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William MacCorkle Collection

Scrapbook 1

Inside cover: 1918. Regulation booklet for Expenses of Loans and Savings Certificate. Treasury department. Washington, Government Printing Office.

Certificate: June 4, 1920. WV secretary of state. W.A. MacCorkle of Charleston received the highest number of votes for the Democratic Party May 20, 1920 for the office of the National Convention of the 6th congressional district. Signed: Houston G. Young.

News article: Delegates leave for San Francisco, Democratic National Convention.

Ticket: 1928. For Democratic National Convention. Hayes entrance.

Article: "Water Strongest Drink Available" regarding description of train ride form WV to California for the WV democratic delegates to the San Francisco National Convention.

Article: "Primary Results Show Lists of Successful Delegates"

Article: Kentucky. "Woman Gets First Vote for Nomination"

Letter: July 15, 1920. London. Signed John W. Davis. United States Embassy.

Article: July 3, 1920. Charleston Gazette. "Condensed Text of Democratic Platform as Presented to San Francisco". regarding Wide range of subjects, including agriculture, labor, soldier relief, many domestic questions. Preamble is brief and is confined to a tribute to the leadership of president Wilson.

Article: "Plan Finished for Itinerary to Convention" regarding delegates itinerary for trip to San Francisco convention.

Invitation. August 7, 1920. For attendance for the notification of Governor James M. Cox for his nomination as Democratic candidate for the U.S. Presidency.

Invitation: August 9, 1920. For attendance for the notification of Hon. Franklin D. Roosevelt of nomination as democratic candidate for the U.S. Vice presidency.

Letter. August 7, 1920. Signed Attorney McAdoo. Thanks for the support at the San Francisco convention.

Program: October 17, 1920. Men's Bible class Federation. Charleston, WV. Calvary Baptist Church. Chairman: Ex. Governor W.A. MacCorkle.

Booklet: May 25, 1920. State of West Virginia, Official Returns of Primary election. Hand written notes on the inside cover.

Letter: May 7, 1920. Signed W.A. MacCorkle. To: My Dear Sir. Asking for support as delegate form the sixth congressional district to the Democratic National Convention in San Francisco.

Program: January 19, 1920. Pittsburgh, PA. "The Mississippi to Atlantic internal Waterways Convention". regarding to advocate the provision by the U.S. Government of a great internal waterway. Extending from the Mississippi River via the fully improved Ohio River, then to Lake Erie and the Atlantic Coast.

Article: "MacCorkle Organizes Mingo Bible Classes"

Article: "The Labor News Accepts Challenge"

Article: "Cabinet Member is Guest of Honor at South Charleston" re: Sectary of Navy, Josephus Daniels, visits South Charleston Naval Plant.

Booklet: "The Gospel Over the Rainbow" Emma Wysor Dunlap

Christmas Card: Mrs. Robert Finley Dunlap.

Letter: January 26, 1921. Signed Geo. R. Maxwell, Captain, U.S. Navy Inspector pf ordnance in Charge. regarding U.S. Naval Ordnance Plant in South Charleston, WV, invitation of February 2, 1921.

Article: "Navy has Kept Word, Daniels Tells Big Crowd", regarding more than 6000 gather at government reservation to hear Secretary of Navy Monday afternoon.

Article: "Secretary and Mrs. Daniels will arrive at noon" w/ Picture. regarding Official schedule embraces plant inspection, parade review, receptions and addresses. Sectary of Navy, Josephus Daniels, visits South Charleston Naval Plant.

Article: "Navy Chieftain Arrives in City For Inspection of Local Plant" regarding Sectary of Navy, Josephus Daniels, visits South Charleston Naval Plant.

Article: "The Significant Thing" regarding Sectary of Navy, Josephus Daniels, visits South Charleston Naval Plant.

Article: regarding Social events, MacCorkle host reception for Sectary of Navy, Josephus Daniels at Sunrise.

Article: regarding MacCorkle host the reception for the Daughters of the American Revolution at Sunrise.

Article: "Marshall will speak tonight in the Armory" regarding Vice President arrives from Huntington, buffet dinner at MacCorkle Home.

News Clipping: regarding picture of William C. Sproul, Governor of Pennsylvania and candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination.

Letter: February 9, 1920. Signed William C. Sproul, Governor of Pennsylvania. regarding convention.

Letter: December 20, 1919. William C. Sproul, Governor of Pennsylvania.

Program: September 21,1920. Jefferson District Sunday School Convention. St. Albans M.E. Church.

Telegram: June 11,1920. From, Schaffer. regarding Convention

Telegram: June 11,1920. To W.C. Sproul. Form W.A. MacCorkle. regarding Convention.

Letter: January 26,1920. From Attorney McAdoo, NY.

Letter. September 1, 1920. Signed Gordon Woodbury, Assistant secretary of the navy.

Article: " Class Campaign to Begin Today", regarding More than 2500 Bible Students to participate in the greatest united movement here, W.A. MacCorkle assisted. Article: Descendent of First White Man to Settle in Elk Valley Dies at 94" regarding William Carpenter, AKA "Squirlie Bill".

Handwritten Letter: August 1,1920. Signed Gordon Wood bury.

Article: "Squirlie Bills Great Knowledge of the Elk River". regarding MacCorkle in communication to Braxton Democrat, comments on craftsmanship of former Sutton citizen.

Letter: August 7,1920. Signed W.C. Sproul.

Drawing: By: "Little Jane Keayes, granddaughter of W.C. Sproul.

Document: To Major White. regarding Ivory horn studded with silver in the possession of major John Baker white, US Army.

Letter: 11/27/1920. Signed W.C. Sproul.

Official Program: September 15-16, 1920. WV bankers Association, Charleston, 27th Annual Convention.

Leaflet form a book: 10/12/1918. Community Celebration of he Anniversary of America. Liberty Day.

Condensed Report of Condition of Citizens National Bank, Charleston, WV. 11/15/1920. W.A. MacCorkle, President.

Article: American Lumberman. 7/24/1920. By W.A. MacCorkle. "The old Tyree Roadhouse" (At he foot of Sewell Mountain, Fayette Co., WV.

Page of unknown origin: 2 pictures.

  1. James McNeil Whistler (#21) outside trees and clouds.
  2. Richard Parks Bonington (#28) Old house.

Original Drawing Signed H.L. Thompson. "TIGE" "Best coon dog on Kanawha"

Article. "MacCorkle says Danger Lurks in Roads Measure". regarding MacCorkle warns public in an open letter to the Gazette, against the proposed constitutional amendment, would mortgage the state, 50,000,000.

Poem: "Southern Politics" -- "To Governor MacCorkle From GM Weir. Charleston, WV"

Photo: W.A. MacCorkle alone

Photo: W.A. MacCorkle with a young man.

Article: c. 1921 "Regrets death of old friend: Governor MacCorkle pays tribute to memory of William Carpenter.

Letter: 7/28/1920. Signed: Sam'l V. Woods, Attorney at Law, Philippi, WV.

Handwritten Note: 6/6/1920. Form Naval ordnance Plant.

