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Mount de Chantal Visitation Academy

Poster, Windows, Mount de Chantal Visitation Academy

Book, Reflections From The Mount, by Lillian M. Gangwere Cale

Book, Saint Francis de Sales and the Order of the Visitation, by Elisabeth Stopp

Book, The West Virginia Young Writers Anthology, West Virginia Department of Education, 1989

Book, Index to the Writings of Saint Francis de Sales, Visitation Monasteries in the United States, 1968

Book, Francis de Sales, Jane de Chantal: Letters of Spiritual Direction, 1988

Book, Select Salesian Subjects, compiled by Sister Mary Grace Flynn

Book, Sharing Prayerful Moments with St. Jane de Chantal

Book, The Visitation: A Monastic Way of Life in the Church

Book, Centenary, Convent of the Visitation, Mount de Chantal, Wheeling, West Virginia, 1848-1948

Coloring Book, Saint Francis de Sales, by Abbe Francis Saunier

The Mount Newsletter, 1957-2006

The Mount Newsletter, Volume 58, Fall 2009 (three copies)

Mount de Chantal, miscellaneous published materials

Handout, Victorian Show-Off, October 10th and 11th, 2009

Enumeration of Mount de Chantal Cemetary

Videocassette, Creating A Legacy: Mount de Chantal Visitation Academy (transferred to Audio-Visual Collections)

Special Collections

West Virginia Archives and History