Mercer County


Population 2010 Census: 6,432
Median Age: 42.6 years

Courthouse: Completed 1931
Architect: Alex B. Mahood

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Formed: 1837
Named: In honor of Revolutionary War General Hugh Mercer
County Seat: Princeton
Land in Square Miles: 418.99
Population 2010 Census: 62,264
Persons per Square Mile 2010: 148.6

Primary Sources Online
Mercer County counterfeiters, 1911
Ingleside Train Collision, 1927
Freedom Train stop in Bluefield, 1948
Debut of WHIS-TV, 1955
Integration at Matoaka High, 1957
1960 Presidential Campaign in Mercer County
Bomb Explosion at Bluefield State College, 1968

Civil War
Letter from Princeton, 1861
Camp at Mouth of Bluestone, 1862
Fight at Clark's Hollow, 1862
Battle of Princeton, 1862
Camp at Princeton, 1862
From Western Virginia, 1862
Correspondence from Western Virginia, 1862

Photographs of Schools in Mercer County

Secondary Sources Online
List of Mercer County Legislators
Athens, Agricultural Extention Community History
Glenwood, Agricultural Extention Community History
Pisgah, Agricultural Extention Community History
Spanishburg, Agricultural Extention Community History
Elizabeth Kee

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