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Sheet Music

Borowski, Felix. “Adoration.” 1926
Braham, Edmund and E. T. Paull. “The Dashing Cavaliers.” 1911
Crist, Bainbridge. “You Will Not Come Again.” 1918
Devrient, F. “Solitude.” 1900
Elliott, Percy. “Mate O’ Mine.” Words: Leslie Cooke. 1918
Giusti, C. V. “Journal Des Demoiselles.” Circa 1861.
Hohmann, C. H. “The Practical Violin School - #7 & #9.” 1927
Moret, Neil. “Song of the Wanderer.” 1926
Posca, Geo. “By The Sea.” 1907
Saint-Saens, Camille. “The Swan.” 1916
Titt’l. “Serenade.” Arranged: Henri Ernst. N.d.
Woods, Harry. “Just Like a Butterfly.” Words: Mort Dixon. 1927
Donizetti, G. “La Favorita.” Notes: Score and lyrics. N.d.
Mathews, W. S. B. “Standard Graded Course of Studies for the Piano-forte in Ten Grades – Grades 3, 4, 5, 7.” 1919-1920.
Kohler, Op. 249. “Practical Piano Method, Volumes 7 & 8.” Notes: White-Smith edition. N.d.
Flagler, I. V. “Flagler’s New Collection of Organ Music, Volume 3.” 1904
[No names given], “Cornish’s Practical Instructor for the Reed Organ.” N.d.
Hohmann, Christian Heinrich. “Practical Violin School Book 4.” N.d.
Hohmann, Christian Heinrich. “Practical Violin School Book 4.” Notes: Edition by Benj. Cutter. 1902
Hohmann, Christian Heinrich. “Practical Violin School Part 5.” Notes: Edition by White-Smith. 1892
Ries, Hubert. “30 Elementary Violin Studies.” 1898
Kayser, H. E. “Elementary Progressive Studies for Violin Op. 20, Book 1.” N.d.
Sitt, Hans. “Studies for Violin Book 3, Op. 32.” 1899
Wohlfahrt, Franz. “60 Etudes for Violin, Books 1 & 2.” N.d.
Hohmann, Christian Heinrich. “Practical Violin School.” 1888
Wohlfahrt, Franz. “Easiest Beginning Elementary Method for Violin, Op. 38.” 1894
Home Circle Music Series. “The Violinist’s 1st Solo Album, Volume 1.” 1905.
Folder of 1st Violin music, Y. M. L. M. C. Notes: Assorted titles. N.d.

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