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Sheet Music

Adams, Stephen. “The Holy City.” Words: F. E. Weatherly. 1946
Ager, Milton. “Crazy Words – Crazy Tune.” Words: Jack Yellen. 1927
Althouse, M. A. “March the Elks.” (BPOE) 1890
Andre, Fabian. “When They Played the Polka.” Words: Lou Holzer. 1938
Arlen, Harold. “Blues in the Night.” Words: Johnny Mercer. 1941
Arndt, Felix. “Nola.” 1921
Beethoven, Ludwig von. “Moonlight Sonata.” 1912
Bell, William. “Jig Elephantine.” 1935
Berlin, Irving. “Alexander’s Ragtime Band.” 1938
Berlin, Irving. “God Bless America.” 1939
Breil, Joseph Carl. “The Perfect Song.” Words: Clarence Lucas. 1915
Brockman, James, Leonard Stevens and B. B. B. “I Faw Down An’ Go Boom!” 1928
Buchtel, Forrest L. “Apollo.” 1945
Buchtel, Forrest L. “Jolly Sailor.” 1945
Carlton, Harry. “Constantinople.” 1928.
Carmichael, Hoagy. “Star Dust.” Words: Mitchell Parish. 1929
Cavanaugh, James and Harry Barris. “Mississippi Mud.” 1940
Chapman, Jack, Harry Kelly and Art Beiner. “Sunshine of Mine.” 1923
Cohan, George M. “You’re a Grand Old Flag.” 1933
Crawford, Robert. “The Army Air Corps.” 1942
Davis, Benny, and Con Conrad. “Lonesome and Sorry.” 1926
Davis, Benny and Joe Burke. “Carolina Moon.” 1928
Davis, Hazel. “The Shriner’s Song.” Words: Hazel Davis and L. Perry Wilbur. 1965
De Sylvia, B. G. Lew Brown and Ray Henderson. “Don’t Tell Her What Happened to Me.” 1930
Drake, Milton, Al Hoffman and Jerry Livingston. “Mairzy Doats.” 1943
Eldridge, Al. and Henri Gendron. “What a Fool I’ve Been.” 1930
Elicker, Ralph K. “Rondino.” 1907
Engelmann, H. “Hey Diddle Diddle.” 1903
Fenstad, E. A. “Stein Song.” Words: Lincoln Colcord. 1930
Franklin, Dave. “It’s the Gypsy in Me.” Words: Charlie Tobias. 1936
Friend, Cliff. “It Goes Like This.” Words: Irving Caesar. 1928
Friend, Cliff. “My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now.” Words: Irving Caesar. 1928
Friend, Cliff. “You’re a Real Sweetheart.” Words: Irving Caesar. 1928
Geib, Fred. “Introduction and Polka Piquante.” 1946
Gershwin, George. “Somebody Loves Me.” Words: Ballard MacDonald and B. G. De Sylva. 1924
Green, Bud and Sam Stept. “That’s My Weakness Now.” 1928
Green, John W. “Body and Soul.” Words: Edward Heyman, Robert Sour and Frank Eyton. 1930
Grieg, Edvard. “In the Hall of the Mountain King.” 1939
Guentzel, Gus. “Mastodon.” 1945
Handel, G. F. “Variations on the theme of Judas Maccabeus.” 1937
Jaffe, Moe. “Bell Bottom Trousers.” 1944
Jerome, M. K. “Sweet Dreams, Sweetheart.” Words: Ted Koehler. 1944
Johnson, Howard, Chas. Tobias and Al Sherman. “Dew Dew Dewy Day.” 1927
Johnson, J. C. “Dusky Stevedore.” Words: Andy Razaf. 1928
Jolson, Al and Dave Dreyer. “Me and My Shadow.” Words: Billy Rose. 1927
Kassel, Art. “Hell’s Bells.” 1932
Kaye, S. “Dance of Mexico.” 1953
Lamb, Joseph. “Sensation.” Arranged: Scott Joplin. 1908
Lawlor, Chas. B and James W. Blake. “The Sidewalks of New York.” 1921
Lee, Lester, and Zeke Manners. “Pennsylvania Polka.” 1942.
Lehar, Franz. “The Merry Widow.” Words: Al Dubin. 1925
Leigh, Mitch. “The Impossible Dream.” Words: Joe Darion. 1965
Lewis and Young and Lew Pollack. “Just a Night For Meditation.” 1928
Lombardo, Carmen. “Sweethearts on Parade.” Words: Charles Newman. 1928
MacLean, Ross and Arthur Richardson. “Too Fat Polka.” 1947
Merle, John. “Mummers.” 1939
Mills, Kerry. “Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis.” Words: Andrew Sterling. 1931
Mizzy, Vic. “My Dreams Are Getting Better All the Time.” Words: Mann Curtis. 1944
Monaco, James V. “She’s a Bombshell From Brooklyn.” Words: Al. Dubin. 1943
Mozart, Wolfgang. “Minuet.” N.d.
Oakland, Ben. “I’ll Dance at Your Wedding.” Words: Herb Magdison. 1947
Phillips, L. Z. “The Marines’ Hymn.” 1942
Porter, Cole. “Don’t Fence Me In.” 1944
Rasbach, Oscar. “Trees.” Words: Joyce Kilmer. 1922
Razaf, Andy. “On Revival Day.” 1930
Rimsky-Korsakow, N. “A Song of India.” 1939
Ringleben, J. “The Storm King.” 1896
Roberts, Lucky. “Moonlight Cocktail.” Words: Kim Gannon. 1941
Rosas, Juventino. “Over the Waves.” 1910
Ruby, Harry. “Three Little Words.” Words: Bert Kalmar. 1930
Sayers, Henry J. “Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-Der-E.” 1919
Schonberger, John. “Whispering.” Words: Malvin Schonberger. 1920
Schubert, Franz. “Serenade.” N.d.
Schultze, Henri. “On the Kanawha.” 1925
Schumann – Bell. “The Jolly Farmer Goes to Town.” 1938.
Shay, Larry. “Get Out and Get Under the Moon.” Words: Charles Tobias and William Jerome. 1928
Stept, Sam H. “Honey, Please Don’t Turn Your Back on Me.” Words: Sidney Claire and Charlie Tobias. 1936
Tepper, Sid and Roy C. Bennett. “On London Bridge.” 1956
Theard, Sam. “You Rascal You.” 1931
Thomas, Dick. “Sioux City Sue.” Words: Ray Freedman. 1945
Thompson, John. “Paraphrase on the Beautiful Blue Danube.” 1939
Tobias, Charles and Roy Turk. “Just Another Day Wasted Away.” 1927
Tyndall, Bud. “Ohio Home.” Words: Harley Rosso. 1924
Van Heusen, James. “Personality.” Words: Johnny Burke. 1945
Van Heusen, Jimmy. “A Friend of Yours.” Words: Johnny Burke. 1931
Van Steeden, Peter and Harry and Jeff Clarkson. “Home.” 1931
Vanderbeck, F. E. “Edelweiss Glide.” 1910
Von Tilzer, Harry. “Gee! But Its So Sweet to Cheat Just A Little.” Words: Dolph Singer. 1925
Walsh, Mary E. “The Black Hawk Waltz.” 1910
Weinburg, Mortimer, Charley Marks and Harry Warren. “Where Do You Work-a, John?” 1926
Wood, Haydn. “Roses of Picardy.” Words: Fred E. Weatherly. 1916
Woods, Harry. “You Darlin.’” 1930
Zeller, Carl. “Song of the Nightingale.” 1891.

