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Sheet Music from Margaret Kosmin

No composer listed. “An Armstrong’s Quaker Rug in Every Home.” 1930
Akst, Harry. “Granny.” Words: Joe Young and Sam M. Lewis. 1921
Akst, Harry. “Revenge.” Lyrics: Sam M. Lewis and Joe Young. 1928.
Axt, William. “If Love Were All.” Words: Martha Lois Wells. 1922
Bannister, Frank, Lew Colwell, Van and Schenk. “Bringing Home the Bacon.” 1924.
Baxter, Phil. “A Faded Summer Love.” 1931.
Berlin, Irving. “Begging for Love.” 1931
Berlin, Irving. “With You.” 1929.
Breau, Louis. “On the Island of Koo-Koo.” 1921
Brockman, James, Leonard Stevens and B.B.B. “I Faw Down An’ Go Boom!” 1928
Brown, Nacio Herb. “The Doll Dance.” 1926.
Brown, Nacio Herb. “The Wedding of the Painted Doll.” Lyrics: Arthur Freed. 1929
Burke, Joe. “The Kiss Waltz.” Lyrics: Al Dubin. 1930
Caryll, Ivan. “Along Came Another Little Girl.” Words: Benjamin Hapgood Burt. 1917
Conrad, Con. “Bend Down, Sister.” Words: Ballard MacDonald and Dave Silverstein. 1931
Coots, J. Fred. “I Still Get a Thrill.” Words: Benny Davis. 1930
Cowan, Lynn. “Kisses.” Lyrics: Alex Sullivan. 1918.
Creamer, Henry and Jimmy Johnson. “If I Could Be With You.” 1926.
Daugherty, Doc and Ellis Reynolds. “Confessin.’” Lyrics: Al. J. Neiburg. 1930
David, Lee. “Tonight You Belong to Me.” Words: Billy Rose. 1926
Davis, Low and J. Fred Coots. “A Precious Little Thing Called Love.” 1928
De Rose, Peter. “I Still Remember.” Words: Charlie Tobias and Sam Ward. 1930
De Sylvia, B.G., Lew Brown and Ray Henderson. “So Blue.” Circa 1923
Donaldson, Walter. “At Sundown.” 1927
Donaldson, Walter. “Beside a Babbling Brook.” Lyrics: Gus Kahn. 1923
Donaldson, Walter. “You’re a Million Miles From Nowhere.” Words: Sam M. Lewis and Joe Young. 1919
Eastman, A.H. and Fred Heltman. “Just Dreaming of You.” 1915
Fain, Sammy. “Was That the Human Thing to Do?” Words: Joe Young. 1931
Fiorito, Ted. “Laugh! Clown! Laugh!” Lyrics: Lewis and Young. 1928
Gardner, Jack and Spike Hamilton. “Bye-Bye Pretty Baby.” 1927
Gordon, Mack and Harry Revel. “Stay as Sweet as You Are.” 1934.
Grosz, Will. “Isle of Capri.” Words: Jimmy Kennedy. 1934
Hein, Silvio. “East is West.” Lyrics: Hassard Short. 1919.
Henderson, Ray. “Georgette.” Words: Lew Brown. 1923
Henderson, Ray. “Just a Memory.” Words: B.G. De Sylva and Lew Brown. 1926
Henry, S.R. and D. Onivas. “Indianola.” Words: Frank H. Warren. 1908
Hudson, Will. “Tormented.” 1936
Jacobs-Bond Carrie. “O Time Take Me Back.” 1916
Jerome, M.K. “Under the Spell of Your Kiss.” Words: Joan Jasmyn. 1930
Jones, Isham. “Swingin’ Down the Lane.” Lyrics: Gus Kahn. 1923
Jones, Isham and Charles Newman. “What’s the Use?” 1930
Jones, Isham. “The Wooden Soldier and the China Doll.” Lyrics: Charles Newman. 1932
Kahn, Gus and Joe Sanders. “Beloved.” 1928
Kern, Jerome. “Ka-Lu-A.” Words: Anne Caldwell. 1921
Kern, Jerome. “She Didn’t Say Yes.” Words: Otto Harbach. 1931
Kern, Jerome. “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.” Words: Otto Harbach. 1933
Kern, Jerome. “When the Ship Comes Home.” Lyrics: P.G. Wodehouse. 1918
Link, Harry and Thomas Waller. “I’ve Got a Feeling I’m Falling.” Words: Billy Rose. 1929
Marks, Edward B. Collection of Old Time Hits.1928
Mitchell, Sidney D. Archie Gottler and George W. Meyer. “Maybe It’s Love.” 1930.
