alan Kaizer, Clifford Michael McDowelle, Kaven Warren Ransom, Lindia Marie Steen, Connie Jean White, Darryl M. White, Gregg M. WIllenborg clipping - DRN enforcement officers being sworn in including first women and first blacks
38. Lenora Belle Brinegar remembrance card October 9, 1899-February 25, 1972. London.
39. Arie Brockman obit
40. Bernice Elizabeth Brown funeral program December 7, 1949-1979. Charleston.
41. Charles A. Brown Sr. obit
42. Jesse Brown and Alice Giles Brown clipping 50th anniversary
43. Joseph Brown and Juanita Mitchell Brown clipping 50th anniversary
44. Mabel D. Bryant obit
45. Bud Burgess obit
46. James T. Burnette and Jessie Mae Spencer Burnette clippings 50th and 57th anniversaries
47. Cheryl Y. Burton and Paul R. Thomas wedding clipping
48. Elise Cepull and John Wibberg engagement clipping
49. Cabin Creek the Fading Hollow clipping
50. Marsha G. Calloway and Armaray Q. Campbell wedding clipping, clipping about her as girl
51. Helena Carter obit
52. Mrs. Ruth Carter clipping Kanawha County jail employee
53. Walter R. Carter obit
54. Roger Lee Christy clipping killed in car wreck
55. Willie Samuel Coffey obit
56. Rosa Coleman and Sheila James clipping new freedom in black hairstyles
57. Richard Cohen clipping "Happy Rich" shoeshine man
58. Hayman Cohn and Rose Cohn clipping about quitting retirement
59. James West Collier and Monica A. Hill wedding clipping
60. Myrtle C. Combs obit
61. William Combs and Archie McClain Jr. clipping area man, grandson both die same night
62. Sandra Yvette Craft and Michael Lynn Greenhowe wedding clipping
63. Melvin Crider obit
64. Primo Dalporto obit
65. David Henry Daniels obit
66. Eva L. Purnell "Peaches" DeJarnette obit
67. Tom Dillerd, Dan Reese, Porter Cotton clipping UMWA Labor Day celebration in Boone Co.
68. Dorothy Douglas Shelton Dodson funeral program, photo September 5, 1925-September 19, 1991. Chesapeake. (2 copies)
69. Morticia Dyess clipping 11 year old girl follows family preaching tradition
70. Lewis Moses Ellington obit
71. Henry English clipping learning to read in Bible
72. William Monroe Epps remembrance clipping
73. Mr. and Mrs. Dave Estes clipping Mardi Gras
74. Rev. Elie L. Farmer obit
75. Fannie Felder clipping Home Economics scholarship
76. Donald Henry "Duck" Ferguson funeral program November 8, 1952-September 18, 1986. Funeral in Chesapeake, buried in South Charleston.
77. Minnie Megginson Ferguson funeral program (September 15, 1888-January 24, 1990. Funeral in Chesapeake, buried in Charleston) and son Ernest O. Furguson obit