Poem: "Where were you" by John Bernard Terns.

Post Cards (7): various postcards of the Richmond/Washington Line

Wedding Invitation: Helen Steven to Rev John James Gravett Jr. Richmond, VA.

Announcement: 8/19/1920. The citizens Bank of Nitro. W.A. MacCorkle Vice president

Article: " Men's Bible Class Will Have Big Rally" W.A. MacCorkle will speak.

Article: "Sunrise Welcomes Salvation Army Staff in Charleston Today"

Handwritten Note: 9/25/1920. Signed Sam'l Woods.

Article: "Thousands Here E.W. Halpenny; Big rally held Bible Classes Report Membership has Doubled- Federation refuses to reconsider resignation of MacCorkle.

Pamphlet: "Condensed Report of condition of Citizens National Bank. Charleston, WV 2/21/1920. W.A. MacCorkle president

Handwritten Note: 1/3/1921 Signed Minotti

Typed Recipe: Wine

Article: Parody, "This is Politics"

Article "G.W. Stevens C&O head die suddenly"

Letter: 5/10/1920 From Salvation Army

Note: 12/6/1920 Signed Mary Pizfer, DAR

C&O railroad pass (1920) For W.A. MacCorkle. "Last pas issued to MacCorkle by G.W. Stevens.

Article: "Future of Charleston assured says Harahan president of C&O, pledges cooperation in the upbuilding of the city"

Article: The Citizen, Berea Kentucky.12/9/1920. "Who's who in the mountains" By Professor J.R. Robertson. regarding MacCorkle

Article: "Old White sulpher our most fashionable spot"

Press clipping: NY city, 11/15/1920. Vogue. regarding MacCorkle book on White Sulpher Springs.

Article: 5/25/1921. w/pic of E.F. Morgan, first lady of WV. regarding reception of Governor Morgan and wife.

Article: Local chamber fetes Harahan, New C&O head Dinner at Ruffner is Forum For Exchange of Opinion Between Shippers and President Cornwall and MacCorkle are among speakers

Article: 5/26/1921. 'Building plans in Valley told to tradesman Former Gov. MacCorkle presents figures to St. Albans Board of Trade at Banquet"

Letter: 1/16/1920. Signed Josephus Daniels. regarding Discharge of Okey Meadows.

Letter: 1/16/1920 From the U.S. Attorney General

Certificate: MacCorkle to the Virginia Historical Society. 12/32/1920.

Postcard (of Brigham young) 8/18/1918. Signed W.C. Sproul.

Postcard. From France

Note: 12/30/1920. Signature illegible. From the WV executive Department. regarding invitation for lunch.

Letter: 11/26/1920. Signed Gordon Woodbury. regarding Haiti

Article: Montreal Gazette. 11/4/1920. "G. Walter Stevens dead, American Railroad President.

Handwritten Note: 11/5/1920. Signed ? Taylor.

Handwritten Letter: 11/23/1920. Signed Robert Arthur Elwood.

Letter: 11/3/1920. Signed: E.W. Knight. regarding EWK Association against he prohibition amendment, Volstead law.

Letter: 1/13/1920 Signed W.C. Sproul.

Letter. 10/20/1920. Signed Marwick, US treasury Department, re MacCorkles Book.

Article: Bible Classes to Hold rally on West Side, Calvary Baptist Church"

Article: "Bank clearings twice as large as Huntington.

Letter. 3/3/1921. Signed Josephus Daniels, Sect. Of the Navy.

Lecture. "This lecture of the world war and league of nations" Delivered by: Ex-Chief of Police W.A. Sparks 10/11/1920

Leaflet- The State street bank, Charleston WV, Statement of Condition. W.A. MacCorkle Vice President.

Article: "Vice President Marshall Addresses a record crowd at Armory. Cox will fight campaign squarely on League of Nations.

Page form Booklet: "Liberty Day". 10/18/1918. "Suggestions for community celebrations. By Henry E. Jackson & Clara Van Slyck.

Letter. 3/2/1921. Signed Josephus Daniels, sect of navy, re: his resignation.

Article: "Complete Official text of the League of Nations covenant"

Handwritten letter. 3/13/c1920-1921. Signed Frazier

Article. "MacCorkle says danger lurks in roads measure"

Card: Election Advertisement. "Neglected again our children. J.A. Campbell, Mayor city of Beckley.

Article: "Road Plan would bleed state, MacCorkle says, Autos would take care of taxes Hughes replies"

Article: 'Washington freed Nation, Lincoln Saved."

Article: "road amendment would require big taxation, former governor says. By Herbert Grimm.

Article: The road builders.

Paid Advertising (newspaper): "A crime against the State" regarding the road amendment.

Letters: 9/20/1920. (4). From W.A. MacCorkle. regarding printing advertisement regarding the road bond amendment. (general letters to the editor).

Typed copy of statement t\regarding the road bond issue. "Statement of Ex-Governor W.A. MacCorkle, Before the teachers institute of Kanawha County on September 2,1920, In Reference to the proposed amendment to the constitution providing for the issuing of 50 million dollars of state road bonds."

Article: "First steel poured at Armor Plant; high officials present at ceremonies, oil cuts felt in WV fields."

Leaflet "The good Roads Knocker" typed- extra print added to address it to "Old Bill MacCorkle Windbag Signed A. Voter one who knows you like a book. Pro Roads amendment.

Leaflet "The good Roads Knocker" typed- extra print added to call MacCorkle a Beast.

Pamphlet: Inspiration of the Opposition" 10/8/1920. Pro Roads amendment, curious to W.A. MacCorkle opposition to road bonds.

Handwritten Note: 10/9/1920. "Governor, you seem to be slipping; Brace up" Signed M Jarrett.

Pamphlet: "Reply to Ex-Governor MacCorkle on the good roads amendment. By H.R. Wyllie, President WV Good Roads Amendment.

Article: "MacCorkle Answers attacks" By W.A. MacCorkle.

Article: "An Answer to MacCorkle" From an editor

Program: "Cabin Creek District Sunday School Association, Annual Convention. East Bank High School. October 8-9, 1920. Governor MacCorkle Address.

4 Copies of statement t\regarding the road bond issue. "Statement of Ex-Governor W.A. MacCorkle, before the teachers institute of Kanawha County on September 2,1920, In Reference to the proposed amendment to the constitution providing for the issuing of 50 million dollars of state road bonds."

Article: "Inspiration of Opposition" regarding Road Bond Amendment.

Article: Farewell feast given to governor by friends here. By Herbert Grimm. regarding Governor Cornwall.

Article: "News Of Fire Shocks Former WV Governor Who is guest of Governor Sproul. Re The burning of the Charleston Capitol.

Article: "Untold Wealth of Coal Behind Hunting March to Supremacy MacCorkle. 6/12/1921.

Recipe: Thayer's, Brunswick stew.

Letter. 6/7/1921. From First National Bank, Huntington, WV. Signed Robert L. Archer.

3 Copies: statement regarding the road bond issue. "Statement of Ex-Governor W.A. MacCorkle, before the teachers institute of Kanawha County on September 2,1920, In Reference to the proposed amendment to the constitution providing for the issuing of 50 million dollars of state road bonds."

