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Rosa McKinney Collection

Program, Second Annual East Liverpool, Ohio, Area Baseball Old Timers Association Inc. Hall of Fame Banquet, August 23, 1975

The United States Civilian Nuclear Power Policy, 1954-1984: A Summary History, United States Department of Energy, February 1986

The Weekly Advertiser (Chester), October 19, 1907

The Atlantic Monthly, February 1868 (to Periodicals)

The Youth's Companion, Easter 1898 (to Periodicals)

The Youth's Companion, January 26, 1898 (to Periodicals)

The Youth's Companion, January 17, 1901 (to Periodicals)

The Morning Tribune (East Liverpool, Ohio), January 7, 1919 (headline for funeral plans for Theodore Roosevelt) (to Newspapers, Miscellaneous Boxed)

Special Collections

West Virginia Archives and History