Monaco, Jimmie. “Lonesome Lover.” Lyrics: Al Bryan. 1930
Monaco, Jimmie. “Through.” Lyrics: Joe McCarthy. 1929
Moret, Neil. “Mickey.” Words: Harry Williams. 1918.
Moret, Neil. “Peggy.” Words: Harry Williams. 1919
Newman, Alfred. “Who Am I?” Lyrics: Gordon Clifford. 1931
Nicholls, Horatio. “Kiss Me Goodnight.” Words: Archie Gottler. 1931
Nichols, Alberta. “I Just Couldn’t Take It Baby.” Lyrics: Mann Holiner. 1933
Norrett, Larry, Morey Davidson and Carl Rupp. “Tho You Threw Me Down.” 1928.
Ohman, Phil, Johnny Mercer and Mary O. Teetor. “Lost.” 1936
Ormu, George C. “Come Back to Me.” Words: Elmore Everett. 1932
Pease, Harry, Ed G. Nelson and Harry Tobias. “All For the Love of Mike.” 1922.
Petkere, Bernice. “Lullaby of the Leaves.” Words: Joe Young. 1932
Porter, Cole. “Night and Day.” 1932
Rachmaninoff, Sergei. “Melodie, Opus 3 #3.” N.d.
Rainger, Ralph. “Here Lies Love.” Words: Leo Robin. 1932
Rainger, Ralph. “Please.” Words: Leo Robin. 1932
Rainger, Ralph. “This is the Night.” Words: Sam Coslow. 1932
Rapee, Erno and Lew Pollack. “Little Mother.” 1928.
Rapee, Erno, Lew Pollack, and Walter Hirsch. “When Love Comes Stealing.” 1928
Richman, Harry, Jack Meskill and Jean Schwartz. “One Little Raindrop.” 1930
Robinson, J. Russel. “Memories of France.” Words: Al Dubin. 1928
Schubert, Franz. “Ave Maria.” Transcription: Franz Liszt. 1885
Shay, Larry. “Get Out and Get Under the Moon.” Words: Charles Tobias and William Jerome. 1928
Silver, Abner. “When Will the Sun Shine For Me.” Lyrics: Benny Davis. 1923
Simons, Seymour and Gerald Marks. “All of Me.” 1931
Stothart, Herbert, Jimmy McHugh and Dorothy Fields. “Cuban Love Song.” 1931
Swan, E.A. “When Your Lover Has Gone.” 1931
Tierney, Harry. “Irene.” Lyrics: Joseph McCarthy. 1919
Turk, Roy and Fred E. Ahlert. “Mean to Me.” 1929
Van Alstyne, Egbert. “What Are You Going To Do To Help the Boys?” Lyrics: Gus Kahn. 1919
Van Steeden, Peter and Harry and Jeff Clarkson. “Home.” 1931.
Von Tilzer, Albert. “Oh By Jingle! Oh By Gee!” Words: Lew Brown. 1919
Warren, Harry. “I’ll String Along With You.” Lyrics: Al Dubin. 1934
Wayne, Mabel. “Ramona.” Lyrics: L. Wolfe Gilbert. 1927
Wenrich, Percy. “Everybody Do the Hula.” Lyrics: Edward Madden. N.d. [incomplete]
Whiting, Richard A. “Ain’t We Got Fun.” Lyrics: Gus Kahn and Raymond B. Egan. 1921
Whiting, Richard A and W. Franke Harling. “Always in All Ways.” Words: Leo Robin. 1930

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