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"State Research Guide: West Virginia," Family Tree Magazine, January 2008.
December 2008


Basics of Genealogy Reference: A Librarian's Guide, by Jack Simpson.
November 2008

Census Book: A Genealogist's Guide to Federal Census Facts, Schedules and Indexes, The, by William Dollarhide, 2000.
June 2000

Finding a Place Called Home: Guide to African American Genealogy and Historical Identity, by Dee Parmer Woodtor, 1999.
May 2000

The Four Goff Brothers of West Virginia, by Phillip G. Goff and Roy L. Lockhart, 2003.
September 2005

From a Whirlpool of Victory: Civil War Remembrances of Jesse Tyler Sturm.
June 2002

The Historical Atlas of West Virginia, by Frank S. Riddel, 2008.
November 2008

An Introduction to West Virginia Ethnic Communities.
August 2006

The Poor Farm of Pendleton County, West Virginia: A History, by William D. Rexroad, Dolphin Publications, 2009.
December 2009

Legacy: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Personal History, by Linda Spence, 1997.
May 2000

My History is America's History: 15 Things you Can Do to Save America's Stories, The National Endowment for the Humanities in partnership with The White House Millennium Council, 1999.
May 2000

The West Virginia National Guard 1898-1919, by Brian Kesterson, 2009.
June 2009


"Visions of the Past": A Journey by Phyllis Preston Jarrett.
May 2000


Missing Links: A Magazine for Genealogists, and Somebody's Links: Genealogical Treasures Found.
December 2002


Everton's Genealogical Helper.
January 2007

Family Chronicle: The Magazine for Family Research and Roots.
November 2000


Between the Shenandoah & the Potomac: A Visual History of Jefferson County, WV.
March 2002


An Introduction to West Virginia Ethnic Communities.
August 2006

Why U Can't Find Your Ancestors: Misspeld Knames A Commun Probblem for Reeserchors, RootsWeb Guide.
October 2000

Archives and History News

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