Doc of the Day


July 1
Correspondence from Lewis Ruffner to Benjamin S. Smithers discussing whether he will continue salt making for the season, 1857. (Ms80-212)

July 2
Informational pamphlet from the sixth annual Mountain State Art and Craft Fair held at Cedar Lakes Conference Center near Ripley, 1969. (Sc2010-049)

July 3
Booklet extolling the benefits of selecting Martinsburg as the capital of West Virginia, 1877. (Sc82-226)

July 4
Brochure for the first Annual Masonic Picnic held in Ansted, July 4, 1930. (Ms2018-005)

July 5
Broadside for the Jacksonburg Homecoming Celebration, July 5. (Ms2006-100)

July 6
West Virginia Mine Workers Local 32 Charter at Leewood, 1931. (Sc2008-034)

July 7
Letter from M. M. Dent explaining the need for legislation to abolish the old Virginia land system to ensure clear titles to lands, 1871. (Ar1725)

July 8
David H. Strother letter to Governor Arthur I. Boreman concerning George Washington Statue located in Wheeling taken from Virginia Military Institute during the Civil War, 1864. (Ar1748)

July 9
Letter from Shubel Morgan, pseudonym of John Brown, to wife Mary Ann Brown and their children, 1858. (Ms78-1)

July 10
Correspondence from George H. Briggs to William Henry Edwards requesting Edwards’s recommendation for a South America expedition, 1869. (Ms79-2)

July 11
R. W. Zepp letter of resignation from West Virginia Guard, 1877. (Ar1726)

July 12
Correspondence from D. L. Duncan to H. M. Mathews recommending Professor B. H. Thackston for Principal of Marshall College, 1877. (Ar1726)

July 13
Affidavit of Sir Robert White mayor of London, 1767. (Ms80-209)

July 14
Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels's reply to Senator Howard Sutherland's request for information concerning number of enlisted men in Naval Service credited to West Virginia, 1917. (Ms83-2)

July 15
Joseph C. Wheeler’s letter to Governor Arthur I. Boreman regarding Union men being scared away from their homes by Rebels in Grant Township, Wayne County, 1868. (Ar1723)

July 16
Cover of the program for the North-South All-Star football game, 1983. (Sc2016-016)

July 17
Letter from Thomas C. Miller to Governor Aretas B. Fleming concerning impending reunion of 7th West Virginia Infantry as well as the need for a monuments commission, 1891. (Ar1729)

July 18
Letter from Philip Cox to Governor Arthur I. Boreman requesting commission of the elected officers of a volunteer militia in Gilmer County, including a list of proposed officers and privates, 1862. (Ar373)

July 19
Program for the Thirty-First Annual State Convention and Leadership Conference of the West Virginia Association of Future Farmers of America, 1959. (Ms2014-009)

July 20
Invitation for the Second Annual Festival of Flight Honors Luncheon, Salem College, 1982. (Ms2017-016)

July 21
Cover of McBride Station, autographed by Captain Jon McBride, 1989. (Sc2013-065)

July 22
Declaration of Intention of Jovo Misljenovic. This is the first step to become an American citizen. (Ar1878 acc)

July 23
James C. McGrew’s description of the Virginia Secession Convention, including a list of delegates and their votes, 1904. (Ms2011-031)

July 24
Department of Mines, coal mine fatality posters, 1944. (Ma18-3)

July 25
Playbill, Village Playhouse of the West Virginia State College Summer Theatre, "Ladies in Retirement," West Virginia State College, 1941. (Sc2008-011)

July 26
William Curtis’s letter declining a commission as brigadier general in the 21st Brigade Virginia Militia due to military incompetence, 1862. (Ar1722)

July 27
Correspondence from Governor John Cornwell to J. Alfred Taylor commending him for publishing a “roll of honor” in his newspaper, 1917. (Ms2018-005)

July 28
Press Release from Senator Jennings Randolph’s office announcing Watson Electronics Division expanding operations in Martinsburg, 1961 (Ms2017-016)

July 29
Amie Silcott’s reply to Major George C. Trimble concerning her issuing marriage licenses, 1862, and letter from Henry J. Samuels to Major George C. Trimble regarding enlistments in Calhoun County as well as the issue of Amie Silcott issuing marriage licenses. (Ar1722)

July 30
Correspondence from Dr. John C. Norman Jr. to his parents, 1965. (Ms2014-073)

July 31
Peregrine Hays letter requesting release from Camp Chase, 1862. (Ar1722)

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