78. Wallace E. Ferrell obit
79. Ella K. Fields obit
80. Martha Washington Franklin obit
81. Claude Geiger clipping signed letter of intent at Michigan State University to play football
82. Julius George and wife Virginia A. Lombardo George obituaries
83. Holloway Gray Sr. obit
84. Rosa Lee Green obit
85. Mrs. Johnnie Beatice Gregory obit
86. Weford Larry Haines and Linda McKall wedding clipping
87. Lon H. Hairston obit
88. Steven Haley clipping city family prays for surviving sailor
89. Frankie Don Hall and Flora Jean Hall wedding clipping
90. Sharon Renee Hall obit
91. Timothy Taylor Hamilton and Mary Louise Silverstein wedding clipping
92. Della Hamlin obit
93. Dover M. Hardy and Gladys Hardy obituaries
94. Jesse H. Harris Jr. obit
95. Rachael A. Hart funeral program September 11, 1895-November 8, 1979. Funeral in Montgomery. Buried in London.
96. Maurice "Ed" Harvit obit
97. Michael Steven Hicks and Ethel Janette Radford wedding clipping
98. Bertha Mae Holt obit
99. Mark Hughes and father William Otis Hughes obituaries
100. William Hawkins Jr. obit
101. William A. Hawkins III clipping testimony in murder
102. Ferne McCoy Heiser and Harry Lookabill engagement clipping
103. Allen Hugh Henderson obit
104. James Henderson remembrance card November 23, 1896-September 12, 1975. Charleston
105. Ethel A. Hicks obit
106. Minnie Hightower clipping city employee
107. Ada Elizabeth Hill funeral program May 10, 1910-April 25, 1991. Service in Chesapeake, buried in Charleston
108. Delilah Hunter, Mary Phelph, Maxine Hale, Christina Hale, Janet Hale clipping five generations
109. Annetta Hunter, Prince Hunter II, and Anthony Hunter clipping slide crushes home; three children die
110. Harry R. Irving clipping former Cabin Creek man receives education doctorate
111. Leroy Leander Jackson remembrance card January 18, 1899-September 12, 1975. Services held in Sharon, buried in Leewood. (2 copies)
112. Jim Jarrett clipping leaves coaching after 40 years
113. Sarah B. Jemerson obit
114. Andy Johnson clipping Andy's Grill, West Virginia State College
115. Robert Lee Johnson obit
116. Russell Jonson obit
117. Hubert Jones clipping jazz bass player
118. Nora Lee Jones obit
119. Laura Lorenzo Jones obit
120. Elbert Jordan and Eva Jordan clipping parents of seven military men
121. Sarah E. Kelly obit
122. Nellie Kate King remembrance card May 4, 1894-September 25, 1986. Services in Montgomery, buried in Ingram Branch
123. Bill Knox clipping McMillan Hospital employee
124. Harriet N. "Sally" Kyles obit
125. Phyllis Laughlin obit, remembrance card June 9, 1932-December 25, 1984. Services in Charleston, buried in Tyler Mountain
126. Pearl Fitzgerald Lee remembrance card October 20, 1899-November 17, 1979. Services in East Bank, buried in Glasgow
127. Pia Jevette Lee obit
128. Ody B. Lilly obit
129. Mabel Lemley Luckey remembrance card December 5, 1894-January 27, 1976. Services in Chesapeake, buried in South Charleston
130. James Elijah Lemons obit
131. Lecester L. Martin obit
132. David Alexander McFadden remembrance card October 12, 1910-December 31, 1971. Services in East Bank, buried in Leewood
133. Dora Elizabeth McKeever obit and remembrance card May 7, 1927-May 27, 1974. Services in Eskdale, buried in Leewood
134. George Dewey McKinney Sr. obit
135. Lucille McNeely obit
136. Okey H. Means obit

Box 2

1. Katherine Miller Mickens funeral program September 1, 1908-August 26, 1984. Charleston
2. Laura Marie Miller obit
3. James L. Minor and Vivian Higginbotham Minor clipping 50th anniversary
4. Willie Lee Mitchell obit
5. Montgomery's Old Simmons High School Reunion clipping - Earl Diggs, Mrs. H. D. Meggimson, Elvira Neal and Madeline White Long
6. Donna Hightower Moore and Theodore Louis Jr. wedding clipping
7. Henry I. Moore obit
8. Rev. Samuel Morris funeral program August 28, 1919-December 5, 1987. Charleston
9. Aaron Lee Mosley funeral program June 16, 1903-April 17, 1978. Charleston
10. Randy Moss clipping Moss' Magic Crunch Cereal
