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Ernest Dale Westfall Collection

Box 1

1. Program, Lincoln Day Dinner sponsored by Roane County Republican Executive Committee, April 14, 1971
2. Publication, Who Owns West Virginia? Reprinted from Huntington Herald-Advertiser and Herald-Dispatch, December 1974
3. Program, groundbreaking New Spencer Facility, Feb. 17, 1988
4. Walton High School newspaper March 1938
5. Rent receipts book 1953; check register 1930
6. Miscellaneous old receipts, 1959-1961
7. Political cards
8. Political brochures
9. Property assessments in Spencer, 1938
10. Oil and gas lease division statements, 1976-1989
11. Miscellaneous oil and gas
12. Check Registers Dale Westfall, Roane County Assessor
13. Fans:

14. Bumper Stickers:

15. Well location maps, Roane County, 1939-1949 sent from state tax commissioner to assessor
16. Well records, Roane County, 1939-1948 sent from state tax commissioner to assessor
17. Miscellaneous


Calendar, 1972 from office of Senator Jennings Randolph
Newspaper sections:

Black Walnut Festival Official Program Supplement to the Times Record-Roane County Reporter:

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