Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
June 1862

June 1
The hospital at New Creek received a detachment of 100 sick and wounded soldiers from McDowell's division.

June 2
A Union detachment of the 6th [West] Virginia Infantry led by Captain J. H. Showalter was attacked by Confederate bushwhackers in Roane County.

Union Gen. Franz Sigel was placed in command at Harpers Ferry.

Union troops reconnoitered along the B&O from Harpers Ferry to Martinsburg and then to Sir John's Run, and repairs to the railroad began.

June 3
The county levy in Ohio County was completed.

Troops reconnoitered from Harpers Ferry to Winchester.

June 4
The railroad bridge at Harpers Ferry was swept away by flood waters and also trestle work on Winchester line and at Back Creek and Great and Little Cacapon.

June 5
A Union meeting was held at Roseby's Rock in Marshall County to raise Home Guard companies to defend the area.

Gen. Kelley of the Railroad District ordered all employees of the B&O and Northwestern railroads, as well as the Adams Express, to take the oath of allegiance.

June 6
A military commission assembled at Clarksburg to try guerrillas.

June 7
Citizens met in Malden to promote the Union cause in Kanawha County.

Prisoners taken at the raid on Guyandotte in November 1861 returned to regiment at Point Pleasant

The officer commanding at Ravenswood issued orders to deal with the Moccasin Rangers and other secessionsists in Jackson County.

June 8
A scouting party from the 10th (West) Virginia Infantry captured bushwhackers in Braxton County.

Troops from the 2nd Battalion, 2nd (West) Virginia Cavalry, skirmished with Confederate cavalry at Muddy Creek in Greenbrier County.

June 9
The B&O resumed mail and passenger trains, although the bridge at Harpers Ferry still needed repair.

2nd Lt. W. M. Fortescue, 2nd (West) Virginia Cavalry, marched to Lewisburg with about 50 men and found the town unoccupied.

June 10

June 11
Peregrine Hays and George Silcott, guerrillas, were brought to Wheeling.

June 12

June 13
A detachment of the 10th [West] Virginia captured and killed a number of Confederate bushwhackers in Braxton County.

Gov. Pierpoint, while on a trip to Washington, took an excursion to Yorktown, Norfolk, and other locations, along with Daniel Lamb, and a number of congressmen.

June 14
Guerrillas under Bill Harper broke up a militia muster at Leading Creek in Randolph County and killed one man.

June 15

June 16
A Union meeting was held at Kanawha Courthouse in Charleston

Capt. J. C. Wheeling with a squad of the 9th Virginia received several blacks from the jail in Pt. Pleasant who had military passes.

June 17
Drunken soldiers from Colonel Mulligan's regiment got into a row in a Benwood tavern and were put in the Atheneum in Wheeling.

June 18
A Union officer arrived at Chapmanville with a report of conditions in the southern part of Logan County and McDowell County.

June 19
Union citizens met in Marshall County and passed resolutions forming a company for home protection and supporting other measures.

June 20
More prisoners were sent to the Atheneum in Wheeling.

Bill Harper and his guerrilla force took two men prisoner and stole horses in Tucker County, and the sheriff fled to Rowlesburg (Preston County).

June 21
Confederates attacked in Roane County

Col. George Crook, Third Brigade, left Meadow Bluff and moved toward Salt Sulphur Springs.

June 22

June 23
Wade introduces statehood bill from Committee on Territories

Governor Pierpont returned to Wheeling from his trip to Washington and eastern Virginia.

June 24
Union troops were captured at Summersville.

The 23rd Illinois and 87th Pennsylvania were sent to New Creek.

June 25

June 26
Sen. Benjamin Wade moved to take up West Virginia statehood bill.

Abraham Lincoln ordered creation of the Army of Virginia and ordered it protect western Virginia while speedily defeating Confederate forces under Jackson and Ewell.

June 27
The U.S. Senate debated the admission of West Virginia.

Imboden made a raid on Huttonsville and captured cattle.

Gov. John Letcher of Virginia issued a proclamation appealing to citizens to make up a new force intended for the defense of western Virginia.

June 28

June 29
Moorefield (Hardy County) was captured by Confederate cavalry.

June 30

Undated Events, June 1862

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood

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