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Kelvin McCray Collection

Box 1

1. articles from magazines
2. newspaper articles
3. examples by H. C. Rice
4. correspondence with J. A. Frances & Kelvin McCray
5. illuminated manuscripts (color)
6. color illuminations
7. examples of Washington's Aide-de-Camp and Secretaries writing
8. penmanship including certificates and illuminations

The Penmen's News Letter, July 1981. Volume 14, No. 6
The Penmen's News Letter, June 1981. Volume 14, No.5
The Penmen's News Letter, May 1981. Volume 14, No. 4
Penmen's, August 1957. Issue #92
The Penmen's News Letter, April 1965. Issue #184
The American Penman, May 1936. Volume 53, No. 9
The American Penman, May 1918.
The Educator, January 1939. Volume 44, No. 5
The Educator, October 1939. Volume 45, No. 2
The Business Educator, June 1916. Volume 21
The Business Educator, December 1919.
The Business Educator, April 1930. Volume 35, No. 8
Penman's Art Journal Library, 1905. Volume 2 - Engrossing
The Educator, September 1949. Volume 55, No. 1
Zaner Method Arm Movement Handwriting Help and Hints, 1918. Volume 1, No. 5
The Penmen's News Letter, March 1982. Volume 15, No. 3
The Zanerian Exponent, November, December, January 1895-1896. Volume 1, No. 4
The Exponent, 1907. Volume 3, No. 4
The Business Educator, 1904-1905. Volume 10
The Business Educator, 1909-1910. Volume 15
The Business Educator, 1912-1913. Volume 18
The Business Educator, 1918-1919.
The Universal Decorator, 1859. Volume 1 & 2

Box 2

Scrapbooks - 9

Box 3

Scrapbooks - 4

Box 4

Scrapbooks - 5
Unframed certificates, drawings - 6 items
Penman's Art Journal, December 1893. Volume 17, No. 12

Box 5

Scrapbooks - 2

Box 6

(Illuminated Manuscripts)
In the Woods, John A. Hews, 1863
Morte D'Arthur. Alfred Lord Tennyson, Alberto Sangorski - illustrated by 1912.
The Sermon On the Mount, Alberto Sangorski. No date.
From Morn Till Eve, Cecilia Havergal. M.A.C. - illuminated by - no date.
The Quality of Mercy, William Shakespeare. No date.
The Sands of Time, A. Longfellow. 1930.
The Manual of Heraldry, Francis J. Grant, W. S. Editor. 1914.
The Handbook to English Heraldry, Charles Boutell, M.A. 1914.
Holly from Tennyson, Alfred Lord Tennyson. C. 1900-1910.
A Forest Hymn, William Cullen Bryant. John A. Hows - illustrated by - 1860.
Luther's Ninety-Five Theses, Martin Luther. E. D. Schwiekert - Introduction. No date.
The Garland of the Year, Marcus Ward, & Co. No Date.
Golden Verses, John Camden Hotten, Piccadilly. No date.
Les Evangiles Seconde Partie __________ French Text. No date.

(Books on Penmanship)
Lettering & Writing (Series of Fifteen Plates) Percy J. Smith. No date.
Neueste Wefter Blatter der Kalligraphic, Joseph Parer. No date. German Text.

Box 7 (Illuminated Manuscripts)

The Preacher, Omen Jones - illustrated by - 1849.
Reproductions from Illuminated Manuscripts Series III, British Museum, 1925.
A Record of the Black Prince, Henry Noel Humphreys. 1849
The Sacred Seasons, Reverend Hundley, C. G. Moule, D. P., Miss E. A. Ibbs - illuminated by - 1907.
Portraiture, C. P. Zaner. 1897.
The Illuminated Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson. Sherman Ellsworth Notestine - illustrated - 1905. 1976
Illuminated Manuscripts, Miloslaw Bohatec. 1970.
The Sermon On The Mount, W. G. Audsley - illuminated by - Charles Rolt - illustrated by - No date.
The Prisoner of Chillon, Lord Byron. W. G. Audsley illuminated by - 1865.
Schriften Atlas, Ludvrg Petzendorfer. 1989. German text.
Der Ornamentenschatz, H. Dolmetsch. 1889. German Text.
A Birthday Book, Her Royal Highness the Princess Beatrice. 1881.
San Francisco d'Assisi nel Poema di Dante e negh, Affreschi di Giotti. 1905. Italian Text.

