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Sheet Music

Adams, Stephen. “The Holy City” Words: F.E. Weatherly. 1892
Arnold, John. “Soko.” 1903
Bernard, Gus W. “Colored Aristocracy.” 1899
Blanke, H.B. “Hearts Courageous.” 1902
Bonnell, Otto. “Turkey in the Straw.” 1899.
Braga, G. “Angel’s Serenade.” Transcribed: Sydney Smith. 1924
Budik, F. “Jolly Brothers Galop.” N.d.
Carter, Stanley. “She Was Bred in Old Kentucky.” Words: Harry Braisted. 1898
Chopin, F. “Nocturne, Opus 55, #1.” N.d.
Clark, Kenneth S. “Vesper Bells.” 1909
Cole, Bob. “Louisiana Lize.” Edited: J.W. and Rosamond Johnson [incomplete]. 1899
Dorn, E. “Il Trovatore, Opus 39, #3.” N.d.
Drumheller, Charles. “Banjo Twang.” 1893/1896
Drumheller, Charles. “Vesper Bells.” 1892
Drumheller, Louis. “Beautiful Star of Heaven.” 1905
Foster, Stephen. “Massa’s in the Cold Cold Ground.” Transcribed: John Wiegand. 1904
Foster, Stephen. “My Old Kentucky Home.” Variations: Louis Drumheller. 1907
Foster, Stephen. “My Old Kentucky Home Good Night.” Variations: Charles Grobe. 1881
Grobe, Charles. “Music of the Union American Medley.” 1889.
Guy, T.J. “Twilight Reverie.” 1908
Hall, Milt. H. “Cuban Star March.” 1898.
Hart, Geo. E. “Gertie’s Galop.” 1882
Heins, Carl. “Silver Nymph.” N.d.
Holzman, A. “Smokey Mokes.” 1899.
Johnson, Rosamond. “Nobody’s Lookin’ But De Owl An’ De Moon.” Words: J.W. Johnson and Bob Cole. 1901
Keiser, Robert A. “Sunbeams and Shadows.” 1901
Kelley, E. H. “Peaceful Henry.” 1901
Kennedy, Amanda. “Drifting Leaves.” 1905.
Klohr, John N. “Ma Mobile Babe.” 1899
Kunkel, Jacob. “Heather Bells Polka.” 1886
Lampe, J. Bodewalt. “The Sunny South.” Notes: Selection of Southern plantation songs. 1906
Lincoln, Harry J. “Midnight Fire-Alarm.” 1900
Loumey, August. “Shadows on the Water.” 1908
Marzian, A.F. “Evening Chimes.” 1913
Mills, Kerry. “Happy Days in Dixie.” 1896
Mills, Kerry. “Whistling Rufus.” 1899
Moret, Neil. “Morning Star.” 1906
Moret, Neil. “Silverheels.” 1905
Muller, Julius E. (Trans.) “The Battle Prayer.” [1862]
Muller, Julius E. (Trans.) “Falling Leaves.” 1888
Murdock, J. Dickinson. “Chrystal Chimes.” 1900
Paull, E.T. “Ben Hur Chariot Race March.” 1894
Paull, E.T. “Paul Revere’s Ride.” 1905
Paull, E.T. “Silver Sleigh Bells.” 1906
Richmond, Benj. “Falling Star.” 1903
Roberts, Lee S. “Italian Nights.” 1918
Root, Geo F. “Tramp! Tramp! Tramp!” Notes: Charles Grobe. 1884
Scheu, Archie W. “Jack Frost.” 1906
Smith, Anna. “Ben Bolt.” N.d.
Stier, Walter C. “Sweet Bye and Bye.”1878
Strauss, J. “One Heart, One Soul.” N.d.
Stults, R.M. “The Birds and the Brook.”1893
Tobani, Theo M. “Hearts and Flowers.” 1893
Von Suppe, F. “Poet and Peasant.” Arranged: C.T. Brunner. N.d.
Von Tilzer, Harry. “Good Bye Eliza Jane.” Words: Andrew B. Sterling. 1903
Wachtel, Joseph. “The Rising Sun of Japan.” 1904
Wely, Lefebure. “Monastery Bells.” N.d.
Wenrich, Percy. “Silver Bell.” 1910
Wenrich, Percy. “Sugar Moon.” Words: Stanley Murphy. 1910
Wilsen, Edwin E. “The Possum and the Coon.” 1901
Zamecnik, J.S. “Spirit of America.” 1917

Volume of sheet music bound and labelled “Anna Worthington”

Volume of sheet music bound and labelled “Music”

Books of Music:
John Church and Co. “The Pianist’s Pride,” Volume III of Church and Co.’s Dollar Musical Library. 1882
Peters, W. C. “Peters’ Eclectic Piano-Forte – Instructor.” Circa 1880.

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