11. Rev. William Robert "Bobby" Murrell funeral program August 7, 1946-October 3, 1991. Huntington
12. Lou Myers clipping actor and minister
13. William Nelson obit
14. Jenaette Newsome clipping singing hymns
15. William Amos Newsome obit and funeral program February 15, 1924-November 19, 1983. South Charleston
16. Ruth Norman clipping about her life
17. Rev. William Howard Patterson obit
18. Nancy "Nannie" Payne obit
19. Harrison W. Payne Sr. obit
20. Ike Peterson clippings about coal miner
21. Carl Petry remembrance card October 10, 1906-October 3, 1974. Service in Ohley, buried in Red Warrior
22. Mary Lenora Turner Phelps funeral program February 7, 1910-December 3, 1986. Chesapeake
23. Barbara L. Hall Phillips obit
24. Ralph Pickens clipping FMC
25. Mrs. Bobbie Pope obit
26. Bertha A. Powell obit
27. Merrill H. Preston obit
28. Charles William Price obit
29. Frances Hairston Price obit
30. Randall Prieto obit
31. Larry Riley obit
32. Rev. Daniel M. Rispress clipping new pastor
33. Robert Lewis Robinson obit and remembrance card February 8, 1947-October 8, 1977. Charleston
34. Vivian Katherine Robinson remembrance card May 29, 1918-October 31, 1977. Charleston. (2 copies)
35. Ann Rodgers obit
36. Helen Rogers clipping Eskdale winner
37. Denna Dominick Rose obit and remembrance card August 27, 1920-September 3, 1990. Services in Ohley, buried in Marmet
38. Bobby Ross clipping 120 year prison sentence
39. Mrs. Virginia May Roush obit
40. Landon Rucker Jr. obit
41. Taundra Rush clipping Miss College Alumni of 1969
42. Henry Russell clipping murder
43. Leonard Odell Sales remembrance card November 11, 1919-January 29, 1996. Charleston
44. David Samms and John Samms clipping about Light Opera Guild performers
45. Rev. Willie Scholfield Jr. clipping new pastor
46. Isaac Scott (March 16, 1905-September 9, 1988. East Bank) and James Franklin Scott (July 19, 1910-October 26, 1969. Eskdale) remembrance cards for brothers
47. David Dodd Shaffer and Linda Nehman wedding clipping
48. Luther Nathaniel Smiley obit
49. Eliza Jane Wiseman Smith funeral program November 17, 1917-February 16, 1995. Chesapeake
50. Adrian Smoot Sr. obit
51. Carolyn Smoot clipping ready for challenge
52. William Emmett Smoot Jr. and Doris Ann Cotton wedding clipping
53. Laurice Valentine Steed obit
54. Sarah Frances Strader obit
55. Students participate in state declamatory contest clipping - Kenneth Knighten, Virginia Madison, Olivia Martin, Clinnard Witten and Carol Russell
56. Hillard Sugg clipping all-Kanawha County wrestlers
57. William S. Tate Sr. obit
58. Rev. Hollis L. Tatum obit
59. Helen E. Thornhill obit
60. Willie "Bill" Thurston obit
61. Mary Toney remembrance card Age 83, died December 7, 1980. Services in Montgomery, buried in Glasgow
62. Ruth B. Hicklen Toney obit
63. Leonard Edward Tyler obit
64. Elizabeth Tyson clipping remembrance
65. Raymond Randolph Tyson clipping organist home-grown big band sound
66. Gilbert Vanno obit
67. Okey Earnest Vaughn obit
68. Harriet Victoria Wade obit
69. Katherine Womack Wade obit
70. Delbert Walls obit
71. Daisy Chambers "Miss Daisy" Washington obit
72. Rev. John E. Watkins obit
73. Margaret Roberta Tyson Watkins clipping remembrance
74. Thomas J. Watkins obit
75. Madeline P. Webb obit
76. Elsie West obit
77. Wesley B. White obit
78. Leonard Williams (July 15, 1909-September 13, 1986. South Charleston) and Maudine Gray Williams (August 8, 1915-April 11, 1975. South Charleston) remembrance cards
79. Nathaniel Williams clipping photo
80. Mr. and Mrs. James Monroe Wiseman clipping 50th anniversary
81. James Wiseman Jr. clipping journey ends in city
82. Nell E. Woods and son Garland "Ray" Woods obituaries
83. Larry Allen Wright obit and clipping
84. Marlene Yvonne Wright and James E. Hackett wedding clipping
85. Felicia L. Brown Yates obit
86. Rev. James Glen Youngblood (1914-May 6, 1980. Charleston) and Martha Agnes Warden Youngblood (March 28, 1914-March 1985. Charleston) funeral programs

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