Program: Charleston District Sunday School Convention. Boyd Memorial Church. 2/25/1921. Ex-Governor MacCorkle Address.

Letter 3/23/1921. From First Presbyterian Church, MacCorkle Bible Class. Signed W.G. Chrichton.

Photos (2): Charleston Capitol before Fire

Photos (3): Various angle of the Charleston Capitol on Fire.

Leaflet "New Books on Pan-America. The Neale Publishing Company. 2 Book listings For Governor MacCorkle: "The Personal Genesis of the Monroe Doctrine" and "The Monroe Doctrine in its relation to the Republic of Haiti."

Booklet: "West Virginia" History of West Virginia. By James Morton Callahan- Department of History-West Virginia University. W.A. MacCorkle Advising Editor.

Washington and Lee University Bulletin: "Washington and Lee as a nursery of American Leadership" 12/18/1921 Vol. XX No. 24.

Photo: Charleston Capitol on Fire

Photo: Charleston Capitol after Fire

Photo: Unknown: Side of a white building

Photo: Unknown, front of the white building.

Letter: 1/28/1921. From Fairmont Evangelistic Campaign. Signed. Rev W.A. Sunday.

Letter: 6/17/1921: Form the National headquarters of the Salvation Army.

Letter: 2/25/1921. Signed Attorney WE Glasscock. regarding Capitol Fire, repainting the Governors pictures.

Program: Joint meeting West Virginia State Nurses Association and Districts 1&2. Kanawha Hotel, Charleston, WV, 4/11/1921. WA MacCorkle Address.

Letter: 2/26/1921. From Albert White, Parkersburg, WV. regarding repainting the Governors pictures.

Letter 6/7/1921. Signed Miles Poindexter (WASH) Chair committee of mines and mining. US Senate.

Handwritten Letter: 2/7/1921. Signed Albert B. White.

Letterhead: "Chilton, MacCorkle, Clark and MacCorkle, Lawyers Charleston, WV.

Letter: 1/29/1921. Signed Gordon Woodbury, First Sect. Of the Navy.

Letter: 2/8/1921 Signed Gordon Woodbury, First Sect. Of the Navy.

Articles: February 1921. regarding regarding Naval ordnance plant.

Letter: 2/3/1921. Signed Gordon Woodbury, First Sect. Of the Navy.

Letter: 2/5/1921. Signed Chas. B. McVay Jr. Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy.

Letter: 2/14/1921. Signed Chas. B. McVay Jr. Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy. regarding Lanterns for MacCorkle.

Instructions for using Battle Lantern sent by express.

Letter: 1/26*/1921. William McAdoo, U.S. Railways.

Letter 1/31/1921: Wm B. Mathews, Supreme Court of Appeals. Charleston, WV. regarding Inaugural ceremonies March 4,1921.

Program: Inauguration Governor Ephraim F. Morgan. 3/4/1921. W.A. MacCorkle Address

Invitation: Inauguration and reception of Governor Ephraim F. Morgan. 3/4/1921

Invitation: Inaugural Ball 3/4/1921.

News clipping: "Eight Governors" regarding presence of the governors at the 3/4/1921 inauguration.

Letter: 2/24/1921. Signed Governor Ephraim F. Morgan

Invitation Governor and Mrs. Morgan. Reception at the Executive Mansion, in honor of the WV legislature. 4/14/1921.

Letter: 3/2/1921. Signed I.C. White State Geologist.

"Inaugural Prayer" By Rev. D.C. Ash D.D. 3/4/1921

Copy of the above

Letter: 2/17/1921. To the Youths Companion c/o Perry Mason Company, Boston Massachusetts. regarding News article "An Overseas Veteran"

Letter: 3/2/1921. From the Youths Companion. Reply to the previous letter.

Article, New York. 2/27/1921 ' Woodrow Wilson"

Article: " MacCorkle make public activities of chamber in Nitro negotiations"

Letter: 3/11/1921. Signed John J Cornwall, attorney at Law, Romney, WV.

Letter: April9, 1921. Singed Governor E. F. Morgan. Re. Mississippi Valley Association Convention.

Certificate: William A. MacCorkle Delegate of West Virginia at the annual convention of the Mississippi Valley Association, New Orleans, La. May 2-4, 1921.

Certificate: William A. MacCorkle. To, the WV Bee Keepers Association. March 16, 1921

Program: Huntington-Charleston Associates of Credit Men. Charleston, WV April 15, 1921.

Letter: 4/8/21. From the commander of the Salvation Army, National Headquarters.

Leaflet: 4/14/21. By Karen Belle Abbey and William A. MacCorkle. "Kanawha County Sunday School Association.

Handwritten Letter: 3/28/1921. Signed Eustace.

Newspaper Cartoon: Columbus. 4/5/1921. "The First Tear" regarding Al G. Field.

Clipping: The death of Al G. Field.

Clipping: "Tribute to Al. G. Field". By Eddie Leonard.

Photo: Drawing Room of "Sunrise".

Postcard. Form Italy

Telegram: 5/2/21. Ralph S. Dunn

Telegram: 8/12/21. William C. Sproul.

Booklet: U.S. Naval Ordnance Plant. William J. Preistly Steel Superintendent.

Post Card, Symbol Page, Newsprint: Unknown Origin.

Full Paper: The Charleston Gazette. 1/4/1921. Headline: the Capitol Fire.

News clipping: "Waterways"

Article: "Cheers last one minute; Davis Boom is weakened"

News Clipping: "Nominated For Vice President- Franklin Roosevelt.

Article: "NY state man is chosen by acclamation" regarding F.D. Roosevelt.

Photos (8):"Old Tyree Stone Tavern on the Middle of the Midland Trail. Near Clifftop WV. Erected 1824 Now owned by the Babcock Coal and Coke Company. Photo by R.C. Ribble, Prince WV."

Photo: "Old Kanawha County Courthouse. Compliments of S.E. Childress, Pres. Erected 1817 Razed 1892. Kanawha county court, 7/28/1920"

Scrapbook 2 (Smaller)

Article: January 8,1928. "Sunrise, A Collectors home"

Articles (8): July 1928. regarding MacCorkle's Book Recollections of the past 50 years.

Review: MacCorkle's recollections. Forward by John W. Davis.

Review. New York City. September 1928. "The Invading of Goth Literature". By William Norwood Brigance.

Letter: March 6, 1928. Signed John W. Davis regarding Forward to MacCorkle's Book.

Business Cards: William A MacCorkle. President. The Citizens National Bank, Charleston, WV.

Article: "MacCorkle Resigns Banking Position".

Article: "MacCorkle honored by House of Delegates".

Handwritten Letter: February 7, 1929. Signed Mary Wiltse, Corresponding Secretary DAR, Charleston, WV.


"History of the world" --- Ridpath, page 130.

Letter: May 10, 1929. Signed Phillip Jagels. regarding MacCorkle's Book.

Letter: February 29,1929. Signed L.O. Gastineau, President Charleston Rotary Club.

