Revolutionary War Ancestor

Compiled by Jaime Simmons

The West Virginia State Archives and History Library collection includes many titles useful to researchers hoping to document the Revolutionary service of their ancestors. Men from the western counties of Virginia served throughout the Revolutionary era, and the Library's resources focus on relevant Virginia material. Veterans living in what is now West Virginia served from other states as well, and to that end, the bibliography which follows includes materials from the states which provided the most veterans to our settlement period.

When searching for evidence of an individual's involvement in the Revolutionary War, probably the most important, as well as most difficult task, is to establish a relationship between a specific individual and names which appear on various lists, rolls and registers. Such sources do not commonly provide personal information. A thorough search of the lineage should first establish the ancestor's place of residence, approximate age, names of kinsmen, wife and neighbors or any other identifying information. A firm foundation allows a meaningful comparison with military records.

Prior to 1863, West Virginia was part of Virginia. Most relevant Virginia records are arranged by county. The jurisdictional landscape of the western counties of Virginia, by the Revolutionary War era, limits the number of counties it is necessary to search for evidence of residence. Because counties were created from older, larger counties, Augusta County as well as other Virginia counties originally had jurisdiction over what is now West Virginia. The County of Kentucky was formed during the war, only to be broken into smaller units three years later, and finally achieved statehood in 1792. Illinois included all the land within Augusta County's jurisdiction north of the Ohio River. This was ceded to the Federal government in 1784. The order of formation was as follows:

1743 Frederick County, VA from Orange County
1745 Augusta County, VA from Orange County
1754 Hampshire County from Augusta and Frederick Counties
1770 Botetourt County, VA from Augusta County
1772 Berkeley County from Frederick County
1772 Fincastle County, VA from Botetourt County
1772 Monongalia County from Augusta County
1772 Ohio County from Augusta County
1772 Yohogania County from Augusta County
1777 Kentucky County from Fincastle County
1777 Montgomery County, VA from Fincastle County
1778 Greenbrier County from Botetourt and Montgomery Counties
1778 Illinois County from Augusta County
1780 Fayette County from Kentucky County
1780 Jefferson County from Kentucky County
1780 Lincoln County from Kentucky County

Virginia claimed the land in present day western Pennsylvania by right of charter, and had a presence at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers by 1754. Many of the earliest residents considered themselves Virginians, having previously lived in the Potomac River watershed. Ohio County originally included a western segment of Greene and Washington Counties in Pennsylvania. Monongalia County included the remainder of Greene County, a southern section of Washington County and a western slice of Fayette County, Pennsylvania. Yohogania County, which became extinct less than a decade later, encompassed those parts of Beaver and Allegheny Counties south of the Ohio and Allegheny Rivers, the remainder of Washington and Fayette Counties and all of Westmoreland County. Residents of this area may appear on Pennsylvania and Virginia military records, as units were recruited from the area. Virginia regiments departed for operations on the western frontier from bases at or near Fort Pitt. The Tenmile Country and Its Pioneer Inhabitants, by Greene County historian Howard L. Leckey contains an interesting series of articles on this subject.

Remember that contemporary accounts will be found in the county which had jurisdiction at the time the record was created, and references to geographical features or military action will be described in the context of county boundaries as they existed at the time the account was written. County records containing veterans' depositions and pension records will reflect the evolution of newer counties, as the shape of western Virginia borders began to approximate the familiar. An excellent resource is Michael F. Doran's Atlas of County Boundary Changes in Virginia: 1634-1895. This series illustrates changes in county boundaries in ten year intervals with maps showing Virginia and West Virginia as one geopolitical unit.

A slightly positive correlation appears to exist between movements of militia on the frontier and later migration routes. A quick check of A Guide to Virginia Military Organizations in the American Revolution, 1774-1787 gives synopses of unit organization and officers, with geographic origin and service, where known. The Wisconsin Historical Society's Draper series allows a more thorough study of operations along the western and southern frontier, with a look at contemporary correspondence between officers and government officials.

Veterans of the war with at least three years service were eligible for military land bounty warrants. Since most land in western Virginia had already been granted, these men received warrants for land in the Virginia Military Reserve areas in Ohio and Kentucky. Compilations by Brumbaugh and Wilson list those who received warrants in Ohio and Kentucky, respectively. Microfilm of documents from the Library of Virginia contain original testaments by officers and/or comrades documenting eligibility. These items, sometimes just scrapes of paper, contain more information than can be found in classic references by Gwathmey or Eckenrode.

Public service claims refer to certificates issued to those citizens who provided supplies for military use. These were later presented to officers of the court at a special session . Clerks of some counties listed the original holder of the certificate, the item used and the value assigned. Reddy's West Virginia Revolutionary Ancestors is an alphabetical list of names and counties. The Library also has microfilm of the extant records, including counties in Virginia. Recent transcriptions of individual counties contain much of the information found on the original.

Naming patterns in several ethnic groups can create an additional obstacle when more than one individual had the same name. Nettie Shreiner-Yantis' three volume set, The 1787 Census of Virginia, can be used to suggest how many service-aged men with similar names lived in a county. It contains representative lists for all counties shown above, except those which later became extinct. The Library also has microfilm of the personal property tax lists for Berkeley, Ohio and Greenbrier Counties, beginning in 1782.

The Library staff is unable to provide much more than a limited search by mail. Correspondence pertaining to Revolutionary War materials received by the Library will be handled in the same manner as other requests serviced by the Library to insure a fair allocation of time to all inquiries. The Library cannot respond to requests for information by e-mail or fax. Requests must be specific and include a short summary of known information regarding the Revolutionary War veteran. Please specify the documents you wish to be searched, also making note of any sources you have already had the opportunity to use. Submit your request according to the instructions found in our brochure.

Researchers are encouraged to visit the Library and use the materials in the public search room. Call numbers have been included in the following bibliography to allow patrons greater ease in locating materials. Please remember these numbers are unique to this institution, and may not be helpful in locating the same titles in other libraries. Our collections include other Revolutionary War materials which are not included in this list, especially for states not contiguous to West Virginia. These items can by found on the VTLS catalogue system, using a search of all libraries in the state. Staff members are available in the search room to assist the public.


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