Box 8 (Books on Penmanship)

Lessons in Ornamental Penmanship, Parker Zaner-Bloser. The Zaner-Bloser Co. 1948.
The Zaner Bloser Story of Legible Handwriting, Stella H. Bloser. The Zaner-Bloser Co. No date.
C. C. Canan Collection of Penmanship, The Zaner-Bloser Co. 1921.
Mediaeval Alphabets & Initials, F. G. Delamotte. C. Lockwod & Co. 1914.
A Manual of Illumination on Paper and Vellum, J. W. Bradley, B. A. & T. G. Goodwin, B. A./Rev. J. J. Laing, Winsor & Newton. No date.
The Art of Illumination and Missal Painting, H. Noel Humphreys, 1849.
Primer of Design, Charles A. Barry. 1878.
Manual of Penmanship, Payson, Dunton and Scribner. 1869.
F. W. Tamblyn's Home Instructor in Penmanship (Revised), F. W. Tamblyn. 1916.
Lister's Writing Lessons, Sadler Rowe Company. 1905.
You can Pick 98% ers, M. N. Bunker. 1956.
Palmer's Penmanship Budget, Revised Edition, A. N. Palmer & C. J. Newcomb. A. N. Palmer Co. 1930.
Studies in Pen Art by W. E. Denris, The A. N. Palmer Co. 1914.
The Palmer Method of Business Writing, A. N. Palmer. The A. N. Palmer Co. 1915.
Portfolio of Ornate Penmanship, The A. N. Palmer Co. No date.
Palmer's Penmanship Budget, The A. N. Palmer Co. 1906.
Palmer's Penmanship Budget, Revised Edition, A. N. Palmer & W. C. Henring. The A. N. palmer Co. 1912.
Data on Manuscript Writing For Parents and Teachers, Edith Underwood Conard. The A. N. Palmer Co. 1937.
The Zaner Method of Arm Movement Writing Manual 144, C. P. Zaner. Zaner-Bloser Co. 1914.
Zaner Method Writing Compendium No. 4, Zaner-Bloser Co. 1915.
The Zaner Method of Arm Movement Writing Compendium No. 7, Zaner-Bloser Co. 1914.
Short Cut to Plain Writing, C. P. Zaner. Zaner-Bloser Co. 1914.
Functional Handwriting, John G. Kirk & Frank N. Freeman. The Zaner-Bloser Co. 1936.
Correlated Handwriting Complete Teacher's Manual, Frank N. Freeman. The Zaner-Bloser Co. 1931.
Fascinating Pen Flourishing, E. A. Lupfer. The Zane-Bloser Co. 1951.
The Payson, Dunton, and Scribner Manual of Penmanship, J. W. Payson, S. Dunton, W. M. Scribner, G. H. Shattuck, A. S. Manson. 1872
The MacLean Method of Writing Teacher's Complete Manual, H. B. MacLean. No date.
Guide to the Art of Illumination on Vellum and Paper, George Ashdown Audsley L.L.D. 1911.
American Test Book For Letters, N. S. Dearborn. No date.
The Bailey Method of Penmanship, J. J. Bailey. No date.
The Secret of The Skills of Madarasz, The Zaner-Bloser Co. No date.
Real Pen Work Self Instructor in Penmanship, Knowles & Maxim. 1881.
Illuminating & Missal Painting, Philip Whithard, 1909.
The Teaching of Handwriting, Frank N. Freeman. 1914.
Roman Lettering For Students, James Bostock. 1959.
Applied Penmanship, L. H. Lyon. 1960.
The History of Writing, Henry Noel Humphreys, 1855.
Manvale Dele'Ornatista, Alfredo Melani. 1905. Spanish Text.
New Spencerian Compendium of Penmanship, Spencerian Authors. 1879.
Graphology, Louise Rice. 1925.
Palmer's Penmanship Budget, No cover-pages missing. No date.
The Maclean Method of Writing Senior Compendium, H. B. MacLean. 1968.
The MacLean Method of Writing - My Second Printing Book, H. B. MacLean and Grace Bollert. 1966.
Zaner Method Arm Movement Writing Practice Book 1, C. P. Zaner. 1915.
Zaner Method Arm Movement Writing Practice Book 2, C. P. Zaner. 1915.
Zaner Method Arm Movement Writing Practice Book 3, C. P. Zaner. 1915.
Catalog of Handwriting Book and Supplies (incomplete) Zaner-Bloser Co. No date.
Amis Book of Flourishes - 72 Leading American Penman, D. T. Ames. 1890.
Script Lettering, Revised Edition, M. Meyer. 1964.
Modern Pen Lettering, Revised, Ross F. George & William Hugh Gordon. 1923.
The Champion Method of Practical Business Writing, Mary L. Champion. 1932.
Lessons in Engraver's Script Penmanship, C. W. Jones. 1914.
Sprott's Metronomic System of Writing Part II, A. T. Sprott. 1963.
Penmanship - Test and Grade Copies for use with the Champion Method of Practical Business Writing, Mary L. Champion. 1926.
Spencerian System of Penmanship, Revised Edition, P. R. Spencer. 1888.
The Leslie Method of Arm Movement Writing, S. E. Leslie, A. B. 1936.
Mills Brothers Penmanship. Edward C. Mills, 1916.
Bayley-Greenwood System of Modern Business Writing, J. R. Bayley & P. L. Greenwood. 1911.
The Advanced Edition of the Palmer Method of Business Writing, A. N. Palmer. No date.
The Original Duntonian System of Rapid Writing, A. R. Dunton. 1870.
The American Method of Business Writing, C. W. Jones. 1914.
Script Combinations by J. B. Mack, J. B. Mack. 1896.
At Home with Artistic Penwork - Book Four - Engrossing Alphabets, Stephen A. Ziller. 1946.
How to Become a Good Penman, F. W. Tamblyn. No date.
The Zanerian, Zaner-Bloser. No date.
Ames' Guide to Self Instruction in Practical and Artistic Penmanship, Revised, D. T. Ames. 1894.
Practical Alphabets, H. W. Flickinger. 1905.
Muster-Alphabete - Heft VIII, F. Weber & Co. No date. German Text.
Muster-Alphabete - Heft VI, F. Weber & Co. No date. German Text.
American Method of Business Writing, C. W. Jones. 1914.
Modern Commercial Penmanship, The Commercial Text Book Co. No date.
The Tamblyn System of Business Writing, F. W. Tamblyn. No date.
Ontario Writing Courses, Book III, W. J. Gage & Company Limited. No date.
The World's Greatest Penman and Teacher, H. H. Stutsman. 1896.
The Palmer Method of Business Writing, A. N. Palmer. 1934.
The Champion Method of Practical Business Writing, Mary L. Champion. 1937 Tenth Edition.
Spencerian System of Penmanship - Book Five - P. R. Spencer. 1873.
Gaskell's Compendium of Self Teaching Penmanship, G. A. Gaskell. 1885.
National Penmanship Compendium, A. D. Taylor. 1904.