Letter: April 18, 1929. Signed John M. Derrick- The Mission Evangelist, Lexington, KY.

Letter: May 11 1929. Signed L.O. Gastineau, President Charleston Rotary Club.

Letter: July 8, 1929. Signed F.J. Gardenhire, executive Secretary, Foundation for Human Welfare.

Poem: "The Old Virginia Ham" By Howard W. Peak, Uncle Dan's Hams.

Letter: September 4, 1929. Signed Seton. regarding Indian "Woodcraft" Village.

Postcard: From Vienna.

Article: May 14, 1929. "Court Renames Road to Honor MacCorkle" regarding The establishment of MacCorkle Avenue.

Card: Signed William B. Conley. Note regarding Washington and Lee Football Game.

Letter: September 13. 1929. Signed William G. Conley. Governor of WV. regarding Delegation of Ohio River Parade.

Letter: October 15, 1929. Signed William G. Conley. Governor of WV. regarding Invitation to Washington and Lee Football Game.

Letter: November 7, 1929. Signature illegible. U.S. Senate- Committee of Military Affairs. regarding Midland Trail Road Department.

Telegram. November 25, 1929. Signed "Baby"

Wedding Invitation: Isabel Tomasa Clark to William May Woodroe. December 21, 1929. Charleston, WV.

Program: "Graduation Exercises" Kanawha Valley Hospital, June 6, 1929. William A. MacCorkle Address.

Typed Information: January 15, 1917. regarding Groundhog Hide.

Membership Card: Spanish War Veterans, Department of WV.

Postcard of Sunrise.

Letter: November 6, 1929. Signed Louis Epes. Virginia State Corporation Commission.

Handwritten note: Invitation to Dinner of Governor Conleys in honor of congressman W.E. Hall.

Record: Kanawha County, Wva. Record of changing road to MacCorkle Avenue.

Full women's edition of the Star tribune. November 12, 1895.

In memoriam: William Dickenson Lewis. Signed: Clyde B. Johnson, George E. Price. R. Kemp Morton.

Letter: January 14, 1930. The Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company. Signed Herbert Fitzpatrick.

Letter: January 17, 1930. Signed David Boyd, Divisional Commander of the Salvation Army, WVa. Division.

Letter: January 11, 1930. Signed William McIntyre Commissioner, The Salvation Army headquarters for Southern Territory. regarding Camp Winding Gulch.

Letter: January 9, 1930. Signed David Boyd, Divisional Commander of the Salvation Army, Wva. Division

Letter: January 23, 1930. Signed David Boyd, Divisional Commander of the Salvation Army, Wva. Division.

Article: January 1930. "Intimate Recollections" By: William A. MacCorkle. regarding MacCorkle's Book " The Recollections of 50 Years".

Note. January 2, 1930. Signed Father Lornment.

Note. January 25, 1930 Signed Mrs. Pursy Chilton.

Program: Charleston, WV Art Association, First Exhibition, American Paintings. From the Macbeth Gallery, NYC and Mileh Galleries, NYC. 2-8-1930 to 2-22-1930. William A MacCorkle Executive Counsel.

Letter: January 24, 1930. Signed Josina Ruffner. regarding 'Lorena"

Copy of "Lorena" (The Pathetic Story of a Once Famous Song).

Telegram: March 4, 1930. Signed Scott Bros.

Postcard: "Plaza De La Indepencia Quito Ecuador"

Roll Call: February 21, 1930. Virginia Senate. "Illustration of the Virginia Senate voting by machine on the day that John W. Davis and William A. MacCorkle were invited to meet and address the Virginia Senate at the Virginia House of Delegates".

Handwritten Letter: 2-28-1930. Signed. Walter C. Hardy.

Note. Signed Leo Young-Imperial Potentate of America.

Letter: February 28, 1930. Signed William Conley- Governor of WV.

Invitation: To Mr. And Mrs. Jay W. Johns Buffet Breakfast to meet President James Monroe's Great-Granddaughters. April 13, 1930.

Telegram April 8, 1930 regarding MacCorkle's Illness.

Telegram: March 28, 1930 Signed Mrs. David Main. Re MacCorkle's Illness.

Telegram: March 24, 1930. Signed Colonel Marburg. Re MacCorkle's Illness.

Letter March 29, 1930. Signed Walter S. Hallahan. regarding MacCorkle's Illness.

Article: "John W. Davis warns Against Too Many Laws", Richmond Va. February 22, -- 1930.

Article: "Heart Attack is Fatal to Pioneer" March 14, 1930. regarding J.W. Cassingham of Coshoctan.

Article: the Charleston Gazette. March 16, 1930. "Yellow Fever Feared in the Old River Days".

Review: Statistical Review of Charleston, WV. March 1930, By: The Charleston Chamber of Commerce.


Rope bound booklet: "Senate Bills. William A. MacCorkle". Empty

Contents of Folder:
Program: Dinner tendered to W.A. MacCorkle. July 22, 1919. Hotel Kanawha, Charleston, WV. Includes Music, Menu, and Committee.

Contents of Folder:
Paperboard: Various Signatures, including Mark Twain

Contents of Folder:
Invitation: Wedding. Leila Baker to Midshipman Vaughn Veazy Woodward, U.S. Navy, Norfolk Va.

Photocopy of an article on carrots and coffee

Bill. Cincinnati December 1, 1905. Mr. W.G. MacCorkle. Charleston, WV.

Form Louis Heister- druggist and manufactory pharmacist.

Program: March 1, 1925. Firs Presbyterian Church.

Note: To Mr. MacCorkle, Kindness of Mr. George Jenkins Sr. February 24, 1979. Signed Althea Putney Stanley. Petition for street paving. October 8, 1908. Signed by Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company.

Contents of Folder:
Terms of court on paperboard. November 13, 1929. Notice of street to become MacCorkle Avenue. Signed: W.H. O'Dell, Henry A. Walker, JC Blackwood, Office of Clerk-Kanawha County Court.

Contents of Folder:
"Sons of the revolution in the state of Wva. February 26, 1926. Signed William S. Haywood and Thomas Ray Aille. regarding Establishment of the Kanawha County Chapter of the Sons of the Revolution.

Contents of Folder:
Letter: June 29, 1896. Re MacCorkle running for president of he United States. Signed Albert Riffle.

Book: Fryes Complete Geography. Virginia and West Virginia Edition. Gin and Company. Alexis Everett Frye, Former Superintendent of Schools of Cuba, 1895, 1902.

Book: The Rand McNally Grammar School Geography, 1894.

Magazine: McClure's. May 1918.

Scrapbooks, Smaller
Beginning September 20, 1930.

News clipping: September 24, 1930. "Former Governor Dies at home. regarding the Death of W.A. MacCorkle.

Letter. September 24, 1930. Signed David Boyd. Divisional Commander- Salvation Army, WV Division. regarding MacCorkle's Illness.

"Masonic Orders" MacCorkle

Membership Card 1930 Scottish rite #32.

Membership Card: July 18, 1930. Royal Arch Masons. Tyrian 13.

Membership Card: January 1, 1930. Kanawha Lodge # 20.

Membership Card: 1930. Beni Kedem Temple.

