Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood
November 1864

November 1
A Union meeting was held in Ritchietown (present-day South Wheeling).

A detachment of McNeill's Rangers attacked a Union cavalry force at Green Spring Run in Hampshire County.

The post office and a store at Burton in Wetzel County were robbed, purportedly by Confederate guerrillas.

A mass meeting and torch light procession was held in Moundsville.

November 2
A Union meeting was held in Bethany.

A Union meeting was held at the Ohio County Courthouse.

November 3
A Harrison County man was shot by a member of a local Home Guard unit.

November 4
A Union meeting was held in Fairmont.

A Confederate guerrilla was executed in Charleston.

November 5
A meeting of supporters of George B. McCellan for President was held in Triadelphia.

A mass Union meeting was held at the Ohio County Courthouse in Wheeling.

November 6

November 7
A notorious bushwhacker, Henry Williams, departed from Wheeling "for parts unknown."

Union Colonel George Latham led a raid on Moorefield.

November 8
Thirty Confederate prisoners from the Kanawha Valley were brought to Wheeling and confined in the Atheneum.

Abraham Lincoln was re-elected as president of the United States.

November 9
Captain Baggs, former Snake Hunter, was fined for assaulting two men on Wheeling Island.

November 10

November 11
Home Guards from Elizabeth killed a Confederate guerrilla in the upper part of Wirt County.

A Union force launched a raid into Greenbrier County.

November 12
Twenty refugees arrived in Wheeling and stayed at the Union Campaign Club Room.

November 13

November 14

November 15
The Union citizens of Cameron, Marshall County, met to celebrate the death of "Copperheadism."

November 16
Several Confederate prisoners, including two officers captured at Bulltown, arrived in Wheeling and were confined at the Atheneum.

November 17
Lieutenant Snowden of the 17th West Virginia Infantry was killed when he was thrown from a Baltimore and Ohio train at New Creek Station.

November 18
A detachment of Company K of the 6th West Virginia Infantry arrived in Wheeling to be mustered out of service.

The Quartermaster Department for the Army of West Virginia released an invitation for proposals to supply forage for the army.

November 19

November 20

November 21
The Soldiers Aid Society of Wheeling received supplies from the Stone Church Aid Society in Hancock County.

November 22

November 23

November 24
The citizens of Wheeling prepared a meal for all Union soldiers in the city to celebrate Thanksgiving.

November 25
Confederate guerrillas robbed a store in Shinnston.

November 26
Soldiers of Company B of the 6th West Virginia Infantry passed resolutions expressing their appreciation for citizen support.

November 27

November 28
A Union force stationed at New Creek Station was surprised by Confederate cavalry under General Thomas L. Rosser, who captured more than 700 Federals.

The Ohio County Board of Supervisors repaid $50,000 borrowed to pay bounties for soldiers.

The United States War Department issued a General Order creating a new volunteer Army corps.

November 29

November 30

Undated Events, November 1864

Timeline of West Virginia: Civil War and Statehood

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