Doc of the Day


August 1
Cover of August 1967 Outdoor West Virginia with illustration by wildlife painter Chuck Ripper. (Nat 1.4)

August 2
Program from a memorial service for civil rights activist Medgar Wiley Evers, Scott Street Baptist Church, Bluefield, 1963. (Ms2009-009)

August 3
Letter from POW Joseph A. Creigh to Jennet Preston explaining his wound and subsequent care, 1864. (Ms91-67)

August 4
Artie S. Vickersí certificate of attendance from the Boone County Teachers Institute, Madison, 1913. (Ms2009-091)

August 5
Rutherford B. Hayes letter reporting vacancies incurred during the raid on Wytheville to capture the Tennessee and Virginia Railroad, 1863. (Ar382)

August 6
Postmarked cover, USS Kanawha, 1934. The USS Kanawha, commissioned in 1915, was the first ship built as an oiler for the US Navy. (Sc2006-117)

August 7
Front page of Philippines Free Press announcing dropping of an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, 1945. (Sc2013-098)

August 8
Drawing of proposed student union at West Liberty, circa 1955. (HD & M)

August 9
Invitation from D. C. Boyce to Jacob B. Jackson to address the people of Malden, 1880. (Ar1727)

August 10
All trains stop order of Virginian Railway Company at death of President Harding, 1923. (Sc82-233)

August 11
Invitation for the Dedication of Leon Sullivan Way (formerly Broad Street) in Charleston, 2000. (Sc2013-014)

August 12
West Virginia Highway Map, 1934. (Ma61)

August 13
Statement of E. C. Greer regarding conditions in No. 3 Hawks Nest Tunnel, 1932. (Ms2008-092)

August 14
Charleston Gazette newspaper front page, "Truman Announces Japanese Surrender," 1945. (Sc2007-076)

August 15
Department of Mines First Aid training certificate for Virgil Williams, 1938. (Sc2004-134)

August 16
1862 letter from Lewis Wetzel to Restored Government of Virginia Adjutant General Henry J. Samuels regarding the death of Major John T. Hall and recommending his brother Captain James R. Hall for a field appointment in the 13th West Virginia Infantry. (Ar1722w-z)

August 17
Invitation by United States Government to Viola B. Robson, Pilgrimage to Cemetery in Europe, 1932. (Ms2009-152)

August 18
Letter from W. O. Carver of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to Professor B. C. Alderson extoling the importance of a Baptist education in West Virginia, 1902. (Ms83-23)

August 19
Program for the State Fair of West Virginia, August 19-24, 1957. (Ar1803)

August 20
Fascinating letter about heir refusing to break will and enslave freed slaves, 1846. (Ms2015-001)

August 21
Complimentary Ticket to the West Virginia Agricultural and Industrial Fair, 1950. (Sc2007-076)

August 22
Hand-drawn birth certificate for Henry Lutwich, Rockingham County, 1822. (Ms2007-020)

August 23
Grant Lord Fairfax to John Champ, August 23, 1779. (Ms79-198)

August 24
The Penscope bi-monthly newsletter published by and for the men of the West Virginia Penitentiary, 1928. (Pub 1.Pen 1.4)

August 25
Ticket for a speech by President Bill Clinton, old C&O station, Huntington, 1996. (Sc2008-042)

August 26
Purchase agreement between Calhoun County and Simon P. Stump for the old Calhoun Courthouse, 1879. (Ar2054)

August 27
Letter from Robert Jarvik, inventor of the Jarvik-7 artificial heart, to Dr. John C. Norman, 1984. (Ms2014-074)

August 28
Thomas L. Broun telegram to A.T. Laidley notifying him of the death of Gay Carr and wounding of Lt. Col. Barbee, both of 22nd Virginia Infantry, CSA, at battle of White Sulphur Springs, WV, August 26-27, 1863. (Ms79-18)

August 29
Letter, H. F. Burnside to Howard Sutherland regarding the excursion steamer "Homer Smith." (Ms83-2)

August 30
Pamphlet for the covered bridge centennial celebration in Philippi, 1952. (Sc82-28)

August 31
Resignation of 1st Lieutenant Alfred Beckley to Secretary of War, Lewis Cass, 1836. (Ms80-132)

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