Telegram 9-20-1930. Signed William A. MacCorkle.

Several Articles fro the Charleston Gazette and Charleston Daily Mail Regarding the illness and death of William A. MacCorkle.

News Clipping: "MacCorkle Estate will go to daughter in law.

Record: The record of the Hamden Sydney Alumni Association.

Clipping: Charles K Payne is named to Commission.

Memorial of William A. MacCorkle Washington and Lee University.

In Memory of William A, MacCorkle, Minutes adopted at a meeting of the board of Directors of he Chesapeake and Ohio Railway. October 28, 1930.

Condolences of MacCorkle's Death The Board of Directors of the Charleston Chamber of Commerce. Signed S.D. Puffer.

Resolution: Board of Directors of thee Charleston National Bank. Signed Loewenstein, Charles K. Payne, A.B. Koontz, and E.A. Barnes.

Minutes: Of a special meeting of the Bar Association of the City of Charleston. September 25, 1930. regarding MacCorkle's Death.

63 telegrams re: MacCorkle's Death

63 Letters regarding MacCorkle's Death

Memorial: September 25, 1930. Kanawha Chapter, American Institute of Banking.

Memorial. September 25, 1930. Charleston Clearing House Association

Scrapbooks, Larger
Begin May 21, 1921

Poem "Mount Pisgoh" James Poyntz Nelson May 21, 1921.

Program: Annual Banquet. St. Alban Board Of Trade. May 24, 1921.

Letter May 26, 1921. Signed J.M. Henson, Clerk of the Circuit court, Winfield WV. American Legion Post 84. regarding Memorial Address at the unveiling of monument at the courthouse.

Letter signed Rec. W.A. Sunday. regarding Fred Napp to Charleston.

Christmas Card: signed Bolesloa and Albert Galo, Rome Italy.

Telegram. July 18, 1921. G.W. McClintic. regarding Appointment wit the President.

Invitation: June 29, 1921. Church and Community Supper. The Schwamb Memorial Presbyterian Church.

Letter: July 18, 1921. Signed Howard Sutherland, Wva. U.S. Senate Committee on Military Affairs. regarding McClintic to be nominated.

Letter: July 19, 1921. Office of the Attorney General. Washington D.C.: regarding McClintics Selection of Federal Judge for the Southern District of Wva.

Telegram: August 9, 1921. William H. Short, Director state Organization. regarding Support Woodrow Wilson.

Letter August 2, 1921. John J. Coniff, Attorney of Law.

Letter, March 7,1919. Abram L Alkus. Re Arrive in Charleston March 22.

Photo: "Tom Petty" Man on a horse.

Handwritten Letter. September 26, 1921 William C. Sproul. regarding Glasgow Matter.

Letter November 27, 1921 Sproul. regarding mother Sproul's Death.

Handwritten Letter. William A. Glasgow regarding appointment to constitutional convention.

Letter November 12, 1921. Evangeline Booth, Salvation Army Nat'l Headquarters. Re MacCorkle's Health.

Letter. October 8, 1921. William G. Kenyan, Chairman U.S. Senate committee on Education and Labor.

Letter. October 15, 1921. Signed H.B. Price, Dealer- General Merchandise. regarding Buying property at West Alban.

Hand Written Letter. Samuel Lyle McCorkle. "Here is a letter Samuel wrote all by himself"

Article. August 4, 1921. The Pocahontas Times. Calvin Price Editor. RE: MacCorkle's Collection, John Brown Letter, Duke of Wellingtons coffee cup, etc.

Short Story. "For Governor MacCorkle"

Lyrics "Ten Little bottles"

Article. January 5, 1923. W.V. Architects rebuffed by capitol Commission"

Article. January 10, 1923. "Glad to be Free but sad to break ties, Says Sproul."

Handwritten Letter. March 20, 1922. Getty brown. RE MacCorkle's illness.

Letter. May 22, 1922. Wm C. Sproul. Re Organizations loss.

Letter. March 13, 1922. F.D. Drumbeller, President, the Kanawha Valley Bank. regarding Illness.

Letter. March 29, 1922. Donald Mc Donald, Louisville Gas and Electric Company, Louisville Kentucky. regarding Copy of McDonalds speech given at Washington and Lee University.

Article. June 18, 1922. "Holdups and Indian Raids on the Coach were Fiction"

Article. May 23, 1922. "Former Governor MacCorkle to host Presbyterian Guests"

Letters. June 1922. Re. MacCorkle running for candidacy.

Letter. August 16, 1922. Ephraim I. Morgan. Re Edna P. Hurst.

News clipping, June 30. Wheeling Intelligencer. "Prominent People Of Wva" W.A. MacCorkle.

Letter. August 1922. Snyder.

Letter. August 23, 1922. Wm. C. Sproul. Re Springfield rifle.

Handwritten Letter. September 6, 1922. Gordon Woodbury.

Article. September 29, 1922. "MacCorkle Denounces Street Naming Plan"

Handwritten Letter. October 2, 1922. Gordon Woodbury.

Letter. October 16, 1922. John W. Davis. Re. John Hogue, punishment

Resolution. October 21, 1922. A. Bliss McCrum. Public Utilities Association of WV. regarding Appreciation.

Letter. November 6, 1922. John W. Davis.

"West Virginia" By Henry Eckels (Inmate at WV Penitentiary)

Letter. October 24, 1922. Joseph Z. Terrell. Warder WV penitentiary, Moundsville. regarding Enclosed Eckels Poem.

Letter. November 25, 1922. To Wm. C Sproul. From King. Re John Hogue.

Letter. December 5, 1922. Wm C. Sproul. regarding Above letter.

Letter. October 26, 1922. Secretary to the President of the United States. regarding John Davis Appointment.

News Clipping. November 25, 1922. "Governor MacCorkle's Speech"

Article. "States finest theater opens to Charleston"

"The Oil Mans Ditty"

Article. " The funeral of Mrs. Corscaden O.B.E.

Memorial Pamphlet. S Columbs Cathedral. Fannie Evelyn Corscaden. December 28, 1922.

Invitation. December 15th. Dinner with Governor and Mrs. Ephraim Franklin Morgan.

"New Books on Pan America" Neale Publishing Co.

Article. January 5, 1923. "Development of the Little Kanawha Coal fields means prosperity in Parkersburg."

Article. " City Planning Board, headed by MacCorkle mayor Hail.

Letter. May 10, 1923. Wm. G. McAdoo. Re MacCorkle's illness.

Orient Express. September 1922, Menu in French and German.

Menu. September 8, 1923. Hungarian restaurant, Budapest.

Handwritten Letter. June 12, 1923. Thos. H. Harvey.

Blue print. "Endorsed Plan of Town "A""

Parkersburg Progress. January 15, 12923. ""Development of the Little Kanawha Coal fields means prosperity in Parkersburg. Ex governor MacCorkle tells Parkersburg's magnificent opportunities for great growth and development."

Article. April 14, 1923. "Bryan Breakfast at Sunrise. Re Wm Jennings Bryan.

Article April 12, 1923. "MacCorkle will Entertain Bryan at Sunrise.

