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Fairmont’s Sagebrush Round-up featured in GOLDENSEAL

The Sagebrush Round-up, a live country music show on Bunner Ridge near Fairmont, is featured in the latest issue of GOLDENSEAL magazine, now on sale. The article, titled “‘Seventh Heaven’: Saturday Night at the Sagebrush Round-up,” by Carl E. Feather, describes the popular gathering and recalls its famous radio show namesake.
According to the article, the Round-up provides a haven for traditional country music in a family setting. The regular Saturday night show features Dave Liller as master of ceremonies and the house Stagecoach Band. Also appearing as frequent guests are other musical artists, including 90-year-old Bill Murray, Buddy Priest and his West Virginia Six Pack band, and other performers.
The Sagebrush Round-up is presented by the Country Music Association of West Virginia, a volunteer group that also maintains the music hall on Bunner Ridge.
The Round-up borrowed its name in 1984 from a popular radio show broadcast from the Fairmont Armory on WMMN from 1938 to 1948. Country music legends, including Grandpa Jones, Little Jimmy Dickens, and the “Old Pardner” Murrell Poor and his Tradin’ Post Gang, were a staple of the show. Other WMMN regulars included local performers Little John Graham and Cherokee Sue, the subjects of a companion article by Feather, “Little John Graham and Cherokee Sue: A Radio Love Story.”
Also in this issue of GOLDENSEAL are articles on Wetzel County folk toy maker Dick Schnacke; Marie Robinette of Matewan, an eyewitness to the infamous 1920 Matewan Massacre; and the Charleston Woman’s Improvement League, a century-old black women’s organization.
GOLDENSEAL is West Virginia’s magazine of traditional life and is published quarterly by the West Virginia Department of Arts, Culture and History in Charleston. The magazine sells for $4.95 and is available in Fairmont at C&J News, Food Lion, Shop & Go, and Warehouse Grocery or by calling (304)558-0220, ext. 153.