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Volume 47, Number2

cover photo
On the cover: Weapons confiscated from miners during the Paint Creek-Cabin Creek Strike are displayed on the state capitol grounds, 1912-13. Courtesy of the West Virginia State Archives, Daniel E. Hall Collection.

Published by the

Jim Justice, Governor

Randall Reid-Smith, Curator
Department of Arts, Culture and History

Stan Bumgardner, Editor

Joseph Aluise, Assistant Editor

Jacob Hall Design
Publication Design

Summer 2021

2 From the Editor
5 Ode to the Union: Former UFCW Local 347
President Sterling Ball
By Emily Hilliard
8 The West Virginia Mine Wars: A Brief History
By Stan Bumgardner
22 From Organizer to Outcast:
The Rise and Fall of Frank Keeney
By Aaron Parsons
30 C. E. Lively: The Man Who Started a War
By R. G. Yoho
34 A Relentless Dissident: A. D. Lavinder
By Ginny Savage Ayers
38 Fallen Angel: Mother Jones
and the Harding Telegram
By Gordon Simmons
44 “State Police Hold the Logan County Line”
By Merle T. Cole
49 I Shot the Sheriff: Bill Petry and Don Chafin
By Wes Holden
54 Huey Hager: Capturing Don Chafin’s Brother
By Julian Martin
56 Proud to Be a Redneck
By Kenzie New Walker
58 What Happened to the Mine Wars?
Erasing West Virginia History
By Sam Heywood
66 West Virginia Mine Wars in Historical Fiction:
Writers Jean Battlo and Denise Giardina
By Eric Douglas
72 Songs of Labor
By Paul Gartner
77 Blair Mountain:
West Virginia’s Sacred Landscape
By Charles B. Keeney III
83 The West Virginia Mine Wars Museum
By Stan Bumgardner
87 Blair Mountain Centennial Events
88 The Legacy of the Mine Wars
By Stan Bumgardner
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