Doc of the Day


December 1
Cover of the Digest of Public Welfare Provisions Under the Laws of the State of West Virginia produced by the Works Progress Administration, 1935. (Ms2016-018)

December 2
Major (later General) William Powell letter telling of a cavalry dash and subsequent capture of Confederate troops, 1862. This came to be known as the Sinking Creek Raid, for which Powell was later awarded the Medal of Honor. (Ar1722)

December 3
Letter from Isaac T. Mann to Howard Sutherland, 1912. Mann was a candidate for the U.S. Senate. The Wyoming County community of Itmann is named for him.(Ms83-2)

December 4
Anti-Saloon League of America letter notifying Howard Sutherland that a copy of Anti-Saloon yearbook has been sent, 1917. (Ms83-2)

December 5
The Minerís Lamp, 1921. (Sc2003-089)

December 6
Cover of Life Magazine John F. Kennedy Memorial Edition, December 6, 1963. (Sc2012-039)

December 7
Plan, outboard profile of the USS West Virginia, 1944. (Sc89-51acc)

December 8
Request of campaign manager to place presidential candidate Woofer D. Coyote on the 1984 West Virginia primary election ballot, 1983. (Ar2040)

December 9
U.S. Navy Department circular from Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy, relating to the Naval Academy, 1861. (Ms2008-100)

December 10
Invitation to the dedication of Montani Semper Liberi statue on capitol grounds, 1912. (Sc2013-013)

December 11
Letter to Governor William MacCorkle explaining the condition of Italian laborers in West Virginia, 1894. (Ar1730)

December 12
War Manpower Commission certificate of apppointment for William Blizzard, 1943. (Ms97-24)

December 13
Official Ballot of the Charleston Branch of the NAACP, Ebenezer Baptist Church, 1964. (Ms2009-009)

December 14
List of persons failing to work on streets in the town of West Union, Doddridge County, 1886. (Ar2086)

December 15
Letter from P. L. Dysard requesting Senator Howard Sutherlandís support of the Soldiers' Civil Rights Bill regarding soldiers and their property, 1917. (Ms83-2)

December 16
Jackson County Circuit Court order for the execution of John Morgan, 1897. (Ar2018)

December 17
Wolf scalp claim by John McCartney, Lewis County, 1824. (Ar2085)

December 18
Map of Hatfield lands on Grapevine Creek that was filed with deposition of Alfred Buskirk, 1895. (Ma183-21)

December 19
James F. Dent editorial cartoon depicting a basketball player towering over a referee, undated. (Sc93-25)

December 20
Postcard with pro-suffrage note written by Susan B. Anthony, 1895. (Sc82-34)

December 21
Letter of appreciation from Thomas J. Watson to Jennings Randolph for copy of speech, 1953. (Ms2017-016)

December 22
"Union Home" certificate of W. M. Blizzard, undated. (Ms97-24)

December 23
Illuminated manuscript with "December" poem by Victorian poet Eliza Cook, undated. (Sc85-29)

December 24
Christmas card to Mr. and Mrs. John Morgan from Varsha, a friend met during an 18-month research trip to India and Pakistan. Morgan was a writer for the Charleston Gazette. (Ms2017-009)

December 25
Souvenir pamphlet Holiday Greetings from Dixie School in Riverton, Pendleton County, 1917. (Ms2019-001)

December 26
Congratulatory letter from Arch A. Moore Jr. to Senator Jennings Randolph following the 1978 election. Moore and Randolph ran against one another in a hotly contested election. (Ms2017-016)

December 27
Letter from G. A. Bolden requesting assistance from Howard Sutherland in obtaining an appointment as archivist and historian to succeed Virgil Lewis, 1912. (Ms83-2)

December 28
Music City Bowl program, Ole Miss vs. West Virginia, 2000. In his last game as head coach, Don Nehlen led the Mountaineers to a 49-38 victory. (Sc2016-016)

December 29
First Brigade, 12th Provisional Division, banquet program, 1916. (Ms2018-005)

December 30
Program, Annual Banquet, Lafayette Lodge N.O. 57, AF&AM (Ancient Free and Accepted Masons), Fayetteville, WV, 1919. (Ms2018-005)

December 31
Quarterly statement, State of West Virginia account balance, Bank of the Ohio Valley, for quarter ending December 1879. (Sc87-136)

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