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State Capitol and Grounds

Photographs of the Capitols of West Virginia
"State House" (1869-70 Capitol)
"The Laying of the Corner Stone" (1869-70 Capitol)
"Aboard the 'Kanawha Belle'." (1869-70 Capitol)
State Capital Move to Charleston
State Capital Relocated to Wheeling (Time Trail)
West Virginia Inspection Bureau Report, 1921. Ms2003- 005
"Fire Destroys Temporary Capitol"
Opening of the West Virginia Governor's Mansion (Time Trail)
Shaping the Capitol Complex: Cass Gilbert, Inc.
Eli "Rimfire" Hamrick


1776 Virginia Constitution
Shepherdstown Considered For Nation's Capital (Time Trail)
Establishment of the Harpers Ferry Armory (Time Trail)

1829-30 Virginia Constitutional Convention

  • Description of the 1829-30 Virginia Constitutional Convention
  • Delegates to the 1829-30 Virginia Constitutional Convention
  • 1830 Virginia Constitution
  • 1830 Virginia Constitution typescript and official poll
  • N. B. Madera to Charles S. Morgan, 19 December 1829 (Ms79-1.23-162)
  • Wheeling Gazette Editorial on the 1830 Virginia Constitution
  • Compiler Editorial on the 1830 Virginia Constitution
  • Town Meeting in Wheeling Regarding the 1829-30 Virginia Constitutional Convention
  • 1851 Virginia Constitutional Convention

  • 1851 Virginia Constitution
  • Statehood through 1900

    1863 West Virginia Constitution
    Congressional Proceedings on the Transfer of Berkeley and Jefferson Counties to West Virginia
    House of Representatives Committee Report on the Transfer of Berkeley and Jefferson Counties to West Virginia
    Memorial Against the Transfer of Berkeley and Jefferson Counties to West Virginia

    Flick Amendment

    Jefferson County seat moved from Shepherdstown to Charles Town (Time Trail)
    The Capital of West Virginia and the Great Kanawha Valley, by General David Hunter Strother

    1872 West Virginia Constitution and Convention

    Taylor Strauder Case (Time Trail)

    State Virginia Debt

    County Seat War in Tucker County
    Mob Putting Records into Tucker County Courthouse at Parsons
    Rural Free Delivery Introduced in Jefferson County (Time Trail)
    "She Passes Away" (Marion County Courthouse)
    "Torn Down" (Marion County Courthouse)

    State Boundaries

    1900 through Present

    Immigration and 1907 Immigration Meeting

    Star City elects a Socialist government (Time Trail)


    "West Virginia Solons Unite In Approval Of President's Actions In Present Crisis"

    Gasoline Tax, 1923

    Arthurdale Resettlement Community (Time Trail)
    CCC Camps in West Virginia
    Barnette v. Board of Education (Time Trail)
    "Flag Salute Rule Voided" (Barnette v. Board of Education)
    Proclamation of Army Day, by Governor Clarence W. Meadows

    Freedom Train, 1948

    Capital Punishment

    Joseph McCarthy in Wheeling, 1950

    Governors Conference, 1950

    Split in the state Democratic party (Time Trail)
    National Press Spotlights Poverty in West Virginia (Time Trail)
    Federal Food Stamp Program Inaugurated in West Virginia (Time Trail)

    West Virginia Centennial

    Pledge of Allegiance to the West Virginia State Flag
    Willow Island's American Cyanamid Plant Enforces Fetal Protection Policy (Time Trail)

    Recht Decision on School Funds, 1982

    Acid Mine Drainage

    "City historian Harry Brawley dead at 82"

    Women and Government

    Sources on the Woman Suffrage Movement in West Virginia
    Women's Suffrage (Time Trail)
    "A Profile of Political Activists: Women of the West Virginia Woman Suffrage Movement" by Anne Wallace Effland (West Virginia History)
    West Virginia Legislature Rejects Proposal to Admit Women to WVU (Time Trail)
    Creation of the Mother's Pension Fund (Time Trail)
    "Women's Legal Rights in West Virginia, 1863-1984" by Donna J. Spindel (West Virginia History)


    Governors, Biographies
    Governors, Inaugural Addresses
    Arthur Boreman elected as WV's first governor (Time Trail)
    Finding aid to Governor Arthur I. Boreman Papers
    1866 Election Results, Governor (Ar1769)

