Doc of the Day


February 1
Terra Alta High School yearbook, 1975 (Sc2005-003).

February 2
Executive Board Meeting minutes from February 2, 1941 meeting of the West Virginia Medical Society. The Society composed of Black Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists was organized in 1905. (Ms83-4).

February 3
Letter from country music star and Boone County native Billy Edd Wheeler, February 3, 2008. (Ms2015-034).

February 4
Letter to Governor Arthur Boreman urging the arrest of James Morehead as rebel spy from Charles Anderson Dana, Assistant Secretary of War, February 4, 1864. (Ar1723).

February 5
Cover of West Virginia State College newspaper announcing Dr. Thomas Cole Jr. as the eighth president of the school, February 5, 1982. (Ms88-185).

February 6
Cover of The Saturday Evening Post featuring an article on poverty in West Virginia, February 6, 1960. (Sc2003-97).

February 7
Gottlieb Fahrner letter to Senator Howard Sutherland, noting most people of Helvetia support Theodore Roosevelt for president, February 7, 1912. (Ms83-2).

February 8
Extradition request from Virginia Gov. James Pleasants to Tennessee Gov. William Carroll, February 8, 1825. (Ms80-99).

February 9
Letter from W. M. Blair urging Representative George Alderson to vote against the Salem town charter, February 9, 1903. (Ms83-23).

February 10
Letter from Florida State University head football coach Bobby Bowden to sportswriter Bill Smith, February 10, 2009. (Ms2010-035).

February 11
Jed Hotchkiss letter to Governor William MacCorkle requesting advance pages from the Report of the Mine Inspectors for an article, February 11, 1895. (Ar1730).

February 12
Program from the Sixth Annual Cornforth Declamatory Contest at Storer College, February 12, 1919. (Sc2002-013).

February 13
Granville Parker remarks on the emancipation clause, February 13, 1862. (Ms79-224).

February 14
Early Valentine card, undated. (Ms2015-059).

February 15
John C. Norman, West Virginia Board of Architects license, 1922 (Ms2014-073).

February 16
Program for Black History Month: Black Women in American Culture and History, February 16, 2012 (Ar2083).

February 17
Lovely Zion Baptist Church service flyer, Vivian, February 17, 1991. (Ms200-139).

February 18
Stock certificate for the Hempfield Rail Road Company, which operated from Wheeling to Washington, Pennsylvania until being reorganized as the Wheeling, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore Railroad in 1857. (Sc2002-012).

February 19
Letter from Drusilla Ann Morgan regarding deed for public square made by Zackquill Morgan to Morgantown. (Ms79-1).

February 20
Senate resolution honoring Marian McQuade, founder of National Grandparentsí Day, 1996. (Ms2011-098).

February 21
Robert E. Lee letter to John C. Breckinridge, Secretary of War, CSA, 1865. (Ms82-30).

February 22
Program, First Baptist Church Black Heritage Cultural Series, 1976. (Ms88-185).

February 23
Map of Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel coal properties, 1922. (Ms2018-024).

February 24
Program polio banquet, Fayette County March of Dimes, Montgomery, 1951. (Sc2007-076).

February 25
Request to State Senator Joseph S. Lewis to support ratification of the 19th Amendment, 1920. (Ms2008-023).

February 26
Official Report from the Governorís Ad Hoc Commission of Inquiry on the Buffalo Creek Flood and Disaster. (Ms2014-018).

February 27
Letter, D. D. T. Farnsworth to Father and Mother, 1869, written while Farnsworth was serving a seven-day term as governor of West Virginia. (Ms2005-041).

February 28
Letter from William Morgan to Charles C. Morgan concerning the dangers of war with Britain, 1839. (Ms79-1). (State Documents).

February 29
Pension agreement between Window Glass Cutters League of America AFL-CIO and Libbey Owens Ford Company, 1956. (Ms2003-002).

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