Doc of the Day


March 1
Notary Public certificate for Rosalind Carroll Funk, private secretary for Governor Clarence Meadow, 1947. (Sc2007-076)

March 2
Front page of the proceedings to impeach Secretary of War William W. Belknap, 1876. Facing impeachment for the Trader Post Scandal, Belknap resigned on March 2, 1876. Both Houses continued with impeachment procedures that resulted in an acquittal. (Ms83-23)

March 3
Letter from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) to Anderson Brown concerning lifetime membership, 1955. (Ms88-185)

March 4
"West Virginia: A Good Place in Which to Live," Address of Senator Howard Sutherland, 1923. (Ms2006-040)

March 5
Wright Brothers letter requesting “about 60 ft. of the finest possible spruce for use in constructing flying machines,” 1904. (Ms2009-140)

March 6
Letter from William Hoffman to Governor Arthur I. Boreman informing him of the release of Spicer H. Patrick (nephew of Dr. Spicer Patrick) and S. Overstreet, 1865. (Ar1723)

March 7
Cover of the booklet containing the speech of Hon. M. E. Matheny of Charleston, counsel for defendants given before the Military Commission in the case State of West Virginia vs. "Mother" Jones et al, Pratt, 1913. (Ar1989)

March 8
Arnold Miller letter to Judge Charles Haden, 1973. (Ms2009-042)

March 9
Correspondence between W. E. Mohler, Mohler Lumber Company, and C. L. Vickers regarding shipping timber, 1903. (Ms2009-091)

March 10
Letter from Hedgeman Slack offering the steamboat “Mountain Boy” to remove state officials with state records from Wheeling to Charleston, 1870. (Ar1724)

March 11
Program for the West Virginia Intercollegiate Conference Basketball Tournament held at West Virginia Wesleyan College, 1947. (Bumgardner Collection)

March 12
A. Dunn letter to Governor William MacCorkle requesting a proclamation to use the Odd Fellow Hall as a meeting place due to the burning of the Wayne County Courthouse, 1896. (Ar1730)

March 13
CSA register of vessel “Marshall” March 13, 1862. (Sc85-176)

March 14
City directory for the City of Wheeling and Ohio County, 1850.

March 15
Special Supplement to the Weston Independent, “Welcome POW's and Vietnam Vets, Lewis County For You 100%,” 1973. (Ms2013-029)

March 16
Correspondence from Dr. August Weissmann to William Henry Edwards regarding “Effect of Isolation in the Formation of Species,” 1872. (Ms79-2)

March 17
Program from the “Forty-Eight Annual Banquet of the Society of The Friendly Sons of St. Patrick of Washington, D.C.,” 1976. (Ms2017-016)

March 18
Report of the Twenty-First Annual Meeting of the West Virginia Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers, Dunbar Junior High School, Welch, 1943. (Ms2018-001)

March 19
Correspondence from Warden A. C. Scroggins to Harrison County Circuit Court Clerk B. B. Jarvis, regarding certification of execution of Harry Powers (Bluebeard of Quiet Dell), 1932. (Ar1965)

March 20
United States War Department letter signed by Jefferson Davis, 1856. (Ms80-168)

March 21
Postal cover and autograph, Randy Moss, Cultural Center, 2008. (Sc2008-050)

March 22
Shirley Donnelly, first year certificate, 1919.

March 23
Temple Israel Centennial Program, Charleston, 1973 (Ms2006-016)

March 24
Marion Barry letter to Dr. John C. Norman, 1983. (Ms2014-074)

March 25
Program, “Cinderella,” St. Albans High School, 1955. (Ms2009-008)

March 26
Program for the play "Breezy Point." (Ms2015-064)

March 27
Pan-Hellenic Dance, New River State College, 1931. (Ms2016-015)

March 28
John S. Carlile letter referring to an unspecified movement, 1862. (Ar1722)

March 29
The Mountaineer, newsletter from the USS West Virginia, 1941. (Sc89-51acc)

March 30
Sheet music for “Our West Virginia” by Jess Baker Schaub. (Sc85-24)

March 31
Winston Churchill letter, 1963. (Ms82-29)

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