Rush Dew Holt

Resolution Against Senator Rush D. Holt
William Blizzard Collection

Williamson, West Virginia

To the Officers and Delegates of the Annual Convention of the West Virginia State Federation of Labor:

Senator Holt

WHEREAS, Senator Rush D. Holt was nominated in the Democratic Primary and elected to the United States Senate through the efforts of the organized labor movement of West Virginia; and

WHEREAS, During the campaign Senator Holt pledged himself time and again that he would support organized labor 100%; that he would support the reelection of Senator Neely and support the humanitarian program of President Roosevelt; and

WHEREAS, During the last session of Congress when the Guffey Coal Stabilization bill was pending before the United States Senate the organized labor movement of West Virginia was astounded to find Senator Holt right up with the enemies of the United Mine Workers of America and using all the power and influence he possessed as a United States Senator to defeat this coal stabilization legislation. We find Senator Holt doing everything he possible [sic] can to join with the enemies of organized labor to defeat Senator M. M. Neely for reelection, and we again find Senator Holt speaking in behalf of the stooges of Wall Street interests, Alfred M. Landon; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That this action on the part of Senator Rush D. Holt brands him as a man devoid of principle and destitute of honor, whose actions against labor, after his many campaign pledges, can be accounted for in no other way than being an abnormal defect in his character as a man.

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