Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
June 7, 1862

Point Pleasant Register
June 12, 1862

From "Dixie"

Sixteen Federal soldiers who reside in Cabell County, Va., and Lawrence county, O., arrived last Saturday, from the rebel prison in Salisbury, North Carolina. They are a part of the 1400 whose exchange Gen. Burnside's recently concluded negotiations and are a part of Company H, 9th Virginia Regiment, now quartered here under the command of Capt. J.C. Wheeler, who is in command of this Post. They with twenty-four others belonging to this Company, were taken prisoner by Clarkson by Guyandotte, on the 10th day of last November. The Company was then commanded by Captain Uriah Payne, of Lawrence County, Ohio, who was captured with the rest. It had just been recruited - had drilled but little, and Captain Payne had not yet received a commission.

In the fight the company lost six killed, two mortally wounded and fort y taken prisoners - of the forty prisoners, two we have heard died in prison, two escaped on the road there, and three were sometime since released from the hospital at Richmond (two of them being wounded) and are now back again in their company - leaving 17 yet behind, after the arrival of the sixteen, and they are probably on their way and will be home in a few days.

We should improve the present occasion to reply to the unreflecting abase of Editors in States beyond the sear of the war heaped upon Western Virginia for not furnishing a larger quota of soldiers to the Army.

In those States every neighborhood can be canvassed with safety for volunteers, and wherever the recruiting officer goes he finds naught but friends to aid and encourage him. It is noted in Western Virginia - some neighborhoods can not be canvassed for that object at all except with an armed force, on account of the presence of the sneaking "bush-whacker" and "Moccasin Ranger." This one regiment(the "bloody ninth" as the boys call it) lost more than one hundred men who were killed or captured, before it was organized into a regiment, and has been continually fighting, scouting or guarding against the foe since 40 men were first collected. How many troops would other states raid thus situated, with a powerful secret and open foe in their midst to operate against them?

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood: June 1862

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