    Daniel Duane Tompkins Farnsworth

    William Erskine Stevenson

    Finding aid to Governor John Jeremiah Jacob Papers
    Finding aid to Governor Henry Mason Mathews Papers
    Finding aid to Governor Jacob Beeson Jackson Papers
    Death of Governor Jacob B. Jackson (Time Trail)
    Finding aid to Governor Emanuel Willis Wilson Papers
    Disputed election results in the inauguration of 3 governors (Time Trail)
    1888 Gubernatorial Election
    Finding aid to Governor Aretas Brooks Fleming Papers
    Finding aid to Governor William Alexander MacCorkle Papers
    Finding aid to Governor George Wesley Atkinson Papers
    "Former Gov. A. B. White Called By Death Today"
    Letter From Albert Blakeslee White to Charles E. Rice
    Governor Henry Hatfield Dictates End to Coal Strike (Time Trail)
    Life of Governor John J. Cornwell (Time Trail)
    Life of Governor William Conley (Time Trail)
    Inauguration of Governor Matthew Neely (Time Trail)
    Letter, M. M. Neely to L. E. Lantz, 8 April 1915 (L. E. Lantz Collection)

    William Marland

    Cecil Harland Underwood

    William Wallace Barron

    Hulett C. Smith

    Arch A. Moore Jr.

    Finding aid to Governor John D. Rockefeller IV Papers (1977-1985)
    Finding aid to Governor Gaston Caperton Papers

    Bob Wise


    Spencer State Hospital

    State Police

    West Virginia Industrial Home for Girls

    Report of the Board of Directors of the West Virginia Reform School, 1890
    "West Va. Reform School"

    Presidents and Presidential Campaigns

    Articles on President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt's Visit to Wheeling, September 6, 1902
    President Franklin D. Roosevelt Visits Charleston and South Charleston

    Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon

    "Battleground West Virginia: Electing the President in 1960" (online exhibit)
    "Romney Cheers Viet Disclosures"
    "Nixon Revenue Policies Sound, Romney Claims"
    President Nixon Signs the Coal Mine Health and Safety Act (Time Trail)

    George McGovern Campaign

    President Ronald Reagan's Campaign Stop in Parkersburg

    State Legislators

    "William Copley Was First Cabell Senator"
    Biography of Elizabeth Simpson Drewry
    Biography of Christopher Payne
    "Senate President Resigns After Guilty Plea"
    "Tucker Quits As He Admits Taking Cash"

    Other Public Officials

    Cleveland Monroe Bailey

    Newton D. Baker

    John C. Bond

    Death Notice of Sobieski Brady
    Sobieski Brady Oath of Office

    Johnson N. Camden

    Don Chafin

    Birth of U.S. Senator & journalist William Chilton (Time Trail)

    Henry Gassaway Davis

    John W. Davis

    Death of U.S. Senator Stephen Elkins (Time Trail)
    Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Stephen Benton Elkins
    Obituary of Charles Faulkner
    "Granville D. Hall, Second State Secretary, Stricken At Age Of 96"
    Letter From Granville Hall To Virgil Lewis (Virgil Lewis Papers, Ar1753)

    Roy Lee Harmon

    Helen Holt

    Rush D. Holt

    Death of Former State Law Librarian James Arthur Jackson
    John George Jackson Escapes a Deadly Fire (Time Trail)
    "Naaman Jackson's Career Embraces Big Variety of Triumphs and Reverses"
    Birth of U.S. Senator John E. Kenna (Time Trail)
    "Senator Harley M. Kilgore and Japan's World War II Business Practices" by Robert F. Maddox (West Virginia History)
    James Macauley
    Impeachment proceedings against Treasurer A. James Manchin (Time Trail)

    Daniel Mayer

    Thomas O'Brien
    Birth of Secretary of the Interior John Barton Payne (Time Trail)
    Sources on Louise McNeill Pease

    Jennings Randolph

    Articles on the Death of Congressman Benjamin L. Rosenbloom
    "Death Of Judge Samuels"
    "Henry J. Samuels"
    H. J. Samuels to Francis Pierpont, August 3, 1861 (Samuel- Pierpont Papers, Box 6 Folder 3)

    Nathan B. Scott

    John Slack

    Birth of U.S. Representative Joe L. Smith of Beckley (Time Trail)

    Cyrus R. Vance

    William Lyne Wilson

    History Center

    West Virginia Archives and History