Telegrams. March and April 1922. Re Bryans visit to Sunrise.

Letter. March 29, 1923. William Jennings Bryan.

Letter. July 21, 1924. John W. Davis Re Democratic National Convention.

Telegram. January 9, 1923. Woodrow Wilson. regarding WV Democrats and Jackson Day Dinner.

Letter. January 9, 1923. Secretary to the President of the United States.

Letter. February 12, 1923. Postmaster General, Washington.

Letter. March 10, 1923. Postmaster General.

Letter. February 10, 1923. The Third assistant Postmaster General. Re Accept invitation.

Letter. March 21, 1923. John H. Bartlett. First assistant Postmaster General.

Church Program. February 4, 1923. First Presbyterian Church. Charleston, WV.

Letter. January 2, 1923. Rev. Ernest Thompson, First Presbyterian Church. Re. MacCorkle elected ruling Elder.

Article (including typed note written by MacCorkle) April 15, 1923. The Sun, Baltimore, MD. "Historical Kenmore, Betty Washington home to be preserved.

Christmas Cards. 1920-1921.

"A miniature Picture of the prosperous territory served by the Clarksburg telegram." By W. A. MacCorkle.

The West Virginia School Journal and Educator. January 1923. Vol. LI No. 8.

Letter. October 9, 1923. Gordon Woodbury. Re. Sympathy and enclosed lecture to the N.H. Historical Society.

Letters. May- December 1923. . Re. MacCorkle's Book. Personal Genesis of the Monroe Doctrine"

Letter. December 29, 1922. Wm I Schaffer, Supreme Court of Pa. Re Douglas Brown.

Reviews. May July 1923. regarding MacCorkle's Book. Personal Genesis of the Monroe Doctrine"(States, Ca, Or, Ny. Mi, Il, Wi, Ga, Pa, Ct, Va, Wv, Ma,)

Invitation. "Old Home Week" New Hampshire. August 18-25, 1930.

Invitation. James E. Campbell. 80th Birthday, July 7, 1923.

Letter. June 19, 1923. Claude Meeks Re Former Governor James Campbell's Birthday.

Invitation. The Delaware River Bridge Joint commission to the Ceremony Beginning Physical construction on the suspension bridge. January 6, 1922. Pier 11 north Philadelphia.

Letter and Photo. September 24, 1923. Evangeline Booth. Salvation Army.

Statement of Condition. January 1924. The State St. Bank. W.A. MacCorkle Vice Pres.

Postcards from New Mexico, and California.

Handwritten letter. Wm C Sproul. S.S. Leviathan letterhead.

Article. September 20, 1923. "Writes interesting letter o travels through Europe. Re MacCorkle's travels through Czechoslovakia.

The Charleston Saturday Night. July 28, 1923. " Summers Street given New Name.

Photos (2). Governor MacCorkle.

Articles. September 1923. regarding Mrs. MacCorkle's death

Articles. Fall 1923. Selling and purchasing ideas for MacCorkle Home Sunrise.

Article. January 1924. "MacCorkle asks for less pessimism."

Article. November 1 1923. "Power Permit for New River bring protest"

Article. " MacCorkle is now not a candidate for nomination.

From a book or pamphlet. "Part One" "Our Discovery Day."

Recipe. Chili Con Carne.

Statement. WM Person. Louisburg, NC.

Address of Senator Person, NC, Franklin County Educational Bill. February 15, 1917.

Article. Featuring prints of the Davis Family pictures.

Letter. October 26, 1922. John W. Davis.

Scrapbooks, Heavy

Smaller Scrapbook

- Articles dated from September 1893 to February 1894

Scrapbooks, Heavy
Large scrapbook in poor condition with numbered pages

On top List of Illegal voters. McDowell County, Wva, 1892. Signed __ Baldwin.

Directory for Scrapbook.

P13 Page torn out "The West Virginia Bar" p. 124

Pp15-21 Articles: Re. William E. Chilton being selected as chairman of the state central executive committee.

p21 Articles: Re. Issac V. Johnson (Va) nominated by the democratic convention as auditor

28-29: Handwritten list of delegates. Letterhead: Law offices of Wm. A MacCorkle, Charleston, WV. Includes: Resolution, April 30, 1892. Resolution for a convention of Democratic Voters of Kanawha County, May 1892, to appoint delegates.

30-32 Articles: re - Personal comments on MacCorkle's candidacy against Judge Bennet for primary.

39 Articles: From the Parkersburg Convention re Comments on MacCorkle.

64 Articles: re MacCorkle e nominated for democratic candidate for governor.

65-75 MacCorkle's Candidacy for Governor. Re Personal Comments

79 Program for the State Democratic convention. July 27, 1892.

80-81 Article from The West Virginia Republican.

82-101 Articles: re- MacCorkle's Campaign for Governor, Campaign echoes.

91- Photo "Negro nominated in Jefferson County"

99 Photo "Mixed school, Athens, Ohio"

102-107 Articles: re MacCorkle is Elected Governor (11/15/1892)

108-109 Articles: re Vote winning speeches of Stephen B. Elkins, Secretary of war, October 1892.

110-112 Article: To Africanize West Virginia.

124 Comments after the election

125 Ticket "Grand farewell, of the republican party up Salt River. March 4, 1893.
- Souvenir Final Demonstration 11/15/1892: Cleveland, Stevenson, and MacCorkle. 126 Flyer "Steamer Force Bill: All Aboard Salt River

138-141 "The Illustrated American, Gubernatorial Candidates", November 5, 1892 pp 417-420.

149 Ribbon "Grover Cleveland, A.E. Stevenson, Final Demonstration. 11/12/92. Souvenir

161-168 Articles Senator Kennas Death, 1/15/1893.

174 song lyrics "Te West Virginia Hills"

175 "The True Vote Cast" By counties per Candidate. 12/19/1892.

180 The vote cast for president in West Virginia at the election 11/8/1892.

181- votes by congressional district.

182 Ribbon Young men's democratic club, Cincinnati, Ohio.

183 Program of ceremonies at the inauguration of Governor Elect William A. MacCorkle, Charleston, WV. 3/4/1893.

184 Invitation to inauguration of Governor Elect William MacCorkle. 3/04/1893.

185-212 Articles MacCorkle taking the oath office, inauguration, inaugural ball and reception.

213 Articles Railroads and people, 4/1893 MacCorkle taking grounds in regard to railroads as development factors.

214-227 Articles:(March April 1983).
- Convention of Southern Governors in Richmond, Virginia.
- Comments on MacCorkle's office as Governor and the appointments made.

238 Articles: The Remains of Jefferson Davis

239: To Go to Richmond from Louisiana. May 31, 1893.

240-241 Articles (May June 1893)
- West Virginia University and Governor MacCorkle. The desire to Remove WVU president Turner.

242-244 Articles (December 1893) Articles
- The Virginia Debt, West Virginians have no reason to pay.