Box 9 (Books on Penmanship)

Analysis of Ornament, Ralph N. Wornum. Chapman and Hall. 1919.
The Art of Writing 2800 B.C. to 1930 A.D. , Maggs Brothers. 1930.
Alphabets, Numerals and Devices of the Middle Ages, Henry Shaw F.S.A. 1845.
The Handbook of Mediaeval Alphabets and Devices, Henry Shaw F.S.A. 1856.
The Zaner Method of Arm Movement Writing, C. P. Zaner, Zaner-Bloser Co. 1910.
The Hausam System of Plain Penmanship, L. H. Hausam. 1923,
The Signists Modern Book of Alphabets, F. Delamotte. 1906.
The Autographic Album, Laurence B. Phillips F.R.A.S. 1866,
Laird & Lee's Modern Penmanship, C. L. Rickets. 1907.
Gaskell's Guide to Writing, Pen-Flourishing, Lettering, Business Letter Writing, Etc. , G. A. Gaskell. 1883.
Calligraphy, Johann Georg Schwandrer. 1958.
Lettering for the Commercial Artist, A. H. Hunter. 1946.
The Art of Show Card Writing, Charles J. Strong. 1907.
Lettering Today, John Brinkley. 1964.
Calligraphy Today, Heather Child. 1963.
Knight's Scroll Ornaments, J. H. Whiteman. F. Knight. No date.
Gems of Penmanship, John D. Williams & S. S. Packard. 1867.
Handwriting, Harry O. Teltscher. 1942.
Spencerian Key to Practical Penmanship, H. C. Spencer. 1866.
The Craft of Script, John R. Biggs, 1964.
Illuminating, W. J. Loftie B.A. F.S.A. No date.
The Art of Illuminating, W. R. Tymms & M. D. Wyatt Arch. No date.
Illustrated Lessons and Lectures on Penmanship, Henry W. Ellsworth. 1897.
Illuminating, Marcus Ward. No date.
Alphabets and Other Materials Useful to Letters, Charles Rollinson. 1912.
The Art of Illumination, Henry Shaw F.S.A. 1870.

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