Doc of the Day


January 1
Death certificate for Hank Williams, January 1, 1953 (Vital Statistics).

January 2
Sales brochure for Enterprise Flour Mills, undated (Sc82-27).

January 3
Missive from William S. Morgan to Charles C. Morgan regarding gold mining business and awarding of Monongalia and Tyler mail routes to Colonel Willey, January 3, 1837 (Charles S. Morgan Collection).

January 4
Instructional card, “Possible Enemy Chemical Warfare Agents,” January 4, 1944 (Glenna Mullins Collection).

January 5
Letter from Virgil A. Lewis, first West Virginia state historian and archivist, requesting appropriations from Governor William A. MacCorkle for the West Virginia Historical and Antiquarian Society, the forerunner of West Virginia Archives and History (Governor William Alexander MacCorkle Papers).

January 6
Transcript of speech of William Porcher Miles of South Carolina given in the House of Delegates, January 6, 1860. Miles designed the Confederate battle flag and is buried in Union (Carter/Faulkner Family Collection).

January 7
Correspondence from Rev. Charles E. McGhee asking Senator Howard Sutherland for assistance in making the “Colored Children’s Home” located in Huntington a state institution. January 7, 1911 (Howard K. Sutherland Collection).

January 8
Booklet from the dedication of the Ceredo Post Office, January 8, 1966 (Jennings Randolph Collection).

January 9
Turnpike receipt, January 9, 1838 (Ms80-254).

January 10
Survey notes and map of original Watters Smith farm, January 10, 1860 (Robert E. Beanblossom Collection).

January 11
Letter regarding the Northwestern Bank opening a branch in Morgantown, January 11, 1832 (Charles S. Morgan Collection).

January 12
Ticket for Cecil Underwood gubernatorial inauguration, January 12, 1997 (Sc2004-035).

January 13
Letter from William Howard Taft to J. Alfred Taylor, January 13, 1925. Taft was the only person to serve as president of the United States (1909-1913) and chief justice of the U. S. Supreme Court (1921-1930) (J. Alfred Taylor Collection).

January 14
La Belle cut nails price list, January 14, 1947 (Sc2004-059).

January 15
Letter from Herbert Hoover to Senator Howard Sutherland, January 15, 1918 (Howard K. Sutherland Collection).

January 16
Commission of Richard Parker as judge of the thirteenth judicial circuit of Virginia, January 16, 1851. In this role, Parker presided over the trial of John Brown (Ms80-296).

January 17
Correspondence to Emma C. Alderson from Congressman John Kee including Bill H. R. 10289, compensation for damages during the Civil War, January 17, 1936 (Alderson-Hamilton Collection).

January 18
Front page of the Virginia Telescope, West Columbia, Mason County, January 18, 1855 (Miscellaneous Newspapers).

January 19
Transcript of testimony for State of West Virginia vs. Sid Hatfield, et al. The murder trial, arising from the Matewan Massacre, began on January 26, 1921. Hatfield and his co-defendants were acquitted (Ar2027).

January 20
Report, Board of World’s Fair Managers of West Virginia to Governor William A. MacCorkle, January 20, 1894 (State Documents).

January 21
Program from the first National Holiday Observance of Martin Luther King Day, January 20, 1986 (State Documents).

January 22
Front page of The West Virginia Journal of Education, Morgantown, January 22, 1879 (MN-17).

January 23
Letter from Mrs. Harrie R. Chamberlain listing the YWCA centers and their work within the state, January 23, 1922 (Ms2012-021).

January 24
Invitation from Rev. Leon H. Sullivan to the 15th Anniversary Observation of Opportunities Industrialization Centers, January 24, 1979 (John M. Slack, Jr. Collection).

January 25
Dedicatory program for the Charleston Civic Center, January 25-30, 1959 (Sc2003-072).

January 26
Bill of Fare and wine list for the Hale House, Charleston, January 26, 1875 (Carter/Faulkner Family Collection).

January 27
Program, West Virginia Education Association Minority Concerns Conference, First Annual Awards Dinner, January 27, 1984 (Dr. John C. Norman Collection).

January 28
Governor William G. Conley’s Special Report to the Legislature on the Report of the Constitution Commission, January 28, 1931 (State Documents).

January 29
Booklet with the text of President George H. W. Bush’s State of the Union Address, January 29, 1991 (Bob Wise Collection).

January 30
Program, dedication of the City-County Building Wheeling, Ohio County, January 30, 1960 (Sc74-62).

January 31
Invitation from Senator John Sherman to Governor Jacob B. Jackson for the opening ceremonies of the Washington Monument, January 31, 1885 (Governor Jacob B. Jackson Papers).

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