245- Articles (December 1893) WV Land Titles
- Program: Ladies Reception. Kanawha C commandry, No 4. Charleston WV

246 Articles (November & December 1893)
-Virginia Debt
- MacCorkle Criticized for pardoning several criminals
- The MacCorkle Chilton Ring (May 1893)

247 - Articles (December 1893)
-Coal from Nova Scotia
- Management changes in the Weston Insane asylum and WVU

248-250 - Articles (November & December 1893) -West Virginia Debt, pardons, Land grants and Land Titles.

251 September 1893 Remarks of Governor MacCorkle at Old Point Comfort Virginia.

252-254 Articles (September 1893) West Virginia and Delaware sharing their state day jointly.

255-257 - Articles (December 1893) West Virginia owes no Debt to Virginia

258 Articles (June 1893) West Virginia dedication of new state building.

260-262 Articles, September 1893.
-The Chesapeake an Ohio steamship line opens, Newport News -Pardons

264 Articles July 1893 Fourth of July Celebration

265 Flyer June 1893 "Endorsed by laboring men"

265 Articles July 1893 Tammany's Fourth of July
- December 1893 WV Land Titles
- December 1893 Wilson expresses view on the coal tariff bill

266-280 Articles June 1893 West Virginia Building at the State Fair, Sharing state day with Delaware.

280-290 Articles Tammany's Fourth of July, Crisp speaking at the state fair, Virginia debt.

291 Articles July 1893: Reform at WVU
- June 1893 repairing the governor's mansion

292-293- Articles November 1893, Inaugural ball

295-296- Articles West Virginia debt, Governors mansion

298 November 1893, Tally sheet for governor

301 Article June 1893, Washington and Lee Commencement

305 - Article March 1893, Removal of Jefferson Davis's Remains from Louisiana to Virginia.

308-318 - Articles WVU, Land grants, World Fair, Appointments

319 Articles: January 1887, Funeral of Alderman Barthalomew McCorkell j.p. -June 1894 Faulkner Whiting Wedding

320-339- Various articles previously mentioned

341 May 31, 1893. Full section of the Richmond Dispatch

343 Inaugural address of Governor William A. MacCorkle delivered in the state Chamber, Charleston WV, 3/1/1893.

345 Address of Governor MacCorkle at the Worlds Columbian Exposition, Chicago on WV Day. 9/22/1893

347 state of WV Executive chamber. Charleston WV 11/28/1893. regarding Statements concerning the "West Virginia Debt".

349 - state of WV Executive chamber. Charleston WV 11/27/1893. regarding Land Grants

350 Articles January 1894 Pollution of the New River by the Cripple Creek Iron Ore Company.

357 the Catholic Herald. New York. 1/22/1894. "Christian Education Necessary to the stability of the state.

358-369 Articles (November 1893-january 1894) various articles previously mentioned.

370 The Daily Gazette, Charleston, WV. February 1894. "Charleston extends a cordial welcome to the visiting lumberman"

371 Flyer "Will it pay for Clay County to vote for Bonds?"

372 Reprint from the Lumber Trade Journal. Chicago 9/15/1893. "West Virginias Forest Exhibit at the worlds Fair Columbian exposition.

376-406 Articles (February 1894- march 1894) Coal Mine Riots in Montgomery coal region, Troops to the scene, 400 armed strikers (Articles range from New York, Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, Maryland). Bridge destroyed, Martial Law Declared.

391 Telegram 12/20/1926. Captain J. Lewis Thompson will be in New York. regarding White Pines Matter.

407-410 Various Articles Previously Mentioned (March may 1894)

411 April 7th 1894. Boston Massachusetts Traveler. "Build the Canal" regarding The importance of the Nicaraguan waterway.

412 Articles May 1894 Articles: The mine Strike

414-427 Various Articles Previously mentioned, + the Manly Immigration Congress 5/1894.

430-460- Articles June 1894 Re the mine Strike, Mine wars.

Scrapbooks, Heavy
Larger scrapbook in better condition with numbered pages

1 -Article. November 9, 1893. The Independent Herald, Hinton, WV. regarding The West Virginia Debt. Posting: "Will Chairman John T. McGraw or any Democratic Orator Please Answer the Following" regarding Coal Tariffs.

2 -. Pass. Salt River Railroad 26th excursion: Convention City to Salt River. Article: Sketch Of Governor MacCorkle. Article, Form Logan County Banner, regarding The Gazette of Charleston Representing he Democratic Party.

3 Note. Signed L.D. Cameron. Articles 9/1893, MacCorkle's Speech at the Barnum Club, Huntington, Coal Tariffs, 1/1895 The Virginia Debt.

4. Articles. July 1894: Habeas Corpus Case, first case of its kind in WV. Kelley's militia Army of CommonWealers.

Articles: July 1894 Squire Arkles Case, Habeas Corpus dismissed (New Jersey, West Virginia, Connecticut). Commonwealers, Death of Emily T. MacCorkle, Exposition in Macon Georgia, Riots. National Guard in Martinsburg for encampment. Double hanging of Wash Adams and John McFarland. Pardon of John Mortimer.

Articles: August 1894 Flint glass workers and National Association of Manufacturers fail to agree upon terms. Commonwealers captured. Contamination of the New River. Encampment at Martinsburg, Governor MacCorkle and state institutions being managed better. The Militia Bill.

Note: March 1894. No signature. "Dear sir, and it snowed here too. All blame Cleveland. Cotton worth 5 cents"

Articles: July 1894. Murder of A.R. Koon (OH). Commonwealers (KS,OH). Hanging of John McFarland (OH,MD).

Articles: August 1894. Governor MacCorkle at Asbury Park (NY,MD). Ignoring the administration of MacCorkle. English Committee investigating and denouncing southern lynching.

Articles: October 1894: MacCorkle's Address at the farmer's National congress.

Articles: November 1894 Democratic ticket. WVU. MacCorkle's Interest in Baltimore's centennial exposition. Free Coal. Unveiling of the McCellan Monument. Harrison vs. Cleveland in NY. MacCorkle not attending the farmers Congress.

Copies of MacCorkle's Thanksgiving Proclamation. 11/29/1894.

Articles: November 1894 Governor MacCorkle appointing Antoinette Humphrey's of Mt. Auburn as a member of his military staff.

Articles. October 1894 pardons. State debt.

Posting: Rally, Big railroad meeting. 9/15/1894. Richmond schoolhouse.

Facsimiles Signature sheet, Washington D.C. 3/12/1895. For U.S. Treasurerers for W.A. MacCorkle. Signed Daniel Morgan.

Certificate: W.A. MacCorkle honorary member of the association American Inventors. 11/1898.

Articles: November 1894 Free coal. MacCorkle Denying Miss Humphrey's appointment as colonel. The Virginia Debt.

Articles: December 1894 The WV Debt. Miss Humphrey's as Colonel. State printing contract to Moses Donally

Articles: January 1895 The Governors Message to the Legislature (oil review, schools, books, public roads, railroads, WV debt, abolition, penalties for selling votes). The WV Debt. Republican Caucus nominates Stephen B. Elkins for Senate. The Virginia Debt. Governor of VA wants to settle the debt with WV. Bill Creates Mingo County found unconstitutional. MacCorkle Decides to sign the Mingo bill.

