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Sheet Music Collection

Folder: A

Ager, Milton. “Louisville Lou,” Words: Jack Yellen 1923.
Applefield, Eva. “Lola,” Words: Louis Weslyn 1920.

Folder: B

Bennett, George J. “You Didn’t Want Me When You Had Me.” Words: Ben Russell and Bernie Grossman. 1919.
Berlin, Irving. “At The Devil’s Ball.” 1913.
Berlin, Irving. “Tell Her in the Springtime.” 1924.
Berlin, Irving. “Whose Little Heart Are You Breaking Now?” 1917.
Bradshaw, K.W. “Philosophy is Kissing Fatal.” 1920.
Brown, Nacio Herb. “When Buddha Smiles.” Words: Arthur Freed. 1921.
Bush, W.L. “Amo Waltzes.” 1884.

Folder: C

Carroll, Harry. “When I Think of the Sweethearts I Might Have Had.” Words: Joe McCarthy. 1921.
Cirina, Joseph A. “Mystery.” 1919.
Clarke, H. Pitman. “Swanee River Moon.” 1921.
Cohan, George M. “In a Kingdom of Our Own.” 1919.
Conrad, Con. “My Little Sunshine.” Words: Bobby Jones. 1919.
Creamer and Layton. “Whoa, Tillie, Take Your Time.” 1923.

Folder: D

Dabney, Ford. “Shine.” Words: Cecil Mack and Lew Brown. 1924.

Folder: F

Fiorito, Ted and Erdman, Ernie. “No, No, Nora.” Words: Gus Kahn. 1923.
Fischer, Fred. “There’s a Broken Heart for Every Light on Broadway.” Words: Howard Johnson. 1915.
Friend, Cliff and Conrad, Con. “Swanee Bluebird.” 1922.
Friml, Rudolf. “One Golden Hour.” Words: Otto Harbach and Oscar Hammerstein II. 1926.

Folder: G

Gottler, Archie. “Rolling Stones.” Words: Edward Leslie. 1916.
Grand Army of the Republic. “Odes: No. 1 Air – Auld Lang Syne.” n.d.
Grant, Bert. “I’ve Got a Pair of Swinging Doors.” Words: Sam. M. Lewis and Joe Young. 1919.

Folder: H

Harvey, Norman Jay. “I Never Miss the Sunshine.” Words: Neil Pardette. 1923 (2 copies)
Hawelka, Franklyn and Prival, Max. “I Am Waiting for To-Morrow to Come.” Words: Frank Davis. 1919.
Herscher, Lou and Burke, Joe. “Nestle in Your Daddy’s Arms.” 1921.
Hess, Cliff and Mitchell, Sidney. “Heart-Breaking Baby Doll.” 1919.
Hilliam, B.C. “My Buddies.” 1919.
Hirsch, Louis A. “City of Dreams.” Words: P.G. Wodehouse. 1918.
Hubbell, Raymond and Stamper, Dave. “Lonely Little Melody.” Words: Gene Buck. 1924.

Folder: J

Jacobson, Louis, arr. “Hawaiian Hulas.” 1912.
Jay, Harry. “Charleston.” Words: T.J. Honaker. 1925.
Johnstone, Alexander. “As the Flitting Swallows Fly.” Words: William Cary Duncan. 1918.

Folder: K

Klickman, F. Henri. “Sighing Just for You.” Words: Harold G. Frost and Cal De Voll. 1921.

Folder: L

Lawrence, Earl and Mason, Jack. “With All My Heart.” Words: Tom Ford. 1930.
Levy, Sol P. “On Hilo Bay.” Words: Louis Breau. 1920.
Little, George A., et. al. “Sure As You’re Born.” 1923.

Folder: M

Marks, C.F. “Algiers.” Words: J.W. Guinan. 1920.
Mason, William S. “Hymn of the West Virginians.” Words: William Seymour Edwards. 1912.
Milford, H., arr. “Iolanthe: Potpourri.” 1883.

Folder: O

Osbourne, Nat. “When I Looked in Your Wonderful Eyes.” Words: A. Stanley Dunkerley. 1920.
Owen, Anita. “Alla.” 1920.

Folder: P

Pease, Harry, et. al. “Give Me a Million Beautiful Girls.” 1920.
Perry, Sam A. and Squires, Harry. “Rainbow of Love.” 1927.

Folder: R

Rodgers, Richard. “Here in My Arms.” Words: Lorenz Hart. 1925.
Rosa, Salvator. “Hail! Ye Bright and Blooming Bowers.” N.D.
Rose, Ed, et. al. “Everybody Wants a Key to My Cellar.” 1919.

Folder: S

Sadler, Jack. “I’m Drifting Back to Dreamland.” Words: Florence Charlesworth and Charles Harrison. 1923.
Santly, Henry and Schuster, Ira. “While We Danced Till Dawn.” Words: Lou Davis and Ted Lewis. 1925.
Schwartz, Jean. “Hello Central, Give Me No Man’s Land.” Words: Sam M. Lewis and Joe Young. 1918.
Schwartz, Jean. “I Love You Just Like Lincoln Loved the Old Red, White, and Blue.” Words: William Jerome and Joe Young. 1914.
Silesu, Lao. “Love, Here is My Heart.” Words: Adrian Ross. 1915.
Squires, Harry D. “Look What You’ve Done With Your Eyes.” Words: Eleanor Young. 1924.

Folder: T

Taylor, Tell. “When the Maple Leaves Were Falling.” 1913.
Tobias, Charles and Turk, Roy. “Just Another Day Wasted Away.” 1927.

Folder: W

Warren, Harry. “Telling It to the Daisies.” Words: Joe Young. 1930.
Wendling, Pete. “Oh! How I Wish I Could Sleep Until My Daddy Comes Home.” Words: Sam M. Lewis and Joe Young. 1918.
White, Harry and Donaldson, Willie. “Oh! Sister, Ain’t That Hot!” 1923.

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