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Senator Charles J. Faulkner Scrapbook

Scrapbook containing clippings, photographs and letters related to Senator Charles J. Faulkner

Additional Items:
Handbill from Chas. Jas. Faulkner to the Voters of Berkley, Jefferson, and Clarke Counties stating his positions concerning the 1851 Virginia Constitutional Convention. Oversize Folder

Handbill from the Martinsburg Gazette-Extra entitled "Interesting Correspondence." that includes the published correspondence between the Whigs of Berkley County and Henry Clay concerning a visit. Oversize Folder

Handbill To The Voters of the 10th Congressional District by Henry Bedinger that questions the actions of Charles Faulkner and his support of the Mexican War (1851)

Tribute to Chief Judge A. Hunter Boyd (1924)

Special Collections

West Virginia Archives and History