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Sheet Music

Abrahams, Maurice. “They Start the Victrola.” Words: Grant Clarke. 1914.
Anderson, Arthur. “Bubble Land.” 1919.
Ball, Ernest R. “Love Me and the World is Mine.” Words: Dave Reed Jr. 1906.
Bivins, Nathan. “I Want Some One to Care For Me.” 1901.
Bolen, Grace Marie. “Black Diamond.” 1899.
Browne, E. Melville and Alfred Kuttner. “You and I.” Words: Sidney R. Ellis. 1901.
Crawford, Clifton. “Simple Little Sister Mary Green.” 1901.
Crawford, Stanley. “Only a Dream of the Golden Past.” Words: Alfred Bryan. 1903.
Crawford, Stanley. “Show the White of Yo’ Eyes.” 1903.
Edwards, Gus. “Good-bye Little Girl, Good-bye.” Words: Will D. Cobb. 1904.
Furth, Seymour. “In the Lives of Famous Men.” Words: Edward P. Moran. 1903.
Graham, Charles. “Sally Warner Round the Corner.” 1897.
Graham, Charles and Monroe H. Rosenfield. “She Was Happy Till She Met You.” 1899
Grey, Vivian. “Anona.” 1903.
Gumble, Albert. “Has Anybody Seen My Husband?” Words: Arthur J. Lamb. 1907.
Gvarny, Frank. “Frolic of the Coons.” 1895.
Hager, Fredrick W. “Laughing Water.” Words: George Totten Smith. 1903.
Handy, Will. “Oh! Didn’t He Ramble.”1902.
Hawthorne, Alice. “Listen to the Mocking Bird.” N.D.
Helf, J. Fred. “’Neath the Old Acorn Tree, Sweet Estelle.” Words: C.M. Denison. 1907.
Heller, Jerome. “The Songs of Ages.” 1914.
Henry, S. R. “On The Pillows of Despair.” Words: Arthur J. Lamb. 1904
Johnson, Cecil. “If You Mean What You Say, Good-bye.” Words: A.J. Mills and Bennett Scott. 1909.
Klickmann, F. Henri. “Every Fellow Has a Girl But Me.” Words: Roger Lewis. 1912
Lange, Arthur. “To Lou.” Words: Jeff Branen. 1915
Luders, Gustav. “The Tale of a Kangaroo.” Words: Frank Pixley. 1900
Magruder, J.E. “Berkeley Springs Schottisch.” 1857.
Marshall, Harry B. “When Isabella Green Went Automobiling.” 1902
McConnell, George B. “When the Rest of the World Don’t Want You Go Back to the Folks at Home.” Words: Al Dubin. 1916
McGowan, Robert F. “I’m Trying to Find Where the Angels Live.” Words: Harry J. Jones. 1914
Meakim, Fletcher. “I’se Got Suffin’ On Mah Mind.” Words: George W. Davids. 1902
Morse, Theodore F. “I’ve Got a Feelin’ For You.” Words: Edward Madden. 1904
Orum, George C. “My Down East Rose.” Words: Elmore Everett. 1927
Piantadosi, Al. “The Wild Wild Women.” Words: Al Wilson. 1917
Schwartz, Jean. “Bedelia.” Words: William Jerome. 1903
Schwartz, Jean. “Rip Van Winkle Was a Lucky Man.” Words: William Jerome. 1901
Snider, Millard F. “My Home is West Virginia.” Arranged: Augustine J. Smith. 1914
Spencer, Herbert. “There’s Egypt in Your Dreamy Eyes.” Words: Fleta Jan Brown. 1917.
Thardo, Claude. “If You Were Only Mine, Love.” 1903.
Turner, John E. “Don’t Be Angry With Me, Sweetheart.” Words: Ben Von Minden. 1902
Von Tilzer, Albert. “Teasing.” Words: Cecil Mack. 1904
Von Tilzer, Harry. “A Bird in a Gilded Cage.” Words: Arthur J. Lamb. 1900
Von Tilzer, Harry. “My Bamboo Queen.” Words: Andrew B. Sterling. 1902
Von Tilzer, Harry. “Somebody’s Waiting For Me.” Words: Andrew B. Sterling. 1902
Whiting, Richard A. “We’ll Build a Rainbow in the Sky.” Words: Raymond B. Egan. 1918

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