“Anyone Can Play.” 1968
“Award Winners and Nominees.” N.d.
“Best in Country Music – 60 Songs.” 1977
“Collegiate Song Book.” N.d.
“Henry Levine Modern Dixieland Style.” 1942
“Herb Albert and Friends.” 1968
“Leed’s 40 Hits of Our Times.” 1952
“New Method for the Double Bass by F. Simandl.” N.d.
“New Method for the Double Bass by F. Simandl.” 1948
“Ninety-three All-time Song Favorites.” 1958
“One Hundred and One Popular Songs for Easy Piano.” N.d.
“Play or Sing with the Dixieland All Stars Record.” N.d.
“Play or Sing with the NBC Rhythm Section Record.” 1956
“Song Hits of the Roaring Twenties” 1970s
“Songs for the Young at Heart – 99 Popular Favorites.” N.d.
“The Dixieland New Orleans Folio No. 2.” 1950
“The Dixieland New Orleans Folio No. 3.” 1950
The Golden Series – “’Jelly Roll’ - Morton’s Blues, Stomps and Ragtime.” 1949
“The Twenties.” 1976
“Thirty Years – Thirty Hits.” 1950
“Those Wonderful Years.” 1900-1920
“Wayne King’s Favorite Collection of Famous Waltzes.” N.d.
“With My Love.” 1968
One folder of miscellaneous music, n.d.
“Sheet Music” magazine, Spring 1979. February 1981

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