Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
June 5, 1862

Wheeling Daily Intelligencer
June 7, 1862

Union Meeting in Marshall County.

Rosebys Rock, Marshal[l] Co., Va.,
June 5, 1862.

At a meeting of the Union citizens of Marshall County Va., Nathan S. Fish was called to the Chair and Erastus G. Bartlett was appointed Secretary.

The object of the meeting was explained by the chair.

1st to fill up the Home Guard companies.

2nd to raise companies to guard against guerrill[a] parties and guerrilla invasion.

On motion, Walter Evans was called upon and addressed the meeting in a short and appropriate manner.

Henry F. Moor was also called upon and made a speech on the origin of the war. After which a Committee of five was appointed to draft resolutions for the consideration of the meeting which were adopted, viz:

Whereas, hearing of the massacre of our sick and wounded in the Hospitals at Strasburg and Winchester, and the inhuman treatment of our soldiers who fell into the hands of Jackson and his men, and seeing the rebels among us exulting over our misfortune and the success of the rebels; therefore

1. Resolved, That we form ourselves into companies for home protection, and also ask the concurrence of the Governor by granting us arms wherewith to defend ourselves.

2. Resolved, That no one sympathizing with the so called Southern Confederacy shall have any protection whatever.

3. Resolved, That any one refusing to co-operate with us in the suppression of this unholy rebellion, shall be treated as rebels in arms against the government.

4. Resolved, That we instruct the meeting to appoint a committee of five, or more, to correspond with the Governor concerning the above and following resolutions:

On motion, the President appointed Wm. P. Gibson, E. G. Bartlett, Captain M. P. Bonar, V. P. Gorby and A. Gaines said committee.

5. Resolved, That the committee so appointed watch the movements of home secessionists and apprise the Governor of the same.

6. Resolved, That we pledge ourselves to support the foregoing resolutions at all hazards. On motion,

Resolved, That the proceedings of this meeting be forwarded to the Wheeling Intelligencer for publication; the Wheeling Press will please copy.

On motion of Walter Evans, the meeting adjourned.

N. S. Fish, Ch'n.
E. G. Bartlett, Sec.

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: June 1862

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