Articles: February 1895 MacCorkle Vetoes three bills. The Complete list of bills passed by the legislature. WV Debt. Henry G. Davis's letter to MacCorkle re: a girl's institution. MacCorkle offers 50,000 for an industrial home for girls. Changing the school levy. MacCorkle addresses the Nicaragua canal project. Reception in honor of Judge J.J. Jackson. Legislature adjourns.

Articles: March 1895 MacCorkle's reasons for vetoing bills. MacCorkle's Wheeling Address on the importance of the Nicaraguan Canal. Mystery of where the 150,000 in direct tax money is. Miss Colonel Humphreys.

Articles: April 1895: The direct tax money dispute. Governor MacCorkle Commuting the death sentence of Daniel R. Shawn to life imprisonment. Smallpox breakout in Thacker WV (Mingo County). MacCorkle Pardons Benjamin Earnshaw, forger of Wetzel county orders. MacCorkle pardons Franc Dils, convicted of rape. MacCorkle predicts Elkins to win Presidential election of 1896.

Requisition. From the State of Ohio. 1/21/1895. Signed Wm. McKinley.

Articles: May 1895. Eye on Elkins for the Presidential Election of 1896. Direct Tax. Bluefield(flat top) coal strikers along the Norfolk ad western road. Virginia troops ordered into flat top coal region, 10,000 strikers expected to take art. MacCorkle refuses to let Virginia troops into West Virginia. Site chosen for WV Methodist Chautauqua. Italian Miners being brought in to work in Pocahontas County. Strike partially broken, some miners going back to work.

Articles: June 1895 Mine strike. End of the Mine Strike. WVU board of regents meeting.

Articles: July 1895 Governor MacCorkle will keep troops in Pocahontas County a little longer. Securing new men into the coalfields. Troops ordered out to flattop mining regions. MacCorkle pardons Mager and Harrison. No more disturbances in the Elkhorn Region.

Articles: August 1895 Governor MacCorkle summoned home from Atlantic City, due to strong probability of coal strikes.

Posting "Tri State reunion" 8/23/1905.

Articles: August 1895 MacCorkle appoints board of regent to the Bluefield colored institute. Miners are satisfied. Annual encampment of the National Guard in Parkersburg. Tristate reunion.

Passes: Salt River railroad.

Program: Camp MacCorkle. Order of Service, 1st regiment Wva. National guard Parkersburg. 9/11/1895

Ribbon and ceremony program from the tri-state reunion, 9/20-23 /1895.

Posting "Boom, Boom, The Campbell's are coming out" 10/19/1895.

Articles: October 1895 MacCorkle helping out Ohio Ex-Governor Campbell, speaking at Barnesville, Bellaire and Woodfield. The Spencer Asylum investigation.

Articles: November 1895. Side political notes. Various as above.

"Action of the Mayor and City council of Baltimore Maryland in reference to the Atlanta and Baltimore Expositions." Approved 11/239/1895. Alcaeus Hooper, Mayor.

"The Tammany times". Full copy. New York. 7/8/1894. MacCorkle's Pic on front cover.

Handwritten Letter. 9/27/1895. No signature.

Typed speech on the state of West Virginia.

Unattached. "Second shrine Pilgrimage to Mexico. 2/5/1925. Signed Vernon Hinkle. To Joseph Ruffner: Beni Kedem Temple.

Handwritten letter. 7/28/1984. Signed John Telger, Gods Commander.

State of West Virginia. Proclamation of Thanksgiving. 11/28/1895.

Supplement to the Ithaca daily news "Valuable Discounts in Financiering."

Posting "Will it pay for Clay County to vote for bonds"

Pages from "The Tradesman". Pg. 79 Article on West Virginia by Governor MacCorkle. Pg 78. Article on Virginia by O'ferrall.

"West Virginia Album"

Letter. 3/12/1896. D.P. Tiltman, U.S. Senate.

Various articles dated from September December 1895. Mentioned above

Articles: January 1896 West Virginia Debt. MacCorkle not a candidate for U.S. Senate.

Articles: February 1896 - Questioning MacCorkle's numerous pardons. Elkins no longer a candidate for President. The Charleston Gazetteer emerges from Democratic Bondage.

Articles: March 1896. Pardons given By MacCorkle, Various.

Articles: April 1896 MacCorkle is a candidate for nomination as delegate to the National Democratic Convention in Chicago. Pardons given by MacCorkle.

Articles: May 1896 MacCorkle in favor of the Nicaraguan canal. Pardons. Social activities of MacCorkle.

Flyer. Agents wanted for the Nicaraguan Canal.

Articles: June 1896. Social Articles.

Program. 27th annual commencement. Marshall College the normal School. 6/10/1895.

Handwritten note. Signed W.E. Chilton. regarding Bellaire, Zanesville and Cincinnati; railway.

Telegram. 3/17/1903. Signed Mrs. George Burt.

Articles: July 1896 Pardons. MacCorkle heard to have entered the Vice Presidential field. Social Articles. Encampment at camp Holly.

Letter. 7/23/1896. Signed A.E. Stevenson.

Telegram. 7/6/1896. Signed A.E. Stevenson

Letter. 9/22/1896. Signed P.F. Zeise. regarding Annual reunion of the society of the Army of WV.

Note. 6/26/1896. Signed W.E. Whitney.

Articles: August 1896 West Virginia guard. Pardons. Social Activities. The Nicaraguan ship canal.

Honorary Fair Commission season ticket

The Wheeling Intelligencer. Full.

Articles: September 1896. Annual reunion of the Army of West Virginia. Social Articles.

Posting. Bourke Cochran and John K. Cowan will reply to Bryan October 2.

Articles: October 1896 William Jennings Bryan's Campaign tour, Parkersburg and Clarksburg. Bryan in Cincinnati. Bryan at wheeling, Huntington, and Charleston. Bryan meeting held in Charleston was one of the largest meetings held in the state. Talks of Free Silver and the Chicago platform. MacCorkle talks to miners in Flattop and Elkhorn Valleys advocating free silver. MacCorkle predicts Bryan's election.

Articles: November 1896. Free Silver debate. Vice President Stevenson speaks at Wheeling. MacCorkle and Democratic Defeat in the Election. People voted for McKinley. MacCorkle on the Republican victory in West Virginia. Parades given for governor elect, C.C. Watts. Capt Hatfield kills 3 men at Matawan. Waterway improvement in the Ohio valley, improves navigation. Nicaraguan Canal endorsed. MacCorkle's Thanksgiving Proclamation, one of the shortest ever.

Articles: December 1896 What governors have to say about the Cuban cause. The New Years Ball.

Article from the Pittsburgh Times. "In a Land of Promise, Natures Bounteous Gifts to West Virginia" By W.A. MacCorkle.

Articles: January 1897 MacCorkle on west Virginias recourses. Articles on the Governor MacCorkle (finances, criminal charges, non-partisan boards, the penitentiary, reform school for girls, schools for the deaf and blind, public schools, compulsory education, school text books, insurance commissioner). Message handed to legislation, on the progress of the West Virginia Debt.

Special Collections

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