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Sheet Music

Cohan, George M. “Father of the Land We Love.” 1931
Donaldson, Walter. “Sing Me a Baby Song.” Words: Gus Kahn. 1927
Dubin, Al, Fred Rath and Joe Garren. “Just a Girl That Men Forget.” 1923
Jacobs-Bond, Carrie. “I Love You Truly.” 1906
Jacobs-Bond Carrie. “Just A-Wearyin’ For You.” Words: Frank Stanton. 1901
Kaufman, Al. “Secretly.” Words: Marty Symes. 1943
Lieurance, Thurlow. “By the Waters of Minnetonka.” Words: J.M. Cavaness. 1917
Mitchell, Sidney D. and Louis Alter. “A Melody From the Sky.” 1936
Openshaw, John. “Love Sends a Little Gift of Roses.” Words: Leslie Cook. 1919
Pollack, Lew. “I’ve Found My Sweetheart Sally.” Words: Jack Yellen. 1925
Rice, Lt. Gitz. “Dear Old Pal of Mine.” Words: Harold Robe. 1918
Roberts, Allan and Doris Fisher. “Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall.” 1944
Roberts, Lee S. and Ben J. Bradley. “Lonesome – That’s All.” 1918
Sanders, Carlo. “Listen to Me.” Words: Howard Johnson. 1921
Spier, Larry and Con Conrad. “Memory Lane.” Words: B.G. DeSylvia. 1924
Tennent, H.M. “If Winter Comes.” Words: Reginald Arkell. 1922
Wagner, Richard. “Bridal Chorus from Lohengrin.” 1910
Warren, Harry. “My Heart Tells Me.” Words: Mack Gordon. 1943
Wood, Haydn. “Roses of Picardy.” Words: Fred E. Weatherly. 1916
Strauss, Johann. “Blue Danube Waltzes.” 1924
Streabbog, Louis. “12 Easy and Melodious Studies, Opus 64.” 1898
No composer listed. “The